September 2001
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26th September 2001 More on Doc
I have another small piece of news about Doc McGhee's appearance at the In The City festival this Sunday. It appears that Doc will be talking at the Alexandra 1 from 17:30 until 19:00. If anybody plans on going please let me know.
It appears that the box set may have been put back a month until December, however I have received this first picture of it, whether the final release will look like this isn't known. This was featured in a Hilton Honors catalogue in the USA, the price quoted on the advert was $69.98 + postage, although as there are now 5 cd's instead of 4 the price will probably go up. Thanks to Bruzman for the info.

Click here to view the full advert 

25th September 2001 Doc in the UK!

[From: GMS Promotions]
Doc Mcghee is to present a seminar at this years IN THE CITY festival in Manchester. The seminar will be on Sunday, 30th September. He will be talking about life on the road with the biggest bands in the world, such as Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Skid Row and more importantly KISS!
More info soon!

Millennium on UK TV

For those of you waiting to see the episode of Millennium featuring Paul, Gene, Peter & Ace you will need to wait a little longer. It looks like Sky have decided to show them out of order, the episode will now air on October 30th. Also, KISS are pictured in this months Sky magazine with Lance Henricksen the star of Millennium. 
Thanks to Myles for the info.

24th September 2001 Paul on Sky
Paul Stanley was interviewed on Sky last Saturday, a small section of Interview was shown from the US Premier of Rockstar. Paul was asked what it's like on the road and is the film anything like it, he said that movies of being on the road are usually (Home Movies). Thanks to for the info.

Also note that Detroit Rock City will be shown again this week on Sky MovieMax
5, Thursday 27th September at 22:15.

18th September 2001 Eric Carr in Modern Drummer
As mentioned a couple of months ago a tribute article to Eric Carr has now been released in the latest issue of Modern Drummer magazine. The article was written by John Connell who quite rightly says "I am letting people know because E.C. had a lot of fans that would love to see his memory receive the attention". The issue is available on newsstands in the US now and should be available in the UK soon.
DTK Wrexham gig

Dan bach along with Carole from Flexsys are busily trying to promote the DTK gig in Wrexham on Friday 2nd November. Below is an E-mail from Carole, if anyone is interested in going please contact her to obtain tickets.

[From: Carole, Flexsys]
Just to elaborate on what Dan has already said... Yes it would be Ace to get as many people to the show... especially real KISS fans - it would just be the best to see YOU there... Being a KISS fan myself is what caused my determination to make this show happen & I know every KISS fan that can make it, will add to the excitement of the show!

The tickets are going on sale this weekend... They are £6.66 each on the door (subject to availability of course), but if you order & pay in advance (before the end of October), you can have them for £6 each! Anyone wanting tickets can e-mail me, or Flexsys - Or you can call the Clubhouse on Tel: (01978) 821252 - you should ask for me (Carole) or Mike should be able to help, otherwise you may have to leave a message for me, but I will call you back, as soon as I get the message to sort what you want!

The Flexsys venue itself is not in the town of Wrexham... it is in-between Wrexham (about 6 miles - it's quite a good shopping town) & Llangollen (about 4 miles - more of a tourist town)... so unless you manage to get Bed & Breakfast more local (there's 1 or 2, but not many - I can enquire, if anyone wants), then I'm afraid it'd be a Taxi to the Venue or Drive (which would be a shame because our beer is Cheep!!!). However, if it is needed & once I know how many would be interested... I will hastle some people locally & see what sort of deal I can get on Taxi's or a mini bus or whatever is needed!

I'm getting carried away now - aren't I (just a little)... but seriously, if anyone needs more info on the show or anything, from "Please make sure there's plenty of JD's in the Bar" (Don't worry that's sorted) to any info on the area or anything you may need, then please just let me know... I'm more than happy to try and help!

That's it from me... I hope to meet you all at the Show!

(Flexsys - Wrexham - North Wales)

17th September 2001 T-shirt project
[From: Sue Oliver]
My daughter Lizzy is designing t-shirt for gcse graphics and she has picked kiss to be her design and part of her course work is to do market research in the form of a questionnaire asking fans what they look for in a kiss t-shirt. She asked me to email you and ask if you could put our email address on the KISSin' UK page for fans to contact us to be emailed the questionnaire. I will also send photo of the t-shirt when she has finished it to see what you think. So far she has had some great designs. The email address for contacting us is
15th September 2001 Lack of updates

Sorry for the last of updates, I've been too busy with the pubs in Devon over the last week. Obviously, huge sympathies go out to all our American readers and to anybody else touched by the New York disaster. I'm sure I can talk on behalf of a lot of UK KISS fans when I say we are all thinking of you.

Bruce on Metal Sludge

Bruce Kulick has once again been interviewd for Metal Sludge, have a look at his answers here, there's one or 2 surprises in there!

Richie interview

[From: Terri Diane Bey]
I interviewed Richie Scarlet for my Ace Frehley Website, and the interview is up . THe interview is up , right after my report of the Ace Bronx Ceremony on the second page of the site. Check it out.

