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30/11/99 KISS fan on TV

I've been told that there has been some guy dressed up in KISS make-up doing Karaoke on, erm, 'Northants TV' over the last week. Not that I've ever watched (or ever will)  that world famous station, but the scary thing is that I've been known to drink in the pub he was singing in. If you are that bloke then get in touch ASAP!!!!

29/11/99 Ace in Smash Hits(!)

Thanks to Fraser Munro for this one - Ace is pictured in the latest issue of Smash Hits!! It says the following:-

"How not to dress... Scary fella (KISS). Has anyone told this rocker that Hallowe'en is over? If you want to squeeze into a lycra catsuit and add some sparkly sequins. Then slip on a pair of silver boots and paint your face a ghostly while with silver boots and paint your face a ghostly white with silver stars around the eyes. Yikes!"

27/11/99 Thanx from Parasite

Thanx to everybody that turned up to the CHILDREN IN NEED gig I don't know what we raised as they where still counting it when I left but I know we all did ourselves PROUD....  GET READY FOR KISS EXPO 2000, ITS GETTING BIGGER..........LOUDER ,,,,,,,,,,,,,WILDER............... PARASITES†† MASTER OF MAYHEM, CARL.

25/11/99 Tracks

Look out for the new Tracks catalogue that comes out tomorrow, 16 pages of KISS stuff that you can get direct from the UK. I've just set up a page that will let you order their catalogue on line. Click here to enter your details if you're interested (clicking the banner on the main page also does the same thing now).

23/11/99 New KISS Tribute - Review

I recently received my review copy of the latest KISS tribute album. It's produced by the webmaster of KISS Deutschland and a great job he's done too. There's some great tracks here, anyone who likes KISS tribute albums should check it out, read the review for more details. 
<<Click here to read the full review!>>

KISS Bible Vol 1 - 1973/1978

From:Nicola Ciccarone

THE KISS BIBLE has been in the works for over a year to deliver a TOP Quality product and Iím really proud with the results. THE KISS BIBLE is packaged as a CD in a jewel case with a 24 full color pages booklet. You can view many of the screens and cd sleeves here

He's back in the movies!

From:Metal Edge
GENE SIMMONS has chosen his next producing project: Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll, a comedy about a rock superstar who witnesses a murder and becomes a target for the killer, and teams up with a cop to find the latter. No yet word on whether or not Gene will act in it.

By the way the server should be okay now, if you have any trouble with it (missing pictures, server errors etc) please let me know asap!!

22/11/99 Server shagged

Sorry to anyone trying to access the site this morning. For some reason this site was replaced by some arseholes computer game site (looks like it affected all sites run by the same host as mine). Also some of the scripts on the site seem buggered (postcards etc) I'll get them sorted asap.

18/11/99 Jekyll & Hyde

Paul Stanley has reportedly turned down the offer to play the lead role in Jekyll & Hyde so that he can make a 120 date KISS tour his priority. Assuming this is true, will 120 dates be a huge USA tour or will we be lucky enough to get some of the action??

KISS Portal

Dion, the webmaster of the very first KISS portal has gone to a hell of a lot of work to get it off the ground, here he is with a few words about it:-

From: Dion
The Ultimate KISS links portal on the Internet. ---> This portal is a new site containing as much KISS links as you can  possibly imagine.
It is a simple designed site without heavy graphics for fast loading.  There are some features on the site such as:

16/11/99 New Tracks Catalogue / KISSin' UK Sponsors

Tracks will be releasing a brand new UK KISS catalogue towards the end of this week. In case you didn't already know, Tracks produce a cool 16 page catalogue every quarter or so - full of KISS stuff.

I'm also very happy to announce that Tracks will be the sponsors of KISSin' UK very shortly!

KISS Psychos 6

The latest issue of Psychos arrived this morning, amongst other things it contains:-

The Eric Carr special is very cool and contains some great colour pictures.

<<Click here to for all the Psychos info you need!>>

15/11/99 Tale Of The Fox

Direct from Loretta Carr:
November is the month to remember our lost friend..... Eric Carr passed away in November so this month is a time to really get the word out on the Eric Carr Projects. Here is the latest. Phil Hunt Tale of the Fox - Quicktime Clips
As part of KISS Asylum's "Eric Carr November 2 Remember" celebration, KISS Asylum is proud to bring to online fans a series of exclusive Quicktime video clips straight from the "Tale of the Fox" video! All week long, November 15th through November 19th, KISS ASYLUM will premiere one new Quicktime clip from the video each day. This is your chance to get a sneak peak at what everyone is talking about. You've read the reviews and seen the promo clip, now check out actual footage from the video! Also, don't forget to enter the KISS ASYLUM "Tale of the Fox" video giveaway contest for a chance to win a copy of "Tale of the Fox." and a Rockheads T-shirt. There have already been six lucky winners, but you still have one week left to enter for your chance to win. Three final winners will be selected on Monday the 22nd!

