March 2004
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30th March 2004  Gene in UK - Update

It seems that the press release issued by Sanctuary was in fact out of date (!!!), whist Gene is over here right now (he leaves tomorrow), he won't be doing any of the TV shows mentioned. The updated statement from Sanctuary is below, as you can see someone's gone out of their way to get Gene some good publicity... NOT. 

"Gene is not doing Jonathan Ross, Des & Mel or Never Mind the Buzzcocks. But he is doing BBC6 Music interview at 9:30am on Thursday and Radio 2 at 4:00pm. Also pre-recorded interviews on XFM rock show, Radio 2 Bruce Dickinson, Total Rock, Scuzz TV and"

28th March 2004  Gene in UK!
Gene Simmons will be in the UK on the 1st & 2nd April to promote his new solo record 'Asshole' (released 17th May). While he's here his promotional company are working on the following:-
  • TV
  • Gene will be appearing on a special show filmed by Channel 4/T4 Sunday, this will follow Gene around his house in LA
  • Gene may be appearing on Jonathon Ross on April 2nd (awaiting confirmation)
  • Other possibilities are Never Mind The Buzzcocks and Des & Mel.
  • Radio
  • Gene will be interviewed on Radio1 (Chris Moyles), Radio 2, Virgin, Total Rock and XFM Rock Show.

Carnival Of Souls
If I Had A Gun
Weapons Of Mass Destruction
Waiting For The Morning Light
Whatever Turns You On
Sweet & Dirty Love
Somebody Beautiful
Now That You're Gone
Black Tongue
I Dream A Thousand Dreams

Plus, I've also been told that a UK KISS tour is very likely in the summer!!! Thanks to Simon for the info.

23rd March 2004  KISS in 'Guitarist Book of Classic Rock'
[From: Kev via Dan Bach]
I was in Tenby earlie reading the mags in WH Smith, KISS feature in the new 'The Guitarist Book of Classic Rock'. As well as covering most of the Legendary guitarists, there is a 6 page feature on Ace & Paul, with some good photo's, though it looks to be an old article, plus a 2 page bit on Gene in the Bass players section that looks like a new interview. Also, the song 'Odyssey' is mentioned briefly in 'Mojo' magazine in their list of 100 epic rock tracks. The song comes in at #91, saying.."what it is about is anyones guess..". Strangely though, KISS aren't mentioned at all in 'Q' magazines guide to the 70s..not that opinion matters anymore, but to ignore one of Americas biggest bands of the 70s is just ignorant in my opinion. Phew, that's my rant out of the way..
Hotter Than Hell Irish tour
[From: Trevor, HTH]
Just to let you know tickets have already started selling fast for Hotter than Hell's Irish dates next month with over 100 sales for Belfast alone! It's anticipated the shows will be sold out so to avoid disappointment (and we like to think we never disappoint!) please book early
The itinerary is;
Thurs 22nd April    McPhails Bar Drogheda        Tel:041-9837371 
Fri     23rd April     Temple Bar, Dublin            Tel:041-9837371 
Sat     24th April    Belfast Empire Hall             Tel. 0870 243 4455
Hope to see you there!

16th March 2004  Euro tour rumour on Eddie Trunk
[From: Jerr O'Carroll]
Listening to KNAC and the Eddie Trunk show, he was interviewing Nikki Sixx of Brides of Destruction. The conversation turned around to the offer they had to tour with Kiss and Poison and why they turned it down. They had a 'no disrepsect to anyone, but...' answer, but Doc McGhee was talking to Nikki saying  'C'mon, you've got the tour and we're off to Europe in September.'
Vanilla Fudge
[From: Richard Buffett]
Just got back from the Vanilla Fudge show in Leeds. They played a cover of Ain't That Peculiar, the Marvin Gaye song that Eric Carr sang on the Kiss Boxed Set which formed the basis of Little Caesar. It also appears on their new live album - Rocks the Universe Part 2.

I had a chat with the band members afterwards. Drummer Carmine Appice signed
my copy of Kisstory 'cos he played on Paul's solo album, had a band with Vinnie Vincent & toured with Kiss whilst in King Kobra. I asked him if it was true that he had auditioned for Kiss in 1980 & he denied it. He seemed surprised that I would have even thought that.

