May 2002
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28th May 2002 Do You Love Me cover
[From: Dwight Fry]
Just a quickie to let you know that Girl's 1980 version of 'Do You Love Me' is part of the free CD given away on the Robert Plant-cover Classic Rock mag this month... Girl was headed by Phil Lewis (later LA Guns) and that bloke on guitar who ended up in Def Leppard. The 'Girl' album also features a great early version of LA Guns' 'Hollywood Tease'. Tidy!
18th May 2002 Thanks
Firstly many thanks to Dan & Michelle for doing a great job running the site while I was off in Orlando, nice to be back... (not!).
Gene Simmons Tongue
This morning my copy of Gene Simmons Tongue arrived from the States, it's much larger than I thought at 106 pages, kind of an FHM clone with a little Metal Edge thrown in (not surprising seeing as the publisher, Allen Tuller, is also behind Metal Edge). Inside are interviews with Gene, Tommy Lee, Donna D'Errico, Fred Durst, Mahandra Delfino (Roswell) and Stan Lee. KISS content is mainly limited to adverts including - Box set,  KISS Kondoms, KISS Personal Checks, KISS Metal Edge specials and Alive II Smiti playsets. There are also some pictures of Gene in make-up including one with Cher and another of him on the loo, and a couple of pictures of Paul & Eric behind the scenes at the Winter Olympics. Gene Simmons Dragonfly clothing also have a full page advert and some pictures, the London store is mentioned on the advert.

Overall not a bad magazine, lots of content and some half decent interviews, if it takes off in the US I hope to see it in the shops over here. It's well worth the asking price of $11.99 for 3 issues shipped to the UK ($6.99 for 3 in the US or $3.99 an issue in the shops).

Ace's Brithday
[From: John,]
On April 27, 2002,I went to the Ace Frehley Birthday Bash in Hackensack, New Jersey. So much took place at this event that I will have to summarize it. To start with, there was a bomb threat so everyone had to evacuate the building which really messed up the standing in line process. Ace held a question and answer session. His answers were very shocking. He accused Gene and Paul of "ripping" him off over and over again. He said that he is going to go ahead with his solo career and he is finished with Kiss. He also said that before the year is up, he will have a new solo album out. Gene showed up at the party and gave Ace a birthday cake. I was able to get a few pictures with Ace and get a 1977 Kiss comic book signed by him. I already had Gene's and Paul's autograph on the book. Overall, it was a good time. If and when Kiss come to the U.K. I do not know who will be playing guitar. As a matter of fact, I do not think anyone knows who will be playing guitar. Lets just hope they make it there.

New KISS Tribute CD
[From: Brian Warner]

A tribute to the "shock rock" kings Kiss. 'Unpainted' is a tribute to these metal legends and is unique in that it only covers the "non-makeup" era. Features tracks by AMERICA TO MARS (featuring former Tuff Luck guitarist Dave Scott), STAR 2K (former members of Jagged Edge and Gods Gift), respected Kiss cover bands such as KISS COVER SHOW, UNMASKED, KISSKONFUSION, KISS FOREVER BAND and DEAR VICTIMS. Brought to you by our good friends at Shark Bite Records. Audio samples are available on our site. 
Norwegian Convention report
[From: G-netic Music Ent]
Eric Singer gave the Norwegian Kiss fans a night to remember
Halden, Norway,09.05.2002

A professional organized 'Kiss Farewell Party' by Kiss Army Norway presented an extremely open hearted and down to earth Eric Singer who really seemed to enjoy the role as Kiss' ambassador of Norway. The straightforward drummer sat down in front of the die-hards to answer any question made. On the questions concerning the future of Kiss with or without Ace, Eric shared his feelings on the subject. 'I think Ace will be there for the rest of the Farewell Tour'. The signing went smooth and unlike Mr.Frehley, Singer happily signed anything for the fans, giving them a night to remember. Even Norways hottest glam rock band , Wig Wam, showed up on the Farewell party to celebrate Kiss with a Kiss Special show. Surprisingly the band presented some Kiss material the fans hadn't heard live before in a full scale Kiss show . The songs:. Love Gun, Crazy Crazy Nights, Rocket Ride, Lick It Up, Deuce, Christine Sixteen, Heaven's on fire, Let's Put The X in Sex and Car-Laile, which Wig Wam said they wrote for Kiss' Alive 4 in their own hysterical way. And why not ! It was brilliant ! Check out the pictures from the show on Eric played with the band on the most amazing versions heard of 'I was made for loving you' and 'Unholy', with the frontman spitting blood. Singer even made the band end the show with another 
round of Love Gun with him. 

All in all, it was a night the Norwegian fans will never forget.
Cheap Boxset
Jogn Crooks has written in to say that have the KISS Boxset on offer for 52.45 including delivery.
7th May 2002 Belated Sad News reported on May 2nd 2002 that Gene's father had passed away in Israel. Gene has asked for no sympathy e-mails to be sent to him. Please visit for more information.
7th May 2002 More Kiss items auctioned are auctioning more KISS related items. 
Items include stage clothes, posters, guitars (studio and tour), record awards, flight cases and a pinball machine.
7th May 2002 Eric Singer and Queen
From: Joop van Pelt

Eric Singer's performance with Queen in Amsterdam the other day will air again on Dutch national TV on May 15 so for all of you who missed it the first time, get your VCR's running.

check out the KISS Kollector Fanclub website: 
7th May 2002 Kiss Alive IV delayed until Winter
From: Joop van Pelt

Just upon return from the Ace Frehley Birthday Bash and the annual NY KISS Expo, KISS Kollector Fanclub learned that KISS Alive IV has been postponed until wintertime. The delay is caused by the two new songs the band would like to include, since they won't start recording until Summer as they're waiting for Bob Ezrin who's currently in the studio with Porno For Pyros. In other news, Eric Singer's performance with Queen in Amsterdam the other day will air again on Dutch national TV on May 15 so for all of you who missed it the first time, get your VCR's running.

check out the KISS Kollector Fanclub website: 
5th May 2002 Amended and New DTK Gigs
From: Gary Banton

DTK new gig news:-

Sat Aug 31st - Newcastle Under Lyme 'The Rigger'

Sat Sept 7th - Weymouth 'Finn M'Couls' NOT Croydon 'Cartoon'

Sat Nov 2nd - Sutton-In-Ashfield 'The Diamond' - this is now CONFIRMED 

Hope to see many of you at Crewe and Stourbridge next weeked!

Gary (Gene in DTK)
1st May 2002 Dan bach, KISSin' UK editor
Last year you may remember Dan bach and Michelle Morgan done a brilliant job of running this page for 2 weeks. Well, for the next 2 weeks they have kindly (madly!) offered to do it again. If during those weeks you have any KISS news that you were going to send to the site please mail it to Dan at, Dan will then edit any news and arrange for it to be added to the site. Many thanks to both Dan and Michelle Morgan for helping out again!

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