June 2001
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29th June 2001 Dan bach, KISSin' UK editor
For the next 2 weeks Dan bach has very kindly offered to step in as editor of KISSin' UK. If during those weeks you have any KISS news that you were going to send to the site please mail it to Dan at Dan@kissinuk.com, Dan will then edit any news and arrange for it to be added to the site. Many thanks to both Dan and Michelle Morgan for helping out!
27th June 2001 Richest band?
[From: MISTERPRAATT@aol.com]
Listening to radio 2 today and Steve Wright mentioned that kiss r the richest band in the world officially
25th June 2001 VH1: Beyond The Makeup (US)
[From: Cristy Dowling]
Hi there. I work for VH1 and just wanted to make sure you know about our upcoming KISS: Beyond the Makeup, this Sunday (US), July 1 at 9 pm (et/pt). Wed love it if you could share the news with fellow fans. Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks, and enjoy the show!

Cristy Dowling- VH1 Marketing
20th June 2001 Daily Express
Today's issue of UK tabloid Daily Express featured a small article about the KISS kasket, it may be the weirdest/sickest KISS merchandise to date but Gene's certainly getting the publicity he wanted! If you have seen it mentioned in any other UK newspapers please let me know. Thanks to Robert Mansell for spotting it. Click on the picture to read the article.
New Tracks gear
Tracks have just updated their website with some new KISS merchandise including the Japanese Farewell tour book, visit http://www.tracks.co.uk for more info.
Psycho Circus find drummer
Psycho Circus, the new KISS tribute band from East Anglia have just found their new drummer, however they are still on the lookout for a bassist. You need to be 14-16, male and live around East Anglia e.g Peterborough, Huntingdon or surrounding villages. Please contact the band on _PsychoCircus_@excite.com for more info.
18th June 2001 BBC mention KISS Kasket
[From: BBC Online, thanks to Jerr O'Carroll]
Rock fans take passion to grave
Theatrical heavy rock band Kiss, best-known for their outlandish face paint and stage antics, are taking music merchandising one step further - to the grave. 
A Kiss coffin, which can also double up as a refrigerator to chill beer while the owner is waiting to die, has been unveiled by lead singer Gene Simmons. 

The band, who were once named most popular band in America with fan club membership numbering hundreds of thousands, plan to make dying a little easier for die-hard fans by selling the coffin, which will retail for $4,000 (2,850). 

Its cover will show the four Kiss members in full stage make-up, the band's logo and a crowd shot from one of the band's concerts. 

Simmons, 51, launched the latest in their increasingly bizarre branding ventures at New York's Licensing 2001 conference. 

They were pioneers of marketing tie-ins when, in the 1970s, they launched comic books, pinball machines, make-up and masks, board games and a TV movie. 

Kiss merchandise now stretches to wine, bubblegum and mobile phones. 

Simmons was using the coffin as a cooler for soft drinks and beer at the conference. 

"We figured, why not use it while you're alive?" he told Variety magazine. 

Religious icons 

"For a guy that's home watching the game in his living room, he could just reach over and grab a cold one." 

Simmons estimates the band's merchandising worth at more than $500m (356m). 

The group shot to worldwide fame in the late 70s with the Destroyer album and US top 10 single Beth. 

Single Crazy Crazy nights reached the UK top five in the late eighties, while God Gave Rock and Roll to You II did the same in 1992. 

The band played a farewell tour last year. 

Click here to see the story at the BBC site

13th June 2001 Richie Scarlet album
[From: Paul Newcomb]
Richie has now finished recording his new album which will simply be titled 'Richie Scarlet'. He is presently back in Mill Brook New York studios mixing it down with co-producer John Valenti.

The album features a wealth of guests including :-

Ace Frehley (Kiss) on two tracks
Buck Dharma (Blue Oyster Cult)
Bobby Rondenelli (Blue Oyster Cult / Rainbow)
Neal Smith (Alice Cooper)
Dennis Dunaway (Alice Cooper)
Ty Tabor (Kings X)
Steve 'Budgie ' Werner (Comet / Black Lace / Leslie West / Jesse Evans)
Bonnie Parker (Tang)
Denny Colt (Tang)
Leslie West (Mountain)
Anton Fig (David Letterman Band)
Frank Carillo (Framptons Camel)

The CD will be available in U.K. from September.

For further information please contact

Paul Newcomb
Trigger Happy Music Co
1 Scillonian Road
Guildford, GU2 7PG, U.K.
tel 01483 829421 / 07768 510982
e.mail 'paultrigger@ntlworld.com'
Gene clip on Big Breakfast
[From: Darren Wells]
This morning's Big Breakfast had a special Snap Cackle and Pop or whatever they call it these days on The US Rock Star Version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Yes you guessed it, Uncle Gene was on it and got somewhere, they showed him playing but didn't say how much he won for charity, the biggest amount was won by some guy from Sugar Ray. They showed Lars Ulrich from Metallica playing his round and there were people like Chaka Khan and Gladys Knight Playing. Oh, and there were a bunch of people in Kiss make up sitting in the audience. 
11th June 2001 Eric Carr 'Modern Drummer' tribute
[From: John Connell]
I am a drummer, freelance writer, and life-long KISS fan. I just finished writing an Eric Carr tribute article for Modern Drummer magazine. MD is putting it out in their Nov. 2001 issue to remember Eric on the 10th anniversary of his passing.

I am letting people know because E.C. had a lot of fans that would love to see his memory receive the attention. The issue will be released around Sept. 18.
This week you can catch the following on UK TV:-

Detroit Rock City - Wed 13th June 22:30 - Sky Moviemax 5
Top Ten - Stadium Rock - Fri 15th June 21:20 - E4

9th June 2001 New KISS logos & ringtones!
The mobile phone tune page has been updated with a load more tunes (some with previews) and also with a couple of cool new Nokia logos. Thanks to Stan, Tuomo and Darren for all their help.
Click Here to visit the page.
New UK KISS reference site!
A new UK KISS site has sprung up, this time it's an excellent reference site to KISS and Casablanca. Not only is it a great site but it has a cool name too, check out Lock Stock and Two smoking Love Guns now!!

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