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     The KISS News Reel is a small application that runs on the Windows desktop, it displays scrolling news items that are downloaded from participating KISS websites.

Clicking on a headline will launch a browser and take the you direct to the story on the relevant site - you can choose exactly which of the participating sites you want to download news headlines from.

Each sites news will then be displayed site by site, the logo on the left will change to show you which site you are currently viewing news from.

The KISS News Reel runs stand-alone and not in a browser, all you need to run it is a PC with Windows 95/98.

Current channels available on the News Reel

As more sites become available you will be able to add them to the News Reel straight away with a simple press of a button.

Site Name Added
KISS Asylum March 2001
KISS Freaks March 2001
KISSin' UK March 2001
KISS News Reel Updates March 2001
KISS Psycho March 2001
KISS Forever March 2001
KISS Fan Shop March 2001
Sikkworld March 2001*
Kiss Kollektion June 2001*

*Press the 'Download Latest List' button if these sites don't appear on your list

The settings screen lets you choose the sites you wish to view and allows you to choose the order in which to display them. It also lets you download the latest list of sites and choose various other settings. New sites will be added to the KISS News Reel from time to time, so you should be able to display news from all your favourite KISS sites.

The KISS News Reel can be downloaded from here, and best of all it's 100% free!

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