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26/1/2000 KISS Sighting on ITV

From: Alex McGreevy
New sitcom on ITV, Dhalma and Greg, was aired in Northern Ireland region on Tuesday @10.30pm and it started with Rock N Roll al Nite! The song was played around the third scene in which Greg was celebrating having just quit his job as a lawyer. He was signing, "I wanna Rocak and Roll all nite, and part of the day,"  before his wife Dhalma told him the correct lyrics - it actually played most of the song in the background as guests partied. And to boot, it was quite a funny show!

25/1/2000 Psychos #7

Just to let you know KISS Psychos issue 7 will be out mid February and features an exclusive review of the new years eve gig another Unholy Union special. More info on the fanzine can be found here.

23/1/2000 Dressed To Kill dates

Dressed To Kill have announced 4 new gig dates for the UK, taking place between March and October. They are also interested in finding out if people would be interested in hearing them play one or more of "I Love It Loud", "Lick It Up" and "Heavens On Fire" in their set (a la KISS on their new tour!), let them know what you think.

Fri March 3rd - Newcastle Trillions
Sat March 4th - Bradford Rios
Sat April 15th - London The Standard (Walthamstow)
Sat October 28th - 3rd Annual Halloween Show! London The Standard (Walthamstow)

Check out more about Dressed To Kill at their KISSin' UK pages or their own brand new site at 

22/1/2000 KISS Auction info

From: Bob Gilmartin, VH1
Here's some news from VH1's Rock Collectors concerning none other than the hottest band in the world...KISS! We thought you'd like to share this with your visitors. Also attached is a VH1 Rock Collectors banner for you to use if you'd like. Enjoy! The KISS memorabilia to be auctioned includes: 

Let the bidding begin!!!! Feel free to post the link and info on your site for all your visitors to see. Cheers! Bob

20/1/2000 Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to the StarChild himself who turned 48 today, here's a shot of him from London last March (before he chopped his locks).

Nugent rumour

Apparently the rumour that Ted Nugent is opening for KISS on the next tour isn't true, KISS Online have said that he won't be touring with KISS on the tour after all. Anyway, as far as I'm concerned there's only one band I'd like to see open for them..... UNION!, How about it Gene?

18/1/2000 Top 10 Stadium Rock - delayed 2 weeks

Please note that Chrysalis TV have just informed me that 'US Top 10 Stadium Rock' program that features KISS will now be shown on Channel 4 on the 19th Feb (rather than the 5th as previously thought). The show will last 90 minutes but as of yet I don't know how much of this will be KISS related, it depends how far up the top 10 they are.

MTV Celebrity Deathmatch tomorrow!!

From: Martin Unsworth via KISSin' UK mailing list
HI, just thought I'd let you all know that MTV text has tomorrow's  (Wednesday) night's edition of Celebrity Deathmatch as the one with KISS vs. N'Synch! Set the recorders!

KISS clip on Big Breakfast

From: Kev via KISSin' UK mailing list
Did anyone catch the quick clip of Kiss on the Big Breakfast this morning, they were having a quick contest with a new girl group (yes another one) and they had to get the song titles to 5 video clips and guess the link, the clip was Crazy Nights and the link was Crazy (very subtle). Gail Porter said something like "that was Kiss without there makeup". Seems like the Big Breakfast have something about Kiss (all be it something small).

17/1/2000 More on Incite magazine

Steve Reid has sent in some more details about the latest issue of American games mag Incite as mentioned yesterday. Steve has sent in details of both the 7 minute long video and the Psycho Circus article itself.

<<Click here to read Steve's Incite review>>

16/1/2000 Incite magazine

The February issue of Incite magazine is now available in the UK. The mag has Gene on the front cover, a 10 page cover story, a competition to win every official album on CD,a video of the forthcoming game on the covermount AND a good look at the forthcoming game, with some decent screen shots. You shouldn't have any trouble finding somewhere that sells it as almost all newsagents & big supermarkets seem to stock it. You'll probably need to shop around though as most places still have the January issue on the shelf.

Thanks to Steve Reid for the info (more details from Steve soon, possibly tomorrow) and Terry Adams for the scan.

Arte KISS Special

From: Martin Unsworth via KISSin' UK mailing list
I just watched the KISS special on Arte. Very good, even though a lot of the footage has been seen before, & it was dubbed over into German! Great footage from the Detroit Rock City opening night gig & some stuff with Garth Brooks in the studio doing Hard Luck Woman, to name but a few items. Also featured interviews with Desmond Child & superfan Gerhard Wimmer from Austria!

14/1/2000 KISS reference on Friends

Seems like a load of KISS fans are fans of Friends too 'cause loads of you told me about this one! The episode where Joey sings part of the chorus of Rock And Roll All Nite in a taxi was shown last night on Sky, it's the first episode of the 6th series for anyone that wants to catch it. Thanks to Frank, Mark, Kev and everyone else that posted about it.

13/1/2000 German/French TV special

From: Micha Blimmons, Tribute Band KUSS
Just to let you know, there will be a KISS-Special on German/French TV Channel ARTE this Saturday, 15/01/2000. It is described in a German TV page as being a documentary, Austria 1999. No doubt it will be in German, but I am sure you will find this message of interest anyway.

Asda price

From:Jason P
Thought you might like to know that a KISS 'solos' poster is on sale in S. Wales ASDA stores (!), does this mean the rest of the country too? Cost 3.99. Looks superb on my living room wall!! Each member has his autograph under his image...

