August 2000
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31st August 2000 DRC video pre-order
UK online video shop Blackstar are selling the Detroit Rock City video for £10.39 inc P&P if you pre order. Thanks to Rachel for the info.
29th August 2000 KISS to play Japan in November??
[From: Gerhard/]
Kiss will come to Japan for about 10 days. Nothing is confirmed yet, but they will play in Osaka (2 shows), Hiroshima, Nagoya and Tokyo. Tickets will be available soon. As soon as dates and venues get confirmed, you will be able to find out right here in the News.
28th August 2000 Sweet Pain
The Tribute section now contains details of the Dutch KISS tribute Sweet Pain. The band have been going since 1996 and are different to most other tribute bands in that they don't do the make-up - good news if like me you miss the Revenge days. Let's hope they make the trip across the channel to play in the UK...

Click here to read about Sweet Pain

DTK date
[From: Ash, DTK]
Please note the Dressed To Kill -Trillians, Newcastle Show (29th Sep) MIGHT be cancelled - please watch this space....
Detroit Rock City
[From: Some perv]
Happened to turn on Bravo the other day and there was something on about a porn  convention in the US. There was some dodgy looking fat bloke who was showing off some promo stuff for his management company. He then picked up a poster and said 'this is a new poster for a film that I'm really proud of', it was none other than a poster for DRC. And the dodgy pimp - he was none other than Ron Jeremy who plays the MC in the strip club that Hawk finds himself in!

Don't forget, as mentioned last month the video will be available on the 24th September, so far WH Smith & Virgin have confirmed that they'll be stocking it.

24th August 2000 Big Breakfast/UK Play
[From: Darren Wells]
There was a piece on the Big Breakfast this morning about a pair of sad bastards who were going to Finland to compete in the World Air Guitar championships.... yep... you heard correctly... AIR GUITAR!!!!!! Anyway... to cut a long story short... when it got to the demonstration they gave, they played Air Guitar to "I Was made for loving You"....
Also, I don't know if you get UK Play on Satellite...but there is a trailer going about for a show starting next week called Rock Legends,  basically it's where Jamie (Pencil Dick) Theakston does fake interviews with Rock Stars. In the trailer, you see Matt Lucas (the guy who is George Dawes in Shooting Stars), dressed in Full Gene Outfit and Make up and very bad northern accent (Who would have thought Mr Simmons coming from Lancashire! lol), it`s probably a piss take of Robbie Williams, but who knows...
Nightmare Child demo on cover CD
The demo version of The Nightmare Child can be found on the cover CD of PC Zone this month, saves you a huge download if you want it.
23nd August 2000 NME review
[From: Ian Wakeham]
The latest issue of NME features an extremely favourable Kiss concert review by none other than Tim Burgess of The Charlatans (if my memory serves me right, it was the concert that Ace almost failed to make). Check it out - there are some great pics of the band, and it's great to see such good words said about them in the UK music press!
TV Listings Searcher
This may get the prize for the most useless KISS gadget ever... I've just stuck something on the site that lets you search the next 14 days of UK TV (terrestrial + satellite) for any programs that include KISS (plus Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley etc) in their titles or descriptions.

Sounds good in theory but in practice it returns all sorts of programs with KISS in the title that are nothing to do with our boys. But it does do a quick scan of the next 2 weeks to help make sure you don't miss anything. Have a go, it's at:- 

22nd August 2000 Gene Simmons biography
GeneAt last, a second biography has been added to the site, this time its Gene's turn. Mick from the excellent Gene Simmons site Radioactive has very kindly donated his own Gene bio, which is one of the best I've read on the net, I'm sure you'll agree he's done a great job of it. And if you liked that, you'll love his site 'cause it's full of loads of other Gene info.

