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27/4/99 The Second Coming Petition

Okay, enough is enough! The Second Coming has been on release in the States for ages now, and it's looking increasingly unlikely that it'll ever be released over here in Europe... unless we let Polygram know that we ain't happy little KISSers! All you need to do is sign your name & E-mail address on the petition page, if we manage to get a few hundred names them I shall pass the lot onto Polygram. It may help, it may not... but at least we tried!

Internet pressure helped get Carnival Of Souls a major release, let's do the same for TSC!
<<Click here to sign the petition!>>

Radio 1 Interview (1992)

Jason Pawlin has kindly sent me a transcription of an interview with Paul Stanley that was broadcast on Radio 1 back in 1992. Look out for a Gene Simmons one coming soon! Many thanks to Jason! You'll find it in the TV Section, or click the link below.
<<Click here to read the interview!>>

Stereophonics / Big Breakfast

Anyone catch the Stereophonics on the Big Breakfast this morning? They were showing Donna Air around their tour bus, when they got to the bunks one of the band shouted 'Paul Stanley, Paul Stanley's in that one!'. Then out of the curtains popped someones head wearing a Paul Stanley rubber mask! It was pretty funny, I was hoping they'd mention KISS seeing as a lot of the band seem to be fans.


Don't forget to order your copy of Clownwhite magazine - it's off to print on Monday so there ain't much longer to wait!

26/4/99 Can you help Deuce?

Can you help UK tribute band Deuce? They were due to play this years KISS convention in August but unfortunately they had to pull out due to 'Peter' & 'Gene' leaving. If you know anyone who may be interested in taking their place then please E-mail KISSin' UK and I'll pass on your message.

Look out for an exclusive feature on Deuce coming very soon!

24/4/99 Rock Soundrocksound1.jpg (7869 bytes)

The latest issue of Rock Sound has the following pic of Gene wishing them luck with the new magazine (there's no article or anything though). It also had a coverdisk with the song 'Dead Again' taken off the new Buckcherry album along with an article about the band.

23/4/99 KISS on......... Blue Peter???!!bluepeter2.jpg (6316 bytes)

Got in from work today, turned on kids TV (as you do) and couldn't believe my eyes - there was a KISS pinball table on Blue Peter! They had a few tables from through the bluepeter1.jpg (6330 bytes)years and KISS were representing the 70's! The presenter said something like 'These strange looking people are from a band called KISS I think', well bugger me maybe that's why it has the word KISS in big letters on it!! Anyway to add further insult some arse from 911 was let loose on it and managed to knacker it! Unfortunately we didn't get to see Katie Hill playing with it - but if she wants to come round to play with my KISS dolls she's more than welcome...

KISS Psychos Issue 3

The third issue of the great fanzine is out now, it has a great article on the Elder in it, literally everything you'd ever want to know about the album is there. I'll update the KISS Psychos page in due course. There are also reviews of some of the newer releases from Eric Singer, Bruce Kulick and the Rockheads album with Eric Carr. Thanks to Dave for giving us a mention in this issue!

21/4/99 Dressed To Kill dates

Gary Banton has sent in the following dates for UK tribute band Dressed To Kill:-

Saturday 3rd July St Austell Band Club, Cornwall
Sunday 29th August The 1999 UK KISS Convention, Dudley JB's, Dudley, West Midlands
Saturday 18th September Army & Navy Club, Chelmsford, Essex
Saturday 30th October Special Hallows Eve Show, The Standard,
Walthamstow, London

Unholy Downunder

Matthew Cawley has sent in the first half of his Unholy Downunder report, complete with some great pictures of Bruce & Eric. For those of you that don't know this tour took place in Australia back in 1996 and unfortunately never made it to the UK.

Talking of Bruce I've heard a rumour that he may be coming to the UK for the National Guitar Show again this year, although as of yet nothing is confirmed.


This weeks Kerrang has a KISS competition to win the entire back catalogue of KISS cd's - there's also a really cool full page poster of the band, so get your hands on a copy fast!

