October 2001
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30th October 2001
Don't forget that the KISS episode of Millennium is on the Sci-Fi channel tonight at 9PM (channel 130 on SKY Digital).
[From: Paul Newcomb]
Weds 28th Nov - N.Y. Steel

Ace Frehley is putiing together his old band for a special N.Y. show on Weds 28th Nov for in aid of a NYFD/NYPD Charity night. Tickets are available from The Hammerstein Ballroom or Ticketmaster. Anyone travelling from the UK can contact  Paul Newcomb at Trigger Happy Music Co for more details. (paultrigger@ntlworld.com) Richie and Budgie will hopefully be available to sign copies of their new albums.

Ace will be joined by his old mates Richie Scarlet and Steve 'Budgie' Werner. Ace has just played on two tracks for Richie new album 'The Insanity of Life' which will be released in Europe in February. Werner is now with the N.Y. band Jesse Evans and the Crash who have been getting major support from the U.K.s' Total Rock Radio and Classic Rock magazine.

They will be joined by Twisted Sister, Sebastian Bach and Anthrax for a great one off show. Now where did I put my mascara ? 

29th October 2001 KISS sightings
2 KISS sightings today, one on Radio 1, another on the Big Breakfast.

[From: Wendy Panter]
Was just listening to Radio 1 in the car (Mark and Lard) and they mentioned Kiss. It was a quiz between these two stupid people and one of the questions was 'Peter Criss from Kiss is better known as what animal?' The options were, wolf, tiger, hamster or cat. Not one of them got it right and the woman said hamster! She said that a hamster would be better and Mark Radcliffe said 'imagine that, how different Kiss would be with a little hamster character'. He also said something before that about whoever was shooting forward in the quiz 'like Gene Simmons from Kiss after a pyrotechnics accident'. I think he might have said something about getting his balls caught after a pyrotechnics accident or something maybe, but I'm not sure of the exact words.

[From: Phil Jocelyn]
Gene was on a short clip this morning. It was on the big breakfast news about a film premiere  (sorry, didn't catch the film title...I was just coming round over my morning coffee!!).  gene didn't  speak, but my wife recognised him........even with his new short haircut! cheers, Phil

27th October 2001 Fantastic KISS art
Believe it or not the picture to the right is actually a painting and not a photo! It comes from Michele Fusco, a brilliant artist from the USA. She has produced not only some great pictures of KISS but also of Ace, the Ace gallery really has to be seen to be believed. Some of the pictures contain 3D glitter effects to enhance the effect, such as Gene's spikes in the picture to the right. A lot of her work is available to buy and she also accepts commissions for private pieces. Fans of Alice Cooper won't be disappointed either as an Alice gallery can also be found on her site.

Her site is called the Ace Artists Gallery and can be found at http://www.aceartist.com/ 
Picture is Copyright Michele Fusco

Gene figure at Forbidden Planet
[From: Kev]
Just had the new catalogue from Forbidden Planet and they are selling a new Gene figure, same as the Alive figure but a 12 inch version, priced at 24.99. Kev
25th October 2001 Gene at From Hell premiere
[From: Stacie, dnastudio]
Stacie from DNAstudio has kindly sent me a picture of Gene with his KISS mobile phone from the recent From Hell premiere. Click on the pic to see the full version.
All of the From Hell pictures can be seen here
BBC documentary
Thanks to everyone that responded to the request for fans from the 70's, I have forwarded all of your details onto the BBC. The beeb is producing the show and wanted to include the views of fans which makes a nice change. As soon as I hear further info I will post it here. Cheers, Paul.
KISS come to Manchester
[From: Gary Banton]
Well, not quite....


DRESSED TO KILL will play a special 'Halloween Night' show (sponsored by 'Budweiser') at....


Date: Wed 31st October 2001
Onstage Time: 10pm
Entrance: FREE!!!!!

Also, we have lots more dates to add to the schedule for 2002.... and more still to come! Click here for gig details

Also, the Sat 1st Dec gig at Folkestone is cancelled (actually it turns out it was never confirmed!) And, the Ulverston gig is on Saturday 22nd December (NOT Fri the 21st!). Whoops!

Great news for us... and hopefully you ... hope you can make it to one or more, and please try to come and support us at The Hard Rock Cafe, Manchester!!!


Gary (Gene in DTK)

21st October 2001 Pre-order Boxset from Amazon UK
Amazon UK now have both versions of the boxset available to order as an import. The standard version costs £58.99 whereas the delux one (with guitar case shaped box and hardback book) costs £155.99.

Standard box-set - £58.99
Click Here

Delux - £155.99
Click Here!


18th October 2001 BBC - "Washington benefit loses Jagger and Kiss"
[From: BBC Online]
Mick Jagger will not perform at Michael Jackson's Washington benefit concert for the victims of the 11 September attacks on the US. 

