Gene on 'Still Cher'
BBC1, 3rd Jan 2002
All pictures copyright BBC

Gene Simmons was on BBC1's 'Still Cher' documentary on the 3rd Jan, although unfortunately it only lasted a minute or 2. He talked about how he and Cher never understood each other's music - she didn't understand his 'raising hell' type lyrics and he never understood her disco.

He mentioned how when they first met they had a juvenile relationship and they used do stuff like skipping down Rodeo Drive with Gene giving her a piggy back.  He also said that living with Cher was like living in a bizarre world - one morning Cher woke him up to go running down the beach in Malibu. Gene got dressed in his snakeskin boots, leather and jewellery and soon found out that isn't the best gear to go running in, not only was Cher laughing at him but they also bumped into Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand coming the other way!


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