June 2004
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30th June 2004  KISS Tribute Members Required
[From: TributeAgents]
We are an entertainments agency specialising in tribute bands, and thought that we might advertise for members, and create our own KISS tribute band, rather than use an established act. Auditions would be held as close to the applicant(s) as possible.

We are looking for:
a Paul Stanley
a Gene Simmons
an Eric Carr
an Ace Frehley

Any interested parties can contact us via email (including pics and/or biogs) to TributeAgents@aol.com.
Thank you very much for your help.
29th June 2004  Dressed To Kill
[From: Danny James]
DRESSED TO KILL are to play two festivals in Vienna, Austria between 22nd - 26th July with further shows in mainland Europe looking likely toward the end of the summer.Any further info regarding any DTK shows contact: "demongene@hotmail.com" or "kisstribute@aol.com".
20th June 2004  Message from Iain Lee
Hello KISS fans. Many of you will know ive done my best to promote KISS 
on the TV.

My band BOOMHAUER are playing their first gig at the water rats in londons seedy KINGS CROSS on Monday June 28th at 9pm. We do a rocking version of DETROIT ROCK CITY with asome classy horns and sung in Japanese. If you come and have read this message, please come and say hi, I love meeting KISS fans (except for the really mental ones)

iain lee www.iainlee.co.uk

Observer Music Monthly
Not content with 'Gene' being on a Wanadoo advert, the TV advert for 'The Observer Music Monthly' magazine also has a few familiar looking faces in it:-
Paul Stanley on Ebay
Someone on E-bay is selling a guitar lesson with Paul Stanley - currently at $6400 with one day left! Thanks to Mark for the link.
Click here to see the auction
13th June 2004  Gene in Classic Rock
The latest issue of Classic Rock features an interview with Gene taken when he was over here recently. It's the usual stuff but worth a read anyway - Gene finally admits that the fan base in UK isn't anything like the rest of the world. Also Paul Stanley is 23rd in the '100 Greatest Front-men' poll, although Gene didn't make it..
10th June 2004  Firestarter Video
The video for Gene's Firestarter video is currently being added to the playlist on the Kerrang channel. For those who haven't yet seen it you can also download it from Gene's website here: http://www.genesimmons.com/firestarter/firestarter.html. Not quite sure what I make of it, looks like Gene is trying to be 20 years younger, either that or he thinks he's P.Diddy.
8th June 2004  'Gene Simmons' on Wanadoo ad!
[From: Dwight Fry]
Was startled to see an advert yesterday (7th June) featuring a gentleman in an office wearing what is quite obviously Gene Simmons make-up.  The ad sees the guy touch up his make-up, get up from his seat and enter a meeting room with everybody staring at him - he also sticks out his tongue momentarily like a nervous tick or something.  Well, I nearly fell out of my chair.  The product being advertised is free downloads from Wannado.com.  I'm presuming that Gene Simmons knows nothing of this advertising campaign?
The June issue of 'Loaded' magazine also features a Gene Simmons side-bar on his favourite movies ('Predator', 'Twighlight Zone', 'Carnival of Souls', and 'The Exorcist').  As ever with 'Loaded', they place a humorous speech bubble next to the picture...  The picture of Gene (circa 2000) is saying "Who's nicked me pint?".
K'UK note: This ad is being shown a lot now, including just before Big Brother on C4
7th June 2004  30th Anniversary KISS Alive! Konvention 2005
[From: Davy C]
Just listened to the Eddie Trunk Interview of Peter Criss last week-well worth a listen. You can listen straight from the website or download it from there-very entertaining and some cool revelations. Check it out on http://www.eddietrunk.com/ 
  HTH dates
Some new tour dates for Hotter Than Hell have been released for later on this year. Click here to see the dates.
  The worlds first KISS weblog
[From: Joop van Pelt]
Recently, Joop from KISSKollector.com started the first ever KISS weblog, featuring daily updates on all things KISS. But there’s much more on his weblog as in between the many KISS logs, you’ll find ramblings on several other bands, such as Creedence Clearwater Revival, MC5, Danko Jones, Argent, Van Halen, Stray Cats, etc. From time to time even a (music related) movie will be discussed, such as the eighties hard rock tribute film Rock Star from 2001. Check out the weblog 
at: kisskollector.web-log.nl .
  KISS pandas
[From: Danni Segal]
Not sure if you'll be interested, but the latest issue of ZOO magazine has a great picture of four Giant Pandas made up as KISS on the pictures page. Worth a laugh.

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