August 2003
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29th August 2003 News Editor
While I take a break to get married(!), Dan Bach will be looking after this news page along with the help of Michelle Morgan. Many thanks to both of them.

For the time being, please send and KISS related news to 

26th August 2003 Symphony DVD
BMG over in Holland have released an e-card regarding an official launch party for the KISS Symphony DVD. The link below should open a website along with the Shockwave card, Joop has included a translation below.

Click here to launch the Symphony e-card

[From: Joop van Pelt / KISS Kollector]
All details for the official launch party to celebrate the upcoming release of the "Symphony" 2-DVD have been worked out, so you'll find the e-card with all info here. As the info on the card is in Dutch, here's a quick translation of the most important details. The party, as organized by the Dutch record company (BMG) along with the Dutch fanclub (KISS Kollector Fanclub) will take place on September 4 at the Hard Rock Cafe in Amsterdam (Holland). Entrance is free, and obviously not only fans from Holland are welcome - that's why we would like as many fans as possible to know about this great party. Starting at 21.00 hours (9 pm), the party's main feature will be the exclusive screening of the entire "Symphony" DVD including all extra's. Although the official release date overhere is September 8, you can already buy the DVD that night too. If you show up in KISS make up you'll even get a huge discount of 10 euro! And if that's not enough: by showing up in make up, you'll also make a chance to win a VIP treatment for a concert on the European leg of tour next year. And we'll be giving away a Paul Stanley Silvertone guitar. We'll also be screening the awesome VH1 special "KISS: Beyond The Makeup", and the four Girls of KISS will be at hand too. So, make sure you'll come over to the Amsterdam Hard Rock Cafe on September 4 and be the first to see and buy the "Symphony" DVD.

KISS on cover of Metal Heart magazine
[From: Joop van Pelt / KISS Kollector]
KISS graces the cover of the September issue of Germany's rock/metal magazine Metal Heart, and they're even on the backcover as there's a full page ad for the Symphony Ailve IV album on the back. The coverstory is a 5 page article, including an interview with Gene Simmons plus a review of the double live album and a review of Gene's newest book Sex Money KISS
Dressed To Kill website
[From: Danny, DTK]
Hi, just to let everyone know, Dressed To Kill have a new website which is now up and running.
Check it out.
KISS Forever Band dates
The KISS Forever Band have released their latest European tour dates. Visit the KFB page to see them.
[From: STAR MAN]
STAR MAN : The right hand man of rock'n'roll
You may not know the Star Man, but you know his clients: Led Zeppelin, Paul McCartney, Frank Sinatra, Bon Jovi, Cher, George Michael, Kiss... For thirty years Michael Francis has worked with the biggest names in the music industry, as a bodyguard, fixer, confidante and friend.

A band of amazing stature, Kiss have got one hell raising reputation to sustain, and as Michael has seen first hand, there's no smoke without fire, even if it is staged by a pyro team!

But what's life really like on the road with four middle aged men in make-up? Where does hype end and business begin? Who are the smart guys that drive the Kiss phenomenon? Is it true about Gene and those thousands of girls? How spaced out is 'The Space Ace', and who's the face behind the make up if it isn't him? What happened the night Ace got shot and Michael found a SWAT team outside his hotel room?

STAR MAN : The Right Hand Man of Rock'n'Roll will be available in hardback in the UK from 1st September 2003 priced 16.99. Published by Simon and Schuster. Visit the official website to pre-order your copy. 
20th August 2003 Hotter Than Hell - first gigs
The newest UK KISS Tribute, Hotter Than Hell have just announced their very first gigs. They are in late November, full details can be found by visiting the Hotter than Hell page.