I spoke with bass player Tim Bogert about the upcoming Kiss tribute Spin the Bottle on which he appears. He said that he had recorded several rhythm tracks & producer Bob Kulick was adding the guest guitars & vocals. He hadn't heard what had happened to his tracks yet but enjoyed working on the Kiss songs as much as his earlier sessions with Bob - the tributes to Van Halen & Alice Cooper that also included Bruce Kulick & Eric Singer.

Judging by the attendance the promotion on this Vanilla Fudge tour was completely inadequate. A petty 'cos the band were phenomenal. If you get a chance to catch one of the 3 remaining UK shows (Stourbridge, Crewe & Glasgow) please do.

Nascar 2004
Phil Jocelyn has created the following KISSin' UK branded Ford Taurus for use in the PC game Nascar 2004.

If you're in Europe and play the game online then keep a look out for Phil's latest creation speeding past you.

9th March 2004  Gene's promo tour of Europe
Here's some news from Gene's official site:-

"My recent promo trip to Japan to promote my SOLO ALBUM, got me some of the best reviews I've ever had. It's true that I don't pay much attention to that sort of thing, but it's nice to be appreciated, nonetheless. I had a ball. And, I will be continuing to promote the record as I head over to Europe. 
Come on up and say hello.

Tentatively, I will be in: 
Stockholm, Sweden on the 28th and 29th of March
Oslo, Norway on the 30th 
Cologne, Germany on the 31st and April 1st 
Milan, Italy on the 2nd and 3rd 
(perhaps England, as well...)

And, then back to the US to begin rehearsals for the continuation of our neverending KISS World Tour."

As well as that, Gene has announced a cover of the Prodigy's  Firestarter on his new solo record!

3rd March 2004  Appleton Delivers an Ace!
Congratulations to Natalie Appleton on the birth of her new baby. Well known for being a KISS fan, Natalie has decided to call him... Ace! Sister Nicole, also a KISS fan named her first son Gene a couple of years ago, only 2 more to go before they have a whole band.
1st March 2004  Latest Dressed To Kill gigs
[From: Ash, DTK]
DRESSED TO KILL Show dates update (1st half '04):

Fri March 5th - The Standard, Walthamstow, London E17
Sat March 6th - Robin2, Bilston (Nr Wolverhampton)
Wed May 5th - Central Station, Wrexham (*TBC*)
Fri May 7th - Limelight Club, Crewe
Sat May 8th - Rock Cafe 2000, Stourbridge
May 21st ~ May 24th - Madrid, & possibly Barcelona - dates and venue(s) 'TBC'

'Being Paul Stanley' show dates:

Fri March 12th - Hard Rock Cafe, Nottingham
Sat March 20th - The Shed, Leicester (*TBC*)
Sweden Expo
[From: Stefan Cedervall]
Kiss Army Sweden proudly presents, the biggest Kiss Expo in Sweden – ever! On April 10th, at Kolingsborg in Stockholm, Kiss Army Sweden will  host Kiss Expo Sweden 2004, featuring special guests Bill Aucoin and Bruce Kulick, author and musician Gordon Gebert, Kiss dealers from all over the world, Scandinavia’s biggest Kiss museum and a live appearance by Swedish tributeband KYSS, along with one or two surprises! For tickets and info, visit
Shirleys Temple cover KISS
[From: KISS Army Norway]
KISS Army Norway present
God Of Thunder by Shirleys Temple
Releasedate 20th April (same day as Genes soloalbum).

First single from our upcoming KISS Army Norway tribute album will be God Of Thunder performed by Shirleys Temple. The bands vocalist/guitarist Frank Tostrup are known as the songwriter for the song Asshole witch Gene bought for his soloalbum. Shirleys Temple are Gene's backingband on the song as well. Now as Gene has done a cover of Shirleys Temple it's kind of cool that Shirleys Temple cover a KISS song too. The admiration goes both ways.

The God Of Thunder single is a taste of what to come while the Norwegian fans wait for the full album release. The album is expected to be released around the new year and will include contributions by some of Norways biggest artist.

More news coming!

best regards 

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