May 2003
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28th May 2003 KISS Symphony E-card
[From: Sanctuary Records]
From: KISS Records/Sancturary Records
KISS fans are in for a real treat. Click Here to view an e-card promoting the "KISS Symphony: Alive IV" album due out July 22nd. It is a nice promotional piece done in Flash that shows parts of KISS' Symphony performance to the tune of Detroit Rock City.
22nd May 2003 New KISS Kollector out soon
[From: KISS Kollector]
The May issue of KISS Kollector magazine just came off the printers, and the jampacked issue includes part 1 of an exclusive interview with drummer Hirsh Gardner (New England, whose debut album was produced by Paul Stanley after which the band opened on the Dynasty tour), a report on the Peter Criss 'expo' An Audience With Peter Criss, reviews of new KISS related albums, a report on the KISS Symphony show in Melbourne, a piece on a band that Paul and Gene were considering to sign to Casablanca Records in the mid-seventies (they even wanted to buy/record one or two of their songs for the album that became Destroyer), a tribute to Sean Delaney, and much, much more. The new issue will be mailed out to all members very soon. (for more info e-mail:
12th May 2003 New KISS Forever Band CD & tour
[From: KISS Forever Band]
We are working hard (as always...),this is a very special year because of the 30th anniversary of KISS, so we'd like to play as many shows as we can, and the hottest news is our second album ("Plug It Out!" - live unplugged album) will come out tomorrow by the Tom-Tom Records Hungary!12 classic KISS songs can be heard on the album, for example "Shout It Out Loud" , "Lick It Up" , "Hard Luck 
Woman" , and a couple of cool stuff like "God Of Thunder" (country version), "We Are One" , "Rip It Out" ,etc. The album recorded on our "Unplugged-Tour" on the last year, we are so proud that our second whole album is on the market!

If anybody wants to see the band live on stage on the following weeks just check these dates and then join us, we want to see every KISS fans on the first row!

15.05.2003 Budapest(H) - Soho London / "Plug It Out!" album release party
16.05.2003 Zilina(SK) - MSDS
17.05.2003 Bratislava (SK) - Aupark,Live Club
23.05.2003 Paderborn (D) - Capitol
24.05.2003 Celle (D) - Musikfabrik
30.05.2003 Tharandt (D) - Headbanger
31.05.2003 Windehausen (D) - Festival Tent
06.06.2003 Alsóörs (H) - International Harley Davidson Festival - HEADLINER!
07.06.2003 Darmstadt (D) - Goldene Krone
10.06.2003 Budapest (H) - Green Pardon,Open Air

If anybody interested on our new stuff ("Plug It Out" - live unplugged album ,
"Tributenaria" - 90 min.long videotape, live songs, backstage footage, etc.
"30th Anniversary Tour" - T-shirt with a band logo and 4 pics of the band members), just drop me a line (, each items price is 10 pounds including shipping to the UK!

7th May 2003 New record label mention on BBC
[From: BBC News]
Kiss launch own label 
Rock band Kiss are launching their own record company to release live material. 
Under parent company Sanctuary Records, the outrageous band have formed Kiss Records, severing long-standing ties with Mercury/Universal. 

The new partnership will begin with a two-disc live set, The Kiss Symphony: Alive IV recorded in Australia. 

This is set to be followed by a DVD and a pay-per-view television special, ahead of a North American tour in the summer. 
6th May 2003 The KISS Symphony: Alive IV
[From: Undercover News (Australia)]
Kiss have officially announced the aborted Kiss Alive IV album will make way for The Kiss Symphony album, recorded live at Telstra Dome in Melbourne in February.

The album will be titled "The Kiss Symphony : Alive IV". It will be a 2CD set released by their newly formed label Kiss Records and distributed by Sanctuary internationally.

Kiss planned on releasing a Kiss Alive IV album two years ago but the whole thing fell in a heap. "Kiss Alive IV unfortunately got tangled in a lot of red tape and bureaucracy things that I think can sometimes suppress what rock and roll is meant to be about … Impulse and instinct" Paul Stanley tells Undercover News. "Unfortunately it is mired in all sorts of bureaucracy and red tape. Life goes on and I also believe that everything happens as it should and when it should".

The Symphony event happened on February 28 and before it becomes a live album and DVD it will be seen on pay-per-view. The first screening will be in Australia by the Main Event channel on May 17 at 8.30pm.

An exact release date for the CD and DVD is yet to be finalised.

New DTK dates
The Dressed To Kill page has been updated with the latest show dates, including some new additions.
Click here to visit the DTK page.
5th May 2003 Sean Delaney tribute in Kollector
[From: KISS Kollector]
While working on the upcoming May issue of KISS Kollector magazine, the very sad news came in that Sean Delaney had passed away. So, obviously, some changes were quickly made in order to be able to include some sort of tribute to the man who was also known as the 'fifth KISS'. It seems like only yesterday that Sean was special guest at the KISS Kollector Expo in Holland last November, where he talked about his many happy times with KISS, his not-so-happy times with KISS, revealed a lot of 'secret' info from the world of KISS and also informed fans about his upcoming autobiography. Apart from paying respect to Sean Delaney, the upcoming issue will include a report on the recent KISS Symphony extravaganza in Australia, an exclusive interview with former New England drummer Hirsh Gardner talking about his KISS related days, a report on the unique Las Vegas concert, a report on An Audience With Peter Criss, reviews of new KISS related albums, a piece on collecting magazines with KISS on the cover, never before seen photos 
and much, much more.
Paul Stanley spotted on McCartney DVD
[From: Chris V.N]
At the end of Paul McCartney's recent DVD back in the US During the song "Saw her standing there" you can see a close up flash of Paul Stanley standing in the audience and singing along with one of his heroes! :-)
Maybe Gene went for some beers at that time? :-))
1st May 2003 Gene on Banzai!
[From: Danni Segal]
Not sure if anyone else caught the show Banzai on E4 last night, but it featured an appearance of Gene Simmons with Lady One Question.

For those unfamiliar with the show, it is a basically a set of games which you guess the outcome of. Lady One Question is a reporter who asks a celebrity one question then stays silent until they walk off, and the aim is to guess how long it will be before the celebrity leaves.

When asked what he was up to, Gene talked about KISS as a band and about some merchandise, including the KISS Kondoms (which he had a pack of to hand!). He eventually left after 58 seconds.

The show is usually repeated, so check listings for E4 (or Channel 4, where it should run before too long). The listing will probably mention Fatima Whitbread.

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