January 2001
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31st January 2001 It's over....
The KISS reunion has sadly come to an abrupt end - Peter Criss has officially left the band. Many rumours have been floating around over the past few days, nothing new for the internet, but this time they were from reputable sources such as KNAC.com & EdditTrunk.com.

Eric Singer is to replace Peter for the remaining dates, how this will go down with fans is unknown, Eric is an amazing drummer and I'd love to see him live, but seeing him wearing Pete's make-up isn't what I had in mind! The only official line from the band so far is:-

"Eric has been a member of our family, and his drumming and singing have been the cornerstone of past KISS tours. We are stoked that we can bring our ultimate spectacle to KISS fans worldwide".

And what about the rumours that Ace has left? Well, so far nothing official has been mentioned about them. So there was a reason for the tear in the cats eye last year then.....

28th January 2001 Runaway on Sky
Runaway, the 1984 film staring none other than Gene Simmons (and Tom Selleck) will be shown on Sky Moviemax at the following times:-

Moviemax 1 - 23:35, Thu 1st Feb
Moviemax 3 - 00:05, Thu 6th Feb

Thanks to Neil Brodie for the info.

27th January 2001 Official response from Euro petition
[From: Edmund Barry]
I have very bad news. Kiss will not come to Europe again. After many telephone calls with Doc and Gene and 2000 letters from Fans all over Europe, we got the bad news on Friday evening.
The official reason is: "We have no time"!!!
Well, what can we say? We tried everything possible.
Thank you for the help and all the letters.
Greetings from Germany EDDIE
(KUK note: You may remember Edmund ran a petition to get KISS over to Europe back in December)
Dressed To Kill dates 2001
[From: Gary Banton, DTK]
OK....here goes....the UPDATED list of Dressed To Kill gigs for 2001...

Please note that some of the previously announced dates have been changed or  cancelled. e.g. Worthing has CLOSED so no gigs there now... All dates below are confirmed but please check with the venues, on this list, or at Kissinuk.com before travelling!

Fri 9th Crewe 'Limelight'
Sat 10th Stoke 'The Rigger'

Fri 16th Croydon 'The Cartoon'
Sat 17th Ipswich 'Corn Exchange' (Quadruple bill with Limehouse Lizzy, By 
Jovi and a Santana tribute!)
Fri 30th Rochdale 'Rugby Club'
Sat 31st Bradford 'Rios'

Fri 20th TBA
Sat 21st London Walthamstow 'The Standard'

Fri 25th Stourbridge 'Rock Cafe 2000'
Sat 26th Crewe 'Limelight'

Fri 28th Rochdale 'Rugby Club'
Sat 29th Bradford 'Rios'

Fri 26th Croydon 'The Cartoon'
Sat 27th London Walthamstow 'The Standard' (Annual Halloween Show AND 

Fri 16th Crewe 'Limelight'
Sat 17th Stourbridge 'Rock Cafe 2000'

Hopefully there will be more to add in early June and early December as well 
as a gig for Fri 20th April....
25th January 2001 Eddie Trunk Part 2
[From: Jonathan, EddieTrunk.com]
The Second part of the huge interview done by Eddie Trunk with Ace Frehley is now posted on www.eddietrunk.com 

Nearly an hour of additional Ace audio, with him acting even more, um, unique as the second hour progresses.

R&R Hall Of Fame Petition
Kiss-Forever.Net is currently running a petition to get KISS into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. They have received over 2000 signatures since December and the number is growing daily. Their goal is to get a minimum of 10,000 signatures before the petition is presented to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation. You're help in spreading the word would be greatly appreciated!
23rd January 2001 KISS Court Case Online
For those of you interested a copy of the case where a woman is suing Paul Stanley & McGhee for hurting her finger at a KISS show is online over at The Smoking Gun. You can read it all at http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/kisssuit1.shtml 
Rock In Rio
[From: Marcello Azevedo - Webmaster Kiss Psycho]
Encounter of Kiss Fans in Rock in Rio 3

Hello Kiss Army!

