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28/7/99 DRC Trailer

If you're interested in seeing the Detroit Rock City trailer then go and see Austin Powers 2 which has just been released in the UK. By the way I've had an official announcement that no UK release date has yet been decided for the film although it's expected to be late summer.

27/7/99 Win Prophecy & Eric Carr Prizes!

Thanks to Ralph Edward Carle, I have a couple of Prophecy CD's up for grabs along with some cool Eric Carr signature drum sticks! Prophecy is the new Eric Carr tribute album released by Lunar Moth Records and contains guest appearances from various KISS related artists including a remastered track by Eric himself.

All you need to do to enter is answer 3 easy questions, that's it! Winners will be announced on Wednesday 25th August, so get your entry in now!
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26/7/99 KISS Freaks Special DeliverySpecial Delivery

I've just received a review copy of the brand new KISS cd-rom issued by KISS Freaks. The cd contains the first nine issues of the KISS Special Delivery magazine in full colour. It also includes several of the features from KISS Freaks such as reviews from KISS Expos, album reviews and more. It costs $12 + $6 delivery, which comes to about 11 quid in total.
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25/7/99 Magazines

One of the big Playstation magazines (forget the name of it) has a small newsbit about the Psycho Circus game. It says something along the lines of 'if you're reading this mag then you probably don't know who KISS are...' and then goes on to say that the game will be released on the Playstation. Not exactly brilliant (especially as the pic of 'Gene' they used isn't the real Gene), but worth a mention.

Also this site is featured in another mag this month - the latest issue of .net magazine features a small mention with a little pic of the site. They're not exactly KISS friendly though... 'You can't fault the amount of effort that has gone into this exhaustive site. Whether a bunch of fortysomethings with a penchant for spandex and make-up actually deserve such adulation is another matter.'

19/7/99 Clownwhite 2!

August 20th sees the release of the second issue of 'CLOWNWHITE' - the UK's premier and only Kiss Magazine. Featuring news, updates and exclusive features, plus a McFarlane Productions promotion. Readers will have the chance to win a host of signed goodies, including the Psycho Circus comics, magazines and action figures. Available at selected music stores throughout the UK or by mail order from:
21 Bembridge Drive,
BL3 1RJ,

(cheques or Money Orders for the value of UK 3.60 or US 5.00 - sterling only - made payable to DCT-Design).
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New competition!

Thanks to Ralph Edward Carle we will be running a Prophecy competition later on this week - it'll be free to enter and has some great prizes! It will be available as soon as our server move has gone ahead (we're almost finished now).

18/7/99 KISS Wrestling

From:Alex Wargacki
Just thought I would let you know that Kiss will be at WCW Monday Nitro on August 23rd in Las Vegas. They have been billed as 'Gene Simmons & Kiss' so this suggests to me that Simmons may play an active role in the broadcast apart from just performing. People in the UK can view the broadcast on August 27th on TNT (Cable/Satellite) 9-11.30 pm. I am going to be backstage at the event and am trying to promote it as much as possible.

16/7/99 KISSin' UK in PC Format!PC Format

Augusts edition of PC Format contains a small pic of KISSin' UK in it's 'Gallery' section! I was pretty surprised by this, is a really small pic (on page 156) but it's still pretty cool!

That makes us the second KISS site in a few months to appear in PC Format which is pretty good news (PC Format is the top PC mag in the UK).

New Song?

A few people have written to ask where I heard the new KISS song and whether it was the small clip on KISS Online. It was the full version of the song, but I can't really say any more than that. Unfortunately there is no solo in the song which is a great shame, and so far there have been very mixed feelings about it (on Usenet anyway).

New server for KISSin' UK

KISSin' UK may be temporarily unavailable over the few days but I'll try my best to make sure it's not for long. We're moving to a new server (but we'll still be at, the services that are likely to be affected most are the lyrics server, chat board, postcards and guestbook. Our new server offers much more disk space than before and loads of bandwidth, as well as a few new features that I'll announce later.

14/7/99 New KISS Song!!

I've just finished listening to the forthcoming KISS single Nothing Can Keep Me From You, and I was well impressed. It's a power ballad sung by Paul and written by Paul & Diane Warren and will be available soon on the Detroit Rock City soundtrack. Paul's vocals are excellent on the song, although there isn't really any strong evidence of anyone else from KISS - I'm not saying they didn't play on it it's just that they don't stand out. Think of it as a cross between Every Time I Look At You and a typical Aerosmith ballad, if that sounds like your kind of thing then you'll love it - I did!

Also, the KISS version of Detroit Rock City on the soundtrack is not going to be the new recorded version as was first suggested - the only way you'll hear that one is by watching the film itself. The version on the soundtrack is the original one from Destroyer.

Prophecy in the UK

If you are interested in obtaining Prophecy direct from the UK please E-mail me and let me know - I will be making them available from the site and need to know what kind on number to order in.

