October 2002
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27th October 2002 MTV wants KISS fans
[From: Joop van Pelt, KISS Kollector]
One of the TV crews who will be filming the KISS Expo Holland on November 11 at De Kade in Zaandam, is MTV who would like to follow a few KISS fans throughout the day for the MTV Live.com show. For the show, MTV is looking for KISS fans who don't mind to be followed by a camera and a VJ that day. Not only do you have to be a die hard KISS fan, but also  aged somewhere between 20 - 30 years of age (a little younger or older shouldn't be a problem). If you think this would be fun, please send e-mail to: kiss@animalize.com. Only a handful fans will be picked, and one of those might also win a meet & greet with Eric Singer.
Eric Carr - Inside the tale of the fox DVD
[From: Gary Hedges]
Play. com currently have The Eric Carr story - Inside the tale of the fox DVD, which is due to be released on the 4/11/2002 for £13.99 inc delivery

Click here to visit Play.com.

'Inside the Tale of the Fox' chronicles the complete life and times of Kiss drummer Eric Carr. The documentary includes candid interviews with family and friends, private 8mm films and video, plus unreleased Eric Carr music and a look at his animation project 'The Rockheads'.

22nd October 2002 Copenhagen KISS Expo 2002
[From:Stefan Cedervall]
Kiss Army Sweden is proud to present the Copenhagen Kiss Expo 2002 on November 10th at Diskotek In, Copenhagen, Denmark. The doors will open at 1400 PM. Special guest for the event is on-and-off Kissdrummer Eric Singer. Eric will be available for autographs, photos and a Q/A-session. Event also include dealers from Europe and the United States, Kiss videos, Kiss music, a Kiss contest and much more. Doors close at 1800 PM. Diskotek In is located on Gammel Torv 8 in central Copenhagen.
21st October 2002 Melbourne Symphony show confirmed!
[From: Undercover Music News]
Kiss will perform a one off concert in Melbourne with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra on February 28 at Telstra Dome.At a media conference to announce the event Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and Peter Criss confirmed the event as a one-off for the world after members of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra performed orchestrated versions of 'Rock and Roll All Nite' and 'I Was Made For Loving You' for the gathered throng.

The show is expected to include the original Kiss line-up and while Peter Criss made the trip to talk up the show, Ace Frehley was nowhere to be seen. "Ace isn't here" said Paul Stanley. "We are hoping he will be here at this spectacular concert. As you know we are here to announce that on February 28 we will unleash a Symphonic Sonic Boom, the likes of which the world has never heard before. We will be playing with the Melbourne Symphony or they will be playing with is. And as rumour would have it we are expecting Mozart and Beethoven to rise from the dead and dance with us".

Gene Simmons had a fairly convincing argument for the return of the band after their 2000 Farewell Tour. "Once upon a time I was a 12 year old boy and promised I would pull out" he said to a round of applause from the audience. "This is going to be one special event. We are here because we have heard so much about the Melbourne Symphony. The best of the best deserves the best. Melbourne has always been wonderful to us these last 30 years. We probably have a few children running around. The least we can do is come back and embrace you all".

Paul says the show will be done in parts. "What we are going to do is a concert in three parts. You will see a lot of violins and to a lot of violence" he said. "The plan as we see it now is we will start off with a Kiss show as you expect it with a lot of great tunes. Then we will go for an unplugged segment, playing some tunes taking it down a bit bringing out a quartet or a quintet. After that we will take a little break and then everyone can put their seatbelts on and the onslaught will begin. Their will be lobotomies for all".

The announcement is particularly pleasing for Kiss fans as it includes the return of Peter Criss who didn't quite make end of the last Kiss tour due to his on going battle with drugs. "I couldn't resist this. This is really cool" Peter said. "The cat man had to come back" Gene continued "If you remember cats have nine lives and Peter still has a few left".

For fans who can't afford the trip to Australia on Feb 28 to see the show it will be on pay-per-view. "That is the idea" says Paul Stanley. "That is the idea to make it available for everybody. Obviously to see it in the flesh will be the ultimate and to see it in pay-per-view will be incredible. Everybody will want some sort of memento of this momentous occasion so we will try and make as many formats of this available."