The encounter of Kiss fans, organized by the site Kiss Psycho, called "Kiss Army Brazil at Rock in Rio", was completely succeeded! A lot of fans attended our call and went there with Kiss t-shirts in 01/19. 

We didn't get all fans together to take pictures, but the guys showed that Kiss is alive in all brazilian fan souls and undoubtedly that they should be at Rock in Rio too. We leaved our word with happy and celebration, too much union and party. At 00:00 Am, we sang Happy Birthday to Paul Stanley calling the attention of everybody! Here there are some pictures of the encounter when we were singing to Paul. We had also the presence of friends from Argentina and Colombia, bringing more fun to the party. 

Marcello Azevedo
Webmaster Kiss Psycho
Farewell Views
Apologies to everyone who submitted their Farewell Tour Views recently, it has taken me a while to catch up and put them on the site. They are all there now though, so click on the logo to read em!
19th January 2001 KISS on Rock Star soundtrack
KISS are to appear on the soundtrack of forthcoming movie 'Rock Star',  the story of an ex-salesman and a Judas Priest's fan, who succeeds to become the solo singer of his favourite group. The film stars amongst others: Mark Wahlberg, Jennifer Aniston, Timothy Spall and Carrie Stevens, but as of yet it isn't known what KISS song will appear.
18th January 2001 Clown White News!
[From: Deno]
OK KISS fans! We want to hear what you've got to say about KISS or anything KISS related. Why not put pen to paper and write about absolutely 'anything' you want. E-mail your stories (upto 2,000 words) to deno@dct-designs.co.uk and we'll publish the best in issue 6 of the magazine (both fiction or non-fiction).

Bottom line? Be different - shock me - shock the readers - go out on a limb and make sure we have no choice but to print your story - you'll be the one taking FULL credit for it. Don't worry about the artwork (unless you've got any pictures you want to go with it) - we have some of the very best designs and layouts to make this next issue something rather special! And adding extra pages means we've also more space. The magazine will be out late March/early April and we want to make this our finest issue EVER! So get your thinking caps on - get your spell checkers ready - and let the KISS ARMY know what you think!!!
15th January 2001 Planet Rock KISS Special
Planet Rock, a UK based digital radio station, will be broadcasting a KISS concert special on Saturday 17th February. The show will feature a Farewell  Concert from last year, but it is uncertain as to which show it will be.

Planet Rock is available in the UK via digital radio & Sky Digital TV (channel 921) and worldwide via their website at  http://www.planetrock.com.

Thanks to Acefrehley149935@aol.com and Nicky McPherson for the info.

Dutch KISS Coverband SweetPain on TV!
[From: SweetPain]
SweetPain's Michel van tongeren and Michel zwartjes will be aired on tv
somewhere in february in a dutch TV-show called :"de tv kapper"!!!

The show is basically about you sitting in a hairdresserschair and tell your story. In case of SweetPain it will probably be based on the stolen instruments of the band last year in december. In the meantime they will cut and wash the bandmembers hair!!(whoooops where does my hair go??!!) The show will be recorded feb.1st, we will let you know when it will be broadcasted.........
Visit the band at http://www.sweetpainonline.com 

14th January 2001 Ace Interview online
[From: Jonathan, EddieTrunk.com]
Ace Frehley was live in the studio with Eddie Trunk on December 23, 2000 for the Merry Kissmas spectacular, and now audio from that night is up and  running at EddieTrunk.com!

In addition, there are pictures from that night of Ace up in the pictures section.

I think readers of your site would love to hear this interview, which is a candid talk about all things KISS past and present. Those pictures of Ace have him with a slight beard, which I have been told is a rarity for Ace.

(KUK Note: This is a show well worth listening to, nice to hear a dj that knows what he is talking about for a change! You can go directly to the Ace pictures here or the interview here).
Aussie DVD delayed
It appears that Waner Vision in Australia have put back the release of the KISS PPV show on DVD to 1st November 2001! Thanks to Amabel for the info.
Brazillian News
[From: Marcello Azevedo - Webmaster Kiss Psycho]
This happening in Riode Janeiro/ Brazil, the third edition of Rock in Rio Festival. There will be 7 days of shows with an expected crowd of 250,000 people a day. 

