June 2005
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29th June 2005 Dressed To Kill - Official Statement
[From: Gary Banton]
'As alot of you will no doubt be aware, 'Dressed To Kill' recently performed their triumphant 'final' shows with band members Richard Sawyer (aka Peter Criss) & Danny James (aka Ace Frehley). Richard, an original member, is retiring to spend more time with his family in France and Danny is emigrating to start a new life with his girlfriend in sunny Australia! Lucky sod! ;o)

Gary (aka Gene) & Ash (aka Paul) would like to give their heartfelt thanks to Rich for his 15 years of exemplary service as 'The Catman'. His enthusiasm and dedication to accuracy in looks, vocals & drumming (and van driving!) have set him apart as probably the BEST 'Peter' in any KISS Tribute Band in the world....

They would also like to sincerely thank Danny for his enthusiasm and creative contributions to the band over the last couple of years. His joining the band was a shot in the arm, and his dedication, reliability, professionalism, and easygoing nature made him a pleasure and a joy to share the stage with. If only he had been around for the first 13 years!!

Both will be sorely missed by Gary & Ash, and no doubt by the 'fans'...

Gary & Ash are currently enjoying the summer break and taking time to consider their options. They expect to make an announcement in the near future. Watch this space!'
25th June 2005 60 Minute Makeover

[From: Paul Finn, editor]
This has to be the strangest request so far this year! ITV are on the lookout for a KISS fan for their series 60 Minute Makeover. They are currently making their third series and are looking for people who want to surprise someone they live with, with a glam rock house makeover.  Claire Sweeney will come armed with a top designer and the team will transform the house. 

If you are interested then please send me an Email at

20th June 2005 Thanks

[From: Paul Finn, editor]
Big thanks to Dan Bach for editing the news page while I was away, I have now copied all of Dans news back onto this page.

Vegas show

[From: Paul Finn, editor]
While I was away I took the liberty of checking out the new 'Erocktica' show at the Rio Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas. If anyone is in Vegas and has a chance to check out a show then I recommend this one, it features a rock group called 'U.S.U.K' who cover rock songs all night while some girls do their thing on stage behind them.

There are 2 KISS references in this - firstly there's a small clip of Paul Stanley on the big screen at the start talking about how a guitar is like a vintage wine. Secondly about 5 songs into their set, the band play Rock & Roll All Nite! They do their best to get the audience involved.... that is if you're not too busy watching the topless dancers behind them! They also cover songs from Aerosmith, G'n'R, U2, Kid Rock, Slade and others.

The show is well worth seeing and half price tickets are available from the Coke ticket shop on the strip. However, when we went most of the audience seemed dead and didn't seem to get the show at all.

More info over at the Rios website.

KISS in Hit Parader

[From: John Kelly]
July 2005 issue of Hit Parader Magazine
The Top 100 CD's In Metal History
4. Alive
16. Destroyer
33. Love Gun
Also made the list for the following:
All-Time Top 10 Live Albums: 1. Alive
All-Time Top 10 Metal Albums Of The 70's: 2. Destroyer
All-Time Top 10 Most Influential Metal Albums: 4. Alive
All-Time Top 10 Albums With "Hell" In The Title: 5. Hotter Than Hell
All-Time Top 10 Shock Rock Discs: 7. Hotter Than Hell

  KISS Podcast 6

[From: Dion]
The KISS Podcast show number 6 was just released. The theme for this show is vacation time. The songs I play on this show are accompanied by a small review of the song by members of KISS and people related to the song. These reviews come from the book KISS: Behind the Mask: The Official Authorized Biography and we play a new KISS Test. Please click on the link bellow to download the show or listen to the show directly 
from your browser. Or subscribe to our show by way of our xml subscription feed (instructions to be found in the Marshall Amp on the 


News from Dressed To Kill

[From: Dressed To Kill]
Its our very pleasant duty to inform You that Silvertone 'Paul Stanley' Signature series Silvertone guitars are on special offer through Professional Music Technology, Birmingham.
Currently, and this WONT last forever: the 'Cracked Mirror' versions of both the Apocalypse and Sovereign guitars are now available at a staggeringly low price of £399 including hard case.
This special offer has been made to PMT, due in no small part to the hard work in promoting these guitars by Our very own 'Paul Stanley' - Ash.
If You have not yet seen how stunning these guitars are, then go to www.dressed-to-kill.co.uk and You will see Ash playing the Apocalypse version, alternatively, You can also see BOTH versions at www.silvertoneguitars.com .
If You are interested in owning either (or BOTH), please call 0121 359 5056 for more details.
In other news, Neon Zoo, featuring Ash on 'main' guitar and backup vocals, have released their 
debut album 'Heaven~Sin'. Their website www.neonzoo.com has full details about the band, 
information on how to obtain copies of this album, and where they are playing live next.
All the best!

Australian band covers Cold Gin

[From: Roger Barnes]
Australian rock band covers a KISS classic!

