April 2002
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29th April 2002 Gene figure at Spencers
Spencer Gifts UK have access to around 300 12" Gene Simmons Alive  figures. They cost £39.99 each plus postage, for more information call Kris at the Crawley branch on 01293 611628.


23rd April 2002 Alive IV with new tracks!
[From: Joop van Pelt, KISS Kollector]
KISS Alive IV will finally be out on July 16 in Europe. The inlay will be slightly updated (with a few new photos and some of the new merchandise) from the version that had been made for the original release two and a half years ago. But the really good news is that the album will include two brandnew songs, that the band are working on right now. In other European KISS news, the Live In Las Vegas DVD will be distributed in Holland after all and should be available shortly.
20th April 2002 No Ace on Bandstand
[From: John/mykissarmy.com] [Picture from Yahoo]
I went to the 50th anniversary of American Bandstand filming of Kiss on April 19,2002, at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Pasadena California. The line up was Gene, Paul, Eric and possibly Tommy. Still not positive who was in Ace makeup but it was not Ace.† They performed one song, "Detroit Rock City." Kiss had a large amount of pyrotechnics. There was basically a wall of sparks behind Eric. Gene and Paul looked great, pure classic Kiss, with all of their classic moves. The filming started with Dick Clark talking to the audience. He was very friendly and appreciated everyone showing up. Kiss came out and played Detroit Rock City, then left the stage. The cameras filmed them during their performance. After they left the stage, Detroit Rock City was played over the sound system and the cameras filmed some of the audience. The entire filming lasted approximately 30 minutes.
17th April 2002 Sweden KISS Convention - with Eric Singer
[From: KISS Army Sweden]
Kiss Army Sweden is proud to present the Sweden Kiss Convention 2002 on May 12, featuring an appearance by special guest Eric Singer. Scheduled events includes a Kiss contest, Kiss video, a Kiss trivia, Kiss merchandise and Kiss music performed by local acts. Eric Singer will participate in a Q/A-session and sign autographs. The venue is Club Rockers, Vasteras, Sweden. More information and tickets available at http://www.kissarmysweden.com.
Ace Skywalker
[From: Kelvis]
Not really sure whether this is of any interest to you, but I've submitted Ace Frehley and Gene Simmons skins for the videogame "Jedi Outcast"...The Ace Skin is already available for any budding Jedi Knights to download at:


I've only just submitted the Gene skin tonight, so I'm afraid it's not available just yet, but check back later and the may have posted it...

Here's a couple of pics to whet your appetites :)
Picture of Ace Frehley skin
Pic of Gene Simmons skin

15th April 2002 New Bruce interview
Greg Davies from The Revenge Within.website has just posted a new interview with Bruce Kulick, you can read it over at The Revenge Within.
Cat House 69
Dan bach has sent me details of a forthcoming gig by Cat House 69 on 28th April. They are a nu-skool/olde skool glam band (their singer used to be Alice in Fistfull Of Alice tribute band). Dan has it on good authority that they will be playing 2 KISS songs in their show along with a mix of other covers & original songs.
KISS Busts
[From: Andy Smith]
These are now in stock at Forbidden Planet in New Oxford Street, London. Each are priced at £12.99 so...not too bad. They also had the "Pewter" Gene & Paul busts also at £12.99 Andy.............
13th April 2002 Ace 100th coolest star
The current issue of Kerrang! has a chart of the 100 coolest stars, Ace is the only KISS member in there just making in at number 100, well done to the Spaceman! He was one spot lower than the lurrrvely Angelina Jolie.
All American Man MP3 (Torpedo Girls)
[From: Mike Stone]
o.k., it is only from germany's THE TORPEDO GIRLS, but we're sure that everybody will enjoy that big bang of rock'n'roll! Find the MP3 file under http://www.torpedogirls.de and enjoy! See you on UK- Kiss tribute tour in september, best wishes, keep rockin'

Mike Stone
mail to mike@torpedogirls.de

Come on get your feet wet!
[From: Joshua Hurst]
I wanted to bring to you attention a band from Rhode Island called Blackstone Valley Crew. They are blowing up in the New England area as well as NY, PA and NJ. They have also sold numerous CDs through mail order in Japan. The main reason that I am bringing them to your attention is their album cover. It is there version of the classic LOVE GUN lp cover. I think that the band has the potential to be a huge force in new music with the right help. They were recently featured in Alternative Press magazine. They were reviewed as well as being featured in as ad for their sponsor www.Suburban-Assault.com a new clothing company that is working to get bands signed. I would love to hear your thoughts on the group when you get a chance. You can check them out on the web at www.BlackstoneValleyCrew.com † and I have attached a photo of their CD cover so you can see what I am talking about.  Hope to hear from you soon and†thank you for your time. Joshua Hurst
9th April 2002 Live in Las Vegas DVD
The new Live In Las Vegas unofficial DVD can be bought in the UK from Play.com for only £11.99 including P&P!! The release date quoted on their site is 13/5/02.

Thanks to Martin Weeks for the info.

7th April 2002 Ace featured on new Anton Fig CD
Anton Fig (from Letterman, Frehley's Comet plus several KISS albums) has a new CD out called 'Figments'. Ace Frehley plays solo on the track called 'Know Where You Go', the same track also features Richie Scarlett and Seb Bach. More information on the album (along with a small sample) can be obtained from Anton Fig's official site.
New KISS comic book
[From: Danni Segal]
Newsarama have an article up about the new KISS comic book from Dark Horse comics, including some sample artwork and an interview with the writer.

Newsarama can be found at

Tod Howarth interview online
[From: Stein]
Hi, A new(ish) interview with Tod Howarth is up at www.ink19.com 
3rd April 2002 Child Gene Simmons required!!
Channel 5 are currently producing a new TV programme, which comes from the producers of TFI Friday. It's a talent show for people with "amazing but unique abilities". They are very keen to find a child Gene Simmons impersonator, if you can help please E-mail me. Ideally they need to be aged 12 or under and must live in the UK. If you have a picture please send it in too - if they don't make it to TV then they will still get to liven up this page!
DTK mini tour of Scotland
Dressed To Kill have announced the venues for their mini tour of Scotland, they are as follows:-

Thurs May 30th - Glasgow 'Strawberry Fields'
Fri May 31st - Dundee 'Westport Bar'
Sat Jun 1st - Aberdeen 'The Lemon Tree'

Full tour dates are available here

2nd April 2002 Latest Alive IV rumour
[From: MelodicRock.com]
Kiss look like they have made peace with their long time label Mercury Records, as the label have tentatively scheduled Alive IV for release on August 20. Speculation continues over whether Kiss will then leave the label, with Spitfire Records said to be one label that the band have already met with.
Tour contracts
Fancy a peek at the contracts KISS put out when they go on tour? The Smoking Gun have 3 pages of KISS' touring demands published on their site.

Click here for Page 1 ; Page 2 ; Page 3

1st April 2002 Torpedo Girls - last show confirmed for UK tour
[From: Mike Stone]
Mini-UK-tour dates completed - last show has been confirmed!

The fourth (and last) gig of the german KISS tribute THE TORPEDO GIRLS in the UK has been confirmed yesterday. The band will appear on 

September, 22, 2002 at
Lincoln Imp. 
Scunthorpe, Mid England 
Hotline ++44/1724/840891 

Click here for a full list of UK gigs

Listen to KISS songs that the "originals" never played, like "All American Man" or "Tonight you belong to me"! For further informations click this: http://www.torpedogirls.de 

Best regards 

Mike Stone

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