Sam Ash guitar expo

Terri Bey (author of the Ace Frehley bio on this site) was at the Sam Ash signing session in New York that Ace & Paul attended a few days ago. She has written a report of how it all went...

<<Click here to read the Terri's Sam Ash report>>

12/1/2000 Happy Gilmore

This is probably ancient news to most of you, but I've only just seen it and hadn't heard it mentioned anywhere before. The 1996 Adam Sandler film 'Happy Gilmore' features a couple of KISS references when his gran sticks on a Gene Simmons mask. There's 2 very short scenes where she's wearing it, not exactly major news but a pretty cool surprise anyway. The video is out to buy & rent from 4FrontVideo.

KISS review in Kerrang

This weeks edition of Kerrang! (out today) contains a full page review of the Vancouver New Years Eve show in Canada. Cheers to Martin Clay for the info.

Clownwhite News

From: Deno
The first four issues of 'CLOWNWHITE' are now being offered on page 290, in the latest issue of Diamond Comics 'PREVIEWS' Magazine. The January edition of 'PREVIEWS' magazine went out last week - any retailers wishing to purchase 'CLOWNWHITE' can now do so via Diamond.

10/1/2000 Message from Chris Hatton (Goin' Blind)

From: Chris Hatton
Just a quick message to say, yep, I am going to be ending Goin Blind, I have another issue to knock out. I will also be putting on one more kiss convention this October KISSMANIA 2000!!! Please watch out for any news on KISSin' u.k.thanx

Swedish cover of Heaven's On Fire

From: Alex McGreevy, Belfast
Star, an all-girl Swedish band, have released a single/cover version of Heaven's On Fire and I received a copy from a Swedish friend who returned home at Christmas. Apparently the single has done well in the Swedish charts and to be fair to the country's answer to the Spice Girls, it's a very good copy of the song. The guitar work and overall sound and pace of the song has not changed. The single's A side, a radio version, last 3.35 minutes and the B side has an extended version of 4.57 minutes. Star are known as MIA, IRENE, LOTTA and SELMA, and are all quite fit! One member plays guitar on the track, so at least there appears to some talent within these manufactured offerings that the industry is churning out and turning stomachs.
Star have a website - 
The single is released by Polydor

9/1/2000 Second Coming DVDsecondcome1.jpg (14446 bytes)

....Unfortunately this still hasn't had a European release on video or DVD yet, but the US DVD has just been released. I've heard some really mixed reports about it as some people have been saying that the video quality on some scenes is better on the VHS version than the DVD, others however haven't had any problems. Apart from that it contains a few extras over the video which are: VH1 Detroit Rock City premier performance - apparently the quality on this one is great, and there is also a complete version of 'Shandi' played live on the reunion tour in Australia. I'll try to get a review copy asap.

MTV Unplugged is also available on DVD, but it was released before DVD really took off so there are no extras. However, the quality of the sound & video on this one is excellent, being able to flick between songs instantly definitely gives it the edge over the VHS version.

Look out for a review of the US version of Detroit Rock City on DVD soon (UK version is released in April).

6/1/2000 KISS Immortals

You can now download previews of the KISS Immortals 3D cartoons from the Multipath Movies site. They're actually pretty cool and worth waiting the download time for (you have to wait for the player to install first). The full cartoons will be released on 29th January and feature voices from KISS themselves, the sound is very clear and the video works best if you have a 3D card in your PC.

Vancouver pic

Doug Stock has kindly given me permission to post this photo that he took at the Vancouver gig, New Years Eve. Click on the picture to see the full version.

Hear Mike Japp songs

Some songs from Mike Japp's new album can now be heard online at 

5/1/2000 Download removed

The Psycho Circus download link from yesterday has had to be removed temporarily. It seems that Pam posted it before the magazine went out so she has been asked by Incite to remove the link, sorry!

4/1/2000 Psycho Circus News / Download

Direct from: Pam Wolford
Just wanted to let you know about the feature on our game, KISS Psycho Circus in the February issue of Incite pc gaming magazine, on sale now in the US and Canada. The article includes a bit more detail about the game and some exclusive screenshots. If you want to check out the video from the cd, I've put it where you can get to it (the cd from the magazine has crashed a few computers). You can find it at: <link removed temporarily, sorry!> (very large download).

Goin Blind

One of the UK's longest running KISS fan clubs is coming to an end - Chris Hatton has decided to stop running Goin' Blind which is a great shame. Chris is also selling off his KISS collection, pop along to the Trade Page to see what he's got to offer.

3/1/2000 Outtakes

The recently released book by Chip Rock has now made it over to the UK. Chip is a photographer from the States that has followed KISS since the very beginning and has had some photos published in some official KISS publications. This book features some of his best work and is definitely a must have for collectors.

<<Click here to read the Outtakes review>>

1/1/2000 Happy New Year

I'd like to wish KISS fans everywhere a cool New Year, hope you all had a great time, especially if you were in Vancouver!

Last year was a great year for the site, many thanks to everyone who has helped me out. I'm hoping to get the site redesigned a bit soon to bring it into the year 2,000....

Anyway, you don't wanna hear me rambling on all day, here's what you really want to read.....

KISS New Years Eve show

This review has come from Sna who was at the show last night, many thanks to him for it....

<<Click here to read the New Years Eve review>>

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