Additional UK dates ??

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Re: Additional UK dates ??

Postby Sweet Ophelia » Sat Dec 31, 2016 2:46 pm

gareth wrote:
Sweet Ophelia wrote:Trouble is, I can't help but think, that compared to the other venues, the motorpoint is a bit too small? And obviously the stadium is too big. What were lacking in Wales is a 12000-15000 arena to attract the big arena bands.

I hear what you're saying, but bands like Iron Maiden repeatedly use the Motorpoint quite successfully, and without wanting to piss-off anyone on here with blasphemy, but I'd like to be honest and suggest Maiden are a more popular band than KISS here in the UK, and so have an even bigger fanbase to satisfy. If the Motorpoint works for Maiden, then surely it will work for KISS too!

Additionally, I'd personally prefer to see KISS play to a full house in a smaller venue, than play in a bigger setting that was only partially full.........just sayin' like!!

Putting all those points forward, I have to eat my words and totally agree with you. Don't think it will happen though. Shame.

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