January 2005
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31st January 2005  Gene on Biography channel
For anyone that missed the show last night it wasn't too bad and I'd recommend looking out for a repeat (Biography channel repeat stuff all the time). It contained the following:-
  • Brand new footage of Gene during the time of the Asshole promo
  • Shots of Gene with his family
  • For a change it wasn't anti-KISS and contained one or two live clips
  • It has some interviews with Shannon where she more or less said that Gene having sex with his groupies is all a big front to keep his rock-star image & ego, but he would kill her for saying that! She said that Nick (their son) even had a go at him for disrespecting Shannon during an interview!
  • Some dodgy footage of the Firestarter video
  • Footage of Dave Navarro playing on Firestarter
  • Interview with Gene after a gig in Sydney, they followed him back to his hotel room with the make-up still on
  • Yes, his ego showed through, yes he still gave us the usual BS, but it's still worthwhile seeing, even if just to hear Shannons side of the story!


  Expo video 3
Today's expo video features part of the Bruce Q&A (with Iain Lee) where he talks about Paul running the show while Gene was off making films (this one was shot by me hence the dodgy camera work). Later this week I'll be uploading some clips of Iain during the day along with a couple more live clips.

Click here to download the clip (3.3 MB Windows Media Format)

27th January 2005  Expo videos
Today's expo video has been uploaded, this times it's Bruce with Dressed To Kill during Lick It Up. Again, thanks to Andy from iainlee.co.uk and DTK for letting me use this one.

Click here to download the Lick It Up clip (3.3 MB Windows Media Format)

26th January 2005  Expo videos
Starting from today I'll be uploading some short  video clips from the Nottingham Expo.

The first one comes courtesy of Andy G from iainlee.co.uk, it's a short clip of Bruce & Dressed To Kill playing Heaven's On Fire.

Big thanks to both Andy & DTK for letting me use the file.

Click here to download the Heavens On Fire clip (2.3MB Windows Media Format)

24th January 2005  Gene on Biography Channel (UK)
Seems like Gene is flavour of the month over here at the minute, apart from American Idol and Rock School, he will be featured on the Biography Channel (SKY 229) this Sunday, 30th Jan at 8PM.

The program info from Sky says the following:-

"Sex, drugs & Rock n Roll. The long-tongued rock god who's fronted KISS for over 30 years. Tight catsuits and crazy nights have taken their toll but this rocker is still hotter than hell."

Thanks to Neil for the info.

23rd January 2005  Gene on American Idol (UK)
Gene Simmons will be a guest judge on the new series of American Idol which has just started on ITV2. Gene's show will be broadcast next Friday, 28th January at 8:30PM ITV2.
22nd January 2005  KISS World moves before it opens....
KISS World, the new official shop that was due to open in Melbourne is currently looking for new premises. A few photos circulated on the net last week showing the current store looking like more of a jumble sale than a superstore - this lead to rumours that the shop was closing before it had even opened! However, it looks like this is a temporary set back and the store will still open, here's the official statement from http://www.kissworld.net  

"Yes, we know! Like you we have become frustrated beyond words with the delays for the KISSWORLD Store. Dealing with Shopfitters, Landlords, Engineers and the like and constantly being given promises to correct structural problems and other issues with a building that is new has become tiresome.

The Directors have therefore decided that it is in KISSWORLD's best interest to commence investigating alternative sites for our Superstore. In the meantime we will continue to work behind the scenes on the stores requirements & opening and also on other new products for fans."

21st January 2005  New Tribute shows
Dressed To Kill have announced 5 more dates to their 2005 schedule (London, Crewe, Stourbridge & Austria) click here to see them.

Hotter Than Hell have also announced 3 more dates (Dudley, Birkenhead & Farnworth), you can see them here.
Gene returns to UK
Gene Simmons has announced on his official site that he will be coming to the UK over the next few days. Unfortunately it's only to meet some bank managers to help fund one of his outside interests (then again maybe he's trying to fund a Hyde Park show...?).
14th January 2005  Hotter Than Hell announcement
[From: Trevor, Ace in HTH]
Unfortunately Hotter than Hell have had to cancel our Scottish dates in April this year owing to some problems with the venues, we hope to be making it North of the border later this year though and will post the details as soon as they are confirmed. Also a reminder we are playing The Mill in Mansfield and the Bootlegger in Cleethorpes on the 22nd & 23rd of this month and hope to see you there.

Click Here for the latest HTH dates.
9th January 2005  Ex-girlfriend sues Gene
[From: Miami Hearald]
NEW YORK - A woman who says she is a former girlfriend of KISS rocker Gene Simmons is suing him for slander, saying the bass guitarist made her sound like a "sex-addicted nymphomaniac" during a "rockumentary" on VH-1 television.

Georgeann Walsh Ward, 53, of Chester, N.Y., says in court papers that a photo of her appeared 11 times during the report on KISS, shown on the network several times in July and August, while Simmons claimed to have had sexual encounters with 4,600 women.

The documentary, "When KISS Ruled The World," purported to chronicle the band's 30-year career, assess its impact on rock music, and expose the quartet's "wild" antics. The other band members were guitarist/singer Paul Stanley, drummer Peter Criss, and guitarist Ace Frehley.

Simmons says during the show, "There wasn't a girl that was off limits, and I enjoyed everyone of them," court papers say.

At another point Simmons says, "I was a 24-hour whore. All I ever thought about was sex." This, court papers say, was shown and followed by a photo of Ward with Simmons.

Ward's papers say that because a photo of her with Simmons was shown during remarks about his sexual adventures, she was in effect portrayed as "wild" and "unchaste."

"The implication was that (Ward) was a prostitute and/or solicited prostitutes, and/or (she was) a sexually loose woman," court papers say.

