January 2002
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31st January 2002 KISS and Make-Up competition
In one weeks time KISS and Make-up will at last be officially released in the UK, the competition to win posters and dust-jackets is now over and the winners are as follows (all were drawn at random and will be informed by E-mail):-
The following people win a poster and a dust jacket:-
  • Andy Young
  • Stuart Tait
  • Nigel Ewen
  • James Hodgson

This left me with 2 spare dust jackets which go to:-

  • Michael Goodman
  • Arthur Jacky

Thanks to everyone that entered!

Gene on Late Night with Conan O'Brien
Gene Simmons will be a guest on Late Night With Conan O'Brien on 8th Feb in the US (for those that don't know Conan is the guy that introduced the reunion press conference in 1996). Luckily Conan's show is shown in the UK on CNBC (Sky Digital C510) I am currently trying to find out when the episode will be broadcast over here....
27th January 2002 Vinnie V
There is a review of Vinnie Vincents 'Speedball Jam: Archives Vol. 1' over at ElectricBasement. Their final conclusion is as follows:-
"If you are a casual KISS, Invasion, or (shudder) Slaughter fan, you will find little to nothing worth while about this release, unless you are a die-hard completest. For the guitarist who is into shredding, this is an invaluable insight into the mind and fingers of one of the best and underrated metal guitarists of all time. 1* for casual fans, 5* for guitarists"
Click here to read the review
KISS THIS - UK Tribute
There is a new junior 'non-makeup' KISS tribute in the making, KISS THIS, you can read more about them and see some pictures by following the link below. In their own words "We are only teenagers (14, 15 and 15) and think it will be good for people to recognise that Kiss are not dead to the youth of today."
Click here to read more about KISS THIS
24th January 2002 Heat
[From: Martin Wombwell]
There's a picture of Gene, Paul and Cher at the AMA in the latest issue of
Heat. Martin
23rd January 2002 More KISS on 100 most shocking moments
[From: ACEFR3HL3Y@aol.com]
Last night on100 most shocking moments in music to my surprise up popped none other than KISS at number 78, the moment was when Gene Simmons set his hair on fire during his fire-breathing routine. They showed several KISS pics and concert footage from 70's right through to the present day, cool stuff...Then followed by them at number 76 was the woman who made plaster casts out of peoples manhoods (was the politest word for it I could think of) I think her name was Cynthia, not too sure, anyway they played Plaster Caster as her story unfolded, was good stuff to watch. It is on every night this week at 9.00pm.
22nd January 2002 Peter on VH1
[From: Mark McElearney]
Did anyone else catch Peter Criss on the 100 most shocking moments in
Rock last night on VH1. For those who missed it the shock was when a
street bum pretended to be Peter and Peter exposed the sham. Not very
shocking if you ask me. More shocking is Ace's car crashes but that
might be for a later program.Mark McElearney

[From: Martin Wombwell]
Last night on VH1's the 100 greatest moments in rock
It showed Peter Criss meeting his imposter. Although it was number 92 they
showed a few live clips and family pictures.

18th January 2002 KISS may play without Ace at fashion show
[From: eddietrunk.com]
Here's the latest on the KISS Lane Bryant Event.
KISS will play in NYC for this womens clothing company. The performance will be during a fashion event, while models show off the new Lane Bryant line. The event is PRIVATE and will NOT be open to the public! KISS will perform live, not lip synched. What's the lineup you ask? It is Gene and Paul, however it's unknown who the drummer is. It is suspected to once again be Eric Singer in Peter's makeup. I have also confirmed that Ace will not be a part of this. Will we finally see the rumoured Tommy Thayer playing Ace scenario? Stay tuned, but who else could it be?? I suspect that since this is not really a rock event, and is just for the fashion press, nobody will know the difference or care. But KISS fans being KISS fans will. I can also tell you that the event, which is Feb 5th, will be streamed on Lane Bryant's website the next day. More details soon. I will also have an exclusive review of this event, since I will be attending it. As always, keep checking back for more from your KISS source: EddieTrunk.com
17th January 2002 Richie Scarlet UK tour (with Leslie West)
[From: Frank Flannigan]
Capital Gold are using CRAZY CRAZY NIGHTS as an intro to one of their night 
shows heard it today advertising the show .
16th January 2002 Richie Scarlet UK tour (with Leslie West)
[From: Paul Newcomb]
Fresh from his show in NYC with Ace Frehley, Richie Scarlet returns to the U.K. playing 9 showsas bass player forLeslie West and Mountain. By co-incidence, older Kiss fans may recall, Stray, who supported Kiss on their first U.K. tour will again be the support band