In the middle of October 2000, there was an Online Vote to know which bands the people would like to attend. We at Kiss Psycho, organizers of Kiss Army Brasil, started a campaign so that all voted in KISS that gave the band the 10th place among more than 500 competitors. We knew later for the organizors of the festival that Kiss was shown interest in participating in the event but the same was not part of the plans of the producers of the festival. Thousands of fans were disappointed by the non inclusion of the band in the festival. 

So Kiss Psycho, are organizing a campaign called: Kiss Army Brasil Rock in Rio! We are summoning all the people that would like to see Kiss in the festival to go on the 19/01 (day of the heavy rock) with Kiss T-Shirts and we are making a great encounter of fans divided in 2 parts: of the 16:00 the 18:00 Hs and later the 00:00 to commemorate Paul Stanley`s birthday. The place of the encounter will be in the shopping inside the festival, the right of who enters in the city of the Rock. We got to publish the campaign in newspapers of Brazil that gave a big force to the encounter of fans. We will be dressing Kiss T-Shirts to mark our protest and also to show the force of the band in Brazil. It is Kiss Army Brasil in action. For more information please go to: www.kisspsycho.com.br  

Marcello Azevedo - Webmaster Kiss Psycho
11th January 2001 Wanted Dead Or Alive DVD
[From: Robert Mansell]
Unless you didn't allready know Wanted Dead or Alive is released on monday starring Gene on DVD in the UK, point your browser here to order it from Amazon.
10th January 2001 New Richie Scarlet album
[From: Paul Newcomb]
Richie has nearly finished his album, Ty Tabor has guested on a couple of tracks. Looks like March / April before it is released - and it will be released in the UK. More details later.....His last solo album 'Out of My Past' is available directly from me at Paul Newcomb, Trigger Happy Music, 1 Scillonian Road, Guildford, GU2
7PG. 10.00 incl p+p to UK addresses. (look out for a review here soon!)

Steve 'Budgie' Werner, drummer, ex Ace Frehley Band has just finished an album with Jesse Evans and The Crash. As yet untitled, it is an excellent rock album very Free / Bad Company in style and is a knockout. Will advise release date / UK availability in due course.
Strike News
[From: Nicola Ciccarone]
Strike 47 has just been printed and the copies to the members and distribution are being shipped these days. Also this time strike will be available at the newsagents around Europe and the u.s. fans can get their copy through www.kissmuseum.com or www.kissshop.com this issue is mostly about the farewell tour and includes several concerts reviews, plus tons of news etc etc... To have more info on this and the past issues and also to check our merchandise catalogue on line please visit our site http://www.nicostrike.com . Strike is printed on glossy paper, it's a 64 page magazine 16 of which are in full color with a great layout. It's printed in English, but you can also ask for the translations in 4 more languages... For any info feel free to e-mail me at nicostrike@hotmail.com 
9th January 2001 Ace Frehley tour rumour
I have heard from a good source that plans are already underway for an Ace Frehley band tour later this year. It isn't yet know whether it will be confined to the US or if it will make it Europe yet. More news when it becomes more concrete...
KISS Online confirm Japan dates
[From: KISS Online]
Revised Japan Dates - Confirmed
The revised schedule of dates for the Japan leg of the Farewell Tour was announced by the promoter today.

March 13 Tokyo Dome
March 16 Fukuoka
March 18 Nagoya
March 21 Osaka
March 22 Osaka
6th January 2001 KISS Pinball review
Don't have a real KISS Pinball machine? Well this is probably the next best thing - KISS Pinball for the PC is now available in UK shops and thanks to Take 2 I've managed to get hold of a copy. You can pick it up for 19.99 in most big PC games shops (HMV seem to have a lot of copies).

Click here to read the review!

