December 2003
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30th December 2003  Tribute bands
Here's some news from various European KISS tributes:-

"Being Paul Stanley" - Ash Brookes
Not only will 'Being Paul Stanley' be playing the Hard Rock Cafe, Manchester, on New Years Eve (YES, THIS Wednesday!!!), but They'll also be support to Pretty Boy Floyd at Rock City, Nottingham, on Saturday Feb 21st!!!!

Tickets/details for the Rock City show are available from Rock City on 01159 412544.

Merchandise is now available too- Black Small Skinny (Small, Womens) T shirt with Being Paul Stanley in glossy/metallic pink print; Black Skinny (Small, Womens) T with white trim on neck and sleeves and white logo; Black Medium/Large/XL Mens T, all with Holografik logo. All at £10 each plus P+P. Other designs to be added soon. For further details, please email

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank You for your support in 2003 - All the Very best for 2004!!!!!!!!

"Being Paul Stanley" - Antony Gibbett
Well kiss freaks here we go again. Its been far too long since i have played and way too long since we all partyed hard together. I wanna see all you Parasite and D2K heads on new years eve at the hard rock cafe.The man with the plan ASH has dragged me out of retirement so we can make some ears bleed again.NO MAKE UP....NO COSTUMES....NO BULLSHIT.
Lets bring 2004 in with a bigger bang than when godzilla had a shag using Viagra. SEE YA ALL SOON CARL Being Paul Stanleys hyper drummer

I'd like to inform you at first proudly that we have 2 confirmed shows for the January/2004 for the UK,we will make a complete Europe-
Tour,please update our page on your website with the infos and the pictures,can't wait to be there,to meet with you (hopefully you can come to 
join us!) and all the KISS fans there!

KISS Forever Band - Zoltán
30th Anniversary European Tour 2003-2004
KISS Forever Band will be touring again in the New Year starting with 2 dates in the UK!
21.01.2004 Newcastle(UK) - Trillians Rock Bar
22.01.2004 Felixstowe(UK) - Splitz Bar
23.01.2004 Vaals(NL) - Vereinshoes
13.02.2004 Dresden(D) - The Church
14.02.2004 Erfurt(D) - Dasdie Club
18.02.2004 Plzen(CZ) - Serikovka
19.02.2004 Gleisdorf(A) - Rossini
20.02.2004 Zagreb(HR) - Mochvara
21.02.2004 Ljubljana(SLO) - Tabor
05.03.2004 Singen(D) - Kis
06.03.2004 Friedrichshafen(D) - Bahnhof Fischbach

More dates will come soon!

Hotter Than Hell - Trevor (Ace)
Just to let you know that Mission Control has been working overtime on Planet Jendell and the HTH  website has had a face lift and now includes a review of our second gig!

Torpedo Girls - From Roland Guethoff
Europe's leading KISS tribute THE TORPEDO GIRLS performed together with former KISS lead guitarist Mark St. John during the great KISS expo in 
late 2003. Now you can exclusively see Mark playing backstage some awesome stuff on acoustic guitar and having fun during the photo session with 

Just visit the Torpedo homepage and follow the chapter "media", that's all to enjoy an amazing performance of one of the 
great musicians of the KISS family.

All best wishes for a great new year 2004.

24th December 2003  Happy KISSmas
Just a quick one to wish all KISSin' UK regulars a happy KISSmas and great New Year, have a good one.
BBC list KISS Tour as number 7
BBC news have put KISS at number 7 in earnings for the KISS/Aerosmith tour this year. The full 10 ten were as follows:-

1. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band - $115.9m 
2. Celine Dion - £80.5m 
3. Eagles - $69.3m 
4. Fleetwood Mac - $69m 
5. Cher - $68.2m 
6. Simon and Garfunkel - $64.5m 
7. Aerosmith/Kiss - $64m 
8. Dixie Chicks - $60.5m 
9. Billy Joel/ Elton John - $50.9m 
10. Metallica Summer Sanitarium Tour - $48.8m 

Click here to read the full article

Being Paul Stanley
As mentioned a little while ago, Ash from Dressed To Kill has a solo show on New Years Eve with some members of Parasite. He now has a new website with full details which can be found at  
18th December 2003  Gene Simmons on RI:SE!

At last, after months of Iain Lee doing his best to get KISS on the RI:SE, this morning he was surprised with an interview with Gene via satellite!  Kate sprang the surprise on him and he tried his hardest to get together some questions during some serious hero worship!...

Click Here to read the full article (with more pics)


15th December 2003  Joe Perry joins KISS on stage!
[From: Aero Force One, official Aerosmith Fanclub]
Never in the entire 31 year history of KISS has anyone ever joined them onstage. Until last night.

Joe Perry joined the masked men from the big apple for the KISS klassic "Strutter." 

Joe has been itching to do this for some time now, especially since being told by Paul Stanley a few months ago that many musicians (the likes of Sir Elton John) have asked to jam with them; but they never felt it was the right thing to do, until now.

One of Joe's favorite KISS songs is "Strutter." It was the first song he heard by them when their debut album came out in 1974. He went out to dinner with their lead guitarist Tommy Thayer on Friday in Chicago. 

After dinner they hung out in Joe's room with a couple of small amps and some guitars and just jammed on the song for about an hour.

