May 2000
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28th May 2000 UK Tour mentioned on Teletext
Page 451 on Teletext (Channel 4) has the following article:-

Hopes are rising that Kiss may be coming to the UK later in the year as
part of their farewell tour. The tour is already underway in the States 
and this week reached Detroit - scene of one of their 1975 hit Detroit Rock
City. Kiss have sold 75m albums in a 27-year career. 

26th May 2000 FHM
[From: Gary Banton]
"Just to let you know that there is a four page KISS interview/pictures in the latest FHM, which came out today.....

Sorry to the ladies on the list but this provides an excellent excuse for us guys to buy FHM without admitting that we really want it for the bonus "100 Top Totties of the year" supplement....! LOL! ;-)"

Thanks also to Martin Clay for telling me about this - just a shame they weren't in last months edition with the lurvely Kelly Brook on the cover......

KISS Camera IS coming out!!!!
You may have heard from a few sites that the disposable camera has been cancelled. I have it on very good authority (from the manufacturers) that the camera has already been approved with McGhee Entertainment + KISS and it is definitely going ahead!!! So don't cancel your orders yet!
25th May 2000 Pamela Bowen film
There's a film called 'Lands End' on C5 tonight at 9PM that stars Pamela Bowen (Paul Stanley's wife). Thanks to Martin Wombwell for the info.
23nd May 2000 Nightmare Child
I've just been given some more official info on the forthcoming Psycho Circus game, including a couple of new screenshots and the artwork that will be used on the packaging and posters.

The in-game soundtrack contains 10 KISS tracks including "Shout It Out Loud" and "God Gave Rock & Roll To You"!

Click to read the full details on the game and see the screenshots!

A page full of screenshots is also available.

KISS Psychos
The next issue of KISS Psychos is currently delayed - Dave expects it to be released sometime in June.
Loud Planet KISS poll
[From: Alan, Loud Planet]
At Loud Planet Magazine we are running a Kiss poll on our website until 3rd
June 2000.

The question posed is:

After the current 'Farewell Tour' should Kiss-
a) Split-up as planned?
b) Record again with current line-up?
c) Reunite with Kulick & Singer?

Our URL is
22nd May 2000 Auction book
For anyone interested in ordering the Auction book mentioned below please note that Tracks will be stocking it in about a weeks time - it'll cost 35 + 3 postage.

Tracks will be re-launching their website soon will online ordering facilities.

20th May 2000 Auction book review
Okay, the first thing I've got to say about this book is BUY IT! I don't know how long it's gonna be available for so get it while you can. This book is both incredibly cool.... and incredibly saddening at the same time - KISS really are getting rid of everything. There are costumes from many tours, guitars, amps, clothing (lots from 80's), handwritten lyrics, original artwork for album covers, drum kits, gold records, Gene's fake blood(!)... and some stuff that should have never have made it into the auction. It seems that Mr Simmons is intent on clearing his house of anything KISS related - there is even an xmas card from Paul Stanley in there!

All eras from KISS are covered including clothing & instruments from most tours, even Eric Carrs original Hawk costume that was never used is there, in fact everything that was on show at the official KISS conventions is too. The saddening part of this is when you think how cool it would be to see all this at a convention or in rock museums (where they should be). It's a shame to think that the whole lot is about to be split up all over the world, most of it never to be in the public eye again.

The book is well worth buying, around 180-ish full colour pages, definitely gets pride of place next to KISStory in my collection. It's available in either softback or hardback (both can be signed - at a price). The standard softback edition that I have cost $50 including shipping to the UK (took about 2 weeks to get here). Estimates start at a couple of hundred dollars and go up to phenomenal amounts ($125,000 for a set of Love Gun costumes and mannequins anyone?). If anyone wants to get me that gorgeous Eric Carr drum kit (without doubt one of my favourite items in the auction) it's only estimated at $5000-$10000, and Gene's lovely zippable leather thong (see picture) is only estimated to go for $500 (like I said some stuff should not be here!!).

Ok, who will be
bidding for this then?

The auction is split into 2 lots - bidding starts at 1pm on Saturday 24th June and continues the following day, you are able to bid online. Visit their website at for more info (same place if you want to order the book).

Clownwhite 5 news
[From: Deno]
Issue 5 of CLOWN WHITE magazine, which was scheduled for a mid-June publication, will now be put back one month until July. The reason for this - we will be traveling to Canada and the USA in June, to catch Kiss in Toronto and Buffalo. The results of this trip will become our MAJOR feature in issue 5 - and a deliberate delay is needed to make sure we can include it. Expect EXCLUSIVE photos and interviews with the band in a 'bumper' issue you won't want to miss. Of course, there'll be all your regulars - news, reviews, comic artwork and feedback - but what we have planned for the main article is really something SPECIAL!!! Our apologies to fans for the slight delay - we hope you think it'll be worth it...
18th May 2000 TV sightings
There were a couple of KISS sightings on UK TV today:-

Big Breakfast had a quiz between Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora, one of the questions asked was 'which song did Paul Stanley & Gene Simmons join you on stage'? They showed pictures of Paul Gene too (I presume this from when Paul & Gene turned up at Donington '87??).

Also, er, Through The Keyhole mentioned KISS and showed a Hold Me, Touch Me picture disc with Paul Stanley's face on it. Apparently it was from DJ's David Hamilton's house. 