thurs 21 feb The Robin 1 Dudley w/ The Groundhogs 
thurs 28 feb The Brook Southampton all w/ Mountain 
fri 1 mar The Mean Fiddler, Charring Cross Rd, London 
sat 2 mar Patti Pavillion Swansea 
sun 3 mar The Point Cardiff (Clwb y Bont) 
mon 4 mar The Stables Milton Keynes 
tues 5 mar t.b.a 
weds 6 mar The Opera House Newcastle 
thurs 7 mar The Robin 1 Dudley 
fri 8 mar Y Theater Leicester 
sat 9 mar The Picture Playhouse Beverley

before travelling

Best Wishes / Paul Newcomb
Trigger Happy Music Co
15th January 2002 DTK dates
Please note that the Dressed To Kill gig dates have been updated - there have been a couple of additions and some venue changes.
14th January 2002 Bruce live in Australia
[From: Nicola Ciccarone]

MELBOURNE - The Corner Hotel, Friday 1 February, 2002
SYDNEY - Bar Broadway, Sunday 3 February, 2002

    Shown on big screen with unreleased TV and Live footage
    - THE KISS QUIZ SHOW ! ...test your KISS knowledge with multimedia TRIVIA and test your vocal chords with the KISS KARAOKE
    PRIZES include various KISS merchandise from the KISS ARMY INTERNATIONAL shop
    If you have an interesting item that you want to auction, please get in touch with Nicola Ciccarone and ask him for details (03-9383-2555 - nico@nicostrike.com)
    There will be lots of stands overloaded with KISS memorabilia from Europe and America, and there will be also lots of BRUCE KULICK merchandise
  • at the end of the concert BRUCE KULICK will be SIGNING AUTOGRAPHS at his merchandise table

click here to visit the official BRUCE KULICK's web page

With the release of his first solo album, Audiodog, Bruce Kulick is returning to Australia for concerts in Melbourne and Sydney in February. Bruce will be performing with a full band and will play songs from his solo album as well as celebrating his 12 years with KISS. Since departing Kiss in late 1996 after the band re-applied the make up, Bruce has released three albums with his new band UNION and also performs lead guitar in the classic American rock band, Grand Funk Railroad. Bruce is no stranger to Australia having performed as lead guitarist on the Bat out of Hell tour with  Meat Loaf in 1978 and Kiss on their sell out tour in 1995. He has also toured Australia in 1996 doing a series of guitar clinics (he is endorsed by THE rock amplifier, Marshall) and again in 1998 as part of the all-star band, ESP, featuring Motley Crue vocalist, John Corabi and fellow Kiss drummer, Eric Singer. "I'm excited about playing some of my solo songs for the first time and also about playing many Kiss songs from my time in the band. The Australian fans have always been so supportive of me and my projects and I know that they will enjoy the set list that I've put together - there's not much I'm leaving out," Bruce said. In his Kiss years, Bruce sold over 15 million albums with the band and has also recorded and or toured with some of the most successful performers over the years including Meat Loaf, Billy Squire, Michael Bolton and even Don Johnson!
As per previous tours, Bruce is looking forward to meeting the fans and after each show, he will be signing autographs and selling copies of his solo album, Audiodog.

Melbourne - Friday 1 February, 2002
The Corner Hotel
57 Swan Street, Richmond, VIC 3121
Ph. 03-9427-7300 - Ticket bookings: 03-9427-9198

Sydney - Sunday 3 February, 2002
Bar Broadway
Cnr Regent Street and Broadway, Sydney, NSW 2000
Ph. 02 9211 2321

Tickets on sale: Ticketmaster7 phone charge 136100 or at www.ticketmaster7.com
ticket cost $30.00 + booking fee
Tickets will be on sale from the venues in advance.

For more information, please write to:
Nicola Ciccarone - 2/49 Rose Street - Coburg, VIC 3058 - tel & fax 9383-2555 - 