12/7/99 Prophecy - Press Release & Cover Art

Lunar Moth Records, the company behind Ralph Edward Carle's Eric Carr tribute ("PROPHECY") has sent me in the official press release for the album. He's also given me the chance to be one of the first sites to show of the cool artwork for the album. The cover is a tribute to the KISS solo records, featuring a solo album style portrait of Ralph in his fantasy KISS character makeup.

"PROPHECY" features, and is dedicated to Eric Carr. The CD opens with a rare radio I.D. that Eric did shortly before his passing. Also included is a digitally remastered version of Eric's "Your Turn to Cry", performed by Eric himself!!!! Ralph also does a cover of the song as well. Eric's family is very excited about the release of this project.
<<Click here to read the full Press Release!>>


Gene's comments

Gene has commented in Metal Edge that another studio album, live album & video are all planned for the future. He also said that he doesn't want the next tour to be a 'Farewell' tour, but as of yet nothing has been decided. According to him they could go on for another 10 years or decide to end it tomorrow. Decisive as ever then!

8/7/99 Plug pulled on Unplugged show!

Oh well, we'll have to make do with MTV's version!

From:Deno (ClownWhite)
The rumoured 'Kiss Unplugged at The Cavern' is something that has been blown out of all proportion. This is the story: I was trying to come up with an interesting photo shoot to try and tempt Kiss into (for inclusion in ClownWhite), when they next come over. As Gene and Paul are both Beatles fans I thought "hey, what about a shoot at The Cavern?". So I got in touch with Bill Heckle at Cavern City Tours and mentioned the idea to him. He then told me about 'Beatles Week' end of August and asked me if Kiss would be interested in taking part. So I spoke to Steve Browning from Excess Press who handles Kiss's Press in this country. I told him about the idea and he asked me to fax through a press release that he would forward to the bands management. He told me not to get my hopes up - and that they would probably be too busy. Anyway...he faxed it to them and when I last spoke to him a few weeks ago he said he hadn't heard anything...ahh was worth a shot!

Maybe this rumour (which Kiss will no doubt now hear about) will make them think about it for REAL - I doubt it - but stranger things have happened!

Ace NOT At Glastonbury!

The official word is that Ace was in New York during the festival! So who was the arse pretending to be an ex-KISS guitarist then?

7/7/99 First news on ClownWhite II

From:Gez Cummings
I was lucky enough to see a sneak preview of CLOWNWHITE 2 yesterday. It's still in the early stages of development, but the features I saw (Paul as Phantom and the Kenny Kerner interview part 2) were TOTALLY STUNNING! Issue 1 was really cool but this next instalment simply blows it away. Honestly, this has got to be the best Kiss Magazine I've ever seen, official or unofficial. If you were unlucky enough not to see the first one, I suggest grabbing a copy of this when it comes out in August. Miss this baby at your peril...

Got Milk?

The KISS 'Got Milk?' ads are starting to appear over here - if you have this weeks Kerrang! you would have seen a small picture of it already. The full version is available in the US magazine Spin which is due out over here any day now - you can usually pick up a copy from Virgin and WH Smiths. Just check out the chocolate dripping of Gene's tongue, kinda makes you wanna stay away from the stuff doesn't it!!

6/7/99 Possible Unplugged show - in the UK!

Sonicnet has reported that as part of this years Beatle Week festival, held annually in Liverpool, several well known rock acts will be taking part. One of those mentioned is none other than KISS - who are toying with the idea of playing an unplugged set at the famous Cavern Club on August 30th.

Don't get your hopes up yet though as nothing has been confirmed, but I'm hoping to hear an official response this week....

Detroit Rock City will be released in the UK

The upcoming KISS related movie, Detroit Rock City, is slated to be getting a UK release on October 22nd. Good news for everyone that thought that we'd be skipped over like we usually are. I've read a few reviews of the film and so far the response has been good, it's thought that the film is a cross between There's Something About Mary and Dazed & Confused.

4/7/99 Ace Biography

This is the first in a new feature at KISSin' UK, I've been asked by a few new KISS fans for member biographies, so here we go. First up is Ace, this one was written exclusively for KISSin' UK by Terri Bey, a huge Ace fan from The States. Many thanks to Terri for this, I'm sure you'll agree it's a great biography.

Look out for more additions coming soon, eventually they'll be one for every member of KISS, past and present.
<<Click here to read the Ace bio!>>

3/7/99 Prophecy - More Detailsericc2.jpg (11828 bytes)

Ralph Carle, the man behind the latest tribute to Eric Carr has kindly sent me some more details about the album. Ralph will be supplying me with scans of the artwork this week, I'll add it to the page below as soon as I get hold of it. This is turning out to be a very cool project - don't forget that Ralph has said that he'd like it to be available to UK fans direct from KISSin' UK, so keep your eyes open!
<<Click here for Prophecy details!>>

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