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28/7/1998 New Section

There's now a new 'UK CD Releases' section, it's pretty small at the minute but I'll be adding more to it soon. It covers UK specific releases (eg 'KISS Greatest Hits') and has news of future releases.

27/7/1998 New Design

I'm slowly starting to redesign some of the pages of the website. The picks on the left contain javascript to make them change when the mouse moves over them, if you have any trouble with them (especially under ie4 as I only use netscape) please let me know!

22/7/1998 Psycho Circus Release Date / CD-ROM

Just got off the phone with Mercury UK, the PC release date has been put back to September 21st. They also told me that a single may be released from the album (it's still under discussion), and not only will the cd have a hologram printed on it (he seemed to think it would be on the cd itself, not the cover) but it may also have some kind of enhanced element to it!! In other words it may contain some sort of multimedia track that will play when you put the cd in a CD-ROM drive - much like the Natalie Imbruglia 'Big Mistake' cd single, can't wait! I'll have more news from August 11th when Mercury will be getting back to me.

Tribute Band In Nottingham

Message for UK fans from Stanley Clark (, sorry I meant to add this much earlier...

Just letting you know that the kiss tribute band parasite will be playing in Nottingham on the 24/7/98 they will be playing berlins rock pub the address is no1 HOCKLEY NOTTINGHAM it's almost in the city centre tel for more detail's on 0115 9481899. It's free admission and there's special drinks promotion's on . Band will be on stage at 9pm

6/7/1998 New Giorgios

Here's a pic of my latest Giorgio T-shirt, details of his other work (and info on how to get hold of them) can be found on the T-shirts page. Click on the images to see a larger version.

This Gene picture was taken from a photo that appeared in Raw magazine a few years ago. The Ace one is a new close-up scan of a shirt that I've had for a while.

3/5/1998 Beetle-Deuce!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently - I've been off to the USA again (California, Nevada & Arizona). I seen some really cool stuff for sale in a shop called Spencers, they had almost every KISS product you can think of (including a pink neon light in the shape of the KISS logo!!).

Anyway, while we were at Universal Studios in Hollywood we went to the Beetlejuice Rockin' Graveyard Show (I didn't want to go at first). I wasn't really listening to them as they come out to sing the first song... that is until I heard the line 'You show us everything you've got'... yup the first song they sang was none other than 'Rock And Roll All Nite' I couldn't believe it! It was really cool seeing the crowd clapping their hands to a KISS song! And then to close the show off they started to sing the last chorus from the same song, if anyone goes to Universal in the near future I really recommend that you catch the show, it was really cool.

20/4/1998 Exclusive Union interview & News

I now have a Union page that contains a new exclusive interview (taken on 3rd April 1998) and some UK related news. There is a campaign to get Union some recognition, please help by e-mailing the UK magazines listed on the page.

2/4/1998 Bruce & John in the UK!

Received this news from Liz Fairweather today (Union's press agent in the UK). Firstly, the long awaited UK release of the debut Union album is pencilled in for 11th May. Secondly Bruce and John will 'meeting and greeting' at Nottingham Rock City on Saturday evening (4th April), this was confirmed only a short while ago. They are both going to be available for interviews tomorrow, so lets hope that they appear on TV. There is also a chance that they may be answering some questions for KISSin' UK....

27/3/1998 Let Me Entertain You

Pictures of the new Robbie Williams video are now in the TV section.

KISS Web Awards!

Thanks to everyone that voted for me in the KISS Web Awards! I managed to win the 'Best Original Photo' category for the Eric Carr Photo. Cheers!


27/2/1998 KISS Dolls at last!

I've managed to get hold of all 4 KISS dolls at last. I found them in a comic shop in Birmingham, go to the KISS Gear page if you want the address & phone number (I also have the address of the UK distributors). They cost 14.95 except for Gene who was 19.95, however if you buy all 4 at once then you get them all for 59.95. I've still got them in their sealed boxes - I can't decide whether I should open them or not!!! Luckily I managed to get the dolls that come with the letter stands (rather than the solo album ones), they're much better than I expected. They had plenty of dolls left plus a load of other KISS stuff such as the new make-up kit, shame I didn't have more money...

I also got hold of a new Giorgio t-shirt, I'll put a picture up as soon as I have one, it's a really cool picture of Gene, complete with tongue!

10/2/1998 KISS Freaks Special Delivery Issue 6

I've just received the latest issue of the KISS Freaks newsletter - my Finsbury Park photos are on the front cover and my review is featured inside, as you can imagine I'm pretty chuffed!

Bruce Kulick / John Corabi chat

Early this morning (2AM GMT!!!) Bruce & John were due to join a live chat (with audio & text) at Universal Studios in LA. Unfortunately their plane was delayed from New York so the chat couldn't go ahead as planned. Just before the host Francesca was about to give up (after waiting 45 minutes) the phone rang - it was Bruce & John. Because they were late we didn't get the chance to ask them any questions, but they chatted about the new Union album for 10 minutes or so. Bruce said that he still gets on with Paul & Gene and he has just finished helping Paul to come up with some demos for the new KISS album which was pretty cool. I wanted to ask Bruce if a UK record deal had been made yet but I didn't get the chance, if anyone knows then please let me know. Incidentally I have heard the new album and it really rocks! In my opinion it's somewhere between Revenge & Carnival Of Souls, pure heaven!

Anymore UK sites?

A couple of days ago we lost one of the few KISS sites left in the UK (well sort of). Julian Gill and his web site KISS Audio Trading UK have packed up and moved to the USA, the site is still running though and is now known as KISS Audio Trading Worldwide. Are there any other UK KISS sites out there that you know of? Please let me know if there are.

KISS Dolls in Britain

I recently received this from Delme Rosser about getting KISS dolls in the UK:-

You can buy them in forbidden planet in London (New Oxford Street). You can get Peter, Paul and Ace separately, but if you want Gene you have to buy the set....a cunning ploy...'cause you have to have Gene...they rock..and at between 13 and 15 quid its not bad....

26/1/1998 Poundstretcher

I was wondering around our local Poundstretcher today (don't laugh - I was bored!) and guess what was playing over their sound system? Shout It Out Loud that's what! I couldn't believe it - of all the places to hear KISS it had to be in Poundstretcher! What's next Lick It Up in Millets?!? Is there no end to KISS' popularity in the UK?

2/1/1998 Gene's having a Disco!

Anybody bought a packet of KP Disco's recently? If so then have you spotted a familiar face on the front of the packet? I had to look twice to make sure that Gene hadn't spread his KISS marketing ideas over to British crisps! Even the shape of Disco's have been changed to a star shape! Have a look and see for yourself...



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