A spokeswoman for the singer said that he never committed to the 21 October gig but he will sing at Paul McCartney's New York benefit the night before. 

Flamboyant rockers Kiss have also pulled out - because lead singer Paul Stanley is
facing hip surgery.  Stanley had intended to postpone surgery in order to perform. 

But in a statement, the band said: "After starting initial physical preparation, it became apparent that increasing pain and the possibility of further damage would not allow him to meet the intense physical demands of a Kiss performance."

Click here to read the full article

17th October 2001 Union in LA!
[From: Scot Youngerman]
I've just been sent this from Scot Youngerman who went to one of the Union gigs in LA at the weekend:-
"It was a totally intimate setting about 50 people were there and plenty of room for more. The band was there early and Bruce was soooo classy, he was basically greeting people at the door. I bought his new album "Audio Dog" and he gladly signed it for me. He is a true Gentleman. Musically they played about two hours and they Rocked!!! I will send you a play list later...I have to compile it yet I have it written on a napkin . Best song by far was "I walk alone" the warm up band played Shock Me! that was neat. I'll write more later..."
16th October 2001 DTK gig cancelled
Please note that the Dressed To Kill gig in Lincoln this Friday (19th) has been cancelled. You can see a full list of the remaining gigs this year on the DTK page.
15th October 2001 Gene Simmons bio - UK release
The Gene Simmons autobiography, 'KISS and Make-up', will not be released in the UK until 7 February 2002 (this has come direct from the publishers). I should have a preview copy of the jacket cover soon along with some other info, I will add it to the site as soon as possible.
Rock Documentary
  • Have you been a KISS fan since the 70's?
  • Are you still a huge KISS fan today?
  • Do you live in the UK?
  • Are you up for going in front of a TV camera?
  • Do you ever wear KISS make-up?

If you have answered yes to most of the above then you may be interested in this. A major UK TV company are looking for a few fans (that cover the criteria mentioned above) for a documentary about the evolution of heavy rock. The program isn't only about KISS it will be covering other bands too such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. If you feel that you could help please E-mail me at Paul@kissinuk.com ASAP!!

10th October 2001 Classic Rock
The new edition of Classic Rock is in the shops now, it features 28 pages of KISS including reviews of all their albums! Unfortunately the interview is only with Gene & Paul, but even still you have you to buy this! There's also a review of almost every KISS album along with comments from Gene, an article on comics and another on the merchandise. All eras of KISS are covered from the 70's right through to the present day. Not a lot of new stuff is mentioned in the interview but Gene does hint that a tour of Europe isn't totally out of the question, they're just not ready to tour at the minute.

I remember when Classic Rock first started one of the contributors told me to look out for a KISS issue, I didn't think it was take this long but nice one guys!!

Ace & Lymes disease
Ace was heard saying on a radio show in NY a few days ago that he has been suffering from Lyme Disease, this has now also been confirmed by KISS Online. Lyme disease isn't serious, it's spread by ticks and can cause arthritis if it isn't treated, but hopefully the Spaceman is well on his way to a fast recovery.
9th October 2001 KISS in charity concert?
[From: Yahoo]
Monday October 8 9:24 PM ET
Jagger, Jackson, Aerosmith Set for Charity Concert

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Rock 'n' roll luminaries including Mick Jagger,
Aerosmith (news - web sites) and Kiss will perform at an eight-hour concert
in Washington D.C. on Oct. 21 to raise funds for victims of the Sept. 11
attacks, organizers said on Monday.

Also in the line-up are pop stars Michael Jackson, Ricky Martin and Aaron
Carter, soul icons James Brown and Rev. Al Green, and rival boy-bands 'N
Sync (news - web sites) and Backstreet Boys (news - web sites), promoter
Clear Channel Entertainment said in a statement.

Clear Channel spokeswoman Rachel Gary said about 18 to 20 acts would
perform. Additions will be announced when details are confirmed, she said.
Click here to read the full Yahoo article
8th October 2001 KISS in Classic Rock
[From: Robert Mansell via mailing list]
I thought I'd let you know about a UK mag about to be published with a HUGE Kiss feature. Classic Rock #33 (November 2001) It features Kiss on the cover, and has 30(!) pages devoted to Kiss, including a history, Kiss collectibles, Kiss comics, interview, discography and over 40 pictures!

[KUK] Note that KISS Online have also reported that Paul & Gene took part in a special photo shoot for this issue!

That jacket... again!
Yesterdays Sunday magazine that came with the News Of The World contained yet another picture of Stella McCartney with her KISS jacket (thanks to Kev for the picture). It also gave away where everyone is getting them from - it seems Laden in Brick Lane, London has had a limited supply recently. According to the mag they are going for £35.

