July 2002
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28th July 2002 Rock 'N' The Box!

Check out the latest KISS toys to hit the UK. Forbidden Planet are selling Rock 'N' The Boxes of Paul, Gene, Ace & Peter, apparently they even, er, 'pop out' to a KISS tune! Alice Cooper & Ozzy ones are also available.

Check them out at the Forbidden Planet website (go to their shop and search for KISS to find them). Thanks to Sharon Pitts for the info.

25th July 2002 Farewell tour - "we changed our minds"
[From: MTV.COM]
With Kiss, it seems too much is never enough. There have been no shortage of Kiss greatest-hits discs over the years, but that's not stopping them from issuing yet another, The Very Best of Kiss, on August 27.

Unlike some past best-of discs, which have featured either the band's early material or their less-praised '80s fare, but rarely both, the new record chronicles the band's entire career, from early singles like "Strutter" and "Deuce" to "Lick It Up" and "God Gave Rock 'n' Roll to You II."

Chances are there will be even more greatest hits records to come because Kiss will probably be making music and touring until Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are buried in their Kiss Kaskets (see "Kiss Kick It In Style, Komplete With Kaskets"). They're in talks with labels about releasing a new Kiss record, and they recently recorded a version of "Rock N Roll Radio" for an upcoming Ramones cover album (see "Kiss, Garbage Join Rob Zombie's Ramones Tribute LP").

"I frequently run into Johnny Ramone, and about a month ago he told me about the Ramones tribute album and asked if we would participate," Stanley explained on Kiss' Web site. "I can remember our club days and seeing Joey Ramone standing a head above everyone else! ... Gene, Eric [Singer] and I recorded a track called 'Rock N Roll Radio.' We used a big saxophone section done by Scott Paige, who tours with Pink Floyd, and Derek Sherinian on piano. Gene and I trade off vocals, and I have to say this is as cool and kick-ass as it gets!"

Of course, when there are record releases, tours aren't usually far behind. Regardless of prior claims that their last go 'round would be their farewell tour (see "Kiss Announce Farewell Tour"), Kiss plan to hit the road again in 2003.

"People change their minds, and in this case that goes along with being a living, thinking person," Stanley wrote. "What one says one day with total commitment may at another time turn out not to be so. Am I doing this for the money or the fans? Both, and let's not forget I'm doing this for me. That is the reason I originally started playing: because I wanted to, and only I can decide ultimately when to stop. As you know (assuming that you have a job), it is great to have both the appreciation of those around you and to be compensated financially."

Guitarist Ace Frehley recently told New York's WNEW-FM that Simmons and Stanley are urging him to join them on the upcoming tour, and he responded that "if the price is right" he'll be donning the spaceman costume and firework-shooting guitars again.

Click here to view the original article at MTV.com

23rd July 2002 Paul to host Masquerade Ball in Vegas

[From: Holly Shields & Rose]
Paul Stanley will be hosting an International Masquerade Ball in Las Vegas in April 2003. Its being put together by a group of Australians, they are inviting Australians, Americans and British to Las Vegas for a party weekend and the main event is a masquerade ball at Caesars Palace with Paul as the host.

Rumour has it over here they are only allowing 1500 tickets to internationals and Paul will be hosting, and mingling at the party all night and getting up and singing with the Australian band.

Visit the Masquerade site for more details, full details about Paul's appearance can be found here.

