July 2000
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31st July 2000 Nightmare Child reviews
The UK press are starting to review The Nightmare Child at last, PC Gamer has awarded it 80% in their latest issue. PC Format will be giving it something similar in their next issue (out in a couple of weeks), and as for Teletext on C4.... well let's just say that judging from their review they saw the word KISS and didn't even play it. They gave it 4/10 (you can see it on 481 Channel 4 today).

By the way, anyone wanting to arrange some online games please let me know and I'll post the details on the site.

Vote For KISS
Our website entitled 'toptenalbums' has just been launched - each month we feature†25 LPs and ask people to vote for their favourite - for our first month (August) we are doing debut LPs and are including Kiss.† I would be grateful if you could mention this somewhere on your site so people can come and vote for the greatest rock band ever!!†Our URL is:†http://www.toptenalbums.co.uk 
30th July 2000 DRC Video / Nightmare Child
The VHS version of Detroit Rock City will be out to buy on the 24th September (DVD is out already).

Also you can now get hold of The Nightmare Child online for only £17.99 inc postage (RRP is £29.99) from Games Street.

Cheers to Rob & Mark for the info.

27th July 2000 The Second Coming Boxset!
You may have noticed that the new release of The Second Coming does not include the booklet that came with the US version, however, a special Christmas boxed set is planned for both vhs and DVD. The boxed set will include a colour booklet and also a music cd and a T-shirt. As of yet it is unknown what will be on the CD.

Don't forget about the competition (see below).

  Clownwhite News
Hot on the heels of issue 5 (out NOW!) comes a Limited Publication from the Clown White team. To commemorate our first twelve months, we're releasing a 'SPECIAL EDITION PACK' titled 'THE FIRST YEAR...' (released August 2000). Containing the first 4 issues of Clown White magazine in a 'Limited Edition' printed folder (see illustration attached), this offer will be retailed at a special† price - four magazines for the price of two. For ordering information contact us - or keep watching this space!
  Record Collector
[From: Keith Hollinshed]
Watch out for the new issue with the 'last Kiss interview'. Despite claiming to be original it's a cut down version of the Metal Edge interview. Still nice to see them on the cover of a mainstream magazine.
26th July 2000 The Second Coming Competition!
To celebrate the UK release of The Second Coming video & DVD, thanks to Aviva International and Direct Video Distribution, I have the following cool prizes to give away:-
  • 2 copies of The Second Coming video (PAL only)
  • 2 copies of The Second Coming DVD (region 2 only)

All you need to do is answer 3 easy questions and that's it, good luck!
Click to enter the competiton!!

KIZZ gig
Kizz will be doing a warm up show in Wolseys Bangor N.Ireland Thursday 10th August as a warm up to the Empire Belfast.† There will be no pyro but everything else will be in place. See ya There
25th July 2000 Parasite gig
[From: Parasite]
Just a quick line to let you know that PARASITE  will be doing a unmasked show at sugarcubes in Lincoln† on the 28 July as part of their warm up gigs ready for Germany. It will be a case of no make up and no pyros ,just some real hot and sweaty rock n roll .
Doors open at 10 pm and showtime is 10.45
Admission is £2,50 including a rock disco
24th July 2000 Get your video ready!
Set you videos for Wednesday 2nd August 9PM - 10PM VH1 - there's a program on called 'Egos and Icons - KISS'. Thanks to Ade for the info.
Look out for a Second Coming competition coming to this site very soon, copies of both the video and the DVD's will be up for grabs!
KISS Newsbits
[From: Gerhard Wimmer]
Latest news is that Peter and Ace's contract with Kiss, which included 70 US-shows for the Farewell tour have been expanded to 125 US-shows. They are negotiating another extension for their contract for more shows in Japan, Australia and Europe at the moment. This is no official news, but comes from a reliable source. 

Latest news is that Alive IV will not be coming out this year. It is said that the record company doesn't want this record to come out this way right now. They are waiting for the last US-show at Madison Square Garden, which should be the "Alive IV" record to come out next year. The last show in the US will be at Madison Square Garden probably in October, but no date has been confirmed yet. There is also a slight possibility that KISS will play the very last US-show after the possible European tour at the Garden sometime early next year. The last show in the US will also most likely be a pay per view concert for TV. This is also no official news, but comes from a reliable source. As soon as something is confirmed you can read it in the news on www.kissnews.net or www.kissfanshop.com .

