April 2005
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25th April 2005 Rock Godz
A new compilation album has been released in the UK called Rock Godz, the very first track of which is God Gave Rock & Roll To You! There is also a TV advert doing the rounds with a small clip of the video on it. It's available from Amazon for £14.99. 
24th April 2005 Eric Singer interview
A few UK fans, including Dan Bach are off to Copenhagen this week to see ESP. Dan has worked hard to get an interview lined up with Eric for the site, so look out for it coming very soon. Huge thanks to Dan.
Hotter Than Hell dates
The latest tour dates from Hotter Than Hell have now been updated on their page. If you were planning on going to one of their shows please double-check the list as some shows have been moved/cancelled.

Click here to see the dates

17th April 2005 French Coke advert
Ever wondered just why KISS decided to slap on the greasepaint? Well, here's the answer, courtesy of a new French Coca-Cola advert! It starts with all  4 of them as buskers, after getting chased they hide in 'the loft'. It's here they discover the make-up after seeing the mark left by a bottle of coke after wiping it near an eye... Actually, it's not bad, especially considering that KISS have never been that big in France.

Click here to view the advert
Or click here to see more info
12th April 2005 EOnline - Rock School to air on VH1 (US)

[From: EOnline.com via Martin Wombwell]
What better way to learn about Rock 'n' Roll than from one of its legends, Gene Simmons? 

The KISS demon has signed on to star in six episodes of VH1's Rock School, a reality series inspired by the hit movie, School of Rock, according to Daily Variety.

Only, instead of Jack Black instructing classically trained kiddies, the music net has tapped the fire-spewing, tongue-wagging bass player of the world's most outrageous glam band to offer up lessons in everything from how to don the monster makeup to presumably playing such KISS gems as "Lick It Up," "Calling Dr. Love" and "Rock and Roll All Night." 

VH1 is teaming with Britain's RDF Media, the creators of ABC's Wife Swap and Spike TV's I Hate My Job, to produce Rock School for U.S. viewers. The company just finished shooting a British version of the series starring Simmons for the U.K.'s Channel 4 and has already ordered two additional installments. 

For the American version, RDF and VH1 will tweak those episodes and include additional music and footage of KISS performing from past MTV specials. 

Joe Houlihan, RDF's president of U.S. operations, said Simmons immediately sparked to the idea, especially since before forming KISS in 1972 and becoming a '70s rock icon and darling of groupies, he taught sixth graders in Spanish Harlem. 

"Gene was genuinely interested in transforming the troupe of pre-teens into a rough-round-the-edges rock band," Joe Houlihan, RDF's president of U.S. operations, told Variety. 

Added Houlihan: "We've been kicking this idea around for a few years. With the Jack Black film becoming a big hit, we feel like the timing couldn't be better." 

For Simmons, the show is yet another opportunity to soften his own image from the brash rock 'n' roll playboy he's been tagged in the tabloids to a sort of professor of rock--something along the lines of Ozzy Osbourne rebranding himself America's favorite dysfunctional dad in MTV's The Osbournes. The musician has already appeared as a guest judge on American Idol and turned up recently on The Apprentice. 

Rock School's opening session will reportedly find Simmons teaching his pupils the art of the grand entrance as he pulls up to an English boarding school in a limousine, drawing indifferent reactions from the kids who found him to be "arrogant" and "middle-aged." 

"The cultural byplay between this American rock star and these plum English kids is really quite funny," added VH1 executive vice president Michael Hirschorn. 

Talk about an education. 

No word whether Simmons' fellow KISS mates Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, or Peter Criss might be making any cameos. 

VH1 is expected to debut Rock School in late spring or early summer. 

This isn't the first time Simmons and company have tried to appeal to the kiddies. Aside from producing their own comic book series in the '70s and starring in a 1978 made-for-TV movie where they battle an evil scientist, KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park, the arena rockers also appeared in a cartoon short that was screened ahead of Nickelodeon's 1997 feature, Good Burger. Two years later, Kiss played themselves in Detroit Rock City, a feature-length teen comedy inspired by their classic hit of the same name.
Full story can be seen at http://www.eonline.com/News/Items/0,1,16304,00.html 

Disturbing Paul Stanley tribute

 Check out this IWMFLY tribute..... http://www.bobaloorox.com/KissMov.html

10th April 2005 KISS Podcast

[From: Dion, KISSPodcast]
The KISS Podcast show number 2 was just released. This show has a ‘Money’ theme to it. We play a sound seeing tour of the first KISS-opoly championchips held in Amsterdam. Gene makes an appearance on the Donald Trump tv show The Apprentice and we play a new KISS Test. Please visit the site to download the show or listen to the show directly from your browser. Or subscribe to our show by way of our xml subscription feed.

What is a KISS Podcast you might wonder? Well, podcasting is the latest audio-based blogging phenomenon that’s sweeping the Web. Podcasting is some sort of fancy name for personal broadcasting: a Podcast is whatever anyone with a microphone, a computer, and an Internet connection has to say. Podcasts are audio files created to be distributed over the 
Internet. And you can listen in at whatever time suits you best!

The KISS Podcast obviously focusses on KISS and KISS only. In other words, the KISS Podcast is an audio show all about KISS. It will feature KISS tunes from every era of the band’s long and impressive career, performed live or recorded in the studio by KISS or other bands playing KISS tunes and you can hear rare audio recordings such as interviews or demos from or with KISS.

Since the KISS Podcast will be in MP3 format, you can take it with you on your iPod or any other MP3 player. Hopefully you will check out the KISS Podcast starting tomorrow.

The KISS Podcast
We feature just one band ... and just one band only ... KISS

Bruce comments on ESP shows
[From: Kulick.net]
Coming up this month (and remember to always visit www.grandfunkrailroad.com for the info on my shows with them), is a trip for ESP. In this case I don't mean the guitar company, I mean ESP the band. Eric Singer, John Corabi, Chuck Garric on bass (Alice Cooper and Dio) and my self. We have booked 6 shows for Europe that begin April 27th, in Stockholm. We will be in Denmark, Holland, Germany and Spain. The night before the first show in Sweden, Eric and I will be at the Hard Rock Cafe, Stockholm for a meet and greet and some interviews. We will play songs from KISS, UNION, MOTLEY CRUE, and various covers of bands we love. So check out all the dates:

Sweden - April 27, 2005 in Stockholm at Mondo.
Denmark - April 28, 2005 in Copenhagen at The Rock.
Holland - April 29, 2005 in Helmond at Plato.
Germany - On April 30, 2005 in Babenhausen (near Frankfurt) at the Stadthalle. 
Spain - May 1, 2005 in Pamplona at Artsaia.
Spain - May 2, 2005 in Barcelona at Bikini.

Regarding meet and greets, the band will do our best to sign and meet the crowd, usually AFTER the show. As our schedule with travel has not been completely worked out, I can't commit to how long etc, but we will attempt to get to meet our fans.

More info over at www.kulick.net 

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