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31/10/99 Gene Simmons article

A couple of months Alyson Wallace sent me an article about Gene and I've finally got round to putting on the site. In her own words:- "I have written an article looking in depth at Gene Simmons and why we like him (well, why I like him too!) It is primarily for a US mag and I wanted to write something different to the usual look at KISS, which has all been said before."
<<Click here to read Ally's Gene article>>

Revenge of the Lip Synching

Was anyone else mad enough to stay up most of Friday night to catch the live KISS performance? If you missed it then then Pixelon will be archiving the event soon, check out their site for more details. Here's a couple of reports from people that were actually at the event in Vegas. The first is from Scott Blacksher:-

"I attended the iBash '99 in person. My very first concert was Kiss back in 1976 and it was a fantastic show. Well my first concert memory has now been torn asunder. When Kiss -finally- took the stage (around 2 hours after they were original scheduled), the entire show was lip-synched and air-guitar played!"

Make of it what you will, I thought it was cool but why the hell they had to lip synch again is beyond me. I have also heard a report from Sam who got to meet Gene & Paul in the MGM after the gig. This report was a bit more positive:-

"My friend and I flew to Vegas w/o tickets to the private party/show, but figured we would make it in...we arrived at the MGM and went to the area where the artists come 5:45ish they came out w/o makeup /costumes...they were getting into the van which drives them the 500 yards to their trailer area...they were with Tommy Thayer and security....there was only 4 of us so we approached (we had various old mounted photos and a Paul/Phantom poster). Gene was very polite but said they were extremely late for their show and had to go. Paul liked the phantom poster (he was wearing a Phantom denim jacket) and Peter smiled...I didn't even notice Ace in all the they went and now off we went. We made it into the show- Pixelon had all the free alcohol/food/t-shirts/etc you wanted. We walked right up the to 2nd row- it was all people in suits, except for the fans in the front rows....Kiss came on w/o much fanfare and "played" their 4 song set- its strange that they do this because they are playing to a new recording which sounds great...they looked good and the show had tons of pyro/confetti which blew back at them- temporarily blinding Ace!!!.....I caught an Ace pick on the fly and a Paul pick on the ground amid the shuffle, missed a 3rd by inches/some guy's foot....the guy in front of me caught Peter's stick that his tech threw...2 lucky folks got Paul's guitar pieces...I took lots of great photos- email me if you want a scan sent."

28/10/99 Parasite Children In Need gig!parasite4.jpg (10559 bytes)

From:Parasite's Carl via Sammy Clark
The hottest Kiss tribute band in Europe brought to you by Parasite Alive Promotions:-

Sunday November 21st
Venue: The royal Navy association, Grimsby
Time: 4pm (I think)
Free admission

Part of the BBC's Children in need thingy just chuck all your loose change in the buckets.

DRC 11th in UK charts

Detroit Rock City came 11th in the film charts for the weekend from 22/10 to 24/10, it grossed £96,504. That might not sound a lot but it was just for the weekend and was about 1/3 of what films like 'Big Daddy' made. It was shown on a total of 151 screens (at least 1/2 the amount of most other films).

26/10/99 Paul on Rockline

Last night Paul was on the Rockline radio station in Canada, here's what Shane Penney had to say about it:-

"He said several things I found interesting:-

DTK on Saturday

Ash from Dressed To Kill has written in to remind us that they will be playing a halloween gig in Walthamstow on Staurday night:-

THE STANDARD MUSIC VENUE (opp. Blackhorse Rd tube, Victoria line)
E17 6DS



25/10/99 DRC - Go see it while it's still here!

Finally got to see it on Saturday night - brilliant film, go see it NOW! The cinema I went to see it in wasn't exactly packed (probably 1/4 full if that), but I've heard from somebody that couldn't get into see it on Friday so had to reserve tickets for Saturday! Unfortunately most people have been reporting 1/2 empty cinemas, so go see it before it disappears from the big screen for good!

