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Channel 4, 1994
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PY = Paula Yates

bb2.jpg (11711 bytes)This interview was first broadcast in 1994 when Paula Yates interviewed guests on the bed during The Big Breakfast. It was broadcast when Gene and Paul were over here promoting the 'KISS My Ass' album. That show also included a KISS question before one of the advert breaks - they showed a cool live clip of Deuce with Gene, Paul & Bruce doing their rockin' near the end of the song and asked which band it was. They also showed another clip from KISS Konfidential but for some reason that has been cut from the version of the interview that I have.

bb1.jpg (9695 bytes)Paula Yates comments on how cool KISS concerts are and how her ass is still smoking from the last one she went to(?)!

PY I'm here with Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons from KISS
GS Hello, hello.
PY Do you think that there are any bands out there that are anywhere as near as fantastic as KISS? Which bands do you listen to?
PS Many, many, many bands, all kinds of bands. I listen to everything from L7, Tool to Tony Bennett I mean you've got to run the gauntlet from one to the other. It's like eating one kind of food, you get undernourished if bb3.jpg (7986 bytes)you stick with one thing. It's important to listen to all types of music otherwise you have this inbreeding and you wind up with children with eyes very close together.
GS I think you listen to everything, get box sets, pick up Nat King Cole's box set, get the greatest hits of Bob Geldof and the Boom Town Rats.
PY That's a fine album! [Paula was married to Bob at the time]
GS It's a good idea, listen to everything [in Gene's bad English accent]
PY What's the most outrageous thing that you can say that you've ever done on tour (that's like repeatable)?
GS Hmm.
PS Hmm, I guess next question!
PY Really?
PS Well is this family television?
PY Very much so.
PS Okay, that's best left to the imagination!
PY But now you're married aren't you?
PS Yes, happily.
PY You're happily married and you're sort of married (points to Gene).
PS He's married to me but I find sex elsewhere!
GS You know this is some kind of conspiracy - every time any woman ever talks about my social situation they put me in the married category.
bb4.jpg (9229 bytes)PY Well, you have a partner and 2 beautiful children, that is sort of married.
GS I have 2 beautiful children and I care very much for their mother but I refuse to stand in front of any religious person with a collar or noose around his neck saying that I will never want or be with another woman again. I refuse to take that oath because it's unenforceable, you see the male animal... But you don't want to hear the truth?
PY No I don't.
GS In that case the fantasy is I promise I'll never look at another woman, you're the only one for me, yeah.
PY I liked that, it sounded good to me.
GS That's fine, I'll continue to say it - you're the only woman I'll ever want.
PY Thank you Gene, it's what I've always suspected! Now what I was going to say before we digressed was is it not difficult now that you've got families and things that your off on tour for long, long periods.
GS You first - you're married.
PS I'm waiting to hear - there's always like a punch line that comes afterwards. It's more difficult but certainly if you can't get to your home then your home comes to you. You know when you're away from home you're kind of in Disneyland. When I'm away from home I'm in suspended animation - it's not quite real but certainly there's always room to fly people in, no big deal, no problem.
bb5.jpg (14971 bytes)PY Are you horrible when you go back home again though after you've been away and keep looking for the rider in the kitchen and things? [Gene laughs]
PS No, I've heard I'm wonderful when I come home except I try to dial room service, but other than that I've been told I'm quite good when I come home. Desperate too!
PY Is it true you were sick on stage once?
PS I've been sick once or twice.
PY On stage?
PS What do you mean, like tossing up? Yeah, I've done that once or twice and the crowd stood up and went 'How did he do that?'!
PY They thought that was worth the ticket price with these special effects!
PS You must see them - Paul vomits on stage can't understand how!
PY [to Gene] You're just being rowdy you.
GS You know I'm smiling and she thinks it means something, I'm just being nice - look
PY DON'T! Don't put your tongue out! Because we'll have to have some sort of commercial break if your tongue comes out! What's the crusher?
bb6.jpg (8730 bytes)GS We have very enthusiastic fans - one of them was a young lady who appeared in out last home video and KISS fans are very talented, here talent was to crush beer cans between her breasts. So we though it was a family service so we showed it in slow motion, we slowed the sound down and you heard everything in all it's glory! Scientists were amazed at her ability to deify gravity and point them both in your general direction, it was religious.
PS It was a hell of a way to get into beer drinking I tell you! I never drank so much in my life - here open another one please!
PY Do you ever miss not having your make-up?
GS I have a little bit on right now.
PY No but I mean your full monty make-up.
GS Monty?
PS This is flesh coloured, I'm actually white underneath. I just put this on this morning.
GS No, I don't think we miss it. I think the question could also be asked of anybody do you miss wearing your diapers?
PY Oh really, it was such a relief to get rid of it?
PS I never thought of it that way!
GS I did! The point is really that when you go through life you go through different stages and at some point you're comfortable wearing something and some points your not.
PS It would be horrible to think that you have to look the same year in and year out because people become comfortable with a  certain look. I mean you might not look like this in 10 years.
PY I doubt it.
GS Would you mind? I was asked to, er, say something on the air, am I allowed to say that?
PY What were you going to say?
GS I'm supposed to say 'Hello Miss Puppy'!
PY Okay, I'm glad we've got her over with.
PS Oh boy! But we're not hen-pecked folks!
PY What I was going to say though is that it must have been quite advantageous that you could go out and do anything and not be recognised.
bb7.jpg (9694 bytes)PS That's kind of not true when you figure that with or without the make-up you saw guys walking about the street with 9 inch platform shoes, girls blouses and black hair down to here. So people said either the circus is in town or those guys are in KISS.
GS And if that fails you could always go over and say 'I'm in KISS'.
PY It's really been fantastic being on the... [Gene starts to bounce on the bed] Why is the bed moving?
PS You should be used to that!
PY It's really been fantastic being on the bed with you both it really has, rock gods I might say.
GS That's right, and you were great actually, you were the best.
PY I just love it when men lie.

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