November 2001
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30th November 2001 Pictures of Ace at NY show
Theres a couple of pictures of Ace up on the Twisted Sister site, to be honest he ain't looking too bad, check them out at 
29th November 2001 Ace in NYC
Ace was his usually sloppy wonderful self.
The set list was:

Rip It Out
Strange Ways (Karl Cochran vocals)
Rock Soldiers/Ozone/Hard Times (medley)
Breakout (Ritchie Scarlett vocals)
Rocket Ride/Cold Gin (medley)
NY Groove
Deuce (encore) - (Ace on vocals)

It's forgive me if I forgot something, but I think that was it. Twisted Sister were AMAZING!
26th November 2001 2nd KISS Auction catalogue
As mentioned yesterday a 2nd KISS auction is taking place on December 6th by I received the catalogue from them this morning (I'm guessing they're sending them to people that ordered the last KISS Auction book), 22 pages of KISS stuff up for grabs. Lots of clothing and a few guitars (Paul & Gene only), but also some other stuff that isn't exactly rare such as the 12" dolls.
25th November 2001 2nd KISS Auction
[From: Tristan Glassey, Switzerland]
Second official auction for the legendary rock band KISS. After June 2000, december 2001. 140 lots with tons of band members'  personal items, rarities and even... low prices ! Go to  and bid. Good luck !
Gene on Jacklass
[From: Dave]
Watching MTV Jackass last nite and none other than Gene Himself introduces the show with" I am Johnny Knoxville welcome to Jackass"  Then we get the obligatory tongue shot, he was wearing what can only be described as a golfing outfit
Another Boxset retailer
[From: Andy Smith]
Siser Ray Records in Soho had the "Guitar Box Set" in today I bought a copy @ £170. Other copies on stock. Standard Box set expected next week, likely to cost NO MORE than £80. Gold Edition Guitar Box Set....Could be as much as £600.......( If it ever arrives ) Andy.........
24th November 2001 10 Years without The Fox - Your tributes
10 years ago to the day KISS suffered it's greatest loss - the death of Eric Carr. In a mark of respect for The Fox I have decided to start work on a new UK based Eric site, however the site is currently under construction and won't be fully complete for a couple of months.

I recently asked for tributes from fans, these have now been placed  on the main page of the new site and will remain there until the site opens fully. Among the tributes is a special message sent to me from none other than Bruce Kulick!

The site also features links to UK cancer charities that accept online donations. If you want to show your appreciation for Eric by donating then please feel free to do so.

Click here to visit the fan tributes over at

Tower Records signing
[From: AIM4ME & Wendy]
U.K. Kiss Army,
I wanted to share a couple of photos that I took at the Gene and Paul autograph session at Tower  Records in Hollywood, California on November 20, 2001.  We purchased the box set at the Tower  Records store, which allowed us to wait in line to meet Gene and Paul.  The event was great. There were so many people there that you could not spend much time with them, however, you were able to take a couple of photos and have them sign the box set.  It was a great experience. 
AIM4ME & Wendy
U.S. Kiss Army
Tower Records II
[From: Mark Fell-Crook,]
Kiss is always hocking its wares, chatting itself up, and hosting press conferences to announce its every move. So, it was a bit of a surprise at the band's instore for its new box set at Tower Records in L.A. on Tuesday (Nov. 20) that the band was keeping tight-lipped about its future plans.  "You know what, stay tuned," Gene Simmons told allstar correspondent Scott Wilson. "We're like the guy who promises to pull out before he [ejaculates], but you have to wait to see if he does."  Classy, Gene, very classy.
21st November 2001 Boxset
At last it arrived this morning, the "Mother of all boxsets" (the standard one). I have to admit that I am very impressed with it, even if it doesn't contain the rare tracks that I had hoped for. I've only written a small write-up as I haven't listened to the whole thing yet, but you will find full details of what's in the box and a few pictures here.

Click here to read the write-up 
19th November 2001 Eric Carr tributes needed!
As most of you will be aware this Saturday will mark the 10th anniversary of Eric Carr's passing. As part of a tribute I think it'd be cool to publish some tributes to Eric from KISS fans, these tributes will be posted on KISSin' UK and on another forthcoming website.

If you want to show your own personal appreciation for Eric (doesn't have to be anything big, just a few words if you want), please send them to  and I will put them on the site.