Click here or on the button to read the bio.
More tour dates
[From: KISS Online]
KISS today announced the addition of ten more shows:

9/24 - Lake Placid, NY 
9/26 - Trenton, NJ 
9/27 - State College, PA 
9/29 - Columbus, OH 
9/30 - Chicago, IL 
10/1 - Champaign, IL 
10/3 - Uncasville, CT 
10/4 - Washington DC 
10/6 - Charlotte, NC 
10/7 - Charleston, SC
21st August 2000 Bill Starkey in new book

[From: Mandy]
The Ultimate Guide to Rock and Pop Music Official Fan Clubs and Web Sites And when you think of fan clubs, the KISS Army comes to mind almost immediately. Included in The Ultimate Guide to Rock and Pop Music Official Fan Clubs and Web Sites is a bonus interview with KISS Army founder Bill Starkey. Hear in his own words the true story of its inception, his dismissal from the inner sanctum and rarely shared thoughts about his involvement in this unrivaled legion. The Ultimate Guide to Rock and Pop Music Official Fan Clubs and Web Sites is sold exclusively on Mandy’s World,  for only $5.95.

(NB: Mandy's site also has a cool FoxxFest review here - Paul)

KISS Pinball - Playstation
[From: Neil Brodie]
Just read a small article in a magazine called Playstation World, it had a pic of Paul and said a kiss were coming to the playstation vai a pinball sim. Apparently there are two different tables and would include "game missions" and extra features like Genes tongue whipping out and nicking the ball!!!!!
20th August 2000 KISS Solo on All Back To Mine
[From: Ian Wakeham]
I just read in the latest Melody Maker that on one of the up-coming episodes of All Back To Mine (the one to feature Huey from Fun Lovin' Criminals), one of the choice albums is reported to be "a Kiss solo album."

Not sure whether there will be any Kiss footage shown, but the programme is based on Huey's favourite records, so there should at least be some discussion on whichever album it turns out to be. Sorry I don't know the broadcast date. (NB If anyone knows this please let me know - Paul)
17th August 2000 KISS Trivia Challenge
It looks like KISS Trivia Challenge which was supposed to be out sometime this year has been put on hold indefinitely. Infogrames, who have taken over the company behind the title, say they know absolutely nothing about it!
[From: Tracks]
New KISS products available and all are in stock now: 

Best regards
Roger Wane 
14th August 2000 Dressed To Kill gigs
[From: Ash, DTK]
Fri 29th September - Trillians, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Sat 30th September - Club Rio's, Bradford.
Fri 27th October - venue tba., Worthing.
Sat 28th October - Standard music venue (Royal Standard), Walthamstow -
Halloween Special/ 9th Birthday show!!!!
Fri 10th November - Limelight club, Crewe.
Sat 11th November - Rock Cafe 2000, Stourbridge.
N.B. Please contact the venue BEFORE traveling to any venue - some of the 'later' dates are still subject to contract.
13th August 2000 Ace goes AWOL (almost!)
[From: Metal Edge]
KISS fans at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Laguna Hills, California on Friday night didn't know it, but they very nearly did not see Ace Frehley perform. Tommy Thayer, KISS' road manager who'd impersonated Ace in the tribute band COLD GIN in the early '90s, dug out his old costume and wig and put on the SpaceAce makeup, because Frehley was missing in action. KISS had had a few days' break in the tour, and Frehley had gone home. Trouble was, he missed three flights over two days that would return him to California. Ultimately, he arrived at the venue less than an hour before showtime, only because a helicopter airlifted him from Los Angeles International to the Orange County location.

