November 2000
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29th November 2000 Aussie dates moved to April
The dates for the upcoming Aussie tour have been postponed to late March/April due to 'unforseen circumstances', the tour is supposed to be announced officially on 8th December. Here are the new dates (have a look at for more info):-

30 Mar 2001 - Burswood Dome, Perth
01 Apr 2001 - Adelaide (Venue TBA)
04 Apr 2001 - Olympic Park, Melbourne
07 Apr 2001 - Superdome, Sydney
11 Apr 2001 - Entertainment Centre, Brisbane


27th November 2000 Only one NY show?
According to Metal Edge Online Gene has gone on record saying that there will still be a tour of Japan & Australia and that there will be 1 final US show to end it all. Whether this means that a multi-date show at the Garden won't happen is open to interpretation, but if there is only 1 show it's gonna make it even harder for us to get tickets...

"KISS' plans to go to Japan and Australia are still on, "probably February to March, somewhere in there. Both will happen," assured Simmons. After that, "There will be one last show, someplace," but whether or not that will be, as conjectured, at New York's Madison Square Garden, is still to be determined. (And no, there won't be any different KISS lineups to follow.)"

KIZZmas in Belfast
[From: Alex McGreevy/Belfast]
KIZZ, Northern Ireland's superb tribute band will feature at the Empire Music Hall on December 21 for a massive KIZZMAS gathering. The previous show at the venue was a sell-out and given its success, it is advised that tickets are snapped-up early for this occasion. Recently the band appeared live on SKY TV as escorts to Belfast's super- middleweight world title hope Brian Magee, who entered the ring to the sound of God of Thunder, wearing a black and sliver robe. Pictures of KIZZ were screened in Las Vegas as part of the build-up coverage to the Lennox Lewis-David Tua world heavyweight title fight. KIZZ are musically identical to the real thing, and there's no penny spared with regards costumes and stage entertainment. The December 21 show is a great opportunity for people outside Northern Ireland to visit and see this simply fantastic act. It would be advisable also to those who run KISS Expos to check out the band. Kiss fans attending the show are invited to make a real Kissmas celebration by dressing up in costume and make-up.
23rd November 2000 EXPO 2000 Details!
As most of you know before the year comes to a close there will be a UK KISS Expo to top it off. On December 3rd Bradford Rio's will open it's doors for this years chance to don yer make-up and spend all that money you've been saving for KISSmas. This year sees a live performance from none other than Parasite, some of the people with stalls this year include:-
  • Tracks
  • X-Records
  • Paul Scarborough
  • Mick Gillings
  • Martin Unsworth
  • Dave Nichols (Kiss Psychos)

Currently the only to get your tickets is directly from Rios box office (7 quid I think). The expo will start at 4pm and end at about 10:30pm with Parasite playing from about 9pm onwards.

More info on Bradford Rios can be obtained from their website. Thanks to Sam for the info!

21st November 2000 2001 Calendar
The official 2001 KISS calendar is now available to buy in the UK. Sadly it appears that Danillo won't be producing a KISS calendar this year, so we have to make do with the US format one from Sony Signatures. The calendar is based entirely on recent live photos, and to be honest they are excellent - although unfortunately this year they haven't used any older photos. Most branches of Calendar Club shops will be stocking it at £7.99 each (Calendar Club is a seasonal shop that pops up in various in places near KISSmas - Lakeside have a branch).

Once again, Oliver Books in the UK have  produced the unofficial calendar and it's available now. It always ends up loosing out slightly in quality, but it always contains cool photos that the official one would never use... and no doubt it will soon be the only KISS calendar available.
19th November 2000 Oh good, another rumour...
Just found this and it gave me a bit of a laugh, the latest piece or crap floating around the net is that Paul Stanley has been asked to stand in as lead singer for Van Halen!! You can read the full story over at 'The Star Wire' site by clicking here. You can also read their other KISS article here. Let's just be grateful that this can't be true.....
Bruce interview online
[From: Melinda Drysen]
Log on to internet radio station for a live interview with Grand Funk Railroad. Guitarist Bruce Kulick will be live in-studio joined by Don Brewer by phone on ROCKNROLLSTATION.COM,  Wednesday, November 22, 2000 at 11:00am PST.  
15th November 2000 Clown White - It's Back!
[From: Deno]
A new issue of CLOWN WHITE will be published early next year. Full details of the contents are not yet confirmed - but it will be a 'bigger' issue than previously - with better photo's, better features and better interviews.
13th November 2000 Grandfunk Pic
Here's one of the first pictures released of Bruce with the rest of Grand Funk Railroad. Bruce will be performing his first gig with them in December. Here's some of the press release:-

"Formed in 1969, Grand Funk was born out of the ashes of Terry Knight & The Pack, another band from Flint, Michigan. Currently, the group includes original founding members Don Brewer (vocals and drums, writer and singer of the hit, "We're An American Band") and bassist Mel Schacher. Joining Don and Mel is an all-star cast featuring singer Max Carl (38 Special, Jack Mack and the Heart Attack, Max Carl, and Big Dance), lead guitarist Bruce Kulick (12 years with KISS and credits with Michael Bolton, Meatloaf, and Billy Squire) and keyboardist Tim Cashion (Bob Seger and Robert Palmer)."

