September 2002
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25th September 2002 Liquid News
[From: KISSin' UK]
Gene Simmons has recently been interviewed for BBC Choice's Liquid News program. It will be shown in the UK on Wednesday 2nd October at 19:00. More information can be found on the BBC's site

Many thanks to Simon Brereton and Neil Hunter for the info.

Neil has also said that Gene will be appearing on Fox News on the o'reilly factor at 
either 1am or 4am tonight (Thurs morning).

24th September 2002 Torpedo Girls thank the UK
[From: Mike Stone]
A big THANK YOU from Germany!

It's Mike Stone writing from Duesseldorf! The german KISS tribute THE TORPEDO GIRLS ( would like to thank all people in the UK, who supported our england tour in september 2002, and last but not least, all KISS fans and maniacs, who travelled often more than 100 miles to enjoy a Torpedo- show! We believe in KISS rock'n'roll worldwide and are proud to know that the "forgotten songs" like "Tonight you belong to me" or "Flaming youth" are also highly loved in the UK, like in all other countries on earth! We did write a UK tour diary that will be shown during next week on our homepage , so you will find lots of pictures and comments of all stations where the band made their performance so far. Hope to see you again soon!


The Torpedo Girls
A very special KISS tribute
Red Surf DVD
[From: KISSin' UK]
Red Surf, the 1990 movie staring Gene Simmons along side George Clooney is currently available on DVD for £3.99 from Safeway.
23rd September 2002 FamilyGuy
[From: KISSin' UK]
The KISS episode of Fami ly Guy aired last night, but for those that missed it there will be a second chance to see it:-

Next Sunday (29th) on SKY 1 at 12:30PM.

KISS weren't in it for long, but it was pretty funny, although Ace & Peter might not be so keen on it. Paul & Gene both provided the voices for their characters.

Shadows Edge
[From: Joey C]
My name is Joey C, I play drums in the band Shadows Edge, I am a life long kiss fan too. Last year we did a show for Eric Carr for the 10 year anniversary. We worked with his sister on it. It went well, maybe you heard about it. Why I am posting this is that we have what we think is a really good band and we are trying to get our music in the UK, maybe someone out there can help us in some way? We have a website that if you have some time you can look at and let me know what you think, there are four songs on it that you can hear. On the news page there is stuff about the Eric Carr show you can look at too. The website is, you can e-mail me at

Thanks for your time, Joey C from Shadows Edge.

17th September 2002 Bargain Very Best Of KISS
[From: John Crooks]
I just logged onto tonight and they are selling The Very Best Of Kiss CD for the messily some of £8.99 with free delivery (with or without free patch - LOL). This must be he cheapest I have seen the new combo CD and at a bargain price. 
16th September 2002 Family Guy
[From: KISSin' UK]
The KISS episode of Family Guy will be airing in the UK on Sunday 22nd September at 5:30 PM on Sky One (it was supposed to be shown last Sunday but looks like it's been pushed back one week).
Chicago KISSfest pictures
[From: John,]
I wanted to let everyone know that I have updated with photos from the Chicago Kissfest that was held on September 8, 2002.  There are photos of Mike Brandvold (KOL), Eric Singer and the Kiss tribute band Kiss'd.  We had a great time at the event.  See the photos at
15th September 2002 Natalie Appleton
[From: Gary Banton, Dressed To Kill ( via mailing list)]
Q asks: What's the best song ever written?

Natalie Appleton answers: I love Cold Gin by Kiss, but its not really the 
lyrics, its just that every time I listen to it I want to get up and dance 
and play air guitar . . .
12th September 2002 The Very Best Of KISS
[From: KISSin' UK]
The latest KISS compilation hasn't yet had an official UK release but the Canadian version is available from for the bargain price of £9.99 delivered (thanks to Fraser for the tip!). It's rumored that the European version (if it does actually get released) will feature Crazy, Crazy Nights. Here's the full track list:-
  • 1. STRUTTER 3.10 (original version from KISS, 1974)
  • 2. DEUCE 3.06 (from KISS, 1974)
  • 3. GOT TO CHOOSE 3.54 (from HOTTER THAN HELL, 1974)
  • 4. HOTTER THAN HELL 3.31 (from HOTTER THAN HELL, 1974)
  • 5. C’MON AND LOVE ME 2.57 (from DRESSED TO KILL, 1974)
  • 6. ROCK AND ROLL ALL NITE live 4.01 (radio hit version taken from ALIVE!, 1975)
  • 7. DETROIT ROCK CITY 3.38 (from DESTROYER 1976)
  • 8. SHOUT IT OUT LOUD 2.49 (from DESTROYER 1976)
  • 9. BETH 2.45 (from DESTROYER 1976)
  • 10. I WANT YOU 3.04 (from ROCK AND ROLL OVER, 1976)
  • 11. CALLING DR. LOVE 3.44 (from ROCK AND ROLL OVER, 1976)
  • 12. HARD LUCK WOMAN 3.34 (from ROCK AND ROLL OVER, 1976)
  • 13. I STOLE YOUR LOVE 3.04 (from LOVE GUN, 1977)
  • 14. CHRISTINE SIXTEEN 3.14 (from LOVE GUN, 1977)
  • 15. LOVE GUN 3.18 (from LOVE GUN, 1977)
  • 16. NEW YORK GROOVE 3.03 (from ACE FREHLEY, 1978)
  • 17. I WAS MADE FOR LOVING YOU 4.30 (from DYNASTY, 1979)
  • 18. I LOVE IT LOUD 4.15 (from CREATURES OF THE NIGHT, 1982)
  • 19. LICK IT UP 3.56 (from LICK IT UP, 1983)
  • 20. FOREVER 3.52 (from HOT IN THE SHADE, 1989)
  • 21. GOD GAVE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL TO YOU II 5.18 (from REVENGE 1992)