22nd July 2002 New Greatest Hits CD!
Just what every KISS fan needs.... another Greatest Hits album! KISS Online have announced that 'The Very Best Of KISS' will be released on 27th August in the US, currently it is unknown if a worldwide release is penned. Something to note is that it is being released by Mercury/Universal which seeing as KISS have already left the label must mean this is to help them finish off the old contract. The best part of the album seems to be the cover, it is what Greatest KISS should have looked like. Here's the tracklist:-
  • 1. STRUTTER 3.10 (original version from KISS, 1974)
  • 2. DEUCE 3.06 (from KISS, 1974)
  • 3. GOT TO CHOOSE 3.54 (from HOTTER THAN HELL, 1974)
  • 4. HOTTER THAN HELL 3.31 (from HOTTER THAN HELL, 1974)
  • 5. CíMON AND LOVE ME 2.57 (from DRESSED TO KILL, 1974)
  • 6. ROCK AND ROLL ALL NITE live 4.01 (radio hit version taken from ALIVE!, 1975)
  • 7. DETROIT ROCK CITY 3.38 (from DESTROYER 1976)
  • 8. SHOUT IT OUT LOUD 2.49 (from DESTROYER 1976)
  • 9. BETH 2.45 (from DESTROYER 1976)
  • 10. I WANT YOU 3.04 (from ROCK AND ROLL OVER, 1976)
  • 11. CALLING DR. LOVE 3.44 (from ROCK AND ROLL OVER, 1976)
  • 12. HARD LUCK WOMAN 3.34 (from ROCK AND ROLL OVER, 1976)
  • 13. I STOLE YOUR LOVE 3.04 (from LOVE GUN, 1977)
  • 14. CHRISTINE SIXTEEN 3.14 (from LOVE GUN, 1977)
  • 15. LOVE GUN 3.18 (from LOVE GUN, 1977)
  • 16. NEW YORK GROOVE 3.03 (from ACE FREHLEY, 1978)
  • 17. I WAS MADE FOR LOVING YOU 4.30 (from DYNASTY, 1979)
  • 18. I LOVE IT LOUD 4.15 (from CREATURES OF THE NIGHT, 1982)
  • 19. LICK IT UP 3.56 (from LICK IT UP, 1983)
  • 20. FOREVER 3.52 (from HOT IN THE SHADE, 1989)
  • 21. GOD GAVE ROCK ĎNí ROLL TO YOU II 5.18 (from REVENGE 1992)


16th July 2002 KISS Kollector news
[From: Joop van Pelt]
New issue of KISS Kollector magazine out in early August 

The August issue of the glossy KISS Kollector magazine will be out soon. Issue no. 41 includes part 2 of our revealing Sean Delaney interview, a great interview with former KISS account manager Chris Lendt, an interview with legendary drummer Anton Fig along with a review of his new album featuring Ace Frehley, a report on Ace Frehley's birthday bash, a review of the premiere issue of Gene Simmons Tongue magazine, a sneak preview of the upcoming 'holy grail' of KISS books titled KISS Alive Forever - The Complete Touring History, a review of Richie Scarlet's new solo album featuring Ace Frehley, lots of never before printed photos (recent shots as well as rare photos from the early seventies) and much, much more.

In other news, KISS Kollector is sad to report that recently English producer/engineer Mike Stone passed away at age 51. As most of you probably know, Mike worked a lot with KISS/Sean Delaney in the late seventies and is also known as producer/engineer for other acts including Queen and Journey. And along with Paul Stanley he produced the 1979 debut album by New England.
New Richie Scarlet CD
[From: Mark Weber]
$15. plus $15 for shipping any quanity so order a few 
this is the first cd with ACE with out kiss in five years 
8th July 2002 Ace on Eddie Trunk
Ace phoned into the Eddie Trunk show on 4th July, here's a summary of what was said:-
  • Ace's new studio will be completed in 3 weeks time (complete with a launch party)
  • New Ace solo album should be finished for late summer
  • Possible tour with the Ace Frehley band in Autumn
  • Ace now legally owns his own domain name, acefrehley.com
  • Ace's new album will be sold on his website if he can't get a record deal
  • KISS are "on their knees begging" for him to return, he may return if his solo album flops!
  • KISS are planning a tour for 2003
  • KISS want to perform 60 shows in major & minor markets
  • Ace said he may consider touring for KISS only in major markets (30/35 shows)
  • Ace has recorded a solo for a song on Anton Fig's new album
  • A UFO landed in Ace's garden!

Listen to the 5 minute interview over at Eddie's website.

1st July 2002 DTK photos
Sam Clarke & Dan bach have kindly sent in some cool pictures from the recent Dressed To Kill gig in Crewe (may 10th 2002). Full details of DTK gigs can be found here. Big thanks to Sammy & Dan!

1. Ash
2. Ash & Gary
3. Ash & Gary
4. Ash
5. Ash
6. Ash, Sam & Rich (unmasked)
7. Gary, Ash's arse, Dave
8. Dave
9. Dave
10. Gary, Ash, Dave
11. Pyro
12. Pyro
13. Gary fire
14. Gary blood
15. Gary
16. Rich


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