My Kind Of Music
[From: Acefrehley149935@aol.com]
I was watching Michael Barrymore's 'My Kind Of Music' on ITV tonight, when up  popped KISS, Barrymore was doing sort of impressions so the contestants can  guess the group, they showed a picture of KISS in make-up and played  Crazy,Crazy,Nights, thought it was quite amusing as it may be their only  appearance in the UK ever again!!!!!!!
5th January 2001 Crazy Nights theme tune!
[From: Dave, KISS Psychos]
Did anyone see an awful new 'celebrity' game show on ITV last night at 11.30? It's called "People do the Craziest Things" and guess what...the theme tune is Crazy Crazy Nights! It's hilarious coz it's a Muzak version like you'd get in a lift. Watch out for it next Thursday evening (if it hasn't been axed by then), it's worth a laugh (which is more than can be said for the show!)
4th January 2001 KISS mention on BBC Online
The BBC news site ran a small article about Pollstar's concert figures recently. "Rock act the Dave Matthews Band took $68.2m (45.7m), making them the third top-selling act, while glam rockers Kiss proved their enduring popularity by selling $62.7m (42.1m) of tickets for their latest farewell tour.... Kiss were the hardest-working band, playing 128 shows in 120 cites." The full article is available on the BBC site here.
Underground Online
There's a online cartoon piss-take of KISS over at the Underground Online site, not as funny as they like to think it is but probably worth a look. Click here to go to their site and scroll to the bottom to find the KISS link.
2nd January 2001 New KISS DVD in Aussie
The recent KISS PPV show is scheduled for a release on DVD in Australia on the 5th March. The Warner Vision Australia web site lists it as "KISS Farewell Concert" DVD over at http://www.warnervision.com.au/frameset.asp?page=_releases.asp 
41st January 2001 Happy New Year 2001
Hope you all had a great New Year, thanks to everyone that visited the site throughout 2000, especially those who help out (you know who you are!). 2000 was a pretty eventful year for KISS, here's a summary of what happened (all of this can be found in more detail in the News Archive):-
  • Jan
    KISS play killer NYE show in Vancouver
    UK fanclub Goin' Blind announces it's to close
  • Feb
    Farewell Tour announced
    Alive 4 announced
    KISS Immortals online cartoon released
    Channel 4 airs Top Ten US Stadium Rock featuring KISS
  • March
    KISS webcast 3 songs from the first Farewell show in Phoenix
    KISS record a TV advert for Pepsi
    Ace's father, Carl Frehley dies
    Paul & Gene get stuck mid-flight during an Anaheim show
    New UK tribute band launched - KIZZ
    Euro tour rumours start - band seem very willing to visit us (hmmm....)
  • April
    Eric Singer & Glamnation rock Sweden
    Detroit Rock City released on video
    Alive 4 officially delayed (never to appear in 2000)
    Gene announces biography
    KISS UnAuthorized video released in UK
  • May
    Pepsi webcast a show from Chicago
    FHM have a 4 page KISS special
  • June
    KISS Auction takes place - literally everything up for grabs
    Goldmine special released
    Eric Singer live on TFI with Alice Cooper
    Gene wins law suit against a former nanny
  • July
    Karl from 'Icemans KISS Page' sadly passed away
    Second Coming released in UK
    Nightmare Child PC game released
    KISSin' UK gets visitor number 100,000
  • August
    VH1 airs "Ego's & Icons - KISS" special
    Ace nearly goes AWOL in Laguna Hills
    Ace manages to shoot himself
  • September
    Peter Criss starts wearing a tear under his eye
    End of Clownwhite announced
  • October
    Ace's New York Groove featured on 'All Back To Mine'
    KISS PPV special airs in the US
    KISS mannequins make an appearance at the Barbican, London
  • November
    Bruce Kulick tours with Grand Funk Railroad
    It's official - no Euro tour
    Clownwhite springs back to life!
  • December
    Aussie & Japan tours announced
    UK KISS expo rocked by Parasite (helped by DTK)
    KISS 4th top concert of 2000
  • Not to forget a great year for all the other UK KISS maniacs out there -  Dressed To Kill, Parasite, KIZZ, Clownwhite, KISS Psychos, SIKKWorld, Giorgio, Nick Smith and anyone I've forgotten.

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