17th May 2000 Nightmare Child release date
The UK release date for KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child has been set at July 14th on the PC with a Dreamcast version coming out later in the year. Look out for more news about the game very soon.
15th May 2000 Gene boasts about conquests (again)
[From: DotMusic via Alex Wargacki]
Raucous Kiss star, Gene Simmons claims he's bedded more than 3,000 beauties - and he's got raunchy nude pictures of every one of them to prove it.

And now a published report says the star plans to wallow even deeper by publishing a photo album of his sexual conquests. Simmons denies it, but if it happens his celebrity lovers like Cher, Diana Ross and Shannon Tweed are among the thousands of women terrified that the legendary guitarist will reveal all their sexy bedroom secrets.

Simmons boasts, 'No woman has ever turned me down, most had their pictures
taken willingly and it was usually done in sexual situations. It wasn't hard to persuade them because most beautiful women love to show off their stuff.'

Nightmare Child at E3
PC Format (UK's largest PC mag) has just published this small report from the E3 show over in LA. Incidentally the LA Convention Centre where the E3 is held has been decorated with the inflatable KISS figures for the last few days (thanks to Daily Radar for the pic).

[From: PC Format]
We spent most of today with the fabled Gathering of Developers, whose commitment to creating top-notch games above making a fast buck is devastatingly apparent. The visceral thrills of the surprisingly impressive KISS Psycho Circus showed that games based around ageing cock-rockers can be exciting.

Metal Hammer
[From: Jenny]
Check out the latest issue of Metal Hammer - it contains an unusually positive review of the recent San Diego reunion show.
11th May 2000 Live broadcast
Don't forget that tonight at about 3AM GMT (10PM EST) Pepsi are broadcasting live from a Farewell Concert.....

[From: Pepsi]
Experience a live KISS concert - at Pepsiworld! Our exclusive webcast from Chicago invites you to catch KISS on their historic Farewell Tour from wherever you are! Log on and rock out on Thursday, May 11 at 10:05pm ET with friends and fans from around the world. KISS rocks with Pepsi.
Click Here to see the webcast

10th May 2000 Knockersville
Alyson Wallace has kindly sent in a report from the Knoxville show in Tennessee that took place at the end of April.

Read the report here

8th May 2000 BBC Report On Auction
[From: BBC News]
The BBC have put up a small report of the KISS Auction on their news site, they make a bit of a cock up about the end of the tour though (they've said they'd correct it):-

Kiss to auction off rock memorabilia 

Veteran rockers Kiss are auctioning off memorabilia from the band's 28-year history in the music business. 

Instruments, stage costumes and other personal effects will be among the items under
the hammer in a Los Angeles cinema at the end of June. 

Fans will be able to bid over the internet at the event, which is titled Kiss The Auction. The rock band completed a farewell tour last month. 

Prophecy Released At Last
[From: Ralph Carle]
April 30th marked not only the 14th annual New York KISS Expo, but also the long awaited Lunar Moth Records release of "PROPHECY", by Ralph E. Carle. As most of you know, the CD is dedicated to, and features Eric Carr. We had a great time at the show, and the reception from the fans was great. "PROPHECY" features a digitally remastered version of "Your Turn to Cry", written and performed by Eric himself, as well as a rare radio ID that Eric recorded shortly before his passing in late 1991. On hand for the release was former KISS guitarist, Bruce Kulick, who accepted a memorial plaque on behalf of the family of Eric Carr. Eric's family is very excited and supportive of the release of this project. Ralph E. Carle will be appearing on the KISS Expo circuit this year, as well as various television and radio appearances. To order "PROPHECY", click here
6th May 2000 KISS 20th in Kerrang poll
The latest issue of Kerrang has a poll ('100 bands that shook your world' or some such crap) and KISS have come 20th (Metallica were 1st). Is it just me or is this magazine going down hill fast? Bring back RAW, all is forgiven....
The UK (region 2) Detroit Rock City DVD is now available in the shops for about 20 quid.
4th May 2000 KISS Auction
Pop along to if you are interested in taking a look at a KISS auction that will be taking place on Saturday, June 24 and Sunday, June 25 at Paramount Theatre at Paramount Studios, Hollywood, CA.

Highlights of the auction are:
More than 800 lots of KISS memorabilia, including costumes, instruments, tour gear, and one-of-a-kind items from the world's most outrageous rock 'n roll band.
Sweet Pain Wants Your Help!
[From: Mich Zwartjes]
Dutch KISS cover band Sweet Pain are making plans to hit the studio again this summer to record another tribute to the Hottest Band in the World! Songs that are being considered for inclusion are "All Hell's Breakin' Loose" and "Room Service." The band plans to have 7 songs on this new cd, and wants the worldwide KISS Army to help pick which ones make the cut! Sweet Pain plays almost every KISS song in the catalog, so click over to the band's website and cast your vote for the songs to be included now! The band is also open for album title suggestions.
2nd May 2000 PCZONE Psycho Circus report
The June issue of PCZONE contains a 1 page article on Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child. Overall it's a pretty positive article that says that this could be the first game to break the mould of crappy rock band game tie-ins. The game should be released this summer.

Click on the picture to read the article in full - thanks to Terry Adams for the scan.


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