20/4/99 Paul spotted at Phantom

I was recently sent this from a KISS fan who travelled all the way from Japan for the Wembley show. Incidentally if you're interested in taking a trip over to Canada to see the show you can order tickets from Ticketmaster Online.

From: Moriwaki
The day before their show at Wembley arena, I saw Paul at Her Majesty's Theatre to see Phantom of the opera. He came there together with Doc Mcghee and a man and woman who I don't know. Nobody around seemed to notice that him,
I was really surprised! I think he's was preparing for acting in the musical in Canada.

Nick Smith

I've updated the Nick Smith page with his complete catalogue of KISS designs - his work is well worth checking out if you haven't seen it yet.

14/4/99 Gene at Buckcherry gigClick To Zoom In!

As promised a couple of weeks ago here's an exclusive pic of Gene at the Buckcherry gig the night before Wembley (at the Monarch in Camden). Thanks to Jeff for sending this in, Jeff is a personal friend of the Bass player in Buckcherry and flew all the way from Miami for the gig!
Click on the image to zoom in.


From: Mark Woodhead

Thought you might be interested that there is a small article about the Wembley gig in the May edition of Mojo magazine on page 13. There are two pictures; a small live shot of the group and a larger photo of some of the audience wearing the 3D glasses. The text reads :

"Nostalgia for the halcyon days of 50's shock-horror at Kiss's Wembley Arena 3-D show: Everyone was given a pair of special cardboard spex. Flying plectra, thrusting tongues and flame-spurting machine heads terrorised fans. The only inanimate object in the stadium, we hear, was the ossified Ace Frehley."

New book from Germany

From: Florian Hedwig of KISS Deutschlandkisscolguide.jpg (8892 bytes)

The KISS Collectors Guide The Ultimate Guide For All Fans And Collectors. This new book is just released here in Germany. Over 200 pages with:
- over 1600 listed titles
- over 600 pictures
- with label-info
- with label-code
- country of release
- short comment to each title
- worth info
A book full with info on official and un-official releases on vinyl and CD. If you want to have a book just send me an e-mail, for US$ 20 plus shipping costs I will send you one. Dealers are welcome to ask for special discounts. E-mail:

Parasite gig

Alyson Wallace has written to say that UK tribute band Parasite will be playing at Casablanca's in Grimsby on May 7th. See the Parasite page for more info about the band.

Comin' Up...

This is what's lined up to be added to the site over the next week or two:-

12/4/99 Latest on ClownWhiteClown White Issue 1


Get ready for lift of KISS fans...after months of preparation Englands finest 'CLOWNWHITE' will be released at the end of April.

First issue main features include a souvenir pictorial from the Wembley Arena show, an interview with Paul Stanley talking about his role in Phantom, exclusive pictures and an interview with the staff from 'Gathering Of Developers', the team responsible for Psycho Circus 'The Nightmare Child' PC game. As well as this and other news, there's also the first instalment of 'Page - The Legend' a brand new KISS comic strip.

Expect superb, stylish visuals and a competition that NO KISS FAN WILL WANT TO MISS!!! We're not at liberty to release details of this yet be patient's well worth the wait.

11/4/99 Union - Live In The Galaxy

A new live album from Union will be released very soon (May 18th in Canada), although as of yet I don't know what availability will be like in the UK. If you don't yet have the first Union album then I really do recommend it, if you were a fan of the Revenge/COS era of KISS then you'll love it, Bruce's playing is incredible. I will be giving the Union section of KISSin' UK a major overhaul next week, let face it, it needs it! The album will feature the following tracks:-

1. Old Man Wise
2. Around Again
3. Heavy D....
4. Jungle
5. Love (I Don't Need It Anymore)
6. Man in the Moon
7. I Walk Alone
8. Surrender
9. Pain Behind Your Eyes
10. Power to the Music
11. Tangerine

(Previously Unreleased studio acoustic tracks)
12. October Morning Wind
13. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away

Also, Union are featured on the soundtrack of the Beavis And Butt-Head Do U game that is available in the UK now for 20 quid. The Union logo is printed on the back of the box, but there is very little from them in the game itself.

