October 2004
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28th October 2004  KISS on 350th Scooby Doo!
I've just been sent the following press release from Taylor Herring Communications:-


Legendary rock band KISS are to star in a one off Halloween special of the nation’s best loved cartoon, Scooby-Doo.

For the first time ever, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss make a debut appearance in Scooby-Doo to commemorate Scooby’s record breaking 350th episode. The canine super sleuth and co have been awarded a Guinness World Record for ‘The most episodes of a Cartoon Comedy’ beating off all other competition, including the Simpsons.

KISS’s debut can be seen in the Scooby-Doo Halloween episode on Boomerang this Friday 29th October at 5.30pm and again on Sunday 31st at the same time.

The special sees the Scooby-Doo gang eager to get to Banning Junction to do some major trick-or-treating and catch a KISS concert. But when the gang arrives they find the town under siege by mysterious events, which the locals ascribe to the ghost of a long-dead mayor who put the town under a curse when he was recalled from office. 

The KISS concerts features their well-known track ‘Shout It Out Loud’.

For further information, please contact Joanna Stapleton at Taylor Herring on: 0208 206 5151 or joanna.stapleton@taylorherring.com

[From: Peter Haytread]
If you go to www.downloadfestival.com  they've got a "vote for the band you want to headline" as the main title on the front page, i suggest you link this to your site and get all the UK KISS ARMY to vote.cheers Peter  

26th October 2004  Important DTK announcement

[From: Gary Banton]
Due to problems with the Promoter 'Dressed To Kill' have been forced to cancel their performance at Galashiels 'Volunteer Hall' on Sunday night (31st October). DTK would like to sincerely apologise to all the fans who were intending to see this show and would like to remind them that they are still playing at Glasgow 'Renfrew Ferry' on Friday 29th October and Airdrie 'Sneakys Rock Garden' on Saturday 30th October.


Gary ('Gene' in DTK)

Click here for a full gig list

25th October 2004  Gene's UK show starts shooting

[From: Gene Simmons.com]
"Today, shooting begins on my 6 episodic television series ROCK SCHOOL. This is a television series that will mostly take place in England. They're filming at my home today and then I'll fly over to the UK where I'll be teaching 12 year olds in their schools how to form a rock band. We will show the auditions for the band, putting individuals into a group together, showing them how to rock and actually writing a song.
So far, no info on whether this will be shown in the U.S."

New UK Tribute Album!

[From: Sack Trick via Dan Bach]
Twenty one years ago this week the young Chris Dale, Alex Dickson and Bobby the Bus Driver saw Kiss on the Lick it Up Tour. Their lives were forever changed and a motion set in process that has come to maturity on its 21st Birthday in the shape of the new Sack Trick album "Sheep in Kiss Make-up". It is the most amazingly diverse Kiss tribute album you will ever hear."

Go to www.sacktrick.com http://www.sacktrick.com   to order your copy. The first ten copies ordered through our new online payment system will be personally numbered and autographed

Featuring vocals by Chris Dale, Alex Dickson, Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), Doogie White (Rainbow/Yngwie J Malmsteen's Rising Force), Pete Friesen (Alice Cooper), CJ (Wildhearts), James ‘Spreada’ Bailes (The Appletons), Alex Kane (AntiProduct), Leigh Marklew (Terrorvision/Malibu Stacy), Robin Guy, Ben Calvert and Reuben Gotto.

Guitars by Alex Dickson, Ace (Skunk Anansie), Pete Friesen (Alice Cooper) and CJ (Wildhearts). Bass by Chris Paulo Dale, James ‘Spreader’ Bailes and Leigh Marklew (Terrorvision/Malibu Stacy). Drums by Robin Guy, Ben Calvert and Alex Sponder Elena.

Keyboards, additional vocals and other assorted instruments by Jem Davis, Chris Nubile, Jack Endino, Joe Inferno, Bobby the Bus Driver, Roly Bailey, the McKibbin brothers, Chris Sharrock, Ben Savigear, Mattias and Henrik, Milena Roxx, Mark Cervellas, Damonski, Jinx and the King’s Head Choir.

Full details and track listing for "Sheep In Kiss Make-Up" can be found at www.sacktrick.com

We've also got a new Kissmas tour coming up with loads of fun and 
laughs along the way. Come and see us live at-

25 Nov Edinburgh, Subway
27 Nov Kingston, Peel
3 Dec Isle of Wight, Squadron
4 Dec Guernsey, Blind O Reilly's
11 Dec Roskilde, Gimle Club
15 Dec Nottingham, Junction 7
16 Dec York, Fibbers
17 Dec Oxford, Zodiac
18 Dec Norwich, Ferryboat
19 Dec London, Camden Barfly...

Full details of venue addresses, support bands and tickets are at www.sacktrick.com <http://www.sacktrick.com

We've got new Sack Trick Tshirts in. Not only are the old "People=Sheep" shirts back in stock in all sizes but we've also got some new "Because not all Sheep are cuddly" shirts. You can see and 
order them at www.sacktrick.com of course.