  Gene in Daily Sport
[From: Rick]
The Daily Sport on Tuesday carried the following article about Gene....

Click here or on the picture to view

8th September 2002 How to Spice up a KISS T...
[From: KISSin' UK]
Who does this nicely cut KISS T-shirt belong to?

Here's a clue - Gene once made a comment on UK TV that he would like  her 'baby' bandmate to come back to his hotel room...

Click here for the answer


5th September 2002 Torpedo Girls hit the UK soon
[From: Roland Guethoff]
German KISS Tribute THE TORPDO GIRLS England Tour 2002!

It finally happened, the long awaitened UK tour of Germany's THE TORPEDO
GIRLS is starting yet! All preparations are ready made, and the band is
around this time almost sitting in the bus, together with their small
roadcrew, to come over the channel.

Enjoy an evening with KISS songs from three decades, lots of them never
performed live by the "originals", like "All American Man", "Speeding
back to my baby", etc. God save the queen, THE TORPEDO GIRLS are coming!

After the UK gigs the band will perform again on the next weekend
between the netherlands and germany at the "Voll in's Ohr" festival in
Nettetal in a kind of "welcome back" gig.

19.09.2002 Southend on Sea, UK SAKS Underground 
20.09.2002 Macclesfield, UK The Knight Bar 
21.09.2002 Workington, UK Monroe's Bar 
22.09.2002 Scunthorpe, UK Lincoln Imp. 
28.09.2002 Nettetal-Leuth Voll ins Ohr Festival 

Find further details about adresses, ticket hotline, etc. under

Come on, get your feet wet!

Best regards

Roland Guethoff
Duesseldorfer Musicmanagement
Ulenbergstrasse 115
40225 Duesseldorf
phone ++49/170/5603323
mail to:

See also the Torpedo Girls page for more info.

Gene Interview
Check out this interview with Gene taken by a complete nut-bar. Worth a listen, it was taken last May and is from Nardwuar.

Click here to listen to it
(requires RealAudio)
4th September 2002 UK KISS Convention 2003!
Plans are afoot to organise the unofficial 2003 UK KISS convention, which will be taking place at Crewe 'Limelight' on 21st June 2003. Currently it isn't known if any special guests will take part, however top tribute band Dressed To Kill will be there.

This is where you come in.... If you have any ideas to make this the best KISS convention ever please send them in, we have enough time to organise this properly so send in your ideas!! This page will be updated regularly with any further additions to the days events....

2nd September 2002 Richie Scarlet returns to UK
[From: Paul Newcomb]
Richie Scarlet returns to Britain in at the end of October as part of the legendary MOUNTAIN.  He will also take time out to promote his new album 'The Insanity of Life' which includes guests Ace Frehley, Leslie West, Ty TAbor, Neal Smith and Dennis Dunaway from Alice Cooper.
Full dates are 
Mountain and Stray  Autumn Tour- sponsored by Total Rock
10/30 - London - Mean Fiddler 
10/31 - Cardiff - The Point 
11/01 - Swansea - Patti Pavillion 
11/02 - Frome - Cheese and Grain 
11/03 - Pavilion - Bisley, Surrey 
11/04 - Newcastle - Opera House 

11/06 - Bury - Metropolitan Arts Center 
11/07 - Dudley - Robin Hood 2 Club 
11/08 - Glasgow - Renfrew Ferry 
11/10 - Sheffield - Boardwalk 
11/13 - Malmo Sweden - KB 
11/15 - Helsingborg Sweden - Tivoli 
11/16 - Sala Sweden - Rockland

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