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31/1/1999 New pictures

I've updated the pictures page with several new pictures including the reunion and the Revenge era.

KISS in PC Format

The February edition of PC Format magazine contains a (very) small KISS article - this time it's not about the new game but the American tribute band 'Black Diamond'. Get out your magnifying glass and take a look at the bottom of page 141.

30/1/1999 Openers for Wembley

It seems like the opening band for some of the other European shows will be Buck Cherry, although as of yet nothing has been confirmed for the UK gig.

26/1/1999 Now magazineNow magazine

The latest issue of Now magazine (the UK equivalent of People magazine) has the following picture of KISS taken from the AMA's. No article or anything though, just the piccy - thanks to my sister for passing it on.

I've also heard from Alyson Wallace that there was a 6 page KISS article in the Sunday Observer 'Life' magazine last Sunday.

Live track list

The following songs will appear on the live cd that is to be packaged with the Psycho Circus album:-

Also, I've put up a new awards page that also has pics of press articles that this site has been featured in.

25/1/1999 I need your stories!

You may have noticed that there's a new section on the main menu - Your KISStories! This new section is dedicated to how fans first got into KISS, how KISS changed their lives, meeting up with the band etc. If anybody is interested in sharing there own KISStory then please let me know - the more outrageous the better!

24/1/1999 Kerrang/AMA's

This weeks edition of Kerrang! features a small article on KISS' appearance at theKISS & CherAmerican Music Awards - along with a picture of the guys hugging Cher.

"Say what you like about KISS, but at least they'll always enliven a crap awards ceremony. Yes, here are the boys, breaking the ice with pop queen Cher at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles on January 11. Despite singer Paul 'Starchild' Stanley's valiant attempts to massage her arm, Cher seemed to be more taken by her old flame Gene 'God Of Thunder' Simmons - who has thoughtfully rolled her a red carpet... from his cakehole. No wonder KISS received a standing ovation from a crowd previously bored into catatonia..."

Talking of the AMA's I've received this from Martin Curtis:-
"I caught the very end of Entertainment news on Living on cable yesterday. I think it was at the US Music awards, but it was with English commentary. You may have read it, Will Smith was presented an award that KISS announced and he ran up and high-fived Gene. Afterwards Boy George was saying that the event was memorable because of the outrageous costumes, and especially for KISS."Wembley Advert

Advert for Wembley

I've scanned in a picture of the official Wembley advert - it's only black & white though. As of yet I haven't seen a colour version, let me know if you have a copy of one. Clicking on the picture will load a larger version.

20/1/1999 Sky Sports

From Martin Wombwell:-
Don't get me wrong I'm not a cricket fan but on Sky Sports One on Friday (5.35PM) highlights of a test match were shown. Interesting ... We'll the background music to this five minute epic was "Into The Void".

Happy Birthday

Paul Stanley turns 47 years old today, congrats!

Jobs to go at Mercury

Mercury Records in New York and LA are shedding several staff jobs as well as acts, the names of those involved will be released tomorrow (Thursday).

18/1/1999 Playboyplayboy1.jpg (30856 bytes)

March's edition of Playboy will feature a KISS themed cover with lots of face-painted models posing with the guys - I guess this means loads of people will be buying it for the articles this time! I haven't got a clue when Playboy is released over here (yeah right!), but I've heard that the March issue should be out at the beginning of Feb. The UK playboy site has the following quote and the picture of Gene:-


18/1/1999 Way Ahead Trips

For those that are interested Way Ahead are selling coach tickets to the KISS gig - tickets from Peterborough cost about 15 quid return, I guess they're running them from all over the country.

Oh yeah, I hit the grand old age of 25 today too (it's good to know that I'm younger than KISS though!)....