On July 29, 2000 at 2.45 am in the morning German nationwide TV-station ZDF will be broadcasting an one hour KISS-Special. That is the night from Saturday to Sunday. It is part of the Pop Galerie- series which was broadcasted already on Arte earlier this year. This Special is well worth watching and includes lots of rare footage from all over the years both with and without make-up. Classic footage from KISS' 1980 German tour can be seen as well as recent appearances from the Detroit Rock City movie premier. It took the producers almost one year in research and half a year in the making. You can view some screenshots here. German ZDF channel is available in most European households through cable, it can also be received through ASTRA satellite .

It took a long time to get it done, but now over 3.000 photos are now finally available for viewing in the photo-gallery on the new KISS website www.kissnews.net ! These pictures are from all over the years from†1973-2000! Many rare shots (see Ace shooting a rocket with a gun while playing onstage or KISS unmasked at arrival in Scandinavia in 1976 and 1980)† as well as the best studio-shots from photo-sessions and of course†a lot of live-photos. Check out these photos here. More features are coming soon such as a Dia-Show from the best photos.

23rd July 2000 Nightmare Child Review
At last I've got my hands on the full version of KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child, and without doubt it was well worth the wait. The game should be in the shops by this Friday (28th July), until then have a look at the review...

Click to read The Nightmare Child review

21st July 2000 Eric Singer
[From: Terry Adams]
I went along to see Eric Singer , I mean Alice Cooper on Wednesday at Hammersmith.
Eric was in fine form and looked to be enjoying himself. I was surprised when the band went off and left Eric to a drum solo! He performed an excellent solo complete with flaming drum sticks! (Gene & Paul would've been proud of him) As Eric stopped some arsehole at the back shouted "fuck off" followed by "get KISS off". Can't please them all.
Alice put on a brilliant show with an excellent band.
Richie Scarlet
[From: Paul Newcomb]
Last month I was working on Leslie Wests UK tour and Richie Scarlet played bass for him. Richie also happens to be Aces guitarist - as well as Sebastian Bach!

He is one hell of a cool dude and I'm seriously thinking about bring him over from NY early next year to do some dates. I know this is getting further and further away from Kiss but do you think it would generate much interest ?.

Also a bit of trivia for you. Stray were the support band for Leslie West and guess who were the support band on Kiss first UK tour ? Spooky eh ?

If you have any thoughts on seeing Richie please drop KISSin' UK an E-mail and it'll be passed on to Paul.
19th July 2000 Nightmare Child Demo!
At last a demo of Psycho Circus has appeared, although you're probably best off waiting for it to appear on a magazine disk as it's a massive 73MB download! There's 5 levels to play though, so you get to see parts from all 4 worlds.

You can find more info from out mates over at KISSPsychoCircus.com http://www.kisspsychocircus.com/demo.html

On the awful Roseanne show today there was a surprise phone call from Gene Simmons. I haven't seen the show yet but it's been taped so I'll transcribe it later. That show is bad though, thankfully when I was in Vegas they were showing the last one... ever, 'bout time.
KISS Club Anthem
[From: Phil]
On Sunday 16th July, Pop Sushi (Trouble, Sundays 11.00) I happened to turn on the TV and suddenly a clip of the "Crazy Crazy Nights" video was played. It was repeated later so I recorded it. It was this club promoter talking about what the best club anthem was. And it was Crazy Crazy Nights!!!!!!
18th July 2000 The Second Coming
Don't forget that The Second Coming is released on July 24th on PAL VHS and region 2 DVD. So far a good place to get hold of it seems to be Blackstar who are offering a pre-order discount on the DVD.

Thanks to James Vincent & John Bethel for the Blackstar info.

17th July 2000 Farewell review - East Rutherford
Ian Muir has kindly sent in a review of the recent shows at East Rutherford, along with some cool photos.

Click to read Ian's E. Rutherford review

Dish magazine online
I am with Dish Magazine. We are an on-line magazine featuring Kiss in our music and film section. Please check out the article at www.dishmag.com. The pictures are extrodinary (taken by the owner of the magazine). We are very proud of our section on Kiss, we hope you will be too. If you like the site, please mention it to your web fans so they can see Kiss photos never seen before.

12th July 2000 Farewell review - Va Beach
Ian Muir has written a review of the Virginia Beach show, he has also sent in a few more photos too. Look out for more farewell reports from Ian soon...
Click to read Ian's Va Beach review
11th July 2000 New Webisode!
[From: Bob Gilmartin, VH1]

We're in the home stretch...
Only a few more weeks...
Come and check them out 
along with the archive of past episodes!