Click here to see the current Hotter Than Hell gigs


18th August 2003 DTK Scottish Dates

[From: Dressed To Kill]
Dressed To Kill will play the following Scottish gigs next month: 

Friday 12th September - Dundee 'Reading Rooms 
Saturday 13th September - Glasgow 'Renfrew Ferry' 

Tickets are on sale now! See you all there

KISS / Aerosmith report
Amabel Thornton has been lucky enough to see KISS over in the States on their new tour and has kindly written a review.
Click here to read Amabel's Cincinnati report
Jean Simmons & Gene Simmons
The following articles have appeared in The Mirror and M Celebs magazine over the past could of weeks. Thanks to Dan bach and my folks for the info.

From The Mirror:
"One is a delicate, elderly actress with a saintly image, the other a wild, face-painted lizard-tongues heavy metal singer with a passion for the ladies. But Guys And Dolls and Spartacus star Jean Simmons and KISS frontman Gene Simmons are often mistaken for one another, we learn.
Gene, 53, was in a Beverly Hills hotel recently when he was called to the phone, whereupon an elderly gentleman started to sing "Oh darling, oh darling," down the phone line until Gene hung up.
It was worse when the 74-year old British actress came across one of Gene's fans. She got a letter recently praising a concert performance, especially the bit where "blood came out of your mouth."

From M Celebs:-
"The US rockers have stuck their mugs on everything from lunch boxes to pinball machines, but these cash-ins are bizarre even by their standards. Amorous fans can now slip on a Kiss Kondom with names like Love Gun Protection and - yuk - Tongue Lubricated, inspired by Gene Simmons' 7in mouth snake. If that's not mad enough, you can be buried in a 3000 refrigerated Kiss Coffin, which doubles as a minibar while you're alive."

Shout It Out Loud on Kerrang!
[From: Andrew Leonard]
Kerrang! seem to be making it hard to vote for "Shout It Out Loud" with little advertising of it's video number. However, I finally got to vote and see it last night. It was well worth the 1 phone call! For those who don't know, it's video number 902...Get dialling!
KISS on RI:SE again!
Last friday KISS made it onto the Entertainment news on RI:SE again - this time some news about the KISS/Aerosmith tour with a short clip of Rock & Roll All Nite. We salute you Iain Lee!
8th August 2003 RI:SE To It!
...and didn't Ash from Dressed To Kill have good reason to RI:SE To It after he had the lurvely Kate Lawler playing with his hair live on RI:SE! Dressed To Kill's Ash & Danny were invited onto the show as special guests and done their part in keeping KISS in the UK public eye. In Ash's own words:-

"We were treated like Kings, and were given the opportunity to be seen by 4-700,000 peopl! How grateful are We???? We were, and are constantly in a unique position, and owe a debt of gratitude to everyone that keeps turning out to support us. We therefore HAVE to do our duty, not simply to ourselves, but to as many others as is possible. 'RI:SE' is doing a great job of doing some serious KISS Army flag-waving- testament to the open mindedness of the production team as much as anything else. Iain needs to be rewarded somehow." (presenter Iain Lee is a massive KISS fan).

5th August 2003 Dressed To Kill on RI:SE!
[From: Dressed To Kill]
Set your video recorders for 7am until 9am Wednesday cuz U MIGHT just see Ash (Paul) and Danny (Ace) of DRESSED TO KILL appearing on Channel 4's breakfast show 'RI:SE', hosted by Massive KISS fan Iain Lee, and Big Brother winner Kate Lawler. It looks like there's going to be a 3 or 4 minute 'slot', to include an interview with Ash and Danny in Full make-up and Clobber at some point in the show, and as is ever the way with such programmes, anything else could happen..

So dont miss it!
3rd August 2003 Opening night set list...
Here's the set list from the Hartford show with Aerosmith. Apparently both bands played for about 75 minutes with KISS being the openers (for the whole tour by the looks of things...). No surprises from the cut-down set list apart from I Want You:-

Detroit Rock City
Shout It Out Loud
King Of The Night Time World
Do You Love Me?
Let Me Go Rock 'n Roll
I Love It Loud
I Want You
God Of Thunder
100,000 Years
Black Diamond
Rock And Roll All Night 


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