Australian heavy rock band Shotgun Sacred have done a rockin' cover of the KISS classic "Cold 
Gin" on their newly released EP, A Dark New Order. Along with 3 other covers there are 2 original 
tracks on the EP and you can check out a sample of some of the songs, including Cold Gin at 
www.shotgunsacred.com The 6 track EP is available for purchase for just (Au)$10 plus P & H. 

20th June 2005 Ace Frehley presents Les Paul with signature guitar

[From: Dan Bach / Trev]
Ace Frehley presents Les Paul with signature guitar. 

If you surf onto the link, there is a photo of Ace, as some of you have already commented - Ace is looking healthy. 

Thanks to Trev for the story. 

Funeral for a friend cover shot - KISS tie
[From: Dan Bach]
Any Welsh KISS fans reading this.
Welsh newspaper the Western Mail - Saturday 18th June 2005 - tv guide The Magazine cover has a photo of the Funeral For a Friend band. One member is wearing a KISS tie - debut album version.

Anyone wanting a photocopy, sorry can not scan. Please contact me. Private message or email.
15th June 2005 Ace's latest studio work - Go Go's bassist solo project

[From: Dan Bach / Robert Mansell]
Thanks to Robert Mansell, 
Ace is featured on The Go Go's bassist's new solo album. For more info please surf onto .... 

14th June 2005 LA DJ dvd - KISS clips & Record Collector review

[From: Dan Bach / Kevin Watson]
Two items spotted by Kevin "Unmasked" Watson. 

I've noticed a DVD that is due to be released on the 27th June titled 'Mayor of the Sunset Strip' - It's a music documentary about the DJ Rodney Bingenheimer of LAs KROQ-FM station. It features a who's who of the music world, and despite not being listed I believe KISS are featured on the film from '76. There is certainly a picture of Rodney with KISS in the half page advert for the DVD in this months Uncut magazine, and Word magazine (I think) mention that the KISS link is in chapter 4..Now having not seen it obviously, I can't confirm how much KISS really are in it or if at all, but it looks like a good documentary anyway, plus I believe no other site is carrying the "news" of it yet. 

Here is a link 


Record Collector Magazine this month carries a decent review of the Official biography Behind the Mask, giving it 4 stars

13th June 2005 KISS On Ellen

[From: Dan Bach / Michael Coles]
KISS On Ellen download 

Thanks to Michael Coles for the information, 
Dan bach

5th June 2005 IMPORTANT!! - Temporary News page
Latest UK NewsFor the next 2 weeks Dan Bach will be taking control of editing news on this site. However, due to some technical problems, news will be posted on the forum rather than this page. Huge thanks to Dan for the help. If you have any news to submit, please send it to 

Click here to read the latest news!!!

3rd June 2005 New Sponsor
As you may have noticed, KISSin' UK has a new sponsor, Fansanity - a brand new US based retailer. Fansanity sell KISS merchandise along with Star Wars, The Beatles, Marilyn Monroe and others. The site is run by Steve Stierwalt, who is also the webmaster of KISSFreaks.com.

Check out the site here:- http://www.fansanity.com 

Umm, Maul Stanley
I've just been sent this press release, I guess most people will be wondering what the hell it's about, but until Mr Stanley gets his album out KISS news is bloody thin on the ground!!

[From: MaulStanley.com]
He's not Darth Maul.
He's not Paul Stanley.
But he is the Phantom Menace of the Park and he embodies the worst of both worlds. 

Maul Stanley is the unlikely new anti-hero who combines the spirit of the Starchild with the essence of the Sith, spiked with a dash of dark humor. Drawing inspiration from both the Star Wars movies and the rock band Kiss, the so-called Sithchild is a seasoned improvisational entertainer whose knowledge of both is second to none. As excitement builds toward the impending release of the sixth and final Star Wars 
movie "Episode III: Revenge of the Sith," Maul Stanley has at last revealed himself by launching his very own website, MaulStanley.com. 

In his debut online adventure, Maul Stanley inflicts his rock & roll irreverence upon the world's biggest Star Wars convention! Encountering all manner of otherworldly oddities, from Stormtroopers to Droids to Wookiees, the mysterious malevolence that is Maul Stanley mixes the dark side of rock & roll with the Dark Side of the Force. No one is safe as he hurls his hard rock humor upon an unsuspecting population, belting out such song parodies as "Maul Hell's Breakin' Loose," "Tossin' & Turnin' to the Dark Side" and "Jedi Love It Loud." 

Recently Maul Stanley received a bit of exposure on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" and in the Triumph the Insult Comic Dog DVD. He also appeared in the VH1 special "When STAR WARS Ruled the World." Future plans include a series of interviews with hard rock heroes as well as hosting an upcoming Star Wars documentary. Maul Stanley is about to descend upon the realms of both sci-fi and rock & roll in a big way, heralded by the ominous whisper... 

"You've got Maul."

Further information about Maul Stanley can be found at his website, which launched this past Friday the 13th. 


Dressed To Kill, still together??
There's a lot of rumours flying around that Dressed To Kill are no more - although there has been no official statement I believe that DTK are not finished. However, Danny and Rich are leaving - Danny is off to Australia and Rich to Paris so I'd like to wish them both the very best from KISSin' UK, and thank them for their help in the past.

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