July 2003
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31st July 2003 Alive IV video on Kerrang TV
[From: Gary Banton]
Sanctuary Records have sent a video promo for Alive IV to Kerrang TV. We need EVERYONE who has viewing access to the station to ring up requesting KISS! Let's get this promo push happening..
Another mention on RI:SE
KISS were once again on the Entertainment News section of RI:SE this morning with Iain Lee telling Kate just how cool the band are. They showed a small interview with the band, with Gene being his usual modest self (not!). Iain again stressed how he is going to do his best to get the band on the show in September!
New Dressed To Kill biography
The brand new Dressed To Kill biograpy is now online on their page which can now be found at the new address of  http://kissinuk.com/dtk
Billboard celebrating 30 years of KISS!
[From: Billboard]
Dear KISS fans, 

The Billboard Information Group marks the 30th Anniversary of KISS, one of America's most successful and enduring rock'n'roll bands, with the publication of a 26-page special report in the August 9th issue of Billboard. On August 1st the issue will be available on newsstands and content will be posted on www.billboard.com/KISS

"KISS: Setting The Gold Standard" is an in-depth look at the band that has recorded more gold albums -- 24 at last count -- than any other American band. The report includes: 

* A comprehensive overview of Kiss' career with commentary from band members and peers such as Aerosmith's Joe Perry. 

* An extensive Q&A interview with Kiss guitarist/vocalist Paul Stanley and bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons. 

* An exclusive Billboard chart analysis of the band's top albums. 

* A look at the development of Kiss as a brand name for products ranging from condoms to caskets. 

* A Kiss discography, a worldwide sales survey and tribute comments from fellow rockers Sammy Hagar, Vernon Reid of Living Color, Phil Anselmo of Pantera and Superjoint Ritual, and others. 

The Billboard special report is published on the eve of Kiss' summer co-headlining tour with Aerosmith that opens August 2 in Hartford, Conn. It follows the July 22 release of "Kiss Symphony Alive IV" on Sanctuary Records. 

"As long as there are mountains to climb and we decide to climb them," singer Paul Stanley tells Billboard, "there's no reason that this can't continue." 
28th July 2003 Another UK Convention planned!
[From: Melodicrock.com via Mr Speed]

David e-mailed and asked for a plug. He writes: "I am currently in the process of putting together a Kiss convention for November at Rockcity in Nottingham. I have Bruce or Eric both on standby but I need to get the word out to as many dealers as I can and see what the interest is like before I go ahead and book everything.
I was wondering if you could post my email addy on your site asking for anyone who would be interested in standing to get in touch." E-Mail David if interested at - davidherron7@aol.com 
Hotter Than Hell - UK Tribute
The newest UK KISS Tribute, Hotter Than Hell now have their own biography on the site. There are several new photos of the band and I'm sure you'll agree they are looking great.

Currently I don't know of any gig dates but I will put them on the site as soon as I hear anything.

Click here to read the Hotter Than Hell biography

KISS on Rise
[From: Wendy P]
KISS were on RI:SE last Friday morning! They were on the entertainment news
it was on for maybe 1.5-2 mins, a report on the symphony CD coming out and had a little interview and showed you people queuing up to see them and buy it I think in New York

After the report Iain Lee said that he'd heard Kiss were going to be over in the UK in September so was taking 2 weeks off in August to negotiate hard with Kiss' management to do his best to get Kiss on the show!!

KISS Kollector out now
[From: KISS Kollector]
The August issue of KISS Kollector magazine has been mailed out to all its members (see cover here). Issue 45 includes handwritten messages by Gene, Paul and Tommy, reviews of Symphony Alive IV CD and DVD, part 2 of our exclusive interview with former New England drummer Hirsh Gardner about his KISS related years, a revealing story on Peter Criss' secret involvement in another band back in '79 when he was still a member of KISS, detailed info on the latest KISS bootleg CD's, never before published photos from throughout the band's 30 year career, and much more. (for more info: kiss@animalize.com
23rd July 2003 Alive IV DVD release
According to MVC, the Alive IV DVD will be released in the UK on Monday 8th September.

Thanks to Brett Roscoe for the info.

22nd July 2003 More UK Alive IV promos
[From: Gary Banton]
Sanctuary will be doing some promo for KISS Alive IV at the following clubs this weekend:

Friday 25th
The Bierkeller, Bristol

Saturday 26th
Decadence @ Gossips, London
Mission, Edinburgh
Sugarcubes, Lincoln
The Rig @ Rock City, Notts.
Edwards, Birmingham
Rockworld, Manchester
Cuba Cuba, Newcastle
The Venue, Belfast
Hamlets, Lancaster
21st July 2003 Gene confirms European Tour to Kollector!
[From: Joop van Pelt]
Last Saturday, just in time for the deadline of the August issue of KISS Kollector magazine which will be printed this week, KISS Kollector Fanclub received a letter from Gene Simmons with some incredible news! Gene writes that KISS is coming to Europe with Aerosmith!!!! For the full, handwritten message please check out the upcoming issue of KISS Kollector, which will be out by early August. (For more info: kiss@animalize.com).
Alive IV promo night @ Rock City
[From: Dan bach]
Nottingham Rock City is holding a KISS Alive IV promotion night this Saturday night 26th July 2003. Competitions and giveaways. Doors open 9.00 o'clock, 5.00 admission and concession for students their number is 01159412544. Going to be held at the Rig location.
20th July 2003 Alive IV Review
Tomorrow morning marks the official release of KISS Symphony - Alive IV, released almost whole 10 years after KISS Alive III. To mark the event John Crooks has kindly reviewed it for the site:-
"As the title suggests, this is a show, and not by half, but thirds. This two CD pack is a live recording under the alive banner, although not the Alive IV that should have come out about two years ago and relegated to the Kiss vaults."
Click here to read the full review...
16th July 2003 Rumour Mill
Rumour has it that two tracks from Gene's solo album project will feature Bruce Kulick on lead guitar and Eric Singer on drums! Apparently this has now been confirmed over at kulick.net and is excellent news as far as I'm concerned.
15th July 2003 New KISS Kollector
[From: KISS Kollector]
The new issue of KISS Kollector magazine (issue 45) is being worked on very hard right now and will be out early August, check out a first draft of the cover here. The August issue will include a review of the excellent new album Symphony Alive IV, a preview of the DVD that's scheduled for September, a Q & A with new KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer, a revealing background story on Peter Criss' secret involvement (without make up!) in the 1979 Lenny And The Squigtones project, an 
interview with former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick, a handwritten message by Paul Stanley, an article on the latest KISS bootleg CD's and much, much more
11th July 2003 Iain Lee wears KISS make-up!
[From: Wendy Panter]
Today on RISE:

Iain said he woke up the BB monitor James with King of the Nighttime World
from Alive II - yesterday it was DRC from Destroyer!!

Later on when they have Boycie (dodgy bookie) giving all the odds on who's
going to be evicted and who will win etc. they did some other stats for Kate
and Ian. The first one was 100-1 that Ian would become the lead singer of
Kiss and have a UK number one. On the big video screen they have they had a
picture of Ian but with Paul Stanley make-up on. It looked really cool. He
was so excited and said he wanted a print out of it and would put it on his

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