Metal Hammer

I noticed yesterday that Maetal Hammer has a full page review of the Holland KISS show, don't know if there was anything else KISS related in it though (there usually isn't).

8/4/99 Kerrang & FlipsideFlipside

KISS have made it into even more UK magazines. This weeks Kerrang! features a 2 page article based around the competition they ran for a class of school kids to go to the KISS show, there are some great photo's in there including one of regular visitor Kay, that's her on the bottom right of p13! KISS are also listed 9th in the '10 godfathers of Junk Rock' chart!

Also the latest issue of Flipside features a whole page review of the show, and once again it's very positive. Jason P has kindly typed up the article to save me the bother, thanks Jason!

<<Click here to read the Flipside review>>

Paul on VH1

Martin Wombwell has written to say that Paul Stanley can be seen on the Ed Sulivan show tonight (VH1 10PM), if anyone manages to tape it then please let me know!

7/4/99 NME

Like me, did you wonder why NME decided to not to publish their Wembley review last week? Were they scared that they'd look just a little bit hypercritical if they'd printed it in the same edition as  last weeks ass kissing full page article? I think so...

This weeks edition has a small review of the show, and as expected they decide to slate the 'bad rock group' and concentrate on 'fat arses', 'double chins' and 'wigs'. If you do find yourself buying the mag, cut out the 3 small KISS pics (which are nice, especially Gene), cut the rest into small squares and place in the bathroom. You'll never be short of bog roll again.

6/4/99 Wembley review in Heat magazineHeat Magazine

The latest issue of entertainment magazine Heat (10-16 April) contains a one page review of the Wembley show. Overall the review is favourable with KISS getting 4/5 stars (although as usual with the UK press there is an element of sarcasm in there too), it's well worth getting hold of this for the live shots alone.

<<Click here to read the article>>

Heat also has the following news about the Russian shows:-
"Kiss have cancelled concerts in Russia because of NATO bombing Yugoslavia. They received a letter from the US Embassy in Moscow saying their safety could not guaranteed because of anti-American sentiment. Good ruse."

More on Psycho Circus game

Pam from Third Law Interactive (the team developing the new KISS game) has sent me the following info:-

"We have completed our THIRD LAW company website which will go online in about a week. We'll be updating the the KISS: Psycho Circus website in about a month. We'd like to keep a low profile (ie: not release much artwork) until E3 in Los Angeles the weekend of May 13, 14 and 15. At E3 we'll be giving private demonstrations of KISS: Psycho Circus to the gaming press. We have recently released a small amount of artwork for the E3 issues of these magazines. We're also working with ClownWhite magazine for updates on the game for their magazine.

Third Law Interactive is developing KISS: Psycho Circus, The Nightmare Child for the PC. It will be a first-person action game, and will use Monolith's Lithtech engine. The game is published by g.o.d., and due in 1st quarter 2000. PSX and Game Boy Color versions, will be developed by Rockstar Games, due summer 2000. Take Two/Rockstar will be the European distributor for all versions."

Pam has also promised to send in some screenshots asap!

5/4/99 Gene mosaicGene Mosaic

I've just finished doing this mosaic of Gene, it's one of those pics that's made up of hundreds of other pictures (ok, it's a bank holiday and I was bored....). This one isn't made up of tiny KISS pictures though, but ones in the near future will be. Once I get them up and running properly I'll take some requests for your favourite KISS pictures.
<<Click here to see the Gene Mosaic>>
<<Click here to zoom in to see how it's made>>

4/4/99 More reviews

There's a couple of new Wembley reviews in the Concert Reviews section if you're interested.

Also, I've recently heard from Jeff (a personal friend of BuckCherry) who flew over from Miami for the Wembley gig. Jeff went to see BuckCherry at the Monarch in Camden the night before Wembley and while he was sitting at a table with JB (the Bass player) who walks in but Gene! He came over and sat with them and chatted for about a half an hour and then went upstairs to watch BuckCherry. Then later on Jeff ran into Paul Stanley and Doc McGhee, sounds pretty cool to me! Jeff has said that he'll send me some pictures of Gene from that night.

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