March 2001
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31st March 2001 Perth Review
[From: Paul Bogdanich]
Hi folks,
Went to the show last night and to sum it up in one word was AWESOME
We were in the second row centre in front of Paul, Sorry I haven't got a set
list for you guys but I was too pumped to keep tabs. Basically I think it
was the same set list as for the Japanese shows (you'll find the lists on
the news posts on with Ace playing Talk to me. He played
really well. At one stage when he does the solo with the smoking guitar and
then sends the guitar flying. He had a heap of trouble trying to get the
head of the guitar through the loop. The rope kept swinging and he kept
missing it, it was quite funny. When he did get it in, he just looked at the
crowd and shook his head and smiled.... Read the full review
Groupie Gossip
Here's an interesting page full of groupie gossip about KISS! 
One half of KIZZ finds members
[From: Alex McGreevy, Belfast]
Kizz, the Northern Ireland tribute act has secured new recruits, a new 'Gene
Simmons' and 'Ace Frehely' and will soon be back on the raod. Drum reheasals
are currently being held and anyone wishing to try out should contact  A Belfast city centre launch is due to take place early summer, with a massive Halloween show confirmed.
27th March 2001 Press clippings
[From: Martin Wombwell]
The following was printed in The National Enquirer about Paul's divorce:

"Turnabout is fair play! KISS guitarist Paul Stanley booted the band's longtime drummer - now Stanley's wife has booted HIM! Just weeks after drummer Peter Criss claimed Stanley and fellow KISS-er Gene Simmons "chose to terminate" him, Stanley's wife Pamela socked him with a divorce suit. She wants joint custody of their 6-year-old son Evan, plus an unspecified amount of spousal support. That'll make it touch to "Rock And Roll All Nite!"."

Martin has also sent in a scan of an article about Dressed To Kill  playing Rochdale Rugby club. Click on the picture to read the article.

Bruce Kulick at Indiana Expo
[From: Mary]
I wanted to send you a couple photos that were taken at the Indianapolis, Indiana KISS Expo. Included is a photo of Bruce Kulick & myself. He was a very sweet guy. I was the first one to see him walk into the room, and I tapped him on the shoulder. He surprised me by turning around and giving me a big kiss and hug. I have also included photos of The Demon of WCW ; one with his makeup and one without. I had a great time. I wore my jacket that had been signed by Paul Stanley and it got lots of attention. Even Bruce commented on it. 
Mary, Ohio 
Click to see Mary & Bruce Kulick
Mary & The Demon (WCW) - no make-up
Mary & The Demon (WCW) - with make-up
Click to read Mary's KISStory
26th March 2001 KIZZ press releases
Over the past few months some major changes have taken place with the Northern Ireland KISS tribute KIZZ. To cut a long story short the band have split into two and both are on the lookout for new a member. I'll let each side give you the full story of what's happened......
KIZZ press release 1 - Paul Stanley required
[From: Steve Doherty]
Official Kizz press release.

Hi all this is steve (ace) from KIZZ. First off i want to thank everyone for all their interest in kizz and for all the emails from people expressing their interest and best wishes-it has been greatly appreciated by all the band.

Over the last 2 years kizz have worked tirelessly to build the band up to the level of success we are enjoying at the moment. It has taken the efforts of not only the band but a large crew to make the shows and media appearances work. It has always been the ambition of the band to do this for the fans and to put the money earned from gigs back into the show to make it bigger and better and for 2 years this is what we have done.

We have recently been experiencing major problems with the band and feel we owe an explanation to everyone who has supported us and helped us.

The last gig in belfast in dec 25th was the biggest show we had ever done and the reception we received from the capacity crowd was simply unbelievable and we all looked forward to 2001 knowing it would be a big year for the band. However the band received news shortly after new year that would turn everything on its ear. It turned out that our singer had formed an alliance with a promoter the band had dealings with and the band were to be replaced. The promoter and our old singer had set this up and it had all been worked out long before our last gig. To make matters worse neither our singer or the promoter felt the need to tell the band and we had to find out through a mutual friend. The band had tried to contact both the singer and promoter before and after the new year but couldn't get through--now we know why!!!

The band are gutted as all of us broke our backs for 2 years to make kizz the success it is and did it for the right reasons. The reason for all this is simple MONEY -now that the name of the band is successful it can be used to generate income for the promoter- and our old singer can now have full control over the band and make

The promoter and ex singer have put a new band together under the name of"kizz" and are currently looking for a new drummer.

We want to tell everyone that this band is not "kizz" and will not bear any resemblance to the real thing. The real kizz are currently recruiting a new paul stanley and will be back bigger and better than ever. We do not believe it is fair that people go along expecting to see kizz and instead get a poor imitation and we are not prepared to let anyone rob us of 2 years hard work.

Alot of people are upset and very hurt at what has happened and we owe it to them not to let kizz fall apart. Our crew is still with us as well as all our props, costumes, stage gear and original band members.