Full details can be found at Metal Edge Online 

  Psycho's Back!
The latest issue of KISS Psychos has just been released, and as usual it's worth the wait. Dave's been busy changing jobs and wot not recently so there'll probably only be another 1 copy this year, but he still managed to put together a great mag that includes:-
  • Details of the KISS auction
  • Eric Singer interview (great interview with Eric taken during his UK tour with Alice Cooper)
  • Detroit Concert Review - Dan Bach's write up of his trip to the states
  • News from the net
  • Special feature on KISS action figures, detailing various versions that have been released, very useful if you're a collector

Full details of KISS Psychos can be found at

  News bits
[From: Patrick Haak]

GIG magazine July 2000, Kiss cover + 4 page int. 
(Title:The Art of The Show) 
Rolling Stone magazine: very short article + Ace pic. 
(review from Bristow, Virginia July 1st.)
Hit Parader magazine September 2000: 2 pages.
(1 page article + 1 page pic. Paul Stanley) 
Classic Rock magazine September 2000
- 1/2 page advert "KISS UnAuthorized" video 
- 3/4 page concert review New Jersey 27/06/00 with Gene Simmons pic.
PC Gamer magazine September 2000 2 page article + photos about KPC: The nightmare child.
PC Gamer magazine August 2000
2 page article + photos - KPC: The nightmare child
PC ZONE magazine August 2000
4 page article+ photos - KPC: The nightmare child
CNN Europe has a program called WorldBeat and they are currently running a 1 hour special called "Rock Special". The special contains some footage from the current Farewell Tour + a short interview with Gene & Paul. On Tuesday they are showing the special again at 17.00 CET.
  Another tour rumor
[From: John, via mailing list]
OK, here's the latest RUMOR-there will be no Madison Square Garden show this year. The rumor is that the tour is being extended until 2001. For those overseas, this can only mean good things for you! Europe, Aussie and Japan with the Garden show to end it all in Febuary 2001. There is also talk of adding a show at Nassau Colisuem, here on Long Island, NY, in late September. John
13th August 2000 Parasite Farewell gig
[From: Sam]
Parasite's Farewell gig
Friday 25th August, Spiders Web, Cleethorpes.

Thats about it really.. If anyone wants any details on how to get there or where to stay just give me (Sam) a shout and I'll let you know. Carl is very excited about this one, there's new 'tricks' and an exciting new set list, the kinda set list we all hoped KISS would do, but no they've decided to stick with the tried and tried again same old same old.

Hope at least some of you can come as it may well be the last time you'll get to see Parasite in this country. But I have been asked to state that Parasite are NOT, I repeat NOT splitting up, far from it, they are going on to HUGE things very shortly.

12th August 2000 Giorgio
Please note that Giorgio is no longer located in his shop in Bridgnorth, he can now be found in his wife's shop in Wolverhampton on Tuesdays & Saturdays (full details can be found on the Ordering Page).

As well as the shirts Giorgio now offers:-

Canvas work (literally any size!!)
Air-brush lessons - Beginners
Air-brush lessons - Advanced / rock portraits

Click for Giorgio's page

11th August 2000 Newsbits
[From: Tony S Birmingham, Kevin Riley, Arron Tyler]
Head On Comedy
Last nights edition (10 August) of Head on Comedy with Jo Brand featured a 15 second clip of KISS with Paul singing I stole Your Love and a close up of Gene blood spitting. They were debating 'This house wants to be in America'. They showed the clip and Bill Bailey said "that's real Rock, this is what the UK have", cut to a clip of Chas and Dave!!

The Nightmare Child will appear on Sega Dreamcast on the 25th of August.

Classic Rock
The new edition of Classic Rock carries a review of the latest KISS tour and the review is really positive about KISS.

[From: Dave "Gene", KIZZ]
Another triumph!!!!!!!!!!!
Capacity crowd all paid to see the almighty Kizz play their home town. The band had problems fighting their way through the mass to the stage and couldn't believe the turnout.  Alas no pyro but smoking guitar and blood and solos!!  It was all in the name of charity and raised a considerable amount of money for the Marie Curie cancer foundation.  It is a warm up to the big show in the Belfast music Empire music hall with TREX 2000.
The set list was as follows:
Deuce, King of the nighttime world, Do you Love Me?, Cold Gin, Strutter, Coming Home, Firehouse, 2000 Man, Lead Solo, Lick it up/C'mon and love me, Shout it out loud, Beth, Love Gun, Bass Solo, God of thunder, Drum Solo, Detroit rock city, Rhythm Solo, Black Diamond, Rock n Roll all nite
Fot the crowd Marty A.K.A Paul also played God gave rock 'n' roll to you and Crazy Crazy Nights during his raps!! All in All a very cool nite indeed!!!!
Cheers Dave(A.K.A) Gene
8th August 2000 Nightmare Child UK patch
If you're having the problems with The Nightmare Child mentioned below then there is now an updated file for you to download, you can get it from the official site here:-
As far as I know you just copy this file (client.exe) over the old file.
7th August 2000 Nightmare Child problems
If you have bought the UK version of The Nightmare Child and it crashes back to the desktop after pressing the 'Play' button then read on...

