April 2001
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27th April 2001 Heat magazine
Sorry about the lack of updates for the past week, here's all the news that's been waiting to be put on...

[From: Danni Segal]
In the latest issue of Heat magazine, on sale 24/4, there were two references to Kiss.

1. A small piece about Cher's current boyfriend, included pics of ex-boyfriends including one of Gene in makeup.

2. A piece about Renee Zellweger appearing on a US show, where she appears in "Kiss-inspired makeup". In keeping with the usual standards of British journalism, the pictures of Rene show here in Space Ace makeup, but the Kiss picture once again shows Gene.

Message from Kerrang! dep editor
[From: Jason Arnopp]
Hello folks,

Just a quick note to let you know that Gene Simmons has contributed an 'outro' essay to my new book about Slipknot. In the piece, Gene discusses the whole idea of masks and make-up, and offers the 'Knot some advice for the future. He was a very nice man indeed, and incredibly easy to deal with.

The book is titled 'Inside The Sickness, Behind The Masks' and is out now on Ebury Press, priced £9.99 and is available from Amazon or by ringing 01206 255 800. 

Thanks very much!


Jason Arnopp
Deputy Editor

Dan bach's KISS Tatoos
[From: Dan bach]
Started the tattoo on Monday the 26th of March 2001. Gene and Vinnie were the first to be done, then on Tuesday (27th) Eric Carr was added, Thursday (29th) Ace Frehley was added, Friday (30th) the Peter Criss and the outline of Eric Singer was done, Monday (2nd) Paul and the outline of Bruce was added, Thursday (4rth) the colour was added to both Eric S and Bruce K. The KISS logo was added on Wednesday the 11th and the final part being the blood from Gene's tongue onto the KISS logo was added on Good Friday (13th). [Click on the pic to enlarge]

A total of 9 hours was spent on this tattoo and it's a combination of two drawings I especially commissioned by my friends Lyn Hughes Evans and Nest Llwyd Owen. The tattoo parlour was West Coast tattoo run by Gordon in Aberystwyth. I have many other tattoos but I feel this is the best because I have really thought about it, have asked the two artists to change aspects I did not like and also have argued and discussed with Gordon on how would the tattoo look etc - our main contention was whether to have the white face makeup on or not, after a long heated discussion I went with Gordon, anyway I can always add this on later. 

Friends and KISS fans have asked why not Mark St John, I made the decision to draw the line at six months being a member in KISS. I could have had Bob Kulick, Anton Fig, the various keyboard players (Crazy Nights, Hot in the Shade and Revenge) as well as Mark Norton. 

The actual tattoo was not too painful, OK the outline does hurt but the Paul Stanley one did hurt like hell - the location being on the spine and on the connecting tissue to the hip. Instead of screaming or crying I was laughing.

I have left spaces above and below the KISS sign for two reasons …..
Firstly the original idea was to have 1973 and 2001 tattooed above and below the KISS logo (as featured on the faces farewell tour shirts), but knowing my luck the band would announce dates in 2002 (a la Offspring track Pretty Fly for a white boy!).
Secondly I have seen some cool tattoos signed by the various members of the band and so If I ever meet the band either on the 2001 European leg or the final New York show I will ask Gene and Paul to sign the inside and then ask the other members to sign around their faces. Unfortunately I will never have the pleasure of asking Eric Carr to sign my back, but I will not NOT copy one of my two Eric signatures I have from the UK Crazy Nights tour of September 1988.

Disclaimer - I have thought for a long time about a KISS tattoo, all my others are reflections of my personality ie my birthplace, my outgoing persona, my faith etc.
A tattoo is permanent and is forever (cue the lighters), I have seen some really cool tats over the years of the boys and I respect those people. I have been in two minds whether to get a KISS tattoo, for over 15 years now, one problem would be the thought of me being 50 odd years old and not liking it!

Hope you enjoy the tattoo and if you ever see this back at a KISS concert please come up and say hello.
Aussie reviews
Terri Bey, a huge Ace fan that has submitted a lot of stuff to the site in the past has sent in this cool review of the Aussie tour, luckily she got to meet Ace again this time.
Click here to read the reviews
Story from private KISS party in OZ
Mathew Cawley from Australia has sent in a cool story of how he managed to get into the Mercury Lounge Party with KISS in Melbourne on April 4th.

