All Aboard The Good Ship KISS

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All Aboard The Good Ship KISS

Postby acesmiddlefinger » Mon Nov 04, 2013 12:05 am

Not posted for a while but just wanted to share a quick review of the Kruise experience.
TSTB(Chris) badgered us (thank you thank you) to make sure the family and my mate Garth made the journey to Miami to experience what the good ship KISS had to offer.Not having done a Kruise of any sort before i was a bit worried about being on a boat in the middle of nowhere surrounded by KISS fans and praying that baked beans would be available.Im more than happy to report that all those worries melted away as soon as I set foot on the ship.
Over the years Ive been lucky enough to attend some fantastic KISS/related events and this really was the icing on the cake,it really is a KISS fan's dream.If anyone here is undecided on whether this is worth the money and enduring long flights over the water, the answer is a resounding YES!!! Im already thinking of ways to try and raise the funds to attend number four.
Travelled over on the Thursday before the Kruise and stayed in Fort Lauderdale for three days,wonderful place,great hotel and then moved down to Miami on Sunday ready for the ship to sail on Monday.There was a great atmosphere in Miami,Kiss fans were everywhere and various events were happening to keep the KISS army amused.

The Good
Tranquilo Hotel in Fort Lauderdale (They have snakes in the pool)
Hooters.....Good food,no other reason whatsoever.(Honest)
The weather,not a day were the mercury was under 80
Miami Bay,a fantastic place to watch all the millionaires play on their yachts.
The Norwiegan Pearl
Sixthman staff who were excellent,even Alex who's announcements Im sure could be heard back here in the UK.
TSTB's diving masterclass in the Bliss Lounge during the KISS Karaoke
Night Ranger,Leogun,Vintage Trouble,The Big Rock Show who provided some memorable musical moments.
Key West,beautiful place.
Various spirits,they just serve the best measures in the US.
The Drum off finals with judge Eric Singer....
Great Stirrup Cay,just like paradise.(Just too bloody hot for a ginger like me)
Hawaii T Shirts and Sailor hats,cant wait to see the GQ photoshoot
The Halloween Fancy Dress Contest......just incredible,how people managed to get some of the costumes in their cases is beyond me.
The KISS Army
The food on board the ship.

The Bad
Air France...for losing our luggage on the way out.Two and a half days before I could change my strides.
The turbulence on the return flight,very scary.

The Very Bad
That it ever had to end

The Amazing
My beautiful wife Tree who has never once refused a request when it comes to KISS no matter how daft,expensive it has appeared.Thank You for letting my fulfill my dreams over the years,without you nothing would be possible! Fancy a Kruise next year??
Beth my fortunate daughter who was lucky enough to see both electric shows but decided she didnt want to mix with the oldies and spent the trip with much younger folk.(I wonder why)
Garth,Chris&Sue,Paul&Debbie. Special people,special memories and friends for life.They say Laughter is the best medicine and I can attest to that,a truly unforgettable trip.THANK YOU!!!
The KISS back catalogue,some of the songs they played on the boat were totally unexpected.

And Finally
Paul,Gene,Eric & Tommy.
KISS has been my band since 1978 when i first discovered them,since then they have provided many amazing memories but what i witnessed on this trip was wonderful.An amazing acoustic set,two incredible electric performances and an apparent overwhelming desire to endear themselves to the fans on board who had travelled from all over the globe to see them.At times I have no shame in admitting I was close to tears when witnessing moments of pure musical genius and also random acts of kindness shown by the band towards some of the younger members of the KISS army.

Ive always been proud to be a KISS fan and what Ive seen over the past week or so has only gone to reinforce that feeling.

The next chapter is just around the corner...x5
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Re: All Aboard The Good Ship KISS

Postby Pete » Mon Nov 04, 2013 8:15 am


Excellent report.

Now Snakes in a pool? There's a film in that!!!
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Re: All Aboard The Good Ship KISS

Postby grunge » Mon Nov 04, 2013 5:48 pm

I've been asking around to see if you'd gone.

You saw them play The Oath! O M G!!!!

I wish I'd been there to see your mush...On a par with the $immon$ Stare @ Islington? ;)

I so wish I'd been able to raise the funds to go but, no luck for the last few years and doubt it for next year either but, so pleased you went mate.

btw, how are the stitches in your side? - a few days with Chris - you'd have needed them!! :lol:
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Re: All Aboard The Good Ship KISS

Postby Father Jack » Mon Nov 04, 2013 5:50 pm

Nice review slaphead.
What state were you in when they played The Oath ?

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Re: All Aboard The Good Ship KISS

Postby green_valley » Tue Nov 05, 2013 10:53 pm

Fantastic report acesmiddlefinger! Thanks for sharing your experience!

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Re: All Aboard The Good Ship KISS

Postby kissinuk » Tue Nov 05, 2013 11:12 pm

Thanks for the report Don! Wish I'd been there, maybe next year....

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Re: All Aboard The Good Ship KISS

Postby almack » Wed Nov 06, 2013 9:07 pm

Hey Don, that sounds fantastic! Wish I could have been there to have shared it with you...
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