The End??

Message From Deno:-

It was never 'meant' to happen - but sadly it has. The UK's 'premier' KISS magazine, CLOWN WHITE will finish soon - without it seems, a final issue! The 'constant' pressure of having to honour commitments plus a lack of financial capital has finally taken it's toll - and although there were plans to produce one final issue (a 'mega' 96 page edition) for the final shows at 'Madison Square' - those plans now seem very unlikely. Subscribers are asked to be patient while we tie-up all the loose ends - but they will ALL be contacted soon.

To put this down in a little more detail (and I think I owe it to a few people!) the main reason for finishing the magazine is pretty simple. CASH!

OK - I know it's been hard commitment wise (keeping to a quarterly schedule is tough - especially when most fans want you to do it more often) but I really believed I could put up with that. My part-time job (at x-records, by the way) has helped keep me afloat while trying my best to realise the dream. And my dream is not one based on money - but simply to not have to struggle so much - and be able to work for myself. I loved doing this (for the most part) and the fact that it was about KISS was always gonna mean that the magazine 'looked' good. So to decide I was going to call it a day was not an easy decision - but I just had to do it. When you're friends with the firm printing your product, it gets embarrassing to keep delaying them the money you owe. And it wasn't that I didn't have the money either. I too, had to wait patiently for the revenue from 'copy sales' to come in (CLOWN WHITE took virtually 'nothing' from advertising). Starting out with 'no capital' to invest (in fact I was overdrawn at the bank when I began) finally caught up with me - and I really didn't want that to happen. I thought it would 'grow' quicker than it did (sales are approx. 4,000 now) but I didn't have the reserves to advertise myself - or - to increase the size of the magazine, making it a more viable publication to 'would-be' distributors.

So - now you know - and I aint 'bullshitting' you! For all those who've helped along the way (and there have been plenty) and for all the fans who bought the magazine, I've attached a story that was going to appear in issue 6. Kindly written by Tod Howarth, this was going to be part of a new 'feature' called ROCK STARS IN THEIR OWN WORDS! It's too good not to see the light of day and for all those ACE FREHLEY fans who felt their 'stomachs churn' when they read 'KISS AND TELL' - here's the other side of the story. Please feel free to put this on your webpages...
Thank you.
PS: I'll be back...

Click Here to read the Tod Howarth short story