The Truth About Ace

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The Truth About Ace

Postby GenesPunisher » Wed Aug 13, 2014 4:03 pm

Ace was NEVER kicked out of Kiss.
Aces solo career was going to big big and he knew it, and Gene begged Ace to stay in Kiss and have his solo career too!

Ace didn't want to.

So they're bitter as hell. Now he's been sober almost eight years; just put out a great album and The current line up of Kiss just announced that Ace was kicked out 'with' Peter?!; wrong.

Peter was thrown out, but Ace always delivered loaded or not so they pleaded for him to stay. I'm not going to say anything about or to Gene as Ace and Gene love each other and Gene saved his life several times; but Paul!!; don't make me get 'Billy Jack!'

From Rachael Gordon's facebook.

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