14th November 2001 KISS Calendar 2002
The official 2002 UK KISS calendar is available now from Danilo. Much like last year the new calendar features 12 great tour photos with 3 pics of each member (Peter not Eric) and is in the ring binder format. I believe a fold out US style one may also be available on import.

You can buy the UK version for only £5.99 direct from Danilo.

Click here to visit the Danilo Online

Paul's hip surgery
[From: thanks to Chris V.N & Dottie Jones]

(11/9/01, 7 a.m. ET) -- Kiss had to pull out of the October 21 United We Stand benefit concert in Washington, D.C., because of singer-guitarist Paul Stanley's need for hip surgery. However, Stanley tells LAUNCH the surgery has not yet happened.

"I wound up postponing my hip surgery and, you know, it's like reading in the newspaper your own death, you know, when you keep reading about your hip surgery, and I haven't done it, but I'm just postponing it for awhile. I have, you know, every intention of continuing doing what I've been doing, but little by little I'm turning bionic," he says.

Stanley says the hip has simply degenerated from years of high-energy performances with Kiss.

Stanley adds that, as a native New Yorker, he was disappointed the band couldn't play at a concert dedicated to helping victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks there and in Washington, D.C.

"We had originally spoken about playing in Washington, D.C., and there are times when, lately, my hip has just been too painful. I mean, I've done shows with a busted rib, but this was just not something that was doable, and there are many other ways to make contributions," he says.

The band is preparing for the November 20 release of Kiss: The Box Set, as well as the December 11 publication of singer-bassist Gene Simmons's memoir, Kiss And Make-Up.

In addition, Stanley and Simmons will be on hand at the Homestead-Miami (Florida) Speedway this weekend. On Saturday (November 10), the duo will ride in the pace car and act as grand marshals for the GNC Live Well 300, part of NASCAR's Busch Series of races. Sunday (November 11) brings the debut of driver Sterling Martin's Kiss-adorned #40 car in the Pennzoil 400, a NASCAR Winston Cup event. The car's hood features the faces of Stanley, Simmons, lead guitarist Ace Frehley, and former drummer Peter Criss on a black background.

-- Gary Graff, Detroit and Bruce Simon, New York

11th November 2001 Boxsets
A lot of people have asked where they can get the boxsets from in the UK, here is the list that I have so far. I have also heard that Universal have greatly underestimated the demand for the deluxe boxset outside of the US and they are currently considering whether to start producing a second run.
Where From Price P&P
Amazon £58.88 (Standard)
£155.99 (Deluxe)
Tower Records UK
(Ships from US)
£47.38 (Standard) ?
(Ships from Canada)
£103.95 (Deluxe) Inc
Z-Roxx £59 (approx)
£150 (approx)
Courier inc
Cd Zone £85.61 (Standard)
£214.34 (Deluxe)

Thanks to Stuart Anstee, Andy Bradley & Gary Banton.

Gene NASCAR interview
There is an online interview with Gene over at, it's worth a read, he mentions that KISS are currently having a year off as international touring is too dangerous at the minute. He did say that they still want to tour Europe, Asia, Africa though. Read the interview here (thanks to Gary Banton for posting the link).
6th November 2001 Gene on BBC Cher documentary
According to Gene's new official site ( Gene may be recording an interview for a new BBC documentary about Cher.
5th November 2001 Bruce Interview
[From: Marcello Azevedo]
During the time Bruce Kulick was playing with UNION in Argentina, Kiss Psycho Website from Brazil ( had the pleasure of talking with him. In the interview Bruce talks about:

- his new solo album AUDIO DOG, 
- his recent concerts in Argentina, 
- UNION´s future, touring with Grand Funk Railroad, 
- his relationship with Eric Carr, the inedit song he contributed to the KISS Box Set , 
- his opinion about Eric Singer´s return to KISS and how he would react if contacted by KISS to rejoin the band in Ace´s Make up. 

Check out this cool interview (in English) and also some photos of his recent trip to Argentina in  
2nd November 2001 Ace interview
[From: Pyro Messiah]
There is a new interview of Ace at

Among what he talked about:
  • Works with KISS on a tour by tour basis.
  • Is over his Lyme's disease.
  • Doesn't know much about the KISS box set.
  • Has new album coming out.
  • Said "no" to playing with KISS in Las Vegas to raise money for the victims of
    New York. Wanted to do it in New York.

Click here to hear the interview over at Eddie Trunk.

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