There's also loads of updates on the website, go and check it out now.

...the other final part of our secret plan which was to find a way to 
make new folding carrots for people with small pockets failed 
unfortunately. But hey, you can't have everything in life but an album 
with the whole of the Elder covered is a pretty good place to start!

Hope you'll all building up to a very merry Kissmas!
Chris Paulo Dale

17th October 2004  Message from Iain Lee

[From: Iain Lee]
Hello KISS fans from around the world.

you may like to know that my band BOOMHAUER X have been playing DETROIT ROCK CITY to much critical acclaim at their latest shows. sung in japanese, with a great band a top horn section, this is one hell of a cover.

a clip can be seen at iainlee.co.uk 

go to the audio visual page. its only half of the song at the moment, but more to follow.

please leave a message on the messageboard 
under the BOOMHAUER X heading.

see you all in november, and be sure to come and say hello. dont hit me though.

Expo reminder

Just a reminder that the UK KISS Expo will be taking place on Saturday November 27th at Rock City, Nottingham.

Special guests include Bruce Kulick and Iain Lee!

As per last year there will be dealers from the UK, Europe and USA and of course Dressed To Kill will be finishing the night once again.

Tickets and Dealer information are available from David Herron:
07971 984144 between 2pm —10.00pm
E-mail davidherron7@aol.com

Anyone wanting accomodation should contact Dan Bach, although please note that rooms are now limited:- Dan.Griffiths@Llgc.org.uk 

Paul Stanley has hip replacement
[From: Total Rock]
Kiss star Paul Stanley is the latest rocker to undergo hip replacement surgery, following the examples of Eddie Van Halen and, more recently, Mick Mars. Stanley is said to be making a good recovery, but will be out of action for between six and eight weeks. 
Hotter Than Hell dates
The Hotter Than Hell page has been updated with gig dates right through to November 2005. Click here to see the new dates. Trevor from the band has also sent in this message:-

"Thanks to all of you who turned up at Swansea for helping to make it such a memorable night! (To those who couldn't be there and are interested you can read reviews of the gig on our message board 
http://hotterthanhell.proboards31.com/index.cgi  )
We have also given our site www.hotterthanhell.net an update, including all our 2005 bookings, an expanded photo gallery and a promo video."
New Dressed To Kill site
A new unofficial site dedicated to UK tribute band, Dressed To Kill has just been launched. You can check it out over at: www.dressed-to-kill.co.uk 
13th October 2004  Bart Simmons!!

At last, KISS will be on the Simpsons, well Gene anyway - in the next  Treehouse of Horror episode. This was taken from today's issue of the Daily Star:-

"AY carumba! Bad boy Bart Simpson rocks out as Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, in the classic cartoon's latest Halloween special. The 10th Treehouse of Horror shock-night fright fest featured the talents or rock stars Gene Simmons, 55 - the inspiration for Bart's costume - Alice Cooper, 56, Rob Zombie, 38, and, bizarrely, 70-year old crooner Pat Boone."

Thanks to Mark Millington for the picture.

12th October 2004  Rock The Nation -  low ticket sales
[From: Blabbermouth / USA Today]
According to an article in the USA Today, KISS' "Rock the Nation" tour was one of the summer's bigger flops. Based on the figures released by Billboard Boxscore, KISS sold 49 percent of all tickets, with an average of 8,444 tickets sold per show. The hottest acts of the summer were bands like JIMMY BUFFETT, PHISH and the DAVE MATTHEWS BAND, who sold more than 20,000 tickets per show. MADONNA and PRINCE have also sold 100 percent of their tickets. "KISS may have rang that farewell tour bell one too many times," commented Billboard's Ray Waddell. "There were only two originals. And how many times can you go to the well without offering something new and different."

Blabbermouth article can be found here.
Original USA Today article can be found here.

7th October 2004  Dressed To Kill
Please note that the Morecambe 'Carleton' show tomorrow (Fri 8th) has been cancelled.

Click here to see the current list of DTK dates

  Latest Paul Stanley rumour
The latest rumour concerning Paul's solo album is that he's gone ahead and booked Electric Lady Studios in New York for some session mixing in January. This has not however been confirmed.
Important announcement from Dressed To Kill
[From: Gary Banton]
Unfortunately, due to venue problems, Dressed To Kill will NOT now be playing at Sunderland 
Manor Quay on Sat Oct 30th. We would like to apologise to local fans for this cancellation but it 
was beyond our control.

As we have been unable to find a local replacement gig, we have scheduled a replacement gig just 
over the border at 'Sneakys Rock Garden' in Airdrie, Scotland. We hope to see even more of our 
Scottish fans there! The rescheduled 'Halloween Tour' dates now read as follows:

Fri Oct 29th    Glasgow 'Renfrew Ferry' 
Sat Oct 30th    Airdrie 'Sneakys Rock Garden' 
Sun Oct 31st    Galashiels 'Volunteer Hall'

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