Kiss Symphony happens February 28, 2003 at Telstra Dome in Melbourne, Australia. Tickets go on sale Friday November 1.
Click here to visit Undercover Music News
20th October 2002 Gene on VH1
Gene appeared very briefly on VH1's '25 Sexiest' on Friday night. He made the following comments about some of the people on the list:-
About Madonna - "she's very comfortable about her sexuality which to me makes her even sexier"
About Britney - "the best looking virgin I've ever seen"
UK Expo - vendors required!
If any vendors are interested in obtaining floor space at the UK KISS Expo 2003 than please contact me (or if you know of someone who may be interested). The expo is still in it's early stages but the organiser is very much hoping to get some UK vendors involved.

For those that don't know, the Expo will be taking place next year on June 21st at the Limelight club in Crewe.


20th October 2002 New Kollector
[From: KISS Kollector]
Issue 42 of KISS Kollector magazine will be mailed out this week to all members - a month earlier than scheduled, because of the KISS Expo that KISS Kollector Fanclub organizes on November 11. The new issue includes an interview with Eric Singer, reviews of several KISS related albums, interview with former Piper and Skatt Bros. drummer Richie Fontana (who drummed on Paul's solo album and almost ended up as the new KISS drummer in 1980), review of KISS Alive Forever, 
interview with former Starz guitarist Richie Ranno (who played on Gene's solo album), memorial tribute to Eric Carr (including an interview with his sister Loretta), interview with KISS Alive Forever authors Curt Gooch & Jeff Suhs, many never before seen photos, and much more. For more info on KISS Kollector magazine please e-mail: kiss@animalize.com
KISS This in Amsterdam
[From: KISS Kollector]
As a pre-Expo gig, tribute band KISS This will perform live at the Hard Rock Cafe in Amsterdam on Friday, November 8. The gig will kick off at aprox 10 pm, and the entrance is free. The KISS Expo itself, with special guests Eric Singer & Sean Delaney, will take place on November 11 at De Kade in Zaandam (www.kade.nl). Advance ticket sale (through Post Offices, local record stores, Tourist Service Zaandam, etc.) has started, tickets are 20 euro each. Members of the KISS Kollector Fanclub get a big discount of 5 euro when they order their ticket through the fanclub (members only pay 15 euro - but if you need additional tickets, those are 20 euro each). For more info: kiss@animalize.com.
Bruce live in Switzerland
[From: kisscollector.net]
Bruce Kulick live in Switzerland November 21-24
Details on www.kiss.ch/bruce
KISS This gigs (UK version, not the same band as above!)
[From: Mick, KISS This]
We have 2 new gig dates.
GIGS FOR 2002:
Monday 4th November, at Mexbrough athletics club ( MINI gig )
Tuesdau 5th November, at Mexbrough athletics club ( MINI gig )

Other bands will also be playing here too.

I don't know if any body has seen the latest P!NK video "just like a pill". There is a man with a top hat that appears from the left when p!nk is sat down. i had a good look at him and it turns out to be a man in Peter Criss' make up !!.
Thanks. Mick (drummer in kiss this)
17th October 2002 Ace out of Rocktoberfest
[From: Blabbermouth via Robert Mansell]


KISS guitarist Ace Frehley has dropped off the list of scheduled performers at Rocktoberfest, an all-day rock festival set to take place on Saturday, October 19th in Polk City, Florida. Although no official reason was given for Ace's cancellation, the festival's organizers are reportedly attributing the guitarist's absence to a scheduling conflict caused by an unspecified KISS-related matter.

Could Ace be preparing to join his KISS bandmates at next week's Australian press conference to announce a show with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra? We'll just have to wait and see.

Click here to visit the site

Dressed To Kill free Halloween show!
Dressed to Kill will be playing on Thursday 31st October 2002 at the Hard Rock Café, Nottingham for a Special Halloween Show! Entrance to the show is completely FREE!
Click here for an updated list of DTK gigs
10th October 2002 Holland KISS Expo
[From: KISS Kollector]
KISS Kollector Fanclub a.k.a. the European KISS Army organizes the biggest KISS Expo taking place in Holland in years. On Monday, November 11 Holland welcomes special guests Eric Singer and Sean Delaney at De Kade in Zaandam. KISS drummer Eric Singer appeared at Expos in Europe before, but it's the very first time Sean Delaney appears at a European Expo - and it's also his one and only European appearance! Sean of course was the secret mastermind behind much of the now legendary KISS concept and will talk about what really went on behind the scenes for all those years. For more info, please check out the flyer (or e-mail KISS Kollector Fanclub at: kiss@animalize.com
Aussie KISS concert
[From: Melbourne Herald via Robert Mansell]
Rock legends KISS will drag out their endless farewell tour for an unusual world exclusive in Melbourne next March. The rockers will celebrate their 30th anniversary by performing a concert with the Melbourne Symphony as their backing band.