New Beth cover
[From: Tomalo]
Tomalo present their 2nd CD 'Play It Loud' which includes a cover of the KISS song 'Beth'. Visit http://tomalo3.tripod.com for more details.
10th January 2002 Pics of Paul & Gene at AMA
Paul and Gene gave out an award for best male pop/rock artist at this years American Music Awards. Lenny Kravitz was the winner and he thanked Paul & Gene for being an influence. Fansites.com have some pictures up on their site, have a look at them here.
9th January 2002 Gene book signing
[From: AIM4ME/John]
I just returned fromGene's book signing in Los Angeles Ca. at Brentanos book store (January 8, 2002). The signing was fantastic. I got into line aroundnoon. Gene was scheduled to be there at 6:30PM. He arrived at 6:00PM and did a fewmedia interviews then they opened the doors and allowed 10 people in at a time. Gene did not have make-up on for this event.Gene was on a small elevated platform similar to the one at Tower Records for the box signing event. You were required to purchase a book at Brentanos to be able to have him sign it. Even though Brentanos indicated that he would only sign his book, I saw him signing Kissmemorabilia also. Once I got inside, I could hear Gene talking and joking with everyone who came up to him, he was in great spirits. On occasion, I have heard stories about Gene being rude to his fans. I have had the opportunity to meet him a couple of times and every time hehas beenfantastic. He is very friendly and more then happy to sign anything. This time was no different. Cameras were allowed into the book store and you could give your camera to a book store employee and they would take a photo of you getting your book signed with Gene. When he was signing my book, I told him how many times I have seen Kiss and how much I enjoy their music (I know not original, but it is true). Gene saw the Australian Kiss shirt I was wearing and told me that he liked it. I told him that I went 
to Australia and saw them 5 times while I was there. He asked me what cities did I go to while I was there and I told him. He then said, "You know we played twice in Sydney." I told him that I was at both of them. He then said, "Oh OK, I was just testing you" and he started laughing. He shook my hand and handed me my book. You were able to spend a lot more time withhim then at the Tower Records box set signing.
Once again Gene, thank you. You are a class act.
Kiss Army!!!
7th January 2002 Gene in National Enquirer

The latest issue of the UK edition of 'National Enquirer' has a small picture of Gene on the cover and a page and a half article inside. The article consists of some quotes from 'KISS and Make-up', mostly about Gene's relationships with Cher, Diana Ross and Shannon Tweed.

Thanks to Martin Wombwell (and his wife) for letting me know about this.

4th January 2002 Gene on 'Still Cher'
Gene Simmons was on BBC1's 'Still Cher' documentary last night, although unfortunately it only lasted a minute or 2. He talked about how he and Cher never understood each other's music - she didn't understand his 'raising hell' type lyrics and he never understood her disco.

He mentioned how when they first met they had a juvenile relationship and they used do stuff like skipping down Rodeo Drive with Gene giving her a piggy back. He also said that living with Cher was like living in a bizarre world - one morning Cher woke him up to go running down the beach in Malibu. Gene got dressed in his snakeskin boots, leather and jewellery and soon found out that isn't the best gear to go running in, not only was Cher laughing at him but they also bumped into Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand coming the other way!

Boxset certified Gold
Apparently the KISS boxset has been certified gold already, also it is now more readily available in UK record shops - both HMV and Tower Records have been stocking the standard version it for around 80.
2nd January 2002 KISS and Make-Up competition
In the run up to the official UK release of KISS and Make-up I have some sets of promo posters and dust-jackets to give away. All you need to do is answer the following question:-

What if the recommended retail price for the UK edition of KISS and Make-Up (in UK pounds)?

Send your answer to genecomp@kissinuk.com 

Winners will be announced on the 31st January, 1 week before the launch. Lookout for a review of the book soon (like a lot of people I got the US version for KISSmas!).

Gene on Cher documentary
Just a reminder that Gene Simmons will be on the Cher documentary 'Still Cher' on BBC 1 on Thu 3rd Jan at 22:35.
KISS mention in Classic Rock
[From: Graeme Piper]
Just thought I'd drop you a line about the following things in Classic Rock mag #36:

1). Page 8 - A mention about Vivien Campbell, Lemmy and "KISS drummer Eric Carr" doing a version of 'Shout it out loud'. (they do of course mean Eric Singer)

2).Page 11 - half page piece about 'KISS & Make-Up' and various Gene projects with a 'now' picture of Gene in make-up.

3). Page 102 - Double page feature/review on the box set (containing mis-information naturally!). It only gets 3 stars though.
New KISS Forever Band site
[From: Pocky Demon]
Hello Dears,

Our website has a new image with english language and new  pictures! Let you see! http://www.kissforeverband.hu 

Best regards
Pocky Demon from KFB
I've just received for info about a UK influenced band called KISS THIS, they are a non-makeup band just starting off, I will have a page set up for them on the site soon, here is some info from Mick their drummer:-

"Our band is called KISS THIS, we got the name from the film "Detroit Rock City" We have been together about 7 months now, our biggest influence was KISS, after seeing Detroit Rock City we knew kiss would play a great part in our life. We decided to make a kiss tribute band but after careful thought and some advice from Gary Banton (from Dressed To Kill) we decided not to be a tribute band so that we could play any music we wanted. We are just starting to play well together."

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