"It all started on the 3rd of April 2001, the day of the long waited KISS concert. I was stressed that day, because the removalists were coming a day earlier. After 3 long hours of putting on my Gene Simmons make-up, we got to the concert. The Rod laver arena looked unreal, we got their quite early; early enough to change my life."..... Click here to read the Matthews full story

Richie Scarlet
[From: Paul Newcomb, Trigger Happy Music Co]
Richie Scarlet - longtime side man with Ace Frehley, Sebastian  Bach and Leslie West, has just completed his 3rd solo album in N.Y. with an incredible list of guests
Jesse Evans and the Crash - a new n.y. based band featuring Steve 'Budgie' Werner (Ace frehley / Leslie West) 
Happy Birthday
AceJust a quick note to wish the Space Ace a happy 50th birthday!
Psycho Circus still need help!
Psycho Circus, the new KISS tribute band from East Anglia are after a drummer & bassist to replace their current 2 temporary members. They need to be 14-16, male and live around East Anglia e.g Peterborough, Huntingdon or surrounding villages. Please ring Kevin on 07960255175 for more info.
18th April 2001 New UK Sites
A couple of new UK based sites have sprung up recently, both of them are well worth checking out.

Firstly John Oakley (who wrote a review of a MSG show a few years back) has started his own site called The Rockers Return, in his own words "My site is The Rockers Return.. its basically a bulletin board based news and reviews site based around the old view from the bar column from Kerrang magazine.". You can check it out at http://www.rockersreturn.com/ 

Next up is a KISS cd & audio tape trading site from Neil Brodie. It's called CLASSIC ROCK LIVE AND RARE RECORDINGS and can be found at

Married... with Gene's children
Gene Simmons is set to appear in a TV special 'Intimate Portrait: Katey Sagal'. Katey played Peggy Bundy in 'Married with children' and was a backing singer on Gene's solo album.
The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years
Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years, a documentary looking at the heavy metal music scene which appeared during the 1980s will be shown on Bravo on Friday 20th April at 3AM. It was made back in 1988 and features KISS, Poison, Ozzy Osbourne, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper and others.
15th April 2001 KISS Goodbye From KISS
[From: AAP General News (Australia)]
By Dale Paget

GOLD COAST, April 14 AAP - American rock band, Kiss said farewell to Australia last night with a wildly flamboyant and special effects driven performance.

The much hyped closing show of the Kiss farewell world tour lasted almost two and a half hours and gave a crowd of more than 20,000 a taste of three decades of glam rock classics. But the Kiss farewell was more about the band's outrageous theatrics than music. The biggest cheers coming as fireworks exploded from all corners of the 
stage, smoke bellowed from Ace Frehley's guitar and Paul Stanley rode a flying fox above the crowd.

The demonic Gene Simmons capped the Good Friday concert by spewing blood red liquidfrom his mouth and flying on a trapeze half way up the six storey high stage erected at Carrara Stadium.

"This is the last show in Australia," shouted Stanley. "We want to remember you like it's number one!"

Fans threw pieces of underwear at Stanley but apart from the diehard rockers close
to the stage, the crowd was subdued until the final songs that included the hits, Beth (err, are you sure you were really there???- Paul) and Rock and Roll All Nite.

Many of the Kiss army fans, who came covered in greasepaint and wearing black and silver costumes, refused to believe it was the last concert.

"They said that three years ago. I think they'll be back," said Gene Simmons look alike, Michael Lusic.

This morning the band checked out of its hotel and began the journey home to New York to reportedly play several dates at Madison Square Garden.

As he jumped into a limousine Stanley declared Australia was Kiss territory.

"We came, we saw, we conquered," Stanley said before blowing a kiss goodbye.
14th April 2001 KISS Rocks Carrara
[From: The Gold coats Bulletin News]
THE Kiss army came expecting something special - and they got it. More than 20,000 fans aged six to 60 soaked up 140 minutes of the last Kiss-off at Carrara Stadium last night. Kiss - 28 years old and still pumping at more than 70dB (the council's limit) showed why they are one of the world's legendary rock bands.
And the Gold Coast proved again it is the equal of any city in the nation at holding world class events. This was the classic rock and roll of the 70s and 80s - no mosh pit, no crowd surfing and seemingly no trouble without a uniformed policeman in sight.