We, like i said, are auditioning at the moment for the paul stanley position and hope to be back out soon giving it 100% for all the kiss fans. If you are interested in getting involved with the band or would like to try out for the position you can email me at or 

On behalf of "kizz" thankyou to everyone including Paul Finn for helping us and supporting us and we will be back real soon.

KIZZ press release 2 - Peter Criss required
[From: Alex McGreevy, Belfast]
Ironically as Peter Criss departs from KISS, Northern Ireland tribute band KIZZ are been seeking a new drummer. While it's unlikely the Cat will answer the search calls of KIZZ, the band is advertising for a new face for what promises to be a spectatular future. A Northern Ireland based (preferably Belfast) drummer who feels he's up to the task of matching the legend, Peter, should contact 
Rehearsals are planned for next month. The successful appointment needs to be dedicated and willing to offer hard work and commitment, and an interest in Kiss is desirable. KIZZ are sheduled to feature at the Northwest 200 motorcycle race this
summer in Portrush and plans are afoot for an Irish and European tour.
25th March 2001 Sweet Pain say Farewell
[From: Mich]
Dutch KissCoverband "Sweet Pain" is doing their last concert playing Kiss Covers at April 6 in the "Musicon" TheHague-Holland. After that the band will be busy writing their own material and create a new band with a new sound!!!!
The band members remain the same but both band name and music will change. As lead singer Mich zwartjes quoted: "Its gonna be something completely different of what we did past 5 years, we had a good time doing the Kiss-stuff. We sold a lot of cds worldwide, but its time for something will be surprised.........!" Read the latest news at 
Aussie press conference online
[From: Steve Woods]
The Kiss Australian Press Conference can be seen exclusively at from March 30 - Check It Out!!
Psycho Circus need help!
Psycho Circus, the new KISS tribute band from East Anglia are after a drummer & bassist to replace their current 2 temporary members. They need to be 14-16, male and live around East Anglia e.g Peterborough, Huntingdon or surrounding villages. Please ring Kevin on 07960255175 for more info.
24th March 2001 Classic Rock
The current issue of Classic Rock features a 2 page transcript of the recent Eddie Trunk interview with Gene Simmons where he talked about replacing Peter. There's also a photo of Gene from the Revenge era and a small picture of Peter.
22nd March 2001 Paul's West End debut?
I have just had it confirmed with a source at stoll moss theatre group - Paul Stanley was due for a west end debut in early 2002 but has delayed due to Tour commitments with KISS. As far as they know he is touring in Europe early 2002 starting @ THE LONDON ARENA
20th March 2001 Hints at a Euro tour?
The rumour mill is off again, there has been a load of talk about Australia not being the last country visited by the Farewell Tour. Paul Stanley has said in a recent magazine interview "it's a big world and there's a lot of people who want one last chance to see us. And damned if we're going to deny them that, after everything they've made possible". Also, I have heard from 2 other sources that booking a ticket for the last US date may be a bit premature as Europe is being considered again. Perhaps this has something to do with Eric Singer joining the band as I know that Peter Criss was not keen on touring to Europe. Let's wait and see what happens....
  Red Surf
Red Surf  will be shown on Carlton Cinema at 00:30 on Saturday 24th march. The film stars Gene Simmons & George Clooney and is about a couple of surfers who also deal drugs to make a living. Click here to watch the trailer.
18th March 2001 KISS News Reel
Announcing the release of the KISS News Reel - Fan News Edition, a brand new application for the Windows desktop. KISS news headlines are downloaded from participating websites and smoothly scrolled across your screen. Want to read the story in full? Then just click the headline and you will be taken directly to the relevant site, you can also choose exactly which of the participating sites to use and the order to display them in.

With a strong line-up of sites you can be sure that you getting news from some of the most reputable fan based sites on the net. The initial line up includes KISS ASYLUM, KISS Freaks, KISSin' UK, KISS Psycho, KISS Forever and KISS Fan Shop with more sites such as SIKKWorld on the way. Whenever new sites are added you won't even have to download a new version of the program, all you need to do is simply press a button found on the settings screen.

Interested in finding out more? Then visit  where you can download the KISS News Reel for free, all you need is a PC running Windows (a Mac version may appear later on).

Many thanks to all the sites taking part, without them the KISS News Reel would not exist.
10th March 2001 Japan set-list
[From: Masa via Micha Blim]
Though Peter didn't come to Japan, I'm very happy that Eric rejoins KISS. He came to Japan for KISS Fest 2001 2 months ago, I shook hands with him and talked to him, and he wrote his autograph for me. He was very kindly and friendly, but I was surprised to hear he was back. It was announced just after KISS Fest 2001, by the way, you can see pictures when he came to Japan for KISS Fest 2001 on my site.

Well, he wore cat-man make-up and played like Peter, but he did very good job, IMO. Here's the setlist for the 1st show in Japan.

