April 2000
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30th April 2000 Farewell Report - Columbia
Ian Muir has just sent me some pictures and a report from the Columbia show.

Click to see Ian's report and pictures

Site Update
The KISS Gear page has just been updated (first time in 2 years!), if you have anything to add to it please let me know.
27th April 2000 Clownwhite
[From: Deno]
Have you seen Kiss on the 'Farewell Tour'? What did you think? What are your thoughts and views about this final outing? If you have anything (pics or info) that you'd like to see published in the next edition of Clown White magazine - send them in now by e-mail or post. The new issue will be ready mid-June and looks set be a 'Farewell Tour' bonanza! Full of awesome photos/info from the new tour and all your regular features, plus news of something 'BIG' in the works for issue 6.
26th April 2000 Farewell Report
Ian Muir who has just returned from seeing 4 Farwell  shows, has sent me a report complete with some cool photos from the shows in Atlanta & Greenville.

Click to see Ian's report and pictures

25th April 2000 Detroit Rock City
Detroit Rock City is out now to hire on VHS, the UK cover is the same picture that was used in the poster on the right (different to the US one). There's also some freebie posters lying around at some video stores so get there quick if you want one (I got one of the cardboard display ads for it).

If you haven't seen the film it's well worth seeing, like the back of the video says 'Bill & Ted without the time travel nonsense'.
Click here to read the review from Total Film

24th April 2000 Bruce interview
[From: Kara Phillips, The Pure Rock Shop]
We are currently featuring an interview Bruce Kulick of Union and an interview with Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater as well as road reports for Union, Warrant, and more! http://www.tprs.com 
Greensboro Report

Someone from the UK has just sent me this report from Saturday's show at Greensboro, however they didn't put a name on the E-mail (which was sent from a Cyber Cafe). If it was you please let me know!! 

[From: ?????]
I flew to Greensboro, NC to KISS this weekend and the show was awesome. The stage is ok, I think it was the old or a replica of the stage setup they were using around the time of ALIVE II. They had a huge video screen behind Peter and two hanging from the ceiling. On both sides of the main video screen they had huge flashing letters spelling out KISS. During the show they showed a lot of old KISS footage on the main screen and they had special footage they showed during "Detroit Rock City", "Firehouse", "Psycho Circus" and "God of Thunder". Gene did his flying thing during "God of Thunder" as he did during the Reunion Tour). Paul also rode on the cable out into the middle of the crowd  to sing. I was really surprised that they let ACE sing as many songs as he did "Shock Me", "2000 Man", "New York Groove" and he did his solo which was made up of ACE solo stuff "Rock Soldiers etc." and he also played the theme to 2001. They played a few songs that all members weren't present for like "I Love It Loud", "Heavens On Fire", "Lick it Up".  I know there are rumors that KISS may not take the tour to Europe but if they do SEE THIS SHOW! 

P.S. It's a long flight from London Heathrow to North Carolina.

20th April 2000 Heat
[From: Jason P]
Just a quickie. Tiny photo of Stella McCartney wearing that KISS leather jacket again, along with a small mention of Gene Simmons in this week's Heat mag...
18th April 2000 Gene Simmons Interview

Will KISS have their own 
Vegas casino one day???

There is a pretty cool 23 minute long interview available on the net at FastBand. Gene talks about all the usual stuff, but this time the interviewer is pretty clued up on KISS which makes for some interesting conversation. Amongst some of the forthcoming KISS projects Gene mentions is a KISS casino in Las Vegas!
Click to visit the FastBand site

Thanks to Kay for the pic and congrats to her & John on their wedding!

Gene Simmons biography
[From: JDG]
New issue of entertainment weekly has a short bit on Gene signing a 6 figure deal to write his biography to be released in 2002. It states "a classic immigrant's tale, mixed with a rock star's story. Here is a man who wears a mask on stage, and the book
will reveal what's behind that"
Alive IV delayed
It looks like Alive IV isn't going to be released for some time, currently there are all sorts of rumours flying about (band missed a deadline, Stan Penridge lawsuit caused a delay, Mercury have ordered all offices not to promote it, etc etc). But personally I think that it's probably due to the success of the Farewell Tour, they're probably going to delay it to cash in better when they start touring elsewhere, but who knows....
16th April 2000 New Tracks catalogue
Tracks have just released their latest UK KISS catalogue. This one features some cool new stuff including:-

Farewell Tour - Tour book
KISS Immortals CD-ROM
New KISS disposable camera
Plus a whole load of other stuff...
The catalogue can be ordered by requesting one here

Union on Classic Rock CD
[From: Keith Hollinshed via mailing list]
Just a quick note to say the new issue of Classic rock has a Union track on the 'free' CD. it's 'Do your own thing' from 'The Blue room'.
13th April 2000 New Immortals episode
KISS Immortals episode 7 is now available at http://www.vh1.com/kiss, in this one you get to see a cool rendition of Within (check out Peter's drums!). All of the episodes are going to be made available to buy on CD very soon.
9th April 2000 Dressed To Kill gig
[From: Gary Banton, Gene in DTK]
This is just a little reminder that DRESSED TO KILL The Official UK KISS Tribute Band will be playing at The Standard, Blackhorse Road, Walthamstow (0208 523 0055) next Saturday night (15/4/00).