According to Third Law over in the States the copy protection put on by the UK distributors Take 2 has messed up part of the disk and is causing this on happen on some machines. There is a possible solution in the works and Third Law have promised to release it as soon as possible, as you can imagine they are pretty pissed off with Take 2.....

Gene's Vegas cake
[From: KNAC.COM, picture copyright of KNAC]
KNAC.COM recently joined KISS in Las Vegas for their spectacular show at Mandalay Bay and were invited back to their hotel room for pre-show festivities. Well, boy were we surprised when we walked into Gene's room and were greeted by the demon himself and formally introduced to a giant breast cake! Yes, you heard us right! We were just as surprised as Gene by the monster mammary cake presented to Gene by the head chef of The Bellagio when he checked into the hotel. The single mammary was about 12" in circumference and made of marzipan and devils food, although we suspect there was some "milk" chocolate in there somewhere. Check out the picture if you want to "cop a feel" of what this sweet baby was like!!! Enjoy!!!
6th August 2000 PC Format review Nightmare Child
The September issue of PC Format, UK's biggest selling PC mag, has just awarded The Nightmare Child with a huge 84% mark (which is very good coming from them as they're not known for being generous). The only thing it gets marked down for is slight repetitiveness and lack of weapons, apart from that it gets a brilliant 3 page review, well worth checking out if you don't have the game yet.
5th August 2000 Clown White issue 5 out now
Issue 5 of the excellent UK magazine Clown White is out now, another great mag this time focusing on a trip to Canada to see a recent farewell show:-

Access All Areas Article about Clown Whites trip to Toronto, all didn't quite go to plan but they got to meet the band eventually!
Internet news compiled by KISS Asylum
Reviews Includes a review of Revenge plus The Second Coming, KISS Of Death and more
The Nightmare Child Review of the cool new PC game
Media Blitz Cool article written by a student who had the job of writing a dissertation about PR in the world of KISS!
KISS Takes Toronto A review of the show mentioned above along with some great photos has been updated with more info....

3rd August 2000 Egos & Icons
No piss takes, loads of non-make up footage, surely there's been some mistake? If you caught the VH1 KISS special last night you probably thought the same, it was a cool 1 hour look at the bands history including clips from music videos and various interviews. Everyone was covered, there were interviews with almost everyone including Bruce, Eric Carr, Eric Singer and clips from some rarer videos such as Domino. There was probably more footage of the 80's than there was of the 70's, but it basically covered everything right up to the recording of Detroit Rock City in 1998. If you missed it then try to borrow a copy of someone, it's worth seeing.
ToyFare interview
There's a new interview with Gene Simmons on the ToyFare site, you can read it at (this can also be in the latest ToyFare magazine).

Gene mentions having a part in the film Wish You Were Dead, details of which can be found at the IMDB here.

1st August 2000 BURRN! Magazine
[From: Gerhard Wimmer]
Gene and Paul are on the cover of the current issue of "BURRN!"-magazine (August 2000), Japanese leading heavy metal magazine. This is the fifth time KISS are on the cover of this magazine. It includes an exclusive report (6 pages) about the current Farewell-tour.
  VH1 Reminder
Just a reminder that on VH1 on Wednesday (2nd Aug) at 9PM 'Egos and Icons - KISS' will be on.


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