Behind The Music 1975

[From: EricCarrRocks84]
Hi there everyone. I'm emailing you to inform you that tickets are now availiable for the Eric Carr Memorial Concert. The proceeds of this concert are going to be given to the Children's Cancer Hospitals in Eric's name. Anyone interested in getting tickets and coming please email Marty Johncey at the address on the site. Check out the site for more info and pass this info on to anyone who might like to come to this wonderful event. Thank you. EricConcert 

7th September 2001 Behind The Music 1975
The VH1 Behind The Music 1975 that was on tonight featured a quick 'RARAN' clip and a couple of comments from Paul & Gene about how KISS fans get their moneys worth when they come to a KISS show. It also mentioned how Alive spent 100 weeks in the US charts, not exactly new stuff but it can be seen twice more this week if you missed it (see below).

Note that there will be no more site updates until next Saturday (16th).

6th September 2001 Behind The Music 1975
Over the next week you can catch Behind The Music 1975 on VH1 UK. The program is a look at the year 1975, featuring interviews with Alice Cooper, Gene Simmons and Bruce Springsteen. It is on at:-

Fri 7th Sep @ 22:00 (GMT)
Sun 9th Sep  @  22:00
Wed 12th Sep @ 22:00

Also, Detroit Rock City is on Sat 8th Sep, Sky Movie Max 1 @ 21:40

[From: John Parkin]
Two KISS sightings for everyone in the latest issue of Kerrang! (Sept 08/01)

Page 24, In the "at home with Biohazard's Billy Graziadei - Billy talks about his love of the band, and shows off some of his collectables.

Page 51, In the "It Changed My Life Feature" - Saliva's Josey Scott talks about the time that he first held DESTROYER in his hands!
Moulin Rouge
[From: Sooty]
Dont know if this has been mentioned before but in the movie moulin rouge ewan mcgreggor does a quick couple of lines from i was made for loving you along with
various other songs its really amusing its also on the soundtrack called elephant love mix or something like that i thought it was highly amusing
Gene & Paul meeting at Rock Star premier
[From: AIM4ME]
I just got back from the premier of the movie "Rock Star" in Westwood, California. I heard rumors that Gene and Paul might show up at the premier, so I contacted some friends and was able to get a ticket to the premier. To my surprise they both did show up. The premier started at 8:00 P.M. and right at 8:00 P.M. both Gene and Paul came walking into the lobby of the theater. When they entered, they walked directly to their seats. I was sitting several rows in front of them. There were several people with them, one being Shannon Tweed. After Gene and Paul sat down, I approached them and asked Gene if he would sign my 1977 Marvel Comic Book (see picture, click on it to enlarge). I was wearing a Kiss shirt and he told me that he liked the shirt. He signed the comic book and without me asking, passed it down to Paul who was sitting several seats away. Paul also signed the book and gave it back to me. I told Gene that I had seen them 9 times in the U.S. and 5 times in Australia during this tour. He made an expression like he was impressed. He then shook my hand and again said that he liked the Kiss shirt that I was wearing. After the premier was over, Gene and Paul were standing in the lobby. They both allowed me to take several photographs with them while they talked to friends. They were both very cool and humble. It was a dream come true meeting the legends of rock and roll. Thank you Gene and Paul.
Daily Mirror Top 50 KISSes
I've only just got my hands on this one, but it appeared in The Mirror a few weeks ago:-

BIG Brother's Helen Adams and Paul Clarke warmed the hearts of millions yesterday with the kiss that revealed their love. But the technique is nothing new. JILL FOSTER picks out 50 famous - and infamous - snogs.

  • 1.  Judas kisses Jesus in The Betrayal Of Christ, by Giotto di Bottone, 1305
  • 2. Auguste Rodin's famous sculpture The Kiss, 1886
  • 3. The kiss that breaks the cruel spell on Princess Aurora in Disney' s Sleeping Beauty, 1959
  • 4. The Pope kisses the ground at Cardiff airport on a UK visit Britain
  • 5. Charles and Diana entranced the nation with this wedding kiss on the Buckingham Palace balcony,1981
  • 6. Diana avoids Charles's lips at a polo match as their love cooled
  • 7. In TV's most passionate case of puppet love, romantic Miss Piggy kisses Kermit
  • 8. Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca, 1942
  • 9. Christine Hamilton kisses shy student William Goodhand at a boozy Oxford party, 1999
  • 10. Star Trek's Captain Kirk and Lt Uhura in US TV 's first inter-racial kiss in `68
  • 30. Kiss's Gene Simmons, right, kisses his waxwork at Rock Circus, 1997
5th September 2001 Rock Star
Rock Star, the movie with Lick It Up on the soundtrack opens up in the US this Friday (7th Sep), Paul and Gene both attended the premiere and some great shots can be seen of them both over at eZuma. Click here to see a cool pic of Paul & Gene and here to see Paul, Gene & Shannon (looking great in a KISS t-shirt!).

Rock Star is the story of an ex-salesman and a Judas Priest's fan, who succeeds to become the solo singer of his favourite group. The film stars Mark Wahlberg, Jennifer Aniston, Timothy Spall and Carrie Stevens. Click here to visit the official site.

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