Incite Magazine - Feb 2000

Thanks to Steve Reid for this article

The February issue of Incite magazine is now available in the UK. The mag has Gene on the front cover, a 10 page cover story, a competition to win every official album on CD, a video of the forthcoming game on the covermount AND a good look at the forthcoming game, with some decent screen shots. You shouldn't have any trouble finding somewhere that sells it as almost all newsagents & big supermarkets seem to stock it. You'll probably need to shop around though as most places still have the January issue on the shelf.

The Video
A full 7 mins 30 of high quality m-peg (64Mb approx.) in documentary style talks to Developers Third Law Interactive and chiefly to Ronn Harbin the 3d artist. The video includes some excellent in game action, and the graphics look truly awesome.
A completely new game engine, allows not 3 or 4 monsters on screen at once but uppermost of 20!!!! The game follows along the lines of the P.C, comic books, with the Boys as the Elders.
The vid gives a great amount of detail as to the games play and the background to its development, it makes no apologies for following the current trend of 1st person
shoot-em ups, but from what I've seen (as a non shoot-em up type person), the game will be a tribute to the band and the designers.
Promised are secret levels based on previous band members, one specific item referred to is in 'The Roadhouse' where you can interact with a 'jukebox' and make a selection from a selection of Kiss tracks.
The Vid is split about 50/50 with interview and in game action, viewed with a fairly good spec machine and Real player G2, it is great.
The Cover Story
Very much follows the covermount video, and a lot of the content repeats itself. There are a couple of cut-out boxes, one is an introduction to the development team, one that relates to Todd Mcfarlane, and interestingly one proclaiming the Top 5 Kiss Albums. (I only agree with their No1).
There are some good band pics, but probably best of all a full page pic of the lads, complete with inserts of their game character.
Although the game is still in the final development stage, the mag says that most of what you see WILL be in there!!!.
The mag is also running a comp, with the chance to win every official album on CD.
You can enter the comp at by answering the
following question:- "which band member wrote the diabolical hit GOD OF THUNDER ?" According to the rules you have to a legal US citizen but you never know.
On the whole the video is unmissable, and the coverstory just backs it up, the game
looks brill, lets just hope that we don't have to wait too long for a UK release.



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