Doors open 8pm, tickets are 5. There are 2 support bands and we should be  onstage at around 10.15pm or 10.30pm. We will also be playing three new songs in the set!

Hope to see some/all of you there!
KIZZ gig
Talking of tribute bands if you're near Belfast don't forget that KIZZ have their first gig penciled in for Saturday 15th April at Rosetta Bar, Belfast.
9th April 2000 KISS UnAuthorized
You may have heard about KISS UnAuthorized already - it's a brand new KISS video produced by KISS fans and contains some very cool footage of the band mostly from the 90's (such as the Rock Hall Of Fame inductions). It can now be obtained directly from the UK (in PAL format) from Tracks.

Read the KISS UnAuthorized review here!
DRC out 24th April
Apologies for jumping the gun a bit - DRC isn't out on video yet. I went into my local 'Choices' yesterday and was told it'll be out on the 24th (there's a small review in their freebie magazine). They also had a cardboard advert for it.... which with any luck will find it's way to me before they chuck it out!!
KISS 101st
[From: Jason]
KISS are 101st out of 500 in a list of most collectable groups in this months Record Collector. This puts us below Madonna but above Alanis Morissette! Beatles were #1.
7th April 2000 KISS Kinetik Art
I mentioned this some time ago but never got round to putting anything up on the site. Basically these are cool new KISS products that let you see a few seconds of animation on a single card/key ring etc. This includes the full morphing KISS solo faces animation that was shown on the reunion tour.... on a key ring!

Check out the details on KISS Kinetik Art here!

DRC out to hire
At last Detroit rock city is now out to hire on video over here. The following appeared on an advert from Blockbuster, thanks to Neil Brodie for the info:-

"Edward Furlong stars in this strange homage to 70s glam band KISS. The uncomplicated plot involves the attempts of four teen headbangers to see their idols in concert. Of course when it comes to the big night itself, the four loose their tickets and so the entertainment evolves from their varied plans to trick, sneak and charm their way inside. A pacy comedy evolved as they try anything to get to see their idols unfurl their tongues in full scary make-up mode."

5th April 2000 More on Europe tour!
It seems that the chance of a tour of Europe, Australia & Japan looks very good at the minute. The band have been totally surprised and overwhelmed at the  response to the Farewell Tour and it is already shaping up to be bigger than the Alive/Worldwide tour. It will be the biggest grossing Tour in the US this year by far. It has been said from a source very close to the band that they will do Europe and Australia/Japan. Currently they are re-scheduling so many things at present that it's hard enough coping with the US, so no definite dates or timescales can be given. 
Exclusive look at latest merchandise - KISS Camera!
The latest KISS merchandise is about ready to be sold at the Farewell concerts - only Gene "King of Merchandising" Simmons could think this one up! You know how officially you are not allowed to take cameras into a KISS concert (yeah, right!)? Well Gene has come up with the idea of a disposable KISS camera that you are allowed to take in! But being KISS, this isn't an ordinary camera - it prints the name of a different KISS album on the bottom of each photo! The camera's will be sold at the concerts for $20 (about 13 quid), and should be available in the next few weeks. You have to admit, from a business point of view this is genius!

The picture to the right is the official advert, but I also have some other pictures:-
Advert in full
Front of the packaging
Back of the packaging
The camera itself

4th April 2000 Glamnation To Rock Sweden!
[From: Stefan Cedervall / KISS Army Sweden]
Once again, KISS Army Sweden is proud to present a special treat for all fans of KISS and glamrock! In April, Glamnation, featuring Eric Singer (KISS, Black Sabbath), Ryan Roxie (Alice Cooper), Eric Dover (Jellyfish, Slash's Snakepit), Stefan Adika (L.A. Guns, Gilby Clarke) and Teddy ZigZag (Guns n' Roses), rocks Sweden and Norway! Tourdates:

April 20th: Stockholm, Sweden - The Anchor
April 21st: Oslo, Norway - Tors Hammer
April 22nd: Gothenburg, Sweden (venue TBA)
April 23rd: Helsingborg, Sweden - The Tivoli
3rd April 2000 Union in Sweden
[From: Stefan Cedervall / KISS Army Sweden]
After a successful tour last fall with several positive reviews in domestic newspapers, KISS Army Sweden is proud to present Union's return to Sweden this summer. Two shows is scheduled, and a third will be announced soon. The first gig is at the Anchor in Stockholm on June the 8th, and the second at Sweden Rock Festival in Solvesborg on June the 10th. Other artists confirmed to perform at the festival includes Alice Cooper, Dio, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Saxon and Thin Lizzy, amongst others. Futher details and updates available at http://www.kissarmysweden.com . International visitors, click button "In English".


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