I've been in touch with Laden to see whether they are original 70's jackets and also to see if they can be ordered online. I received the following reply today:-

"We understand that the jackets are original, but will not be having them on the site because we can only get hold of a limited number. They can be ordered by ringing 0207 247 0787 or by e-mailing orders@laden.co.uk" Please mention the site if you order one of them!

7th October 2001 KISS and Make-Up preorder at Amazon
Amazon.co.uk are doing a pre-order on the new Gene Simmons autobiography (due December). It is currently £15.83 but this seems to be the US edition (the UK edition may be cheaper once it's released). Thanks to Graeme Piper for the info.

Click here to pre-order from Amazon.co.uk

I may have some promo material to give away very soon....

5th October 2001 Gene Simmons autobiography
As reported back in Feb a UK company tried to obtain the rights to the Gene Simmons autobiography - KISS and make up. The good news for UK fans is that they were successful in obtaining the rights, this means that it will definitely get a proper release over here, complete with promotion. In the near future I should have some more info on this, but for the time being I've been told "It is a fantastic read and has got some great photographs from his personal collection. We're really excited by it.". Look out for more news soon!
3rd October 2001 Box Set track list!
The track list for the long awaited boxset has at last been released, there's not too many surprises in there but I'll hold my judgement for when I get my copy! It's released on November 20th, more information can be found over at launch.com. One thing though, it's nice to see that all eras of KISS are well represented, however only 30 of the 94 tracks are unreleased. Many thanks to Launch.com and KISS Asylum for the info.

Disc 1

Disc 2

Strutter (demo)
Deuce (demo)
Keep Me Waiting (Wicked Lester)
She (Wicked Lester)
Love Her All I Can (Wicked Lester)
Let Me Know (Bell Sound Studios demo)
100,000 Years (Bell Sound Studios demo)
Stop, Look To Listen (1968 Paul Stanley demo)
Leeta (1969 Gene Simmons demo)
Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll (Bell Sound Studios demo)
Acrobat (live at the Daisy), Firehouse (Bell Sound Studios demo)
Album tracks:-
Nothin' To Lose
Black Diamond
Hotter Than Hell
Strange Ways
Goin' Blind
Anything For My Baby
Ladies In Waiting
Rock And Roll All Nite
Live sessions of:-
C'mon And Love Me Live
Rock Bottom
Cold Gin
and Watchin' You
Doncha Hesitate (demo)
Mad Dog (demo)
God Of Thunder (demo) Great Expectations
Do You Love Me
Bad, Bad Lovin' (demo, an early version of Calling Dr. Love)
Calling Dr. Love
Mr. Speed (demo)
Christine Sixteen
Hard Luck Woman
Shock Me
I Stole Your Love
I Want You (recorded at a soundcheck)
Love Gun (demo)
Love Is Blind (demo). 

Disc 3

Disc 4

Detroit Rock City
King Of The Night Time World
Larger Than Life
Rocket Ride
Tonight You Belong To Me
New York Groove
Radioactive (demo)
Don't You Let Me Down
I Was Made For Lovin' You
Sure Know Something
You're All That I Want, You're All That I Need (demo)
Talk To Me (live)
A World Without Heroes
The Oath
Nowhere To Run
Creatures Of The Night
War Machine
I Love It Loud
Lick It Up
All Hell's Breaking Loose
Heaven's On Fire
Get All You Can Take
Thrills In The Night
Tears Are Falling
Uh! All Night
Time Traveller (demo)
Hell Or High Water
Crazy, Crazy Nights
Reason To Live
Let's Put The X In Sex
Hide Your Heart
Ain't That Peculiar (demo)
Silver Spoon
Forever (single version).

Disc 5

God Gave Rock 'N' Roll To You II
Domino (demo)
Every Time I Look At You
Comin' Home (live, from Unplugged)
Got To Choose (live, from Unplugged)
I Still Love You (live, from Unplugged)
Nothin' To Lose (live, from Unplugged)
Childhood's End (with coda)
I Will Be There
Psycho Circus
Into The Void
I Pledge Allegiance To The State Of Rock & Roll
Nothing Can Keep Me From You
It's My Life (original version)
Shout It Out Loud (live)
Rock And Roll All Night from the still-unreleased Kiss Alive IV


1st October 2001 Bruce Kulick interview
[From: Nadia Alterio-Lemmon]
Hi. My name is Nadia and my husband and I are from Beverly Hills, CA. I invite you to drop by our site to read an interview with Bruce Kulick of KISS.

Mrs. Nadia Alterio-Lemmon, BA Neuropsychology 
http://www.YouGottaReadThis.com (Our LA Based Magazine)

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