The event, featuring the orchestra playing amped-up KISS classics , will be a one-off. KISS fanatics are expected to travel from interstate and overseas for the show.

The band specifically chose Melbourne to host the concert which is expected to be televised live by an American TV network. The concert will feature the original KISS line-up of Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss.

KISS will visit Melbourne this month to promote the concert and meet the orchestra. KISS played to more than 30,000 fans in Melbourne in 2000.

4th October 2002 Peter & Ace - official sites
[From: KISSin' UK]
Not content with being the odd one out, Peter Criss has just started his official website. It can be found at http://www.petercriss.net/ however it currently doesn't contain much but is expected to grow very soon.

Ace also has an official site on the way but it currently contains a lot less that Pete's:- http://www.acefrehley.com (note the cool artwork designed by Ace himself).

3rd October 2002 Liquid News
[From: KISSin' UK]
For those that missed the Liquid News special the other day don't worry as the BBC have said it will be repeated, not sure when yet though. If you did miss it then try to watch it as it was an excellent show, well done to the BBC.

A majority of show was filmed in Gene's house and talked about Gene's life, KISS, his family and more. There were shots of Gene's son & daughter (can't believe how big they are now!) and some of Shannon too (although she wasn't in the mood to be filmed!). The interview was very well put together and was interlaced with archive shots of KISS such as Crazy, Crazy Nights, God Gave R&R To You II, I Love It Loud and the odd interview from the BBC archives.

Whilst the show didn't give us any major new stories or news, it did give a bit of an incite into Gene's private life and made a welcome change from the usual coverage given to KISS on UK television. Gene seemed to be the perfect host, in fact in the presenter's own words: "Gene Simmons was easily the celebrity most generous with his time I have ever met". Well done to Colin & the BBC.

Ramones Tribute delayed!
[From: Paul Harrison]
The Ramones tribute album featuring KISS has been pushed back in America to Christmas Eve!!
Psycho Circus Art
[From: Kevin Conrad]
Todd McFarlane Productions releases original art from KISS - PSYCHO CIRCUS issues 29, 30 and 31 back to the creators.

After nearly 2 1/2 years, KISS - PSYCHO CIRCUS creators Kevin Conrad (inker of entire series) and Clayton Crain's (Penciler of issues 18 - 31) patience has finally won out with the return of their orginal art from the final three issues.

With complete issues 29 and 30 going to Crain, Kevin Conrad has received the complete interior and cover to PSYCHO CIRCUS' final issue, number 31, along with the originally solicited cover for that issue, plus one additional cover/solicitation.  This marks the first and last time ANY original PSYCHO CIRCUS art will be made available to the public.  The creators were paid by separate check for their original art during the first 28 issues of the comic.  After the series was canceled, the final three issues' artwork sat in limbo for 2 1/2 years until a decision was made to finally return it to the rightful owners.

Presently, the ONLY issue that will be available for sale to collectors is issue 31.  There will be a ten day auction on E-Bay starting Thursday evening, October 03, 2002.  For more information, or to view the pages, visit  http://www.kevinconradart.com/ 
28th September 2002 Liquid News - Whole show about Gene & KISS!
[From: KISSin' UK]
It appears that the Liquid News show featuring Gene (as mentioned a couple of days ago) is in fact a whole 30 minute 'Profile' special just about Gene & KISS!!! Today, I received the following mail from the beeb:-

[From: Jane Goddard, BBC]
Hi there, 
I thought you might be interested to know there's going to be a half hour programme about Gene Simmons and KISS on BBC Choice on October 2nd - that's a Wednesday 7pm - Liquid news went to his house to film and chat to the rock legend.

Tune in or miss out, 

Kiss Kiss 

Jane, BBCi at http://www.bbc.co.uk
26th September 2002 Paul's Unplugged amp up for auction @ NEC
[From: Jason Hunt, NEC]
I work for The NEC on an event called Music Live (www.musiclive.co.uk) along side the exhibition we are running an auction for The Princes Trust. Laney amps have kindly donated Paul Stanleys Amp from the acoustic convention tour of 95 the amp used at the reunion show for MTV Unplugged ( we have a letter of authenticity from Laney)

This will be going up very soon, on the website we have details of other items we are auctioning eg a lucille signed by BB King, I thought visitors to your site would like, i know i would. attached is a pic i took of it.

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