Gene Dontates Decanter
[From: Julie Giles, Holmes Creative Communications]
(Toronto, ONTARIO) November 13, 2000 -- Gene Simmons, bass player for the rock band KISS, has donated a signed limited edition BACARDI 8 Millennium Decanter by BACCARAT to launch the first in a series of online celebrity auctions at, a leading e-commerce Web site for fine art. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to The Willy Chirino Foundation, which has helped hundreds of children throughout the Caribbean, Latin America and Cuba.
<<Click to read the whole story >>
12th November 2000 Another law suit!!
A woman has filed a lawsuit against fire-breathing rock band Kiss, saying she was injured by a broken guitar thrown into the crowd by lead singer Paul Stanley. Carly Miller says she suffered severe damage to her hand when a guitar string got tangled around one of her fingers and fans clamoring for a guitar piece pulled her across two rows of chairs. The lawsuit filed this past week names the band and the arena where the concert took place, as well as three companies linked to the May 8 show, The Grand Rapids Press reported Saturday. An official at the Van Andel Arena declined to discuss the suit, and attempts to reach band representatives were unsuccessful.
Another KIZZ date
Another date for Northern Ireland's KISS tribute KIZZ has been announced, this time it's at Wolseys rock club in Bangor on the 14th December.
9th November 2000 Start saving for New York.....
[From: Michel Banen/Kiss Chikara via Fraser Munro]
Paul Stanley filled out a questionnaire for the Dutch Kiss fanclub "Kiss Chikara" on which he confirmed that there will be no European Farewell tour and that the last Kiss Farewell concert will be mid March. Click here to read the questionaire.
See KIZZ on Sky
[From: Steve, KIZZ (Ace)]
As part of the Lennox Lewis fight on sky sports box office this weekend they will also be showing a fight from Belfast's waterfront hall featuring the Belfast boxer Brian Magee. It turns ought that Brian is a big kiss fan and has been to see KIZZ twice and he has asked KIZZ to accompany him to the ring on Saturday night.

Brian's nick name is Brian "god of thunder" Magee so no prizes for guessing what track will be featured as we all make our way to the ring.

It all looks definite enough for Saturday night (although with this being live tv anything could happen so fingers crossed). So I thought I would let you know and hopefully you will get a chance to maybe check the band out.

7th November 2000 Richie Scarlet news
[From: Paul Newcomb]
Richie and Ace got together during the recent World Series Baseball and actually made it into the studios for a blast !. They have tinkered with a couple of tunes although it is too early to tell wether these are the ones that will make Richies new album. 

Buck Dharma from Blue Oyster Cult has also been sitting in on some sessions and it is really starting to take shape now.

Richie was also hanging out with Eric Singer after Alice Coopers recent Connecticut show so another collaboration betwen these two old chums may not be far away too.

Best Wishes / Paul

5th November 2000 Kerrap! TV Channel
[From: Digi News]
Sky Digital viewers are to get another pair of new music channels by the middle of next year if magazine publisher Emap goes ahead with plans to launch the services. Called Magic and Kerrang, the stations will be launched by Emap's audio-visual group, Performance Network, and will be on the air by next Spring.
Spencers offer / collection sale
Spencer Gifts in the UK currently have a very good offer on the 3ft KISS dolls, you can now pick them up in some branches for only 50 quid. They have had both the Love Gun and Destroyer ones on offer, although stocks do seem to be pretty limited (the Lakeside branch have some in stock though).

Also KISS FAQ editor Julian Gill is selling off some of his KISS collection, anyone interested can view the huge list over at 

2nd November 2000 My Music Awards
[From: Bob Gilmartin, VH1]
MyMusic Awards: 
It's ALL about YOU! ATTENTION: HOTTEST FANS IN THE WORLD! Online voting is taking place right up to the moment the award is given!


SO VOTE AND PUT ACE, PETER, PAUL AND GENE WHERE THEY BELONG... AT THE TOP! This is FOR and BY the fans!  Only YOU can do something about stand up and be counted! VOTE NOW! KISS IS # 1! THE LEGEND LIVES ON 

Thanks and enjoy! BOB
Bruce on Grand Funk Tour?
Dear Roadkill and all GFR fans, GFR would like to announce that a 2000 and 2001 tour is being planned. The band will feature Don and Mel, along with Max Carl on lead vocals (formerly of 38 Special and Jack Mack and the Heart Attack), Bruce Kulick (12 years lead guitar with KISS and credits with Michael Bolton and Meatloaf), and Tim Cashion, who has toured and recorded with Robert Palmer and Bob Seger The first date scheduled in December 2nd in West Palm Beach. As we know more, we will be posting info at Thanks for all your support. We love you!
Don & Mel
European site 

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