September 2004
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27th September 2004  Bruce's UK Guitar Clinic!
[From: David Herron]
NOV 28TH 2004


[Picture: Matt Cawley]

German Expo - Free KISS book
[From: Harald]
Free KISS Photo Book for every Fan on KISS Expo in Germany

The German KISS Fan Club is also making a KISS Expo with Bruce Kulick! The first 400 Fans who came to the only german KISS Expo with Bruce Kulick in Witten  (20.11.2004) will get the 2. Print of the KISS Photo Book "Europe Revisited 76" for free at the door  of the venue!

Tickets are 12 Euros at the door or 9 Euro in advance per E Mail to 

For more Information about the KISS Expo visit 

23rd September 2004  Gene's UK TV project
Gene has just posted this on his website regarding the UK tv show thathe will be on:-

"Met with Ros, from the British Television Series ROCK SCHOOL, to discuss a November start for our 6 episode arc -- featuring my adventures in Blighty and young rockers. More news as it happens."

19th September 2004  Bruce in Nottingham Evening Post
An interview with Bruce Kulick appeared in last Monday's edition of the Nottingham Evening Post, click on the image to view it full size. Thanks to Rick Clarke for sending it in.
Being Paul Stanley

'Being Paul Stanley', the tribute to Paul and his 'side' of KISS will be playing a support slot to Adam 
Bomb ( at The Musician, Leicester, ( on Tues 
21st Sept. Please visit the website- - for pics/biog etc

11th September 2004  Mini-KISS in Nuts magazine

The following article about 'Mini-KISS' was spotted in the latest issue of NUTS magazine (UK). Click on the image to read it.

Thanks to Mark Millington for sending it in.

7th September 2004  Doctor Love

[From: Rick Clark]
Just thought you might like this. If any kiss fans get ill and need to call out the doctor check out out the quacks at the qmc nottingham on face paint day. The article read :-
"Some gentlemen from Estates decided to do a wrong face day - dresses as the pop group KISS, they had a lot of fun that day especially the ones having to attend meetings. From left, back row: Estates Information Manager Peter Slater, and Deputy Design Group Manager Tony Mulligan. Front row: Works Office Remco Kroese and Estates Information Officer Brian Burton."

KISS Float
[From: KISS Corso, image from]
Gene, Paul, Peter & Ace 9 meters high!!! 

Where?    During the biggest flower-parade of Eutrope!!
When?     The 5th of September 2004
Location?   In Zundert (Noord Brabant, the Netherlands)

The size of the floats are 20 metres (66 ft.) long, 4.5 metres (15 ft.) wide and 9 metres (30 ft.) 
high. One of these floats will be entirely dedicated to Kiss. Can you imagine; Gene, Paul, 
Peter en Ace in postures of 9 meter (30 ft!!) sliding trough the streets of Zundert, leaving a 
trail of astonishment...

Curious? Check it out!  

On September 5, 2004 a float in Europe's largest and most beautiful flower parade will be entirely 
dedicated to the rock band Kiss.

If you realise that normal sizes for these floats are 20 metres (66 ft.) long, 4.5 metres (15 ft.) wide 
and 9 metres (30 ft.) high, you can imagine that this is going to be an impressive spectacle.
The Kiss-float will be provided with music, figuration and several special effects which are supposed 
to recreate the atmosphere of a Kiss-performance.
We, as builders of this Kiss project, hope that there will be thousands of Kiss fans and other 
spectators present on the day that this float reaches its completion and is shown to the audience 
(last year we had about 60.000 people who came to see the parade). All of it will take place in the 
streets of Zundert, a village in the south of the Netherlands.

Do feel free to come and see for yourself (if you like, with Kiss make-up on).

If you are interested in the design of the float, the way it is build or other information (for example on 
how to get to Zundert on September 5), see this 

"Kiss Regards" "The Kisscorso Web Team

Second Coming in ASDA
[From: Martin Wombwell]
Nothing news. Just an observation. The Second Coming DVD is floating around the top of ASDA's chart in Rochdale. 


1st September 2004  More Expo News
Kiss song writer, and silent rage member JESSE DAMON now confirmed for the KISS EXPO at 
Nottingham. More guests are to be confirmed.

Also, here's the latest poster for the event, click on it to view it at full size.

Hotter Than Hell shows
The latest Hotter Than Hell shows planned for 2004/2005 have now been posted on the HTH page.


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