Ward, married with a 21-year-old son, said she met Simmons at a concert in October 1972 when she was 21. For the next three years through fall of 1975, she says in court papers, they were in what she believed was "an exclusive, monogamous, romantic relationship."

During much of the time they were together, Ward's court papers say, Simmons was a college student and then a sixth-grade teacher "until the success of KISS propelled him out of the classroom and out of plaintiff's life."

Ward's lawsuit, filed Thursday in Manhattan's State Supreme Court, asks for unspecified damages from Simmons and his company, and from Viacom, VH-1's parent company, for alleged defamation and invasion of privacy.

Laura Nelson, spokeswoman for Viacom, said she could not comment on pending litigation.

No spokesperson for Simmons could be reached for comment.

Click here for original Miami Herald article

6th January 2005  Brand new forum!
KISSin' UK now has a brand new forum, since EZBoard shut our last one down without telling me! It is currently in it's early stages and I will be changing the design of it a little, but it is ready to use.

If you can think of any other categories that should be added please let me know. I'm currently looking into changing the buttons to make them KISS related (I've 
already added 4 new KISS smilies that were based on the icons I drew for 
the site ages ago). 

It's available here: http://kissinuk.com/bb/ 

You need to register for it, but it should be pretty painless :-) 

4th January 2005  Mini KISS!
Fans of Mini-KISS can check out http://www.gougoule.com/vrl/minikiss.php to see a live video of them performing Dr Love! Thanks to Chris for the info.
  Need a website?
Over the next few months I will be purchasing my next years worth of web hosting for KISSin' UK. As a result I will have some spare capacity should you have any websites you would like us to host, if this is the case please get in touch asap. I'm expecting the cost to be around 30 per year (or 4 per month), including 500MB of disk space and 20GB of bandwidth. The site will be hosted by the same company that has hosted KISSin' UK for the past 4 years, so I know they are reliable. Note that you will need to have your own domain name already, although I can help with this if required. Please Email me on for a full list of features that will come with each site (they include databases, forums, search engines, POP3 Email, webstats and loads more).
2nd January 2005  Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to everyone who visits the site, hopefully 2005 will be a great year for KISS in Europe, with the rumored Hyde Park show (although we seem to start every New Year with similar rumours!!). Also GET WELL SOON to Paul Stanley who has undergone a small operation to correct the hip replacement he had back in October.

2004 was a fairly active year for KISS, here's a small round up of what happened:-

  • January started off with a KISS/Aerosmith rumour at Download on June 7th.... didn't happen!
  • Bill Aucoin performed at a few Euro KISS expos, watch out for him over here this year at one of the 2005 UK Expos.
  • In February Bruce performed another tour of Australia, he has recently hinted that he may make it over to Europe in 2005, possibly with UNION.
  • In March Gene done a short promo tour of the UK. He was over to promote Asshole, but sadly the tour didn't exactly get him the press he needed, one or two radio shows (Radio 2 & 6) but that was about it. We were originally promised Jonathon Ross and Chris Moyles, but instead got a dodgy appearance on Johnnie Walker. 
  • In April The Mirror interviewed Gene for a full page article about Asshole.
  • Peter Criss blasted Gene for implying he was on drugs, sadly we didn't hear much else from Peter all though 2004, and even less from Ace (where is that album Ace?!!).
  • KISS announced their Rock The Nation tour with Poison as the supporting band. Sadly they didn't rock many Nations, they only covered USA, Australia, Japan and Mexico. The tour saw some welcome returns to Creatures Of The Night, War Machine and God Gave Rock & Roll To You to name just a few. Most of the shows were recorded and sold on CD after the show was over (thanks to Instant Live).
  • Back in May KISS announced that they have abandoned the 2004 tour of Europe!
  • Gene released his first solo album in over 25 years, Asshole. There were one or two gems on there, especially the tracks featuring Bruce Kulick. Several people were somewhat surprised by Gene's cover of Firestarter, Iain Lee can does a good impression of the video...!
  • In June Paul Stanley auctioned off a guitar lesson with himself, also "Gene" started to appear on a Wanadoo advert. Not a very busy month then...
  • In July Gene featured on a video for The Bride by Trick Pony, also a brand new tribute album was released - this time performed entirely by a String Quartet.
  • In August KISS were getting on with their tour. A couple of UK fans went and sent in some cool reviews & photos. They can be seen here and here.
  • "Hellbox" a Sean Delaney biography was released.
  • KISS don't get much TV coverage in the UK, but they were feared on a few episodes of 'A Place Down Under' following a UK KISS fan who had just moved down under in time to see KISS!
  • In October Paul Stanley underwent a hip replacement operation.
  • Iain Lee's band BOOMHAUER X played Detroit Rock City in Japanese at their live shows.
  • A new tribute album was release "Sheep In KISS Make-up" by Sack Trick, featuring the likes of Leigh from Terrorvision and Bruce Dickinson!
  • Gene returned to the UK to start shooting Rock School, his forthcoming reality show where he teaches a group of kids to become rock stars.
  • More importantly, KISS appeared on the 350th episode of Scooby Doo, complete with Paul doing some voice-over work!!
  • November was probably the best month from a UK point of view as it featured the 2004 KISS Expo with Bruce Kulick and Iain Lee! Bruce got up on stage and played a few songs with Dressed To Kill.
  • Paul Stanley announces that he has begun work on his next solo album, Bruce Kulick confirmed that he has been asked to do some work on it.
  • Gene released his new Speaking In Tongues DVD, look out for a review soon.
  • And as for 2005? Well we already have a rumour of KISS returning to our shores, Gene will be on Rock School in the spring and already 2 expos are lined up!

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