March 2003
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26th March 2003 Gene Simmons Tongue #4
The latest issue of Gene's Tongue magazine arrived this morning, KISS wise there's very little in it apart from the usual punisher/condom adverts, and a small report on the drag racing in Vegas that Paul & Gene attended.  There's interviews with Jack Nicholson, Shannon Elizabeth, Chuch Zito and Travis Tritt (who??) amongst others.. and a very boring cover featuring Jack - I thought the whole point of this was that the people on the cover would always have their tongue out in a Gene Simmons style??
Help needed for UK tribute
A UK KISS fan is trying hard to set up a new tribute band, the details are as follows, if anyone can help please contact Trevor direct:-

The band is provisionally called Hotter than Hell and will definitely be make-up focusing mainly on the 70's era music. I am based in Sussex and looking at musicians aged around 20-40, preferably in the South East but I am willing to be pretty flexible so long as they are genuine KISS fans and committed to making this a REALLY good band. They can e-mail me at or call me on 07765 056792.

23rd March 2003 More on KISS/Aerosmith Tour
[From: via Paul Harrison]
KISS and AEROSMITH are set to kick off a three-month U.S. tour beginning on the East Coast in August. KISS will reportedly open every show, and there may be a third act added, according to As was the case at the group's most recent Japanese dates, guitarist Tommy Thayer will perform Ace Frehley's parts at the concerts, which will apparently include two dates each at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, New Jersey and in Jones Beach, New York. No officially confirmed dates have yet been announced, although the web site of the Post-Gazette Pavilion in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania is currently listing the AEROSMITH/KISS concert there on August 21.
15th March 2003 UK Expo
Can any dealers interested in the 2003 UK KISS Expo please E-mail me as soon as possible as Vikki Waterfield, the Expo organiser, is now in the process of booking tables. I believe the tables are costing around 50 each.

15th March 2003 Budokan review

[From: Per Zetterlund]
Here are some observations from the Budokan shows - 2nd and 3rd night. I am off to the Yokohama show tomorrow morning. These are just some random observations, not really a review as the set list etc has been posted elsewhere. Overall I had an awesome time, as always during  Kiss shows, nothing beats the feeling when the curtain falls and they rip into Deuce, hell I had tears in my eyes. Sure, it would have been  even better if Ace had been there, or if Peter's drumming had been at a somewhat higher level, and if they had changed the set list a bit, but nonetheless, a one hell of a show.

Click here to read the full review

11th March 2003 Gene hints at UK shows
[From: Gene via Andy]
This has just been posted on

"I thought you would like to know that I flew my family from England to Australia to see our first Kiss concert. It was a truly great and memorable event - when is Kiss coming to England so that I can see you guys again?
Believe me - the Symphony was brilliant, I cant wait for the DVD.

Kiss regards
Jim Lawler"

Response from Gene:
"We hope to come to your fair shores in the not too distant future."


10th March 2003 Return to Budokan
Tomorrow sees KISS return to the Budokan in Tokyo for a sellout 3 night tour (followed by another in Yokohama on Saturday). If anybody reading this will be going then firstly have a great time, and secondly please send in a review!
Di Fabrizio
One of the Sunday rags has recently printed an article on Di Fabrizio, KISS' offical bootmaker!
"...The worlds greatest rock acts still keep Di Fabrizio busy. He's the offical bootmaker for KISS. "KISS' boots take the longest. Everybody says, "My God, eight-inch heels", but we make shoes they can perform in. They weigh 20lbs and cost $3,000 a pair - but KISS have made millions with these shoes, it's about time they gave me some of it!'"
3rd March 2003 The Mirror
The following article appeared in Saturdays edition of The Mirror, thanks to Phil Jocelyn for sending it in:-

"Here's a subtle blend of two cultures. This Melbourne Symphony Orchestra musician obviously wanted to fit in with the band they were backing - heavy metal outfit Kiss.

He wasn't alone. All 60 members had the make-up on for yesterday's Oz concert. Wonder if this one smashed his French horn later?"

2nd March 2003 Homers favorite song
I Was Made For Lovin' You was played on the Simpsons today (Sky 1). Homer moved into the church after winning it in a court case. He then started to sing to his "favorite song" in his boxer shorts using the Church's' cross as a guitar!

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