Detroit Rock City
Shout It Out Loud
Talk To Me
I Love It Loud
Do You Love Me
Calling Dr. Love
Heaven's On Fire
Let Me Go, Rock 'N Roll
Shock Me
- Ace Frehley guitar solo -
Psycho Circus
Lick It Up
- Gene Simmons bass solo -
God Of Thunder
- Eric Singer drum solo -
God Of Thunder ( cont.)
Cold Gin [ vo. 1st verse Gene, 2nd verse Ace ]
100,000 Years
Love Gun
I Still Love You
Black Diamond [ vo. Eric Singer ]
< 1st encore >
I Was Made For Lovin' You
< 2nd encore >
Rock And Roll All Nite

They played "Talk To Me", it was the most surprised thing for me. KISS is still GREAT! I think that we Japanese fans and Australian fans are very lucky and I hope that they do Europe tour in the near future.

I'm going to see all of the shows in Japan and I will write down all the setlists on my web site. Please check it out if you interested.

Thanks & Greetings from Japan

7th March 2001 Tribute CD
As mentioned a few weeks ago KISS FOREVER BAND will be releasing a special KISS tribute CD very soon. Entitled 'Carnival Of Soungs' here is a picture of the CD cover, look out for a review soon.
News from Brazil
[From: Marcello, KISS Psycho]
Hello Kiss fans:

The carnival this year here in Brazil  had a very interesting connection with Kiss! Suzana Alves, an actress well known to the Brazilian public for her wonderful body, decided to parade with the inspired Gene Simmons´ make-up.  

Suzana Alves was famous in Brazil with a character called Tiazinha, that appeared in a  TV program wearing minimum clothes and always with a mask  covering  her face and  she  also never let  her to be photographed without the mask ( including during her photo rehearsals for  the brazilian Playboy magazine). When he was in Brazil for the Psycho Tour in 1999, Gene Simmons had access to Tiazinha´s Playboy  and he was crazy to meet her in person.

Seemingly she is launching  a rock group that will be called ?Tiazinha and the Masked Horsemen? inspired in Kiss. Tiazinha is constantly appearing in magazines and newspapers with Kiss shirts, indicating that the rumors are true. There was always therefore a relationship of the actress with Kiss and as soon as have  more information on her new projects we will announce.   

Take a look in the picture that Tiazinha appears for the first time with the inspired  Gene´s make-up  during the brazilian´s Carnival  of the year 2001. Stunning! Click Here: 

Marcello Azevedo - Kiss psycho - Brazilian Kiss Site
6th March 2001 Paul Stanley & Pamela Bowen to split?
[From: SF Gate News]
03-05) 20:11 PST LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The wife of Kiss frontman Paul Stanley filed for divorce Monday, citing irreconcilable differences. 

Pamela Bowen Stanley is seeking joint legal and physical custody of their 6-year-old son, Evan Shane. She also is asking for spousal support. 

The couple married on July 26, 1992, and separated earlier this year, according to the divorce petition filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. The couple's assets will be divided later, according to the court papers. 

Stanley is an original member of the rock band Kiss, which is currently on its ``Farewell Tour.'' Click Here for the article at SF News
5th March 2001 Dressed To Kill gig - new venue
[From: Gary Banton, DTK]
Due to a booking problem/misunderstanding with the 'Bradford Rios' venue our gig on Saturday March 31st has been MOVED to 'Halifax Revival' club..... We will be onstage at about 11.30pm, tickets are £5 and there is a rock club beforehand and afterwards. Hope some of you can make it!

Our September gig at Bradford Rios is unaffected.

Please be aware that there may also be a problem with our London 'The  Standard' gig in April as well..... I'll keep the list informed.
Gene Simmons, you are the weakest link...
[From: Allan]
Watching the weakest link this evening when a question came up which was' What K is the name of an American group which features Gene Simmons', question fell to a guy who appeared to be in his 60's,but he surprised me when he answered KISS, cool, it is actually being repeated right  now on BBC Choice, see ya 
4th March 2001 Detroit Rock City on Sky
Detroit Rock City is going to be shown on Sky Moviemax 4 on Thursday 3rd May. Thanks to Adrian Hallsworth for the info.
TV sightings
[From: Kevin Perry]
On Thursday's Through the Keyhole David Hamilton was on and while they went round his house they showed a copy of Paul Stanley's Hold Me Touch Me single.

[From: Phil Jocelyn]
kiss on tv again! did u catch ch.4's top ten "prog rock".........rush were being featured. kiss and aerosmith were mentioned and then cut to a clip of classic '70's kiss!

3rd March 2001 Sweet Pain gig
[From: Sweet Pain]
The dutch Kisscoverband "Sweet Pain"  will be playing at the "Musicon" in The Hague (Holland) April 6, 2001 with support-act "Taildragger".
Check out Sweet Pain at  for more info.
2nd March 2001 KISS sighting on Sex In The City
[From: Donald]
Watching sex in the city on wed 28 feb and Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) was wearing a black dress with a silver KISS logo on it. Later on she took her students to a bar and one of them was wearing a cool ROCK N ROLL OVER tie die t shirt. New York City still loves KISS cheers donald

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