I really wasn't expecting the film to be so full of KISS music - there were loads of songs that weren't on the soundtrack (cool stuff like Ladies Room, Christine 16, Dr. Love...). Mind you I had to use the 'oh, KISS are only in it for 3 minutes' excuse to get my mates to go, everyone thought it was great though.

It's a shame that the concert scene has been butchered too much, but apart from that it's well worth seeing (fire breathing, blood spitting & smokin' guitar all in 3 minutes!) - there's even a view of Gene's tongue from inside his mouth! Those of you that are suckers for detail will notice one or two minor details, but apart from that it's well worth seeing.

Union hit Europe

Union will be the guests of 5 European KISS Expos to take place before the year is out in Norway and Sweden, pop along to KISS Army Sweden to find out more.

Ace rumor

You may have heard the rumor floating around today about Ace leaving KISS and being replaced by Tommy Thayer - followed by KISS being renamed 'KISS 2000'. Well in case you didn't already know it was complete BS, the Spaceman will definitely be at the Halloween gig.

21/10/99 Times / NME

Check out the back cover of the latest NME there's a cool whole page advert for DRC, the review is pretty good too - 7/10.

From:Ian Pritchard
There is a very favourable review of DRC in todays (21/10/99) Times, stating that the film is a 'Hilarious homage to Satans Music' !!!! The review is also on-line at  in the arts section. (NOTE: If you're easily pissed off by KISS hating journo's don't read the review!! - Paul.)

20/10/99 DRC on Film99

Last night on Film 99 Jonathon Ross done a short review of DRC, a few clips were shown (the bit where the tickets are burnt) but not a great deal was said. It wasn't slagged off or anything although Ross was a bit sarcastic towards KISS but I guess that was expected.

BBC's Ceefax also has the following review on page 545:-

Director: Adam Rifkin Cast: Giuseppe 
Andrews, James De Bello, Lin Shaye 
Seventies teenagers Lex (Andrews), Trip
(De Bello), Hawk (Edward Furlong) and 
Jam (Sam Huntington) are musicians 
planning a trip to see rock group Kiss.

Unfortunately, Jam's mother isn't a fan
Ż and she burns the tickets before 
sending Jam to boarding school. 

But if it's meant to wean him off 
rock'n'roll, she can forget it. 
Writer Carl Dupre's first screenplay 
has excellent moments and makes for an 
fun, quirky and fast-paced movie. 

But it's also annoying because there's 
far too much about Kiss - if Dupre 
isn't a fan, nobody else is. 

There's also a daft subplot with soft 
porn star Shannon Tweed which feels 
uncomfortably like wish fulfilment. 

It's flawed, but fun. 

Also, I've been informed from Lez that ABC Cinemas have a short review, stills and a 2Mb download - see it here.

17/10/99 5 Days Till DRC!

Hot on the heels of Showcase, Virgin & Odeon have both confirmed that they will be showing DRC when it is released on Friday (although not all Odeon's will be carrying it on the release date). Some of today's papers printed an advert for it today too, the one on the right comes from the News Of The World, click on it to see a bigger version.

New Union Album

The next Union studio album due out on Feb 22nd 2000 will be titled 'The Blue Room'. The album will feature the following 10 tracks:-

14/10/99 DRC Trailer on American Pie & S4C!

From:Martin Unsworth
Just wanted to tell you saw American Pie the other day, & one of the trailers beforehand was DRC. It was a very different one to the one that played with Austin Powers2, focusing on the more 'gross' parts of the film (being sick, girls farting, etc...)

Obviously trying to catch the younger teenie crowd! No mention of KISS apart 
from the background posters, etc... and on the credits. Hope this helps getting a few 'bums on seats', as it were.

From:Jason Pawlin
Yeah, last night (Wednesday 13th) my girlfriend said that there was an advert on S4C (ie Channel 4) for the release of the movie!! Only showed a small clip of the film ("a toilet scene" apparently) with no KISS references as such. She can't remember what time it was on, but it could have been during 'Ally McBeal'...

