March 2000
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29th March 2000 VH1 Auction
Feeling a bit loaded this week? Are those thousands of pounds burning a hole on your pocket? Then pop along to the VH1 auctions where they're selling off:-

 Eric Carr's stage boots and Eric Singers 25 piece drum kit.
27th March 2000 Possible European Tour?
Firstly before I say anymore please note that NONE OF THIS IS CONFIRMED, but things are certainly starting to look up for a European tour. I have heard the following news bits from a very good source very close to the band:-

The US tour is going so well that it looks likely that the it will indeed make it over to Europe. Both ticket sales and merchandising are going through the roof, which may have swayed the decision, but nothing is confirmed. I've been told that they are booked in the US until late July/August so if it does happen it will probably be later in the year.
Ace is in great shape and has lost 3 stone since the last tour! He says that this is down to his latest interest - Yoga!
It has been mentioned that Gene getting stuck on his cables in Anaheim was because of a bet! Not sure how true this is but the news has come from high up.
At Anaheim someone made a great leap from the sets and made the edge of the stage. The security eventually pull him down only feet away from Ace, but it took four of them to ground him.
25 different T-shirts are available on this tour, is this a record even for KISS??
The ticket sales are going so well that the fans are getting a little out of control at the shows. I don't know whether you have heard about the fan that died at Oakland but the was another accident at Reno when a fan fell and it seems that he has either broken his neck or has spinal injuries. The paramedics were at the scene an hour before they left the show for the hospital. they have not heard how he is yet. Obviously we wish him all the best.
Apparently the Pepsi commercial went down a storm in the US last night (it was shown during the Oscars). In fact at the votes for the advert have KISS way in the lead with 78% of the total!! You can also watch the advert at the same site.

I am hoping to have something more definite about a tour next week, as soon as I find out more I'll post it here.

Clownwhite IV OUT NOW!!
The latest issue of the worlds greatest KISS magazine has just been released. This issue features a fantastic interview with Gene, being his usual self of course. On of the questions asks Gene if KISS have plans to come to the UK to which he answers "So far NO!", and goes on to explain that it costs too much. However things may have changed since this interview as you have probably just read above.

This issue also includes an interview with Bruce, reviews of the latest albums (inc UNION's The Blue Room), part II of Dale Shermans Peter Criss story and much more! will be updated shortly!

KISS on VH1 last Sunday
[From: Mormac]
Kiss were on vh1 talk music Sunday 26/03/00. The full version of heavens on fire. Gene was well out of key on the backing vocals, but the new stage looks good with the sets of steps beside the kit.  It also showed the arrival of the band coming down on to the stage.  Look out for it should be repeated later on in the week beginning 27/03/00.
[From: Robert Mansell]
On Friday I was at Meadowhall in Sheffield and this Sunday they were doing what they call a "Dummy Run" which was to get as many people dressed up as shop dummys(400 or something) for a world record. Anyway on the trailer for this in the oasis (Food court) on the big tv screen at the end there was somebody dressed up as Gene in full regalia and makeup, now not being able to go on Sunday to look around I don't know if there was someone dressed up as Gene but who knows!
11 O'Clock Show
[From: Steve Doherty]
Kiss were mentioned on the 11 o'clock show on channel four last week. They were interviewing Jason Donovan -they showed a picture of him in makeup from when he was doing the rocky horror picture show and Ian Lee said "you look like gene Simmons from kiss BRILLIANT"
25th March 2000 CD:UK KISS mention
[From: Steve Knight via KISSin' UK mailing list]
My favourite woman, Cat Deeley, has just this minute done a quick news item report on CD:UK about the KISS Immortals webisodes. Why is there never a video spare when you need one! Never mind. It was just a 30 second voice over concert footage but all publicity is good - and this one sounded unbiased to me!!!
22th March 2000 KIZZ - First Gig
The first gig for Northern Ireland tribute band KIZZ is penciled in for Saturday 15th April at Rosetta Bar, Belfast.

Visit the KIZZ page for more info!

21th March 2000 KISS Forever Band
KISS Forever Band is an excellent tribute from Hungary, they have kindly sent me a copy of their promotional video and some pictures. The best news is that they are considering touring the UK this year!

Visit KISS Forever Bands page for more info!