100,000 Years!
Just to let you know that KISSin' UK had it's 100,000th visitor today!! Thanks to everyone that regularly visits the site, and thanks also to everyone that has helped the site grow over the last few years. Cheers!
10th July 2000 Virginia Beach pictures
Ian Muir has just returned to the UK after seeing 5 more farewell shows (Ian wrote the Atlanta and Columbia farewell reviews). Ian is currently writing a report for the site, but in the mean time here's a look at some of his pictures:
PC Zone
The latest issue of PC Zone has a 2 page preview of KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child. Overall it's very positive, nice to see PC Zone are pushing it so much, expect a full review in the next issue. Thanks to Terry Adams for the info.
8th July 2000 Iceman
Sadly I have some very bad news to announce - Karl, the webmaster of Iceman's KISS page passed away on Wednesday 5th July after sustaining injuries from a car accident earlier this year.

Icemans KISS Page was a UK site run from Karl's home of Jersey, not only have we lost a great person but also a great contribution to the online KISS world.

KISSin' UK would like to pass on our sincere condolences to Karl's family in their time of need. If anyone want to pass on any messages to his family you can do so from the site at http://iceman.simplenet.com/ 


6th July 2000 Nightmare Child
The latest news from Take2 is that KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child is delayed by approx 2 weeks - the new expected release date is set at 28th July. The game is coming along nicely though with a few final bugs being ironed out before it goes into mass production.

A few people have asked where to buy it from, being that it's a major release and that the reviews so far have been very good expect to find it on the shelves of any major chain that sells PC games (Dixons, Virgin, Electronic Boutique, PC World etc). It'll probably go for about 30 quid, but show around 'cause some shops do offers on the first couple of weeks of release.

KISS 4th on Pollstar
[From: Mailing list via George Tzimas]
Here's a complete rundown of Pollstar's top 10 for the first half of 2000:

1. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band: $45.2 million 
2. Tina Turner: $42.7 million 
3. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: $42.1 million 
4. KISS: $39 million 
5. 'N Sync: $30 million 
6. Backstreet Boys: $25.8 million 
7. Ricky Martin: $22.9 million 
8. George Strait Country Music Festival: $21 million 
9. Luis Miguel: $20 million 
10. Red Hot Chili Peppers: $17.7 million
3rd July 2000 Clownwhite News
[From: Deno]
Issue 5 of CLOWN WHITE magazine will be published July 20th, including 'EXCLUSIVE' photos and story from our stay in Canada during June. There'll also be all your regulars - news, reviews and feedback - plus a superb feature looking at the involvement of 'Public Relations' in Kiss's success story.
Aussie Petition
[From: Greg Davis]
Hi there My name is Greg Davies. I am the webmaster of "The Revenge Within"
(home of the KISS Fan Sludge Sessions).

I have put together an online petition for an Australian KISS Tour with fellow Aussie KISS Fan, Nikzilla.

We feel that we Aussie fans deserve a chance to see them one last time as well... many of us are tired of the "backflipping" responses and news we keep getting on an Aussie tour. One day we are getting them, the next we aren't - and all word is unconfirmed rumour....

I look forward to your positive reply. Thanks again. Greg
2nd July 2000 Nightmare Child review on ITV
[From: Steve Reid]
Just thought you'd like to know that Nightmare Child has been featured on Bits, a channel 4 show. It was screened on Fri 30th June and will be repeated at 02.40 Sun 2nd July.

It was only a quick review, and it was pitched against another game called 'Heavy Metal Fakk2'.

2 of the presenters Aleks and Emily, donned Paul Stanley make-up for the reviews- the full transcript can be found at www.4later.com/bits/bitslater12god.htm It were not bad, infact, NC came out on top by virtue of the fact that it will feature death matches, whereas HM, is 1 player. Also the soundtrack during both reviews is Psycho Circus.

[From: Blair Thomson]
Just thought I'd tell you that while at Glastonbury festival last weekend, I noticed and had verified by the 40 foot screens on either side of the stage, that the guitarist of Scottish band Travis was wearing a rather fetching kiss t-shirt. The shirt was white and had embellished on it a nice black and white design of the 4 kiss faces in all their glory!
just thought it was cool, so id tell you know too!
Gene on cover of Hard Rock magazine
[From: Patrick Haak]
The new German ROCK HARD magazine (July 2000) has a pic. from Gene Simmons on the cover + a 6 page article. It's the same article like the one in the latest Metal Edge but with different photos!
New Forum
The KISSin' UK forum has been upgraded to a new format, it can now be found by clicking here or pressing the ChatBoard button on the main menu. Please feel free to post what ever the hell you like!
New KIZZ gig date
[From: Colin Dowling (Peter Criss in KIZZ)]
KIZZ the Northern Ireland tribute band are performing their second gig and the renowned EMPIRE MUSIC HALL,BELFAST on the 17th August 2000 and we are looking forward to blowing the roof of the place.


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