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30/6/99 Ace... at Glastonbury!

Okay, so far this is just a rumour but it has come from several different (and reliable) sources. Apparently Ace was seen back stage at Glastonbury at the weekend wondering about backstage demanding that he be allowed to play on stage! He was also supposed to have said that he is the EX-KISS guitarist and may have reformed Frehley's Comet!!! Apparently he then jumped on stage with John Ottway and started playing, once again saying that he had left KISS.

I will desperately try to find out more about this...

Phantom Report 5

Martin Wombwell has just returned from a cool holiday in Canada & the US where he went to see Paul play in Phantom (as well as seeing the KISS loft in New York!). Martin has kindly let me put his review on the site, it you want to see some more stuff from his trip (news paper articles and stuff) check out his homepage.
<<Click here to read Martin's review>>

28/6/99 Barbados groove

Sorry about the lack of updates - I've been having a tough time lying in the sun & drinking rum in Barbados over the last 2 weeks! It looks like there's been a fair bit going on while I was away though, especially with Ace's comments about the farewell tour (and then Gene saying nothing is confirmed straight after). I haven't yet heard the official word from Mercury but I'm hoping to find out more later this week.

I've got a lot of stuff lined up for the website, hopefully I'll get it all up and running this week. It includes:-

KISS mention in Mark Radcliffe book

This one has come from Nick Smith, the book Showbusiness written by Mark Radcliffe (released a little while ago) features a pretty funny KISS mention from when Mark & Lard saw them in '96. Nick says the book is well worth reading.
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James McQuat mailed me just before my hols, so the offer might not be on anymore - Tower Records are selling a lot of the remastered KISS CD's at 9.99 each,  and if you buy 2 you get one free. Can't say fairer than that can ya?


Some people have asked me about KISS DVD's, well until recently only MTV Unplugged has been available. But now you can get hold of Killers on DVD! I don't know why they chose Killers, and I don't know if it has any extras on it, but you can get it from UK based CDZone:-

29 Jun 1999 Killer's Kiss: 06 - 29 (DVD Region 1) MUA907707DV USA Import

Official Eric Carr video - Tale Of The Fox

Loretta from the Official Rockheads site has sent KISSin' UK the following news:-

Fans of KISS & the Fox take note, the first ever official video-biography dedicated to a single member of KISS is officially in the works and it's dedicated to Eric "The Fox" Carr himself! Fully authorised and endorsed by the Caravello family, this professional video will be an intimate, encompassing, behind the scenes look at Paul "Eric Carr" Caravello's life and music. Through rare unreleased footage, personal photo's, plus rare Music written and performed by Eric. This video will also feature many well known artists in the music industry who were close friends of Eric. Visit: host of the Official Eric Carr Video Webpage, Inside the fox at: for all the latest and breaking news about this wonderful Official video Tribute to Eric Carr..... INSIDE THE FOX

Eric Carr Video Available For Pre-Order BD Productions is now accepting advance orders for the Official Eric Carr Video. Scheduled released date end of August,

* Pre-order to Guarantee your order..
PAL FORMAT--$24.99 plus $6.50 shipping and handling, Please add $3.50 for each extra Video (International Money order only) (video Format required, please list with your order)
USA---$19.99 plus 4.00 shipping and handling. Please add 1.50 for each extra Video USA
Foreign-19.99 plus 6.50 shipping and handling, Please add 3.50 for each extra Video (International Money order only) (video Format required, please list with
your order)

Please send your name, address, number of videos desired, total amount of your order and, along with a check or money order (payable to BDP) for the proper amount to:

P.O. Box 1433
Opelousas, LA 70571-1433
You will receive a confirmation letter for your order.

New Eric Carr tribute

Ralph Edward Carle from the US has written to me to say that he will be releasing a CD on Sept. 26th Called "PROPHECY". The CD features, and is dedicated to Eric Carr and the cover is a tribute to the solo records. The CD release will be held at the 1999 New England KISS Expo, in Rhode Island, USA. For anyone interested in the UK Ralph wants to make it available to the UK via this site. I'll let you know more info as I get it.

Mark St. John remaster

From:Eddie at Emc Records
My name is Eddie and I am with E.M.C Records, I released White Tiger in 1986. The original project was only available on LP or cassette, I have digitally remastered Mark St. Johns White Tiger and added a bonus remix of Rock Warriors by Michael Wagener, the digital remastering sounds great, alot better than the original release. I am also forming a mailing list for the limited edition re-release, the website address be which is being worked on You can join the mailing list by mailing Eddie at

11/6/99 Lyrics search tips

A few people have tried the Lyrics Server (see below) but haven't found what they were looking for. It seems to happen if you put all of your search words in CAPS, so if you don't get what you were looking for make sure you're using lower-case (putting a capital at the start of a name seems to be fine though).

10/6/99 KISSin' UK Lyrics Server

The Lyrics Server is almost up and running, I haven't been able to finish it like I wanted to but you can have a look what I've got so far. I'll get it finished in 2 weeks time (KISSin' UK isn't going to be updated for a fortnight), but until then you can:-

If you find any errors please E-mail me so I can get it sorted, apart from that give it a go and let me know what you think....

<<Click here to visit the KISS Lyrics Server>>

9/6/99 Phantom Report 4

From:Sean Cowie, Canada
After my review of Paul's appearance on Open Mike With Mike Bullard a couple of weeks back, I thought I'd offer you to post my review of Paul's appearance on Pamela Wallin, another Canadian television show. It is a one hour interview program that airs on Canada's CBC network.
<<Click here to read Sean's review>>

8/6/99 Wot no news?

Sorry about the lack of updates, I've been working my ass off trying to get the Lyrics Server up and running (tonnes of people asked for it on the questionnaire from the main menu). Okay so it's nothing majorly new, lots of KISS sites have lyrics (in fact I got them straight from Chris at KISS Asylum). The difference is that this is going to be the first page that will let you do a custom search through every KISS song. Once it's online you'll be able to search for a particular lyric, song title, writer or vocalist, so it should come in pretty useful. I've had some very positive responses from people that have had a sneak look at it, I'm desperately trying to get it online before Friday.

By the way KISSin' UK probably won't be updated from 12th June for 2 weeks, but I will have a tonne of new stuff to add to the site after then.


KISS Online has just started a new offer, if you aren't a member already (like me) you can sign up for free until the end of the year.

New England KISS Expo (USA)

The New England KISS Expo will be taking place on September 26th and will have special guests Mark St John and Andre Augustine. So what I hear ya say? Well non other than UK KISS artist Nick Smith will be making an appearance. So if anyone from the New England area is reading this look out for Nick's work. I have a copy of Nick's fax if anyone wants more details.

1/6/99 KISS Trivia Challenge

Darci from GT Interactive has E-mailed me with details of the forthcoming KISS Trivia Challenge game for the PC. I've been told that this will be getting a UK release and will be coming out sometime towards the Autumn. Details of this and the other KISS game can be found in the Releases section.
<<Click here to read about KISS Trivia Challenge>>

Gene confirms 80's material

From:Metal Edge website
There's been talk that KISS will add songs from the post-originals era to the set list on the next leg of the Psycho Circus tour, and GENE SIMMONS comfirms that it's true. "We will be adding stuff that ACE and PETER originally had not played on," says Simmons, basing the decison on "letters, the Internet, and just talking. The sense we get is that fans think it would be a kick." Songs under consideration for the tour, which will kick off in October, include "Lick it Up," "Heaven's on Fire," and "I Love it Loud." Adds Simmons, "We're going to add old songs from the '80s and take a look at some more obscure stuff."

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