The first video clip features comments from both Bruce Kulick and Carrie Stevens about Eric's appearance in the "God Gave Rock And Roll To You II" video -- including some never before seen photos from Eric at the video shoot - as well their comments about Eric's attendance at the premiere of "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey", the movie in which the song was featured.Click over to KISS Asylum to enter the contest and download the first clip!

14/11/99 Reminder from Parasite

This is just a quick message to tell all KISS fans that the PARASITE gig for children in need is still on......
For any info call 01472 239590 AFTER 6:30 PM FOR MORE INFO all the best the ????????????????? ask the drummer what he is building in his garage for EXPO 2000......

KISS dolls on the cheap

I've been told to keep a lookout in the Xmas cheap-shit shops for something cool this year... Apparantly KISS dolls are going for around £2.99 each, and some places are even selling all four for a tenner - bargain or what! Thanks to Kev & Dave for the info.

11/11/99 Choose the songs used in Nightmare Child!

From:Pam at Third Law Interactive
Hi guys, Just wanted to give you a heads up on the song poll we're holding on the kissonline site. It will go up on this Monday November 15th and run for a month..

"The upcoming 3D action PC game, KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child, is destined to be a hellishly freaky ride this spring. Developer Third Law Interactive invites you to choose which KISS songs will rock the hair-raising nightmare of the Psycho Circus. Pick your favorite out of eleven KISS songs. The top six chosen songs will make it in. You can vote from November 15, 1999 through December 15, 1999." Thanks for your time!

9/11/99 AC/DC may open for KISS

From:Sean Cowie via Usenet
I got word from someone at Ticketmaster today that AC/DC has finally been confirmed as the opening band for the New Year's Eve show. The official announcement is expected to be made tomorrow or Wednesday. Hmmm...Chris Cornell or AC/DC, who would I rather see :)??

KISS Mobile Phone Tones!

Darren Wells has sent me some KISS songs to replace the crappy tunes that you  get with mobile phones. Darren says they will only work on Nokia 3210 phones (not 5110 / 402), and are to be typed directly into the phone using the "Composer" option in the "Tones" menu.
<<Click here to see the instructions>>

6/11/99 KISS Alive IV!!

You've probably heard already, but KISS will be recording Alive IV at the New Years concert in Vancouver! For anyone thinking about going here's the details from KISSOnline:-

KISS will be performing in Vancouver, Canada at the the BC Place Stadium on
December 31, 1999. The opening act has not been announced. Tickets go onsale Saturday, November 13th. Ticketmaster Canada is 604-280-4444, or visit them online at 

WCW News

From:WrestleZone via Robert Mansell
Bryan Adams on Radio Station talks about Undertaker and other things Bryan Adams was on Bubba The Love Sponge's radio show here in Tampa this morning. He said some things that were interesting to say the least. He said that the Kiss contract was one of the final nails in the coffin for Bischoff in WCW. He said that Kiss would've received 100% of the merchandise sales from the Demon gimmick. He put it so that it was a very bad situation for the company to be in and they tried to renegotiate but Kiss won't budge from the stipulation. Almost seems like Demon may not be dead after all.

He also talked about the Undertaker. Adams was a little hesitant in saying this but he said that the Undertaker is 50/50 on retiring right now. He basically said UT is really banged up, as has been reported, and that it's starting to take its toll on him.

He also talked about not being used by WCW and being paid for it. The more
things change the more they stay the same I guess.

2/11/99 Exclusive iBash photos!

Sam has sent me in some cool iBash photos that she took at last Fridays Vegas gig. All the new photos can be found on the Photos Page.
<<Click here to see the iBash pics!>>

1/11/99 ClownWhite 3 - Winter 1999

The last CLOWNWHITE edition before the new millennium is published late November/early December 1999. The UK's premier and only Kiss magazine continues to shine - issue 3's main feature - an interview with Paul Stanley himself, exclusive to CLOWNWHITE!

Other features include an in-depth interview with ex-Frehley's Comet man Tod Howarth and a look at the new Mark St John Project. We also review Detroit Rock City (finally on general release in Great Britain) and include a competition to win the soundtrack. Rounding things off with all the latest Kiss news (in a re-vamped section provided this issue by the Kiss Asylum USA) and album reviews plus some totally stunning' artwork. Miss it at your peril...

Issue 4 due late February/early March 2000

Pixelon Pass

Sam has sent in a copy of the pass that let her into Friday nights KISS 'concert'. She was lucky enough to get Gene to sign it the next morning when she met him at the lifts in the MGM Grand!

Second Coming/DRC DVD's

From:Sanjay Mehta, London
Just to let you know that the Second Coming is going to be available on Region 1 DVD format, being released on the 14th December. If you're interested in buying it, I strongly recommend due to the fact you don't get done for import duty, unlike other suppliers. It's also available for $17.99, 40% off recommended retail. Also, Detroit Rock City will be around on the 21st December, including multi angle shots of the Kiss concert. It costs $14.99(40% off again)!! Just convert those $$`s into ££`s to get a bargain. Pre-Order now before the price goes up and remember shipping will be $9.90 when shipped together. Now's the time to get that Multiregion DVD player!! Remember it's NTSC, so make sure the TV is compatible!!

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