PC Zone Feb 199916/1/1999 PC Zone

February's edition of PC Zone (a UK computer games mag) has a nice one page article about the forthcoming Psycho Circus game. Nothing is said that isn't already in the press release, but there's a great pic of the band there too and a small quote from Gene:-

"Our shows are a sensory ambush of hard-core rock 'n' roll, cutting edge technology and in-your-face action. We're working with Bloodshot to convey that same raw, electric excitement in this game. We aren't all gamers ourselves, but we got the word that the Gathering was the place to call if we wanted a guarantee of quality and artist recognition."

The magazine is in the shops now priced 2.99.

Search us!

I've now got a search engine up and running on this site. If you want to try it out then you can either use the small search box on the main page or try it out below.

Search KISSin' UK

13/1/1999 Big Breakfast

Thanks to everyone that told me about this - a quick clip of the KISS giving Will Smith his AMA was featured on the 8 O'clock news on the BB this morning. I must have turned away from the TV for about 2 minutes and I bloody missed it! I really hope that KISS get themselves on the show when they come over here in March - it's the only mainstream show that ever seems to mention them. They had Deep Purple playing in the garden a couple of months ago, it'd be cool if they'd do something similar for KISS.

I heard a rumour (from an official source) about a possible TFI appearance a little while ago, however I've also heard that KISS' management had a row with Ginger over the crappy questions that Evans wanted to ask Gene (how long is your tongue etc). I just hope Robbie Williams isn't on the show that week....

12/1/1999 New live cd

Umm, are you ready for this? Anyone that was planning on buying the new 6 track live cd will have to do so by buying another copy of the Psycho Circus album! The cd, featuring 3 live Psycho Circus tracks along with 3 classic ones will only be packaged with a special edition of the album, which means we'll probably be looking at around 15. Getting fed up of 'special editions'? You're not the only one...

American Music Awards

Last night KISS presented an award on the AMA's, they gave the Best Pop/Rock Album award to Will Smith. Apparently they received an excellent reception from the crowd and even got a standing ovation. Will Smith also took a good look at Gene's cod-piece and messed around with the guys! I haven't found any channel that's going to be showing them over here - although Will's award was mentioned on Radio 1 this morning.... without a mention for KISS, typical.

Psycho Circus MSG review

I've added some pictures of some of the merchandise available at the upcoming KISS concert onto John Oakley's review - thanks to Dan bach for sending me everything. If you want an insight into a Psycho Circus show then check out John's review.

9/1/1999 Possible NEC date

Sue Oliver has informed me that Birmingham NEC are hinting that tickets for a second UK gig may be going on sale soon, hopefully I'll know more early next week.

Way Ahead

If you've ordered tickets from Way Ahead you should be aware that they are now selling standing tickets as well as seats. I've swapped mine over (their best seats all seem to be half way back the stadium - up on the side), so it's probably best that you find out where you're sitting are before it's too late. Tel: 0115-912-9116

5/1/1999 Wembley confirmed

I've just been informed (thanks James!) that tickets for the Wembley show will be sold by Wembley Arena themselves as from tomorrow! So I guess this means that the venue has been confimed at last!

Parasite gigs

Some dates for the KISS tribute band 'Parasite' have now been added to the Parasite page.

4/1/1999 KISS in 2000

Before you read this bear in mind that this could well be complete BS - it's been reported (at the KISS Asylum) that Gene has said in a recent radio interview that KISS are planning a 'Seven Wonders Of The World' tour for the year 2000. It may sound a bit far fetched but I also heard a few weeks ago that a tour was being planned that would have dates at various landmarks around the world including Stonehenge. I just passed it off as complete crap, but now that Gene has mentioned something along those lines maybe it is in the works after all....

1/1/1999 Happy New Year!

Just like to wish you all a happy new year, hope you have a good 'un. 1999 is set to become another great year for KISS fans with loads to look forward to including:-

And hopefully loads more too. As for this site, hopefully it'll continue to grow over the next few months, I've got a lot planned for it. Obviously it wouldn't be anywhere near the size it is without all the help I get from everyone, thanks a lot. I get a lot of E-mails from fans that have cool KISS stories to tell, so the next section to show it's face will be those stories - so if you have anything you wanna share let me know! Any input to the site is always welcome!


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