November 2004
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28th November 2004  KISS Expo
The expo last night was a huge success, I should have a full review up soon. In the meantime some photos can be seen here. Some of the highlights were:-
  • Bruce on stage with Dressed To Kill performing Heavens On Fire, Tears Are Falling, Hide Your Heart & Lick It Up (sadly he missed doing RARAN)
  • Bruce performed a Q&A,  he mentioned that he has recently been asked by Paul to perform on his new solo album
  • Iain Lee - he done a brilliant job of presenting the whole thing, very funny as usual (for those not from the UK Iain was the presenter of Channel 4's RI:SE and had a surprise interview with Gene on one of the last shows)
  • Dressed To Kill performed brilliantly once again
  • Sadly Gene did not turn up, lots of people wanted him there but clearly he didn't want to go (he is still in the UK filming Rock School)
  • Thanks to Dave Herron for organising the event again, hopefully another will follow next year

Click here to see some photos from the day

26th November 2004  KISS Expo

Final reminder that tomorrow is the Nottingham KISS Expo @ Rock City. Special guests include Bruce Kulick and Iain Lee!

As per last year there will be dealers from the UK, Europe and USA and of course Dressed To Kill will be finishing the night once again.

Please show your support and turn up, Dave Herron has done a lot of hard work for this and if it's a success I imagine we will be seeing more of them in the future.

Norwegian Tribute Album
[From: KISS Army Norway]

KISS Army Norway and Voices Music Entertainment will release a tribute album next year that will bring tribute CD's to a new level both musically and visually.
- Chart topping and award winning bands from Norway to perform their favourite KISS-songs.
- Ken Kelly who did the legendary painting for the Destroyer and Love Gun album has painted his third KISS cover for this tribute CD.
- KISS-guitarist Bruce Kulick salutes his Norwegian fans by joining glam heroes Wig Wam for the hottest version of "I Was Made For Loving You" ever recorded.
- The release will introduce you to "KISSettes", a Norwegian all-female KISS tribute act that will blow your mind.

Norwegian celebrities honor KISS
KAN & VME have signed chart topping and award winning artists from Norway to cover their 
favourite KISS classics. Some names who also has a strong international following. Most of the 
artists will be kept secret until early next year, but KAN & VME are now proud to tell you that such big artist as STAGE DOLLS, SURFEROSA,TNT's front-men Ronni & Tony, ULVER and KISS-guitarist BRUCE KULICK will be on the record. KISS Army plan to reveal more names during an event for unveiling the historical cover painting by Ken Kelly in January.

Historic CD cover
Voices Music Entertainment and KISS Army Norway have managed to come up with a historic 
album cover by hiring the man who painted the most classic KISS album covers. VME have 
invested more money into the album cover than on any other releases in their 16 year history. 
Executive producer Stig Karlsen says that the music and the musicians obviously are most 
important, but that the package alone will be so special and historic that it will put all previous KISS tributes aside. Posters and promotional sheets will be made of the album cover. The album might also be released on vinyl in a limited edition.

In Norway these bands needs NO introduction, but hereís a short introduction for the international rock-fans: 

Platinum selling and #1 chart topping rock band from Norway who also climbed to #43 on the 
Billboard singles chart in 1989 with "Love Cries". Stage Dolls ironically worked with KISS-producer Ron Nevison on their hit singel "Love Donít Bother Me" in 1991. They have also toured the world with bands such as Faster Pussycat, Warrant and Mr. Big.

TNTís Ronni Le Tekro and Tony Harnell
TNT are yet another platinum selling and #1 chart topping band from Norway. They are also one of the few Norwegian bands to have entered the US billboard chart. Believe it or not KISS manager Doc McGhee were once their manager as well. TNT are the most sucsessful hardrock band in Norway and hardrock fans from the whole world should remember their album Tell No Tales and their hit singel "10.000 lovers in one". The band have done headlining tours in USA, Japan and Europe and have also toured with Twisted Sisters and Great White. The two most important members of the group Tony Harnell (vocal) and Ronni Le Tekro (lead guitar) will record a song for this KISS tribute album.††

Surferosa is a synth-punk band with two top ten hits on the Norwegian charts; "Saturday Night" and Neon Commando. The band has a strong fan base and the band always deliver energetic live shows. Surferosa has recently toured USA and Japan. 

Nominated at the Norwegian Grammy Award twice (Spellemannsprisen 2002/2003). Strangly 
enough Ulver are more popular outside Norway than in itís own country. Ulver were originally a 
Black Metal band that has gone more into the direction of dark and mysterious electronica. They 
are also known to have done the sountrack for huge Scandinavian motion pictures as "UNO", ďSvidd neger" and Lyckantropen.

More artist and bands to be announced in January.