Joe's biggest concern however wasn't getting the song right it was if he would be able to maneuver in Paul's boots. As the sold out crowd at the Ford Center in Oklahoma City could see he passed with flying colors. Country Music star Toby Keith was in attendance and was quite impressed by this historic feat.

John B. [photos by John Bionelli]

  New HTH dates
Anyone who missed the KISS part of Bruce Dickinson's show last Thursday can hear it online over at the BBC site. You will need to forward it to around 30 minutes or so (starts with Slade talking about KISS). Click here to listen.
14th December 2003  Cat wears KISS
Anyone else noticed how it currently seems to be trendy for celebs to be seen in KISS T-shirts? Cat Deeley was wearing a Psycho Circus T on CD:UK on Saturday, and very nice she looked in it too, it would nice to think that she was a fan....

Then just to ruin it, later on in the show someone from Girls Aloud (aargghhh!!!) was also wearing a KISS shirt!

  New HTH dates
Some new tour dates have been added to the Hotter Than Hell page.
Click here to see them
For any UK collectors interested I've put one of three unusual KISS Psycho Circus sports drink cans (promo from Take Two's computer game) up on Ebay. Desperately need to make some room by getting rid of my doubles!
Click here to view the listing on Ebay
9th December 2003  KISS on Radio 2
[From: Dan bach]
KISS will be featured on Bruce Dickinson's 'Masters Of Rock' show on Radio 2 this Thursday (11th Dec) between 21:00 and 22:00. From the BBC site:-
"Shock Rock: From its beginnings with Arthur Brown and Screaming Lord Sutch, to the theatrics of Alice Cooper and David Bowie, to the cartoonish Kiss and Slade. And in WASP and Marilyn Manson, the controversial!"
Couple of strange KISS related sightings on TV this week:
  • Bravo's 'Gamepad 4' had a KISS pinball machine and opened it up to have a look inside.
  • The Skinnerettes on The Frank Skinner Show (the house band who are all 70+) played God Gave R&R To You when Justin from The Darkness came in.
  Thanx from Hotter Than Hell
[From: HTH]
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who braved the November monsoons to attend Hotter than Hell's debut gigs.
We had a great time and I hope you did too. If you have any comments, suggestions, requests or complaints please let me know and we'll do our best to oblige!
We look forward to seeing you all in 2004!
Trevor (Ace in HTH)
2nd December 2003  Madison Square Garden Review!
A couple of weeks ago 4 UK fans made the trip stateside to catch KISS at the ultimate venue - Madison Square Garden in NYC. Dan Bach has very kindly written a review and both him & Phil Williams have provided prictures. The review includes a trip to Eric Carr's resting place in Newburgh.

Click Here to read the review
KISS Celebriducks
As featured in Maxim magazine, KISS Celebriducks are now available in the UK!

MarkMakers are the only company over here selling them, more info is available from their website

Or by Emailing 


1st December 2003  Eric plays with Queen
[From: KISS Kollector]
Eric Singer with Queen in South Africa and tonight on MTV (from KISS Kollector Fanclub

On Saturday, November 29 former KISS drummer Eric Singer played a few songs with Queen in South Africa for 46664 - The Concert, hosted by Nelson Mandela, at Green Point Stadium in Cape Town. Other acts on the bill included Eurythmics, Bob Geldof, Beyonce, Paul Oakenfield, the Corrs and Peter Gabriel. People were treated to over 5 hours of performances by international artists, plus a speech from Nelson Mandela. The concert, inspired by former president Mandela, aimed to raise awareness of the global HIV/AIDS pandemic, as well as funds for South Africa.

Because of World AIDS Day today, MTV airs a 90 minute edit of the festival tonight. MTV USA even airs this special every day this week, kicking today at 1 pm (and repeated today at 6 pm and 10 pm). MTV Holland airs the show at 21.30 hours tonight, titled World AIDS DAy concert special. MTV in other European countries probably will air the show around the same time.

Just back from the concert, Eric told KISS Kollector Online that he also played a few songs with other artists, such as Bono and Edge (U2), Anastacia, Eurythmics and Bob Geldof.
  Gene Simmons Tongue to shut down
[From: Allen Tuller via Dan bach]
The following has gone out to GST subscribers:-

Dear Gene Simmons Tongue Subscriber,
As you probably know, Gene and KISS are on tour with Aerosmith and the tour has been extended indefinitely.  With this in mind, we have decided to go on hiatus until Gene is ready and able to devote the attention to GST that he feels is worthy of the quality magazine we are proud to publish.  Gene is involved in the publication of the magazine on a day-to-day basis and the tour schedule simply does not allow sufficient time right now to devote to publishing the next issue of GST.

Since we cannot commit to a future issue date, we feel that it would only be fair to give you, the loyal subscriber, a refund on any unused portion of your current subscription. We will be mailing you a check in the next few weeks and we will notify you when we start gearing up on the next issue and start taking subscriptions again.  Of course we hope that you will re-subscribe at that time and we will allow ample time for you to do so and still receive the next issue of Gene Simmons Tongue Magazine.

We appreciate your understanding and your patience.


Allen Tuller                                                                                             
Co-founder & Publisher
Gene Simmons Tongue Magazine

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