Secondly, KISS featured prominently on last Sunday's cover of the business section of The Observer!! Now, I'm not a regular reader of the business section, but there was a large live piccie of Gene (96/97) that caught my attention!! There appeared to be no reason at all in this, apart from the fact that the story was about an American company who has bought the rights to hold music events at Castle Donington - which, the paper reminds us, KISS headlined in 1996! So, a bit of a non-story, but a nice Sunday morning surprise nonetheless!!! 

13/10/99 Halloween Gig

As previously thought the KISS Halloween gig in Vegas will be taking place at the MGM Grand (biggest hotel in the world). Exact details are still unknown, but from what I've heard only 4 songs will be played. The event will be broadcast live on the 29th October at the new Pixelon website.

DRC cinemas

It looks like DRC is going to be shown at one of the UK's largest cinema chains, Showcase. There's a review of the film at their site (, hopefully a few more chains will also be taking it on. Thanks to Mark Millington for the info.

12/10/99 New Peter Criss sitePeter

From:Colleen Songy
I just wanted to tell everyone about our new site dedicated to Peter Criss called Catseyes. Catseyes is a site for Peter and all his fans to explore his music before and after KISS. It also has new never before seen screen savers and wall paper, rare audio files from different years and the songs from Chelsea. The greatest thing about Catseyes is that I made a section called "Blue Moon Over Brooklyn" dedicated to his mother and thanking her for being a part of his musician influence. Also I'm asking all Peter Criss fans to sign the page and add their feeling to this page. It's to let Peter know his mother is not forgotten and she is missed by all his fans. So come by and check the site and don't forget to sign the Blue Moon Over Brooklyn page. Click over to

3/10/99 US Stadium Rock Top 10 Special

KISS Online have reported that the Chrysalis TV KISS special that was mentioned earlier will be screened on Feb 5th at 9:30 on C4. The producer and production manager for the show have both been in touch with me so I'm hoping to have some more details very soon.

DRC in Empire & Total Film

It looks like Detroit Rock City will be released over here around Oct 22nd. The latest issue of Empire has a small review of it, it only gets 2 stars but it doesn't slag off KISS or anything. One of the things that it does mention is that it has 'an ace rock soundtrack'. Let's hope it does better over here than in the States.

Total Film also has a review of the film, slightly more positive than the Empire one:-
<<Click here to read the Total Film review of DRC>>

Thanks to Martin Wombwell for the Total Film info - Martin has just updated his own KISS site with a list of KISS merchandise and a picture of KISS' loft in NYC that he took a couple of months ago.

1/10/99 KISS mention on Radio 1lmey2.jpg (8244 bytes)

This morning on Zoe Ball's Breakfast Show there was a KISS story.... told by Robbie Williams! Zoe asked him if it was true that he once sniffed Gene Simmons' cod-piece. He said it wasn't, but he did think that Gene was going to sue him for using the make-up in the LMEY video (and he mentioned the 'Strong' lyrics too). He said there was one time that him and his mate were staying in a hotel in LA, they were walking back from the restaurant and right in front of them were all four members of KISS in full make-up! He said he grabbed his mates hand and tried to make a run for it, but it was too late 'cause Gene had spotted him! Gene growled 'Robbie Williams' to make him stop and shouted him over. Robbie said they all looked 7ft tall and he was crapping himself, he said he asked Gene if he was going to sue him but Gene turned round and said 'No, we love you!' and they all lived happily ever after (yeah, okay Robbie!).

Well that's Radio 1's coverage of KISS over for another year.....

Clownwhile in Kerrang!

If you check out this weeks Kerrang, we got a review of the magazine in the 'Culture' section. A very good review too - 4 'K's and a nice shot of the cover. Metal Hammer and Classic Rock will also be giving us some coverage in their next issues (which always helps).

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