May 2005
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22nd May 2005 Dressed To Kill shows
[From: Danny, DTK]
Dressed To Kill will be playing Crewe Limelight Club on Fri 27th May and Stourbridge Rock Cafe 2000 on Sat 28th May.
As these shows are part of our 15th Anniversary celebrations there will be loads of suprises at both venues so best drinking and partying heads on people!!
Support for the Stourbridge show will be from those handsome No Spring Chicken fellows once more.
Remember to check with the venues prior to shows. All band info can be found at 
Hotter Than Hell shows
[From: Trevor, HTH]
 Just a reminder we are playing Milton Keynes and Manchester next weekend 
(Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th May) so we would love to see you all there! The bad news is that unfortunately we have had to cancel our date at Murray's in Scarborough on the 4th June.
Click here to see the full list of dates.
The ESP page has now been updated with a review by Andy Geeves.

Click here to read the review.

14th May 2005 ESP
Recently a few UK KISS fans, including Dan Bach & Fraser Munro, went over to Copenhagen to catch one of the ESP shows. Fraser has sent in some phots and Dan some other cool stuff (should have a review soon too). Check them out here.
Unplugged DVD are listing KISS MTV Unplugged as being available on DVD from 21st June 2005. This is apparently an imported copy from Australia. Thank to Eddie for the info.
KISS Cover To Cover have released a new KISS 'cover to cover' album. Basically this is an album full of covers of KISS songs that were themselves covers (if that makes sense) like God Gave R&R To You, New York Groove etc. You can check it out here: 
8th May 2005 Paul Stanley self portrait
[From: Juliet Stemp]
On the 6th April Paul Stanley had an exhibition of his art work at the Celebrites Gallery in Walia, Hawaii.
The Gallery website showed the paintings that were available along with some lovely pictures of Paul. With the help of the Gerard who is the Gallery's Director, I was able to purchase Paul's Self Portrait painting which is absolutely gorgeous.
Included with the painting was a certificate, a hand written letter from Paul, the sign that he held up for my picutre (see photo) and two large copies of this photo.
I have written to Paul and Gerard as promised but would like to take this opportunity to thank them again for all of their efforts.
I am thrilled with the painting and without Gerard and Paul's help I would never have been able to purchase it.

Juliet Stemp X
6th May 2005 Colin Murray in KISS shirt
[From: Craig, Carlisle]
Just spotted this on the Radio 1 web site.  Afternoon presenter Colin Murray sporting a Kiss T-Shirt, here he is with David Schwimmer aka Ross from Friends, and his co presenter Edith Bowman.
Paul Stanley on The Contender
[From: Euan Davie, Glasgow]
Hi there, just to let you know I was watching The Contender last night on ITV2 and Paul Stanley was in the fight crowd - you only see him for a few seconds but it still made me jump out my seat! Show's repeated on ITV1 Friday night - not sure of time.
1st May 2005 Rock School update - extra episode & extra series
It seems Channel 4 are very excited about Rock School, in fact they have already started looking into commissioning a 2nd series before the first one has been broadcast!

I've heard from a very reliable source who has already watched the first 3 episodes, he says " it is absolutely hilarious and just my favourite programme already. its a cracking show. the last episode i saw had gene getting a group of 80 year olds singing rock and roll all night. it was pure genius. its going to start in September on Friday nights, it was scheduled for 6 shows, but theyve just commissioned a 7th where the kids go to genes house. also, series 2 is on its way."

Also it looks like Simon Callow may be doing the voice overs, but a much cooler, funnier presenter has also auditioned...

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