More info and interview with executive producer Stig Karlsen at: 
23rd November 2004  KISS on Radio 2
[From: Nick Smith]
Kiss are on BBC radio 2 on 25th Nov 2004 at 9.00 'Masters of Rock series' with Bruce Dickinson:-
"If you don't know the music, Kiss are the band with the painted faces. Formed just over 30 years ago, the group picked up guitars and adopted what was to become a hugely distinctive set of guises: the demon, the cat, the stud and the spaceman. It could only be the 1970s, right? Yet while the group dropped the make-up when the got into the comparatively serious 1980s, after a split and their re-forming in 1996, the face paint was back on and it was if it had never been away. This first of a new series with Bruce Dickinson profiles the group and its passionately loyal following: "You are my people/You are my crowd/This is our music/We love it loud"."
Gene DVD available at Expo
[From: Dave Herron]
Gene Simmons new dvd speaking in tongues will be on sale at the expo this coming saturday. We will be undercutting the cost of buying it at high street stores by a big margin. The first 50 buyers will also receive a free ltd edition promo poster only available at the expo.

[Don't forget you can still enter to win one of 5 copies of this by entering the competition here]
15th November 2004  Bruce Guitar Clinic
Just a reminder that on Sunday 28th November (the day after the expo) Bruce will be performing a guitar clinic at the Hard Rock Cafe in Nottingham. It starts at %PM and lasts for 3 hours, tickets are available for £10 by calling 0115 9474201. (ask for Karine Round). TICKETS ARE LIMITED!


[Picture: © Matt Cawley]


German KISS Expo!
On Saturday 20.November 2004 will be the only KISS Expo with Bruce Kulick in Germany!
It will take place in Witten (Werk Stadt) and starts at 16.00 hour!
Tickets are 9 Euro in Advance or 12 Euro at the door!
You order Tickets in advance by†† 
  • Bruce Kulick Live
  • Bruce Kulick Question/Answer Session
  • Bruce Kulick Foto Session
  • Bruce Sign Session
  • KISS Cover Band Live (ROCKET RIDE)
  • Look alike Contest
  • Live Musik
  • KISS Videoscreen
  • KISS Merchandise 

The first 400 Fans will get the KISS Photo Tourbook "Europe Revisited 76" for free! So it is better to order the Tickets in Advance! Everbody who buy the Ticket in Advance will defentiv get this book for free! Also everybody who buy the Ticket in Advance can get in the KISS Expo at 15.00 hour!

Also there will be a Bruce Kulick Work Shop for people who are interested in Guitar Licks and 

All Informations about this Mega KISS Expo you will get at

7th November 2004  Speaking In Tongues Competition!

Thanks to Noble PR Ltd, I have 5 copies of Gene's new 'Speaking In Tongues' DVD to give away. It chronicles Gene Simmons' first ever, no holds barred 'lecture tour' of Australia and also includes over ten never-before-released songs from the seventies through to the nineties

Please note that the prizes are kindly supplied and distributed by Noble PR Ltd who are only able to deliver to UK addresses.

Click here to enter the competition.

5th November 2004  More on Rock School from The Mirror

Exclusive By Nicola Methven, Tv Editor

A WILD rocker becomes a teacher at a famous British public school in an explosive reality TV show.
Pupils are to get the shock of their lives when their normal music master is replaced by the Kiss frontman Gene Simmons. Simmons, known for his demonic black and white make-up and extra long tongue, will teach the kids how to rock.

In the series at Christ's Hospital in Horsham, West Sussex, the class will be turned into a band. Channel 4 chief Andrew Newman is thrilled to have signed the US legend and said: "The culture clash will be hilarious."

Simmons, 55, a primary school teacher before he formed New York-based Kiss in 1972, once said: "Anyone who tells you they got into rock 'n' roll other than for girls, fame and money is full of s***." He claims to have slept with 4,600 women.

Rock School will be screened next year on a new Friday night line-up.

4th November 2004  Speaking In Tongues DVD

Speaking In Tongues - the new DVD from Gene gets a UK release on the 22nd of November. A copy of the official press release is now up on the site click here to read it

Look out for the competition to win one of 5 copies at the weekend.

Rock School

Gene's forthcoming UK TV show Rock School will probably be shown on Channel 4 in the 6-630 time slot, thanks to Paul Harrison for the info.

Also, I've been informed that Gene won't be doing any UK promo work for the show until it starts to air next year, so it's looking doubtful that they'll be any chat show appearances while he's over here filming it.

2nd November 2004  Gene
The BBC have mentioned Gene on an article about the eye liner worn by Ma'a Nonu (rugy player for the All Blacks), you can see the article at - thanks to Richard Clark for the link.

Talking about Gene - tomorrow I'll have the press release for his forthcoming DVD - Speaking In Tongues, released in the UK on the 22nd of November. We'll also be running a competition to give away 5 copies of the dvd very soon....

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