A bare-chested Gene Simmons implored the Gold Coast audience to enjoy the night as though it was the band's first concert and not their last. Women in the crowd even threw underwear on stage a-la Tom Jones as the Kiss juggernaut rolled through songs from 31 albums that had notched up a staggering 90 million album sales.Fans from New Zealand, the USA and Europe mingled with Gold Coasters and Australians from all parts of the nation all in a happy holiday mood.

In the packed stands people applauded and cheered including VIPs such as former swimming star Kieran Perkins and Australian test bowlers Michael Kasprowitz and Damian Fleming.

9th April 2001 Gene hopes Peter makes it for Europe
[From: Paul R, Sydney]
Hey guys,
Met Gene today at the casino in Sydney. Couldn't believe what a nice guy he is in real life. He was willing to talk about anything and seemed very open and honest. Here's some highlights:
  • Seems genuinely upset about the peter thing, and hope's he'll be back in Europe or at least the final show in the US. I asked him to clarify his recent comments about peter wanting more money then anyone else in the band. He said that to do this tour Peter *DID* ask for more money than everyone, something they were not willing to do. Sounds like both KISS & Peter were more involved than the 'blame the lawyers' stuff.
  • They didn't get to do the medley in the 2nd Sydney show due to Ace being late getting ready making them late for the start by about 10-15 mins. They have to be off stage by a certain hour so staff can clean up and be out by a certain time otherwise they get fined by the venue. he said 'sorry' to me for this, but said there is nothing they could do about it.

all in all he was very friendly.


5th April 2001 Gene mentions a Euro tour!!
Gene Simmons has just announced the news we wanna hear on RadioUndercover in Australia. "We are going to Red Square in Moscow for 200,000 people which will be our first time there... we will go to Europe and visit some of our friends there and perhaps finish it off at Shea Stadium in New York".

Click here to hear the news straight from the demons mouth!

KISS also jammed to the following songs at the 3rd Melbourne show:- Goin' Blind, Mr. Speed, Forever, Rocket Ride & Strutter!!

4th April 2001 Revenge magazine out now
[From: Arie & Corina van Rotterdam]
The new 52-page ultimate Revenge Magazine from The Dutch KISS Army is out now!! No trojan virus or computer crash can stop our labor of love since 1992 celebrating our 9th Anniversary this September. In this issue: personal messages from Gene Simmons & Bruce Kulick, and Dutch KISS fans flew the world to see KISS in concert with review(s) from Toronto & Buffalo and our own personal report from our trip to the shows in Tinley Park, Il (Sept. 30th) and Columbia, MD (Oct 4th).
Get ready to be KISSed and REVENGE will be yours!
Arie & Corina van Rotterdam
Narcisstraat 3
3295 RG 's-Gravendeel
e-mail: revenge@worldonline.nl 
More tribute band members needed!
Looks like it's the peak time for finding tribute band members - first Psycho Circus, then KIZZ (x2) and now a brand new one...

Joe Marshall from Hull is setting up a kiss tribute and needs a Peter/Eric, Paul and Gene. You have to be 14-18 and live in the Yorkshire area, you also need to be able to supply your own instruments. E-mail Joe for more info.

3rd April 2001 Dressed To Kill dates
More gig dates have been added to the Dressed To Kill page right up to December 2001. Click here to see the gig dates
[From: Dan Bach]
Saw the Terrorvison gig last night at Wolver .... Wulfrun Hall - a KISS connection - about a song or two from encore Tony remarked that the crowd were loud (and we were!) and said he would have liked visuals of sound meters at the back of the stage , he and bassist chuckled and then Leigh (big big KISS fan) let out a great OHHHHHH YEEAAAAH! in the style of the Demon. I was front row and I smiled and caught  Leigh's attention and he motioned with his mouth KISS and I stuck up 
a great thumb of approval.

Dan bach
1st April 2001 Kerrang TV
Kerrang TV has joined Sky Digital this week, not sure about cable/On Digital yet though. It seems like it is exactly the same as Q channel in that it is 'interactive' (ie you pay a fortune to watch a video). A list of the videos are available on teletext P150.

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