Classic Rock
[From: Martin Goulden]
I don't know if you have already seen this months Classic Rock, it has a small reference to the farewell tour and also mentions a visit to the UK & Europe, as yet no confirming dates. (Here's hoping we may get at least one show)
20th March 2000 Clownwhite delayed
[From: Deno]
Due too a technical fault with our printer, issue 4 was slightly delayed. However, it's now ready and will be out to everybody on Wednesday this week - looks real good too! Our sincere apologies to fans for the wait. Even better news is that issue 5 is being worked on as we speak and is turning out to be a truly 'phenomenal' edition. We'll be loading the next one with photo's from the 'Farewell' tour like NO other magazine. Sunglasses are definitely advisable when viewing. You've been warned!!! Publication date is June 7th 2000.
More Paul & Gene pics
Marty Temme, who sent in those cool pictures of Paul last week has sent in 4 more from his collection. Thanks a lot Marty! All pictures are also available on the pictures page.


19th March 2000 "Anaheim, Life is full of surprises"
Here's a report of a couple of mishaps from last night in Anaheim!:-
[From: Jesse Ramirez]
On Gene's solo, while flying up, he was moving back and forth like a see saw. I bet he was pissed! While coming down, he got stuck so Ace and Paul had to fill in on God Of Thunder. To get Gene down (he got stuck about 4 feet off the ground) 2 roadies ran out, tried to unhook him then grabbed a box (the one Gene uses to throw down the sword after blowing fire) to stand on. Paul attempted to fly out on Love gun....Didn't work. He got stuck around the first 4 rows. Again, the road crew ran out to save Paul. While in mid air Gene sang Love gun, half the song was completed. As Paul returned to the stage (on foot) they started the song over...While Do You Love Me was playing the screen was showing the bands heyday....Lots of memories. Towards the end, a guy ran up on stage. Several guys had to remove him. This is when Paul said "Anaheim, Life is full of surprises".
18th March 2000 Immortals III / Paul's Guitar
[From: Bob Gilmartin, VH1]
Episode number 3 for KISS IMMORTALS! "Tadj", the third Kiss installment is up and running. Just click on the link above to surf to the other side into another world!

We also have Paul Stanley's IBANEZ ICEMAN guitar on the VH1 Auction. Check it out!
Vegas Set List
Here's the set list from the Vegas show - the show that I most wanted to go to but didn't make it :-( It took place at the brand new Mandalay Bay hotel on the strip and was a fantastic show by all accounts. No big shake up's apart from the inclusion of 2,000 Man (about time!!):-

Detroit Rock City, Shout it out loud, Deuce, I love it loud, Shock me, Firehouse, Do you love me?, Calling dr. love, Psycho circus, Heaven's on fire, Let me go rock n' roll, 2,000 Man, Ace"s solo ( A little parasite+she), Lick it up, God of Thunder ( with Gene's antics), Cold gin, 100,000 years, Love gun, Black Diamond
Encore: Beth, I stole your love, Rock n' roll all night

14th March 2000 Ace's Jacket
Fancy a bit of KISStory in the shape of one of Ace's costume jackets? Got a spare few thousand US$ lying around? Pop along to the VH1 KISS auction then, and put in a bid (last time I looked it was $1500 which was still less than they are prepared to accept!!). Check out the auction here.
The good news about the new set list is that they now appear to be playing Forever!! Paul sang a solo, all acoustic version at the Tucson Arizona show!!
Paul Stanley Photos
Marty Temme, a professional music photographer, has sent in these 2 Paul Stanley pictures taken by himself (you may recognise some of them). Marty has worked closely with KISS several times in the past and has his own site where he shows off some of his other work. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.
Visit Marty's site here.
KISS Immortals Part 2
[From: Bob Gilmartin, VH1]
New WEBISODE for KISS IMMORTALS! "ALIEN WORLD", the second Kiss installment is up and running. Just click on the link below to surf to the other side
into another world! 

Enjoy! Bob
12th March 2000 Farewell tour
Anyone else get up at 4AM to see 30 minutes of the new show?? Well it turns out it was only 3 songs, but even though VH1's server was a bit crap it was still pretty cool. The band were lowered down to the stage which made for a nice start to the new opening song - Detroit Rock City. This was followed by Shout It Out Loud and Heaven's On Fire. Here is what is thought to be the complete set list (somebody has mentioned that some other songs such as Unholy  & Creatures Of The Night were played but this has not been confirmed by anyone else so far), overall there were no great surprises:-

Detroit Rock City, Shout It Out Loud, Heaven's On Fire, Deuce, Firehouse, Shock Me, Psycho Circus, Calling Dr. Love, Let Me Go Rock & Roll, Do You Love Me? Into The Void (Ace's Solo), Cold Gin, God Of Thunder, Lick It Up, I Love It Loud, 100,000 Years, Love Gun, Black Diamond, I Stole Your Love, Beth, Rock & Roll All Night

 Thanx From Parasite
[From: Carl, Parasite]
Parasite would like to thank all the people that came to see us on march the 4th YES we blew out the electrics and YES Dannys rocket failed but what a great nite. The pub landlord reckons we are the loudest bunch of mothers that he has ever had in the place. All the best Carl No broken hands but loads of burst eardrums Parasite a band for the kiss fans and not just our egos
11th March 2000 Pepsi Advert / Carl Frehley

Here's a quick report of the Pepsi advert that KISS filmed the other day. Note that Ace had to leave early during the filming as his father, Carl Frehley, passed away earlier this week. Sincere condolences go out to Ace and his family.

