July 2001
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31st July 2001 Euro Tour on hold (again)
KISS Kollector Online have released a fax from Gene that says that there are 'no plans for a Euro tour right now', he then goes on to plug the DVD & box set. See http://kiss.animalize.com/headlines/ for more info (including a scan of the fax), thanks to Graeme Piper for the info.
25th July 2001 Eric Carr interview
I've just come across an interview with Eric Carr that I've never read before. It was taken shortly after his first operation back in 1991, a few months before he died. You can read it over at The Drummers Of KISS website.
Air-brushed shirt
You may be interested to see this KISS Alive design shirt done by a KISS fan in the US who goes by the name of The Detroit Cat. I also have pictures of a jacket he painted for the reunion. If you want to contact him you can send an E-mail to Stan at detroitcat@onemain.com

Click on the image for a bigger version

Aussie review
[From: soundsnz.com]
Hi, I thought you might like to know about an exclusive review of the final Kiss Australian concert in Sydney featured on our site . Feel free to link to this feature :
Start at www.soundsnz.com 
Go to the Magazine section on click on features  
About soundsnz.com
soundsnz.com is New Zealand's leading music retail site .We are affiliated to Sounds music stores and have a sister publication, Selector Magazine
20th July 2001 Top Ten Men In Makeup
KISS appeared on the 'Top Ten Men in Makeup' on VH1 (UK) today, not surprisingly they were given the No. 1 spot (beating the likes of David Bowie, The Cure, Adam Ant & Marilyn Manson). The video that won it for them was I Was Made For Lovin' You.
18th July 2001 DTK Dates
Dressed To Kill have announced a lot more dates right into 2002. Click here to see the new dates.
16th July 2001 Hola!
Just got back from 2 weeks in Mexico! A huge thank you goes to Dan bach and Michelle Morgan for keeping the site up to date, I'm sure you'll agree that they have done a great job!!
[From: Nick Smith]
Nick Smith here, announcing my newly launched website www.nicksmithworld.com  Unfortunately, I don't have a pc so it may take a while for me to reply to email. However, I  will get around to it eventually. More Kiss photos to be added shortly.
14 July 2001 Heat Magazine

[From: Michelle Morgan]

There is a picture of Gene in the latest Heat Magazine.  The article is talking about Liam Gallagher's new son, and the fact that he has been called Gene.  The article features photos of other famous Genes, which includes Mr Simmons himself.

14 July 2001 Kiss Kasket

[From: David A Platt]

The KISS Kasket was mentioned in the Oldham Evening Chronicle.  It didn't show a picture of the Kasket, but it did show a picture of Gene.

10 July 2001 Broadcast date for Kiss - Beyond the Make-up

[From: Dan Bach]

VH1 Europe at the moment have not got the licencing rights to show the KISS - Beyond the makeup programme aired on VH1 America recently. When asked would the situation change in the near future, the person had no idea. They have been informed of the website and have promised to keep the website up to date.

10 July 2001 Kiss on TV!

Heroes are the stuff of dreams, and every small-town kid yearns for the day when meeting a hero turns from dream to reality.  On October 9, 1975 KISS made a dream come true for an entire town when they paid a visit to Cadillac, Michigan.  The small city in northern lower Michigan, about 200 miles northwest of Detroit, hasn't been the same since; Detroit may be "Rock City," but only Cadillac has ever been "KISS City." KISS turned the town upside down, and by the time they left everyone from the mayor to the students in the high school were in full makeup and vowing to "Rock and Roll All Nite." Now, 25 years later, and for the first time ever, the full story of "The Day Cadillac Was KISSed" is being told, complete with original documents, articles and pictures, by Jim Neff, the person who made it all happen. 

Click on http://www.neffzone.com/kiss for this unique chapter in KISStory.

Thanks for permission to use the link and article:- 

Jim Neff of www.neffzone.com 


Mike Brandvold of www.kissonline.com


9 July 2001 Kiss on TV!

[From: Kevin]

On Saturday 7 July, there was a programme called 'Top 10 1987'.  They were talking about Whitney Houston, and who was very 'interested' in her.  They showed several photos of people on screen, including the one and only Gene Simmons in make-up.


5 July 2001 Parasite wants Gene!

[From: Carl A Gibbett]

The UK's wildest KISS tribute band are on the way back.  Carl, Danny and Daz are on the hunt for a new GENE.  UK and European dates are being confirmed.

Budding Genes must have: Transport; Own equipment; A sense of humor.
A good stage presence (no statues) and be willing to play his ass off.

Send demos, photos, biogs or videos to:

Carl Gibbett
191 Corporation Road
N E Lincs
DN31 2PY
or email - anthony.gibbett@ntlworld.com

4 July 2001 Kiss on Mad TV Show

[From: Sue Oliver]

The Mad TV show with Kiss, (which is on RTL), is a old Halloween special 
shown in the States a few years ago and it is very very funny.
I recommend watching it.  We have it on video as our good friend videoed it 
for us when it was on.

4 July 2001 Love Guns Update
[From: Dwight Fry]

Just thought I'd let you know that my web page, Lock Stock and Two Smoking 
Love Guns
has been updated.  Now featured are images and information on 
possibly the first ever KISS cover version as a single (Girl: 'Do You Love Me' 
1980) and a few others.  Also, there are never before seen photos of KISS in 
Cardiff in May 1992 - in-store and in-concert.  They're never before seen as 
I've never posted them until now!  As you will see from the pics, I caught the 
moment when KISS cost the Cardiff Wales International Ice-Rink 30,000 in 
singed ceiling tiles. Also included are images of the original Cardiff ad and Cardiff 
concert ticket...

Visit Lock Stock & Two Smoking Love Guns http://homepage.ntlworld.com/jasonally/


2 July 2001 Kiss in Mad TV on RTL next weekend
(from www.rtl.de via Thomas Schopf)
Kiss can be seen in an episode of MAD TV on RTL in Germany next 
weekend in the night from Saturday to Sunday. There is different information 
on the exact time. On their homepage is written:

01:00 MAD TV
number 5
Sketch: Kiss opening the show as guest stars, Kenny Rogers sings with Cher, 
Marilyn Manson, Nat King Cole and many more. (Parody to Tribute CDs), a 
murder on the set on Mad TV, Scary Spice meets Freddy Krger, Kiss fighting 
Michael Jackson and more Kiss sketches. On the teletext of RTL (page 394) it 
says: Saturday, 7.7.2001, at 0:30 a.m.

Please Note: It is not known whether this programme will be shown on English language satellite programming.

2 July 2001 New Eric Singer Pearl ad
 In the new issue of "Drum" magazine June/July 2001 you can find a 
new full page advert from Eric Singer for Pearl. He has dark short hair 
and no make-up. Kiss are not even mentioned in the advert...

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