[From: Ad hosers]
Just got home from being an xtra at Desert Sky Pavilion in Phoenix, Az where
KISS shot a PEPSI commercial. KISS lip-synced their version of a Pepsi song-they
even had the little Pepsi girl onstage in a kinda KISS quasi make up--she even had a miniature Guitar to play - she was trying to mimic Paul but did most filming next to Gene. Peter looked to be very happy-smiling and laughing.. He actually was playing the drums in time with the tape! Gene looked to be on Pussy patrol as usual, Paul just looked very casual but energetic--A ton of Picks were tossed out to us all between takes--we were fed Stage food (really Lame Mexican food) and of course all the Pepsi products we could drink! No Autograph session, No passes to show--no extra fringe benefits-except some of us got free KISS shirts. The commercial is to air on the academy awards show--so they say--lots of flames and smoke. Well it was different!

 KISS Webcast
Don't forget that the farewell tour kicks off tonight in Phoenix, Arizona - and to celebrate VH1 will be broadcasting part of the event over the web (only the first half hour though). Make sure you're at pretty early though or you probably wont be able to get a decent connection (and I mean early 'cause it kicks off at 4AM over here!!!).

Other KISS related snippets from this week:-

On Tuesday on Mark & Lard's 'Bird Or Bloke' game on Radio1 one of the questions was 'Is Gene Simmons a bird or bloke' - the woman answering got it wrong so Lard told her he was the bass player from KISS (he then asked her the same question again but meant the actress Jean Simmons, so she got it wrong again).

The Demon wrester made an appearance on WCW last night at 7PM on Channel 5, he entered to the sound of God Of Thunder. Thanks to Neil Brodie.

7th March 2000 New Shirts
Some cool new T-shirts have just been released over at KISS Online for the new tour. You've gotta agree that the full faces on the front & live shot on the back are some of the best looking KISS T-shirts yet!! Guess who's just gone and ordered all 4.....

Just watch out for customs charges if you do order any - last time I ordered 3 shirts from the States DHL hit me with a 25 quid customs bill....

End of the road...
According to Ted Nugent's web site the Farewell tour will be going on until sometime in July. However Paul has been quoted to have said that the end date keeps getting pushed back but he'll go on for "as long as I can" - it can't go past Autumn as that's when he reprises his Phantom role on Broadway.
5th March 2000 KISS Psychos Issue 4
Issue 4 of the great UK KISS fanzine, KISS Psychos, has just been released. This issue not only includes the usual KISS stuff (pretty up to date too as it included details of the Farewell announcement) but also includes issue 3 of the great 'Unholy Union' too!! As well as that there is also some Union info for those who haven't yet been converted!
  • Farewell concert news
  • Slaying the Demon - Gene interview
  • Reviews of Second Coming & DRC DVD's
  • Alive IV report (NYE review)
  • Issue 3 of Unholy Union included!!!

 Visit for more info!

New look news page
You may have noticed the new look News page that went live today, I've tested it on both IE5 & Netscape 4, but if you have any trouble with the layout please drop me an E-mail to let me know. The rest of the site will be changing soon too...
3rd March 2000 Clownwhite 4 - 10th March

[From: Deno]
Issue 4 of CLOWNWHITE will be ready to hit the shelves, Friday 10th March 2000. An exclusive interview with Gene Simmons was taken on Thursday morning and looks set to top off a great new issue. Gene, whose message for every rock star that has a problem with money was - "Here's the answer: make a personal cheque out to Gene Simmons for your entire net worth and we'll both be happier. I'll be happier because I'll be even filthier rich - you'll be happier cos you won't have this burden on your shoulder and everybody else will be happier because it'll stop your fucking whining!" - was in FINE form!
Visit for more info!

2nd March 2000 New Psycho Circus demo

[From: K-UK]
A new rolling demo of Psycho Circus - The Nightmare Child has just been released. It doesn't contain much more than the demo that came with Incite but it's worth a look if you're interested - just make sure you have